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Knowing how and where to arrange your furniture is an art that reflects your own personality while also serving practical needs. This article will discuss the optimal distance and placement of an end table between a sofa and a loveseat, taking into account your specific furniture and room layout requirements.

The fun of redecorating your living room comes from deciding where to put them and how many you would need. But before we get to the question of where to put an end table in relation to a sofa and a loveseat, let’s first define what those three pieces of furniture are.

What is a Loveseat?

There are two types of two-seat chairs, with a loveseat being one of them. A common misuse of the term “two-seat sofa” refers to one particular variation. Two upholstered seats are standard.

A discussion bench, also known as a tête-à-tête bench, kissing bench, gossip chair, or wooing seat, is yet another variation. Any piece of seating for two that has been placed in a S form can be considered an example of this. This arrangement permits two individuals to hold a conversation while facing each other, being within reach of one another, and still maintaining some degree of physical separation.

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What is a Sofa?

A sofa can sit anywhere from two to three people. Also called a settee, futon, or chesterfield, among other names. Bench-shaped ones are the most common, and they often feature upholstered armrests, as well as springs and bespoke cushions.

What is an end table?

A typical definition of an end table is a small table that is about the same height as the arm of a chair. It’s typically paired with a more substantial piece of furniture, like a sofa. End tables are a great spot to put lamps, drink coasters, and other items that people frequently use while sitting on the couch.

The two smaller tables and the larger coffee table are often marketed together as a set.

The expense of furnishing your home will likely rise as a result of the addition of the end table. The typical price range is $75-$400. Ones in the living room will drive up the cost of new furniture. Is there absolutely no way around it?

There are a few advantages to having end tables in your home, despite the fact that they are not required. The end tables are perfect for placing lamps on and for storing all the goods you need for your living room but which you never want to have to move far from your side. You are free to use anything else in your living room in place of end tables if you so choose.

There are infrequent designs for end tables that have a lot of storage capacity, usually in the form of a lower shelf. Some of them have big drawers and removable tops, so you can use them as makeshift desks.

A lamp placed on an end table can provide supplementary light. Make sure the side table is close to the chair or bed where you like to read, especially if your room doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

When placed at either or both ends of a sofa or loveseat, end tables provide a variety of useful functions. If you place your end tables in these spots, you’ll have ample room for lamps used for reading. In the evening, it’s nice to have the remote control, some decorative items, and maybe even a glass of water within easy reach.

Your personal style can be reflected in the furnishings and accents you choose to place at the other end, which creates a wonderful balance.

The Benefits of End Tables

End tables serve a practical purpose, but they are also a vital part of many different design aesthetics. Some sofas, depending on their proportions and design, seem incomplete without them. However, there are more uses for end tables.

  • They are the finishing touch on the decor and bring the space together.
  • The proper placement of end tables can enhance the feng shui of a space.
  • Those sitting on the sofa and any surrounding chairs will appreciate the extra space they provide.
  • As a result, seated people may easily reach for and use end tables.

Everyone dislikes having to get up to retrieve an item from a short coffee table that has been placed a foot or more from the couch so that everyone can sit comfortably.

The coffee table is the focal point of many living rooms and is therefore the preferred location for decorative accents by many homeowners.

Specific Uses For End Tables

Some of the functions of end tables were already mentioned, but here are some more specific examples:

  • Make room for things like drinks, the TV remote, and your keys and wallet.
  • Provide a spot for hardwired telephones and, conceivably, phone directories.
  • Improve the lighting by using free-standing lamps.
  • Make it possible to put things down within easy reach without getting up from the couch.

Using End Tables to Enhance Your Home

Whether at the end of a sofa or next to a chair, an end table is always found in the living room. They were designed to be used as flat surfaces and would look out of place in any other setting unless it had a special function, such as holding a vase of flowers, an aquarium, or a statue.

They are also suitable for use on porches, patios, and decks.

End tables are a great way to increase the amount of usable floor space in your living room, making it easier for guests to lay down their beverages and other belongings.

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But they are also wonderful architectural elements that may be strategically placed to improve the flow and form of a room. Both are extremely dependent on the specifics of your home’s design and the arrangement of your furnishings.

End Table vs. Side Table

When comparing an end table to a side table, the most obvious difference is the size of the tabletop. The term “side table” is used to describe a small table that is typically positioned on the other side of a room or up against a wall. To put it simply, an end table is a small table designed to go at the end of a couch or chair.

How to Place End Table in Between Sofa and Loveseat

Symmetrical Effect

Put the sofa and loveseat in an asymmetrical arrangement by positioning the end tables on the right and left sides at the same distance from the arms. The ideal height for an end table next to a chair is halfway between the arm and the seat.

A sofa’s armrests should be no more than two inches taller than that. The ideal height of an end table is anywhere between 20 and 24 inches; for a 22-inch sofa arm, this would be the lower limit.

Asymmetrical Effect

Mismatched end tables create an informal, uneven look. Place an end table in the middle of the space between your sofa and love seat to create a cozy conversation area for two. You can put one next to your window to keep a plant or next to your bookshelves to showcase a little scene.

10 Best End Tables for the Living Room

Best Classic: Andover Mills Adeline End Table

The Adeline End Table ($110) is a well-made and reasonably priced piece that would look well in a traditional setting due to its twisted legs and elaborate paneling. It’s constructed from both natural and manufactured wood and has a handy storage shelf below. The Adeline Table, which is oval in shape, can be purchased in a number of different shades.

Best Farmhouse: Pottery Barn Mateo End Table

The Mateo End Table ($159) is a solid pine and poplar veneer piece that would look well in a farmhouse setting thanks to its mild faded finish. This end table comes in two different colors and features rough-sawn accents for a rustic look. The leg levelers can be adjusted to accommodate for different surface heights. If you’re looking to achieve a unified design in your living area, we also offer a complementary set of coffee and console tables.

Best Modern: West Elm Marble and Brass End Table

The unusual shape and materials of the Marble and Brass End Table ($249) give it a decidedly contemporary air. The iron base has a shiny brass coating, and the top has a thin lip to prevent anything from rolling off. In contrast, the pedestal base is a striking example of modern design, with white marble pieces placed in an X.

Best Mid-Century: Article Amoeba End Table

The Amoeba End Table ($199) is a gorgeous piece of furniture with a mid-century inspired form, tapering legs, and a walnut finish. It is built from solid wood for unrivaled longevity. The round tabletop adds visual interest with its exposed knots and color variety on an otherwise basic table. It has just three legs to keep things simple, but they do the job.

Best Boho: Opalhouse Aloysia Rattan End Table

The Aloysia Rattan End Table ($80) is a great option with a nice hourglass form constructed from rattan; it would look great in a bohemian-style setting. The table’s rattan pole design makes it airy and spacious, and its compact size makes it ideal for small living areas.

Best Rustic: Union Rustic Lohr Pedestal End Table

The live-edge top and gnarled-branch pedestal base of the $146 Pedestal End Table are unmistakably rustic. Every single one of these tables is a one-of-a-kind work of art that is hand-made in Indonesia.

Best Eclectic: Anthropologie Bumblebee End Table

The Bumblebee End Table ($248) is a terrific kitschy touch for an eclectic decor and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. The pole is adorned with little metal insects, while the base is shaped like a pedestal and adorned with a beehive. A stunning slab of honed white marble serves as the tabletop, adding a sense of class to the whole design.

Best Unfinished: International Concepts Hampton End Table

This unfinished Hampton End Table can be stained or painted any color you like for for $100, making it a great option if you can’t find an end table that works with your current scheme. The wood used in the table’s construction was sanded down to a smooth surface. A home with a farmhouse or transitional aesthetic would benefit from the X-shaped sides of this piece.

Best Affordable: Convenience Concepts Oxford End Table

The Oxford End Table ($60) is a popular choice because it is both affordable and versatile. This end table has an X-frame design with two shelves built right in. Remember that it’s not as sturdy as a solid wood table because it’s built out of medium-density fiberboard.

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Best for Storage: Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn End Table

The Laflorn End Table ($180) is a great addition to any living area because it serves so many purposes. This end table has a cabinet door that conceals two shelves and is available in a variety of colors. This table has a drawer with built-in cup holders and a TV remote slot, as well as electrical outlets and USB charging connections on the flip-up back panel.


Living room end tables can serve dual purposes as both functional accent tables and design focal points. Knowing your intended use will help you determine the optimal placement of an end table between a sofa and a loveseat. Both symmetrical and asymmetrical results are possible, for instance. What you decide to do is entirely up to you.