How Best To Arrange Two Recliner Chairs Together 12 Ideas

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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The arrangement of your living room’s furnishings has a significant effect on your mood. Having a second recliner nearby is a great way to ensure that everyone has a good time when they come over to watch TV or just hang out.

However, they can be placed about one another in a number of various ways. To help you make a well-informed decision on how to arrange your two reclining seats, this article will discuss the perks and drawbacks of each possible configuration.

How Do Recliner Chairs Work?

This is a valid inquiry, and one that may be answered by investigating the various models of reclining seats.

  • Chairs that recline manually have a lever on the side, as their name implies. Although these chairs are the most reasonably priced option, they do require considerable physical power and skill to operate.
  • The electric recliner is the most popular type of chair because it combines the benefits of a traditional recliner with the convenience of an electric motor. When you push a button, the chair reclines almost effortlessly.
  • For me, the pinnacle of office chairs is the electric rise and recline model. This is the perfect chair for me because it reclines and also tilts and rises so that I can easily get out of it. Although more expensive, these chairs are widely considered to be the best option for those with mobility issues.
  • You may get a massage from a recliner chair, and they come in both manual and electric varieties. They massage you while you lie in a relaxed position.
  • The ultimate in comfort and relaxation can be found in a massage rise and recline chair. Sure, these seats don’t come cheap. However, the upsides much than the drawbacks. Recline into your preferred posture at the push of a button. Enjoy some downtime with a full body massage. When you’re ready to stand, you can do it from a nearly vertical position.

What’s more, I’m relieved to see that modern reclining chairs don’t appear like they belong in a nursing home.

How Best to Arrange Two Recliner Chairs Together? 12 Ideas - Krostrade

Modern chairs are fashionable and available in a wide variety of colors and materials, so it’s easy to choose one that goes with any decor.

The Benefits of Using a Recliner Chair.

  1. When it comes down to it, nothing is more important to me than my comfort. When I sit down, I want to be able to relax without having to fiddle around with my position. I can’t stand having to rearrange my cushions every few minutes. I’d like to kick back and relax without having to lie down.
  2. Reducing Joint Stress: Recliners are great for relieving stress on your back, neck, and knees. You, not the chair’s designer, get to choose the most comfortable position, thanks to the chair’s easy adjustment.
  3. Another perk is mobility; it’s hard for me to walk after sitting or standing still for too long. I tend to get stiff if I stay in one place for too long. It hurts to move around when my joints are stiff. Relaxing in a recliner can ease stiffness and help you get around more easily.
  4. Regarding the concept of “independence,” I must confess that there are occasions when I require assistance in order to rise from my seat. Nothing would be more humiliating than having to ask one of my boys to help me stand up. If nothing else, having a rise and recline chair would allow me to maintain my autonomy and not have to rely on others.

Things to Consider When Buying a Reclining Chair

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new reclining chair. Among other things:

Because I care so much about your comfort, I strongly recommend trying out a chair in a store before making a purchase. The vast majority of web-based stores have some sort of refund policy. It’s important to buy from a retailer that will accept the chair back if you’re not satisfied.

Secondly, reclining chairs range widely in price. However, the capabilities and methods of each chair vary greatly. I’d like for everyone to save money, but remember that you get what you pay for. If I were you, I’d spend as much as you can afford on a quality recliner.

Third, repair and maintenance after the sale is essential because of the mechanical nature of reclining and rise and recline chairs. Consider the worst-case scenario. The good news is that trustworthy stores will back your new recliner with a guarantee or warranty.

Four, Recliners can be quite large and hefty, so keep that in mind while shopping for one. It’s important to plan ahead for storage and possible relocation.

Recliner Chair Arrangement Ideas

First, two chairs can be placed on one side of a sofa so that they face each other. Because of the comfortable recline and substantial legroom it provides for two people, this configuration is very popular. However, this configuration can make it difficult to get to the sofa without disturbing the recliners.

The second configuration has the seats facing each other but placed on opposite sides of a window. This is a fantastic choice for those who value privacy, since it allows for two individuals to sit together without impeding each other’s access to the window or other pieces of furniture. There isn’t much room for people to maneuver around the chairs, and getting to the windows or other pieces of furniture in this area could be tricky because of the design.

Chair #3 is placed against the wall next to the sofa, while chair #2 faces the window. If you require plenty of space for people to move about the chairs, this setup is for you. On the downside, this leaves little space for windows or furniture in this section, which could be problematic if those features were ever required.

Setup #5: A Relaxing Reclining Chair Both are seated in an armchair, but one is turned toward a window while the other is perched against the opposite wall. This layout is perfect for folks who prefer to have plenty of space around them but who also need easy access to windows and furniture in this area. The problem is that there is no easy way to face each other when seated so closely together.

Option No. 6: Place one chair in front of a window and the other against the wall, arm’s length away, with the backs to each other.

This layout is ideal for persons who want not to be the center of attention, who need to be able to turn to face one another, who value privacy, and who value easy access to windows and furniture in the room.

The negative is that there isn’t much room for anything other than your two bodies because the chairs are pressed up against an armchair with their backs facing you.

Two reclining sofas - placement & end tables

Sixth configuration: the seats are set up side by side, with their backs to each other.

Although this layout is aesthetically pleasing from afar, it prevents people from facing one another and leaves little room for other activities; if they were too far apart to be near one another, the effect would be disconcerting.

The seventh configuration features two chairs placed in a L shape with their backs facing one another.

This is the closest of the six options; you’re touching shoulders but can still see each other’s faces thanks to the fact that you’re not facing in opposite directions.

Having all that extra space is great for putting your feet up or a drink down.

Chairs are placed back-to-back, backs facing each other, and arms touching at both ends (position #8). If your two recliners aren’t next to each other, they probably look like this.

Arrangement #Nine: This is the most common way to arrange two recliners in an open space, with one chair facing away from the other and their arms each toward opposite ends of the room.

Setup #9: Place two chairs so that one faces away from the other and their arms point in different directions.

Chairs are arranged in a U form with their backs to each other and their arms touching the backs of the chairs on either side. Unless they have armrests, this is how two recliners at an outdoor cinema would look.

How to Maintain and Care For a Recliner Chair

1. Prevent damage to your chair

It’s ideal to leap into action and take precautions before any damage occurs to the furniture. When it comes to the longevity of your reclining chairs, it’s true that keeping them out of direct sunlight is the most important factor. The majority of the seating is leather, which can be severely damaged by exposure to sunshine. The leather ages quickly because it loses its luster and develops fissures.

The passage of very pungent odors to the passenger compartment can also be impeded. For instance, smokers’ lingering odor might accelerate fabric deterioration.

As a last point, loose cushions should be replaced frequently. Wear and tear is typically hastened by heavy use, thus this will slow it down.

2. Deep clean the leather

Leather sofas and chairs can be a pain to keep clean. The expense is often overlooked by those who would rather have the task done professionally. However, there is a method for individuals who prefer to do it themselves. The most vital piece of guidance is to stay away from water completely. The liquid’s major drawback is the massive stains it leaves behind on leather.

It is recommended that you use a steam cleaner as an alternative. It’s an added cost you might be unwilling to bear, but it pays off in the end. It eliminates any unpleasant odors that may have built up in addition to the normal dust. Saddle soap is another alternative that could be used. Cleaning the seat regularly will not only keep it free of grime, but also protect it from cracking.

3. Look after the fabric

Fabric recliners are easier to maintain than leather ones in terms of cleanliness. However, that is not an excuse to disregard it. The use of a vacuum cleaner should be the first consideration. Recliner chair upholstery is sometimes extremely delicate and needs to be handled with care. It is suggested that a gentle brush be used.

Second, baby wipes are a great tool for disinfecting car seats. That’s the most effective method for cleaning up tiny specks of dirt.

Having microfiber cleaning cloth on hand is also recommended. It can be used in conjunction with a fabric cleaner to provide remarkable results. Fabric may not be as water-sensitive as leather, but it still serves its owner best to keep it dry whenever possible.

4. Take care of the mechanics

The mechanism that allows a reclining chair to rock back and forth is the main differentiator between it and a regular chair. Moving it around and being able to control it into different angles is also crucial when thinking about upkeep. It’s especially important in older reclining chairs because those people often can’t take good care of their furnishings. Make sure the moving parts are properly oiled on a regular basis.

4 Ways to Arrange Your Recliner Sofa – Furnishing Tips

Repeatedly, preemptive action is preferable to reactive measures. Do it now instead than waiting for the chair to start making noise or the safety of the action to be abruptly compromised. If you give it some oil before you use it, it will last a long time and work hard for you.


If so, hopefully this overview has given you some things to think about before you buy a chair.

There is no doubt that the advantages of having a recliner greatly surpass the initial investment. What price health? I often ask, and that question extends to the cost of preventative care.

If you have a recliner or rise and recliner, I’d love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts on the topic below, letting me know which chair you own, if you find it to be comfortable, and if you think it was money well spent.

Helen Skeates

Helen Skeates

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