11 Steps To Lower An Ikea Swivel Chair

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Helen Skeates
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This article will explain how to reduce the height of a swivel chair from Ikea. Space saving and accommodating for people of varying heights (including but not limited to youngsters and people with shorter legs) are two major benefits of this design. Swivel chairs can be utilized for more than just sitting; they can also serve as a makeshift table or desk.

5 Reasons Why We Love A Chair That Swivels

Improve Productivity

A swivel chair will allow you to rapidly and easily pivot around if you need to get in a different direction. You can get documents from a nearby printer if you’re working from home or in an office with cabinets and drawers. A swivel chair in the living room makes it easy to reach for the TV remote, a drink, or a snack.


They are often lightweight because of the requirement for portability. What this implies is that you don’t have to be a weightlifter to move your chair from room to room in your home or from one office to another. A swivel chair’s adaptability means that it can be put to use in a variety of different rooms.

11 Steps to Lower an Ikea Swivel Chair - Krostrade


In contrast to having to twist in an uncomfortable manner while seated, swivel chairs actually improve comfort. If you experience pain in your lower back when sitting, this chair was designed to alleviate some of the pressure. And if you’re a nursing mom, you can get around with the little one without too much fuss.

Different Designs

One common misconception is that there is just one design for swivel seats. You may find a wide variety of alternatives at Furniture Online, including gaming chairs, all of which offer a full 360-degree swivel.

Here are our top picks for living room or study areas:

  • A stylish, adaptable, and comfortable option is the Berkeley Fabric Swivel Recliner Chair with Foot Stool. The Berkeley comes in a variety of neutral tones that will complement a wide variety of interior design styles. If you need a moment to rest your weary feet after a long day of swiveling, pull out the matching footstool.
  • This chic and modern Tilbury Leather Swivel Recliner Chair with Foot Stool is upholstered in luxurious black leather and has a convenient hidden storage compartment. The Tilbury chair has a built-in, 8-point massage function, as well as superb back support. This chair also comes with a comfy footstool.


Tilbury Leather Swivel Recliner Chair with Foot Stool – This chic and sophisticated swivel recliner is upholstered in plush black leather and comes with a handy footrest. The Tilbury chair provides excellent back support in addition to its in-built 8-point massage mechanism. A soft footstool is included with this chair for added comfort.

All of our seats are created with the consumer in mind, and we don’t think that quality should come at a premium price. Our chairs are made from the finest materials available.

Steps on Lowering Ikea Swivel Chair

First, make sure no one else or any animals are occupying the seat. Make sure you lay down a rug to collect dropped hardware.

Step 2: Measure the area under the swivel chair to ensure there is enough room for it and other pieces of furniture (such as a couch). Take a measurement from the front of the chair to the desired distance and write down the result.

Step 3: Place a piece of cardboard or something easily cuttable on top of the rug, and use this as a reference for where to place the following items: screws (bolts), washers, nuts/washers, drill machine, drill bit, and something to hold the chair (such as a bungee cord).

Fourth, take another measurement using the tape. How far away from the swivel chair’s back you’ll need it to be. Using the utility knife, cut off the required size and lay it on top of the rug just in front of the target holes.

5. Drill pilot holes for the screws. Insert a washer and nut under the chair’s legs, and then tighten the bolts with a wrench.

Step 6: Take out the cardboard or whatever else was under the rug, and then take off the seat cover by pulling it outward until the four corners lift up and unhook from the bottom.

Seventh, using a screwdriver or wrench, take apart the armrests by removing the screws that hold the front and back (top) sections together. Separate one set by gently pulling on each side until they separate.

Step 8: Reassemble the swivel chair by screwing it back into place. Turn the chair over and place it upside down on the carpeting in the desired spot.

How to Care for Swivel Chair

Protect the chair from dust by storing it with a clean, dry cloth.

Keep your Ikea swivel chair protected from the elements by covering it with a dry towel or plastic when it’s not in use. If you do this, your furniture will stay clean and in pristine condition for much longer.

Second, make sure the chair is in good shape before putting it away for the winter.

Watch how your unoccupied furniture is holding up. There could be some underlying problems, such as a cracked seat or a broken leg.

If you have a swivel chair and want to clean it:

  • When cleaning the seat, use either mild soap and water or, if necessary, bleach.
  • To remove stubborn stains, brush the furniture with upholstery cleaning.
  • Before putting it away again, check for loose screws.

If you have a swivel chair with wheels:

  • Using a vacuum cleaner is the most effective method for cleaning dirty furniture.
  • Vacuum up the dirt and then use a damp cloth to wipe off any leftover residue, or if you have an oily stain, try using dishwashing liquid diluted with water

If your chair has wood:

  • Clean up spills by vacuuming them up and then wiping them off with a moist towel; if the spill is oily, consider using dishwashing solutions diluted with water.
  • The shine and vibrancy of wood furniture can be brought back with the help of furniture polish.

If your chair has fabric:

  • Simply putting a little salt on a damp paper towel and gently rubbing the stain will remove any food residue left behind.
  • An oily stain can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid diluted in water. Use a lint-free cloth rinsed in cold water to avoid leaving fingerprints and oil from your hands on the furniture.
  • Red wine and ink are two examples of stains that are difficult to remove, but rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth can help.
  • Go to a dry cleaner if the label specifies that the cloth should not be washed in water.

If you have metal or plastic:

  • Steel wool and dish detergent rubbed gently for an hour will remove most stains off metal or plastic chairs. Immediately afterward, rinse off the soap and wipe away any traces with a lint-free towel.
  • To make the furniture shine, use your preferred furniture polish and a buffing cloth.

How to Clean Ikea Swivel Chair

  • You should use a moist towel to clean the swivel chair.
  • Carefully vacuum the Ikea Swivel Seat, avoiding any attachments that could scratch the finish.
  • Arms and armrests of chairs can be cleaned with a moist cloth.
  • Use a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner to remove the dust off the chair.
  • Use a damp, soapy scrubber to clean the swivel chair’s back, making sure to rinse it off and dry it off in between cleanings.


The Markus chair from Ikea is one of the more affordable options in the company’s extensive range of furnishings. We think you’ll find that this chair offers exceptional value across the board, from its reasonable price to its stylish appearance to its generous guarantee to its high quality construction and comfortable design. It’s a reliable alternative for a chair in the middle price range.

How much does it cost?

The IKEA Markus chair was $199 at the time this was written. However, the most up-to-date pricing information for this chair is available on the IKEA website.

This chair benefits from:

To a large extent, ergonomic elements are included in the pricing. Lever at the base allows for simple height adjustment.

By releasing the tension on the tilt knob, you are liberated to fully recline. The recline can be locked by pulling the bottom bar in toward the seat. It’s also great that you can lock the chair into several different recline angles.

The chair’s high back mesh construction has a headrest, and the foam padding makes it suitable for extended use.

Exactly why may you want to think about purchasing this chair?

It is the most widely purchased model of IKEA office chair. This chair offers outstanding value for the money. Moreover, IKEA is providing a 10-year warranty on your purchase. For the price of $199, it’s a fantastic choice in my opinion.

I have provided an extensive analysis of this seat in my review. To view it, click here: Is the IKEA Markus Chair Still a Good Investment for Your Office?


How much does it cost?

The FLINTAN chair from IKEA is reasonably priced, coming in at just $99.99. If you’re interested in this office chair after reading about its features, you may purchase it on the IKEA website.

This chair benefits from:

If you’re looking for a chair that will keep your back in good shape, go no further than the IKEA FLINTAN. The good back support and pleasant tilt movement of this chair make it a great choice for those who spend long hours at their desk.

The chair may be adjusted to accommodate users of varying heights. The ability to lock and unlock the tilt movement is a neat and novel feature.

The chair has a solid, luxurious feel and excellent construction.

To What Extent Should You Think About Purchasing This Seat?

The tilt mechanism on this chair is what sold me on it. There is a lot of leeway in it. Additionally, it can be secured in a number of different orientations. The back support of this chair is just ideal.

For someone who spends most of their day at a desk, this is a top pick.

It’s a shame that the armrests on this chair can’t be adjusted. If that’s acceptable to you, this chair is a great option.

I have compared the IKEA Flintan and the IKEA Markus in a full piece. Check out this post to learn which option is best for you: Which Is Better, the IKEA Markus or the Flintan?


The ALEFJLL swivel chair combines 1950s mod aesthetics with 21st-century conveniences. IKEA makes this chair in three different color options. Grain leather is used to ensure a smooth and comfortable wear.

How much does it cost?

The price of this chair, as of this writing, is $299. This particular chair is available online at IKEA.

This chair benefits from:

The seat of the ALEFJLL chair may be raised or lowered, and the back can be tilted forward or backward with the turn of a knob. The seat’s backrest can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of body types and sizes.

Exactly why may you want to think about purchasing this chair?

I think you’ll find this chair, with its early 1950s minimalist design, to be very comfortable while you work and a nice aesthetic fit for your office.

SMÄLLEN Swivel chair, black - IKEA

Lots of chairs from IKEA have caught my eye. This is a great chair, by the way. In spite of its high price tag, I strongly recommend this chair. Stylish as can be. Quite robust materials were used.

The chair’s smooth finish is a delight to the touch as well. Besides being incredibly stylish, this chair also provides supreme comfort.

Perhaps you believe the pricing is a little steep, though. If that’s the case, I recommend considering the alternatives.


How much does it cost?

To now, this chair has a price tag of $179. This particular chair is available online at IKEA.

This chair benefits from:

The LONGFJLL chair from IKEA is both comfortable and fashionable. Absolutely stunning in terms of design. This is an excellent option for use in the comfort of your own home.

We have put 110 kg (or 244 pounds) on this chair and it passed with flying colors. What I’ve laid forth here should satisfy the needs of the vast majority. If, on the other hand, you are a big and tall guy who weighs more than 110 kg, you should go elsewhere for a chair.

It may be adapted to suit users of varying statures. This chair can accommodate a user with a height range of 43 cm to 53 cm.

It tilts and provides lumbar support, which is really convenient.

Exactly why may you want to think about purchasing this chair?

This seat serves a variety of purposes, therefore it’s fair to call it versatile. It serves its purpose effectively and looks nice, too. This IKEA chair is the gold standard for comfort and stability. The choice between having arms and not is available. One with arms is preferable, in my opinion.

In addition, Ikea backs this chair with a remarkable 10-year guarantee. Both the chair’s durability and its comfort are excellent. Since this is the case, the pricing is reasonable. This chair has several benefits, which is why you should really consider purchasing one.


The Trollberget stool from IKEA is a surprisingly well-made standing desk accessory that facilitates less weariness and more movement. These stools serve as an intermediate seating option between standing and sitting. The chair’s height, depth, and recline may be quickly and simply modified to suit the user’s preferences and needs. You can use it as a companion piece to your regular office chair.

How much does it cost?

This contemporary stool can be purchased for $149.99 at IKEA. Here you may see the most up-to-date prices listed on the IKEA website.

This chair benefits from:

Standing desk conversion is a breeze with the help of IKEA’s Trollberget stool. Features such as the ability to change the height and the quality of the materials used are two of its many strengths. While seated, you can turn the stool through a full circle. When sitting on this stool, you may maintain an active sitting position that helps your posture.

With a standing desk, you can instantly rest your feet on a chair when you need to take a break from standing. You are free to take up whatever seating arrangement you choose. The height of the seat can be changed between 23 and 32 inches. You can prop up your feet on the foot ring or footrest if you need to because of your height.

Trollberget offers a comfortable place to put your feet up thanks to its foot ring. However, you should probably try it out first.

Because it is sprung, the seating space is both flexible and comfy. In stability tests, it held 243 pounds. However, IKEA does not provide a maximum load capacity.

Exactly why may you want to think about purchasing this chair?

While working at a standing desk, this is a fantastic replacement for a chair. If your desk has the ability to rise and fall on its own, you may find this stool more comfortable than standing for extended periods of time.

It will enhance your posture, encourage active sitting, and boost your productivity. The stool is comfortable and supportive, and it offers outstanding value for the price.


The JRVFJLLET chair from IKEA replaces the older Markus model. Although visually identical to the Markus chair, this one has been updated and revised in a few key ways. Also, the design has been tweaked ever so slightly.

How much does it cost?

The IKEA JRVFJLLET chair, as of this writing, could be purchased for $279. However, the most up-to-date pricing information for this chair is available on the IKEA website.

This chair benefits from:

Adjustable lumbar and seat pan depths are the major characteristics that set this chair apart from the Markus chair.

Given that the Markus chair doesn’t include a mechanism for adjusting the depth of the seat pan, this is a crucial adjustment. Using the bottom lever, you may modify the depth of the seat pan and provide a more comfortable space for your legs to stretch out.

This chair also features an adjustable lumbar back support. This chair may be adjusted to provide lumbar support in a variety of positions thanks to its removable pad. The headrest can be adjusted easily, but the Markus does not have this feature.

All the features of the Markus chair, including the ability to recline, are included here. The high back mesh, in contrast, is more svelte and has a slightly rounded profile.

Exactly why may you want to think about purchasing this chair?

Although it’s not drastically different from Markus’ chair, this one set me back an extra $80. There is a more contemporary aesthetic than the traditional Markus chair. This chair is a good option if you care about having a deep seat pan, a comfortable headrest, and a supportive lumbar area. The Markus, however, offers similar functionality for a discounted price of $80.

In addition, I have compared the IKEA Markus with the Järvfjället in a detailed post. To help you decide between the IKEA Markus and the Järvfjället, I’ve written an article titled “IKEA Markus vs. Järvfjället: Which One Is Better?”

You can see how these two IKEA office chairs compare to one another in terms of comfort and support, as well as their overall ergonomic design.


The Millberget desk chair from IKEA is one of the most well-liked models available due to its combination of a wide selection and low price. It’s ergonomically sound; you can change the height; there’s a headrest and lumbar support.

How much does it cost?

At this time in history, an IKEA MILLBERGET chair would set you back $69. However, the most up-to-date pricing information for this chair is available on the IKEA website.

This chair benefits from:

This fashionable office chair is offered in a choice of two colors. You may pull the lever out to recline farther, and push it in to lock the reclined position. Extra padding on the chair’s bottom half offers lumbar support, and the headrest is soft and supportive as well.

Millberget includes lockable casters for further security. Only by placing one’s weight on the chair can they be shifted from their fixed position. People of greater stature may find the millbergate’s seat pan depth of 17 3/4 inches to be uncomfortable. There’s a slot on the back of the seat for an allen key, too.

The polyurethane foam will lose its hardness after only a couple of hours of use, leaving you with a hurting butt if you sit in it for too long.

Exactly why may you want to think about purchasing this chair?

It’s a branded, low-priced chair with surprising use. In comparison to this chair, most others in its price range are subpar. This chair may not be suitable for those above 6 feet tall because the seat depth cannot be adjusted. Taken as a whole, this is a fantastic option for a cheap chair.


The Renberget office chair from IKEA is a low-priced option. Similar to the Millberget chair I described before, but smaller.

How much does it cost?

The IKEA Renberget chair was $49 at the time this was written. However, the most up-to-date pricing information for this chair is available on the IKEA website.

This chair benefits from:

Like the Millberget chair, this one has a swivel seat. A lever located under the seat allows you to raise or lower the seat, as well as recline it. Tilt tension also allows you to set the amount of backwards resistance you feel comfortable with.

This chair is not ideal for lengthy periods of work because it does not provide adequate lumbar support. Furthermore, the polyurethane foam in the seat cushions is too thin to support the body for an extended period of time, resulting in muscle fatigue.

The seat depth of 16.5 inches makes this chair unsuitable for anyone over 6 feet tall.

Exactly why may you want to think about purchasing this chair?

If you just plan on sitting at your desk for short periods of time, this is a good option for you. You should consider trying it out because of the low cost. On the other hand, if you can afford it, I recommend splurging on the Millberget chair instead.


How much does it cost?

At this time in history, an ODGER chair from IKEA would set you back $99 USD. You may, however, go to IKEA’s website right now to see how much money this chair will set you back right now.

This chair benefits from:

The chair’s minimalistic yet sophisticated design immediately caught my eye. The height can be changed as well. In addition, the construction is of high quality. The setup procedure is also very straightforward. This chair is perfect in every way. The one thing I really miss about other chairs is the caster wheels that this one lacks.

As it lacks wheels, you won’t have the freedom to move it wherever you like in your room.

Exactly why may you want to think about purchasing this chair?

There’s no denying that this chair has a fantastic design. The lack of wheels is the only drawback for me. It’s far more comfortable for me to roll around my room and pick things up than to stand every time. Therefore, I will not be occupying this seat. However, this chair is highly recommended for those who have a limited workspace and do not need to move around frequently.


The HATTEFJLL chair from IKEA is more in line with the company’s current minimalist design ethos than the company’s other offerings. You can get this seat with or without armrests. This chair has a number of ergonomic benefits. This chair, on the other hand, encourages dynamic sitting, making it ideal for productivity.

How much does it cost?

Currently, a HATTEFJLL chair from IKEA would set you back $259 (as of this writing). However, the most up-to-date pricing information for this chair is available on the IKEA website.

This chair benefits from:

You may modify the height of the complete back support to fit your body, making this chair ideal for those with a wide range of spinal curvature. The addition of this feature is really appreciated and will help tremendously with lumbar support. Similar to other IKEA chairs, this one allows for a comfortable reclining position. However, the maximum angle at which the recliner can be locked is 90 degrees.

This chair’s adjustable height is a welcome addition because it allows the user to sit far lower than in conventional seats. The armrest is sold independently. The attractive side lips on this chair are functionally useless because they prevent you from sitting sideways.

Adjustability of the chair’s seat pan depth is a welcome addition for those concerned about comfort and health. The seating area is much more rounded, almost in the shape of an oval pebble, which may be uncomfortable over the course of an hour.

When looking for a new chair, why do you think you would want to consider this one?

In addition to its appealing appearance, this chair impresses with a number of useful extras that other seating options don’t provide. If you’re looking for an ergonomic chair with a simple design but don’t want to spend a fortune, this is a solid option to think about.

11. IKEA Loberget:

IKEA loberget is one of the best budget chairs from IKEA at under a $50 price point.

If you’re looking for a comfortable chair from IKEA for under $50, consider the loberget.

This chair benefits from:

This chair has a strikingly simple design. For the convenience of a home office, this is an excellent option.

This chair has an easily adjustable height and rolling, smooth casters.

It is constructed from tough plastic and can be cleaned quickly and easily. In most cases, setting up the system is a breeze. The entire chair may be set up in less than 10 minutes if you follow the directions in the instructions.

MARKUS Office chair, Vissle dark gray - IKEA

Exactly why may you want to think about purchasing this chair?

If you’re looking for a good chair on a tight budget, I’d recommend giving this one serious thought. The chair has a low price tag yet is sturdy and simple to clean. This is an excellent option for a private workplace at home. Since it lacks armrests, it takes up very little room and may be slid under a desk.


The RFJLL chair from Ikea is a good option for a low-cost seating solution. This chair is worth considering because of its attractive style, high level of comfort, and reasonable cost.

How much does it cost?

The IKEA RFJLL is now on sale for $50. See the most up-to-date price tag on the IKEA website.

Key Characteristics of This Chair:

High-density foam was used to construct the chair. The level of ease you experience as a result of this is unprecedented.

This chair’s casters appear to be quite well-oiled, making it easy to roll around wherever you choose. On top of that, you may rotate it through a full circle. Flexibility will be greatly enhanced as a result.

The seat can be raised or lowered to suit your needs. The maximum user weight for this chair is 243 pounds. For the most part, I believe that this will suffice.

This chair has several advantages, so why not give it some thought?

If you want a good chair but just have $50 to spend, this is a fantastic solution. I think it looks great. Moreover, the construction is of the highest caliber. It may be swiveled and adjusted in height. This chair offers remarkable value for the money. This chair is a great option if you’re shopping for a low-priced option that nevertheless offers a number of useful functions and a sleek style.

Best Overall IKEA Chair (IKEA Markus)

Based on our research and experience, the IKEA Markus office chair is the best option for those who spend many hours in front of an office chair each day. Due of its superiority to other IKEA chairs in terms of durability, comfort, and value.

Final Words:

As far as seats go, those we recommended are the cream of the crop. We also read the feedback provided by previous buyers. Many buyers are pleased with their functionality and aesthetics.

However, if you have a desk job that needs you to sit for more than six hours every day, an ergonomic chair is your best bet.

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