3 Important Facts About Zero Gravity Position In A Lift Recliner Chair

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Helen Skeates
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For those who require extra help standing up, a lift recliner chair is a great option. A footrest that can be adjusted with a single hand is a standard feature on many of the more trendy models.

When you sit back in this kind of chair, your legs will stretch out straight and your lower back will be flat on the seat; this is the zero gravity position. Learn the ins and outs of these chairs right here!


What is a zero gravity lift chair?

In addition to its standard lift chair features, a zero gravity lift chair also has the option of entering a zero gravity position. The zero gravity position is achieved by reclining the chair to an angle that lifts the legs above the heart. As long as it can get into this position, a zero gravity lift chair can have any number of extra features.

3 Important Facts about Zero Gravity Position in a Lift Recliner Chair - Krostrade

Important Facts About Lift Recliner Chair

First, there is concern that prolonged sitting in this style of chair could negatively impact blood flow.

To achieve position #2, or “zero gravity,” your legs should be fully extended while your lower back is supported by the seat.

Third, these chairs are widely available at pharmacies and other medical supply outlets, and they may even be covered by Medicare.

Popular models include those that allow you to adjust the footrest with a single finger.

Benefits of Reclining to Zero Gravity Position

One of the best ways to recover from surgery or an injury like a broken bone or torn muscle is to lie in a zero gravity position, which has been shown to alleviate back pain, enhance breathing and circulation, alleviate insomnia and fatigue, and speed up the healing process.

Joint pain due to arthritis, bone spurs, or other conditions can also be eased by reclining.

Thirdly, the lack of pressure on the abdomen from sitting up straight for long periods of time is beneficial for those who suffer from digestive issues or constipation.

For people who frequently experience back pain, the best seating option is a zero-gravity chair.

5. It’s suggested for a short-term alleviation of labor pains, period pains, and sciatica.

Relaxing in a zero-gravity position can be more comfortable than lounging on a couch with pillows or sitting in an unsupportive dining chair.

Number seven: it helps people who are recovering from injuries, surgeries, and other medical procedures, including those who have chronic back pain.

How to Recline in a Zero Gravity Position on Your Lift Chair

First, adjust your chair so that you can sit comfortably, with your feet resting on the floor or a footrest.

Second, carefully rest the top of that leg on the armrest and lower it so that you are reclined by gravity.

Step 3: Spread your arms out to your sides, palms facing inward, for maximum relaxation.

Fourth, if you’re still not comfortable, try propping yourself up with pillows at the head and the feet. Allow gravity to do everything for you.

How to  Get Out of the Zero Gravity Position on Your Lift Chair

You can easily get back into a sitting position by reversing the above steps.

What Is The Proper Usage Of A Recliner Chair?

Lift chairs, like the ones we make, are an alternative to regular chairs like recliners. They are ideal for those who have trouble rising from a standard recliner due to limited mobility.

Instead of getting back up, just readjust the chair so that you have a little more leverage on the armrests, and you can easily push yourself up and into an upright position.

How to Fix a Recliner that won’t Recline

Find out what’s stopping the recliner from fully reclining, first. It’s possible the product is unable to move because something is blocking its path, such as a power cord.

Call our support line if these don’t work for you.

How Does this Chair Differ From Other Models on the Market Today?

The footrest may need to be adjusted on rare occasions. This is usually due to the fact that the chair does not provide adequate support for the hips. People with larger frames and wider hips need to pay special attention to this.

The advantages of a lift recliner chair make it much simpler to stand up from than other types of chairs.

The chair’s back features a tiny slit. The ability to quickly rise from a reclined chair is due to this feature.

How to fix a Recliner Mechanism

One common issue with reclining chairs is that the mechanism stops functioning. This is why you should always make sure your chair is in good shape.

Note 2: Several potential causes exist, with some requiring less effort to address than others. Typically, this will entail removing any dirt or grime that may have settled into the chair.

Recliners typically use a cup and ball system, which consists of two balls in constant contact with each other inside a metal container (the cup). Because of this, everything flows so easily.

Best Zero Gravity Lift Chairs Available Now

Best Compact Zero Gravity Lift Chair: Windermere Mega Motion Ultimate Power Lift Recliner

The seat depth of this chair is inadequate. It’s narrow and compact, measuring 35 by 33 by 45 inches, and has a high back for extra support. This Windermere chair by Mega Motion is ideal if you’re looking for a zero gravity lift chair that doesn’t take up a ton of space.

It can support as much as 325 pounds, reclines to a zero-gravity position where you can relax, and has convenient extras like USB ports, a dual motor system, and soft upholstery. You get everything you could want from a great zero gravity lift chair, and the space it takes up is minimal.

What Is the Purpose of a Zero Gravity Chair? – Svago.com

Best Leather Zero Gravity Lift Chair: Golden Cloud

The Cloud by Golden Technologies is the best zero gravity chair on the market because it is crafted with the finest leather. You can customize any piece of furniture in your home with dozens of upholstery options, including high-quality leather (not included in the starting price).

This chair has everything you could want in a zero gravity lift chair: the ability to lift up to 325 pounds, a wide range of personalization options, a backup battery, and a lengthy warranty. This chair is perfect if you want to sit in style but don’t want to spend a fortune. No contest.

Best Oversized Zero Gravity Lift Chair: CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

Seeking a lift chair with a traditional, overstuffed appearance? You needn’t look any further. The exterior of this CANMOV chair has been generously padded to make it a comfortable seating option. It will look and feel just like the traditional recliners of yesteryear, but it will be loaded with cutting-edge upgrades and features that make it clear that it is in fact a brand-new chair.

This outstanding chair features a zero-gravity position, a lift capacity of 300 pounds, and generous padding all around. It is also among the most cost-effective items we have highlighted, if not the most cost-effective item, on this list. However, if you’re in the market for a large, luxurious chair, look no further.

Best Budget Zero Gravity Lift Chair: YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair

Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a lift chair, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a subpar model. The YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair is a high-quality piece of furniture with surprising versatility given its low cost. You can get a zero-gravity chair with a massage feature and 360-pound weight capacity for under $400. It’s a basic lift chair with a few extra features and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as others on this list.

Best Wall Hugger Zero Gravity Lift Chair: Pride VivaLift! Escape

Unfortunately, most people do not have the luxury of a large room large enough to accommodate the enormous footprint of a reclining lift chair. Due to the required orientation, it is extremely challenging to locate a suitable zero gravity chair that can be installed along a wall. Pride Mobility’s VivaLift Escape is the way to go. The minimum distance from the wall that this chair can function is only 18 inches, which is 6 inches less than the next shortest chairs in its class. Most zero-gravity lift chairs we checked out needed at least 24″ of space between themselves and the wall.

This great product from one of our favorite manufacturers, Pride Mobility, can also be installed relatively close to the wall. The VivaLift! is Pride mobility’s flagship product, and it features the most cutting-edge technology available in zero gravity lift chairs at the present time.

Best Zero Gravity Lift Chair For Tall People: Thaweesuk Zero Gravity Lift Chair

This chair is ideal for people of greater stature, as its generous dimensions will not make them feel dwarfed. This tall chair by Thaweesuk, measuring in at 43 inches, is incredibly comfortable despite its size. You shouldn’t try to squeeze into a chair that wasn’t designed for your body type; instead, find one that does.

An eight-point massage, heat up to 140 degrees on the lumbar region, a full range of reclining motion, and a weight capacity of 440 pounds make this far superior to your standard lifting motor. When put together, these features provide an excellent alternative for those who are unable to use conventionally sized chairs.

Best Heat and Massage Capable Zero Gravity Lift Chair: Red Barrel Studio Massage Lift Chair

Red Barrel Studio makes a great chair, and we’re big fans of theirs. It’s highly rated, can generate a lot of heat, and has effective massage settings, all at a reasonable price. It’s padded with luxurious faux leather that’s as comfortable as it is supple. It can lift up to 330 pounds, has USB charging ports, and has a powerful motor for lifting. Put simply, this is the best unit we’ve tried for both heat and massage. This model is the best in its category because it has the most desirable features at the best possible price and is the easiest to order and set up of any chair that offers heat and massage.

Best Zero Gravity Lift Chair With Trendelenburg Position: Pride Infinity LC525

Did you know that in addition to the zero gravity position, a trendelenburg position is available on some zero gravity chairs? In the trendelenburg position, you lie on your back with your head below your feet. It has the same positive effects on blood flow and pain relief as zero gravity, but on a much more extreme scale. People with back pain or other lower body issues benefit greatly from the Trendelenburg position. Pride Mobility, a company whose products we highly regard, now offers a chair with both a trendelenburg and a zero gravity position. For one of the best lift chairs on the market today, take a look at the LC525.

Best Golden Technologies Zero Gravity Lift Chair: Golden’s PR515

There are five different levels of comfort available in the PR515. The twilight tilt, lumbar support, thoracic support, and cervical support zones all work together to provide you with total body comfort and relief. There’s also Golden’s fantastic 1-to-3-year parts-and-labor warranty.

In addition to its weightless zero gravity mode and sufficient lifting power, the extensive zones and excellent comfort features of this chair by Golden Technologies put it at the top of our list.

Best La-Z-Boy Zero Gravity Lift Chair: Pinnacle Platinum

This La-Z-Boy recliner, appropriately named Pinnacle, is truly the company’s pinnacle product. It’s the pinnacle of efficiency, aesthetics, durability, and user comfort. There’s a good reason La-Z-Boy is so well-known: its products are excellent. You can count on the quality and comfort that have come to be associated with La-Z-Boy products, and this chair is no exception.

You’ll also appreciate the chair’s cutting-edge features, such as its ability to cling to a wall (with only 11 inches of clearance required), its capacity to lift up to 350 pounds, the extensive personalization options available from La-Z-Boy, and their best-in-class warranty.

Best Ultra Comfort Zero Gravity Lift Chair: Ultra Comfort UC550-L

The UC550 Ultra Comfort is designed with your convenience in mind. This chair was designed with multiple positions, including zero gravity, to maximize your comfort. There’s even a zero-gravity setting for when you just want to lie there and chill out. Each of these settings will help you find the optimal sitting position so that you can relax in comfort. Ultimately, it will help you get back on your feet with the same vigor and care as a dear friend or family member. If you value your comfort, the UC550 is a chair you should definitely invest in.

Common Questions

What if I  need to get up out of the chair?

You shouldn’t worry about this unless you lose the ability to right yourself by pushing yourself back up. Instead of relying solely on your feet, you can use your arms and upper body as leverage.

If I don’t have any mobility restrictions what does that make me eligible for?

Reclining chairs, which feature built-in footrests for added comfort, are a great choice for those who want to kick back and relax in style. People who have trouble sitting up straight, like the elderly or those with limited mobility, can use these!

Will Medicare cover my zero gravity lift chair?

Yes. If the supplier is on the Medicare provider list and the chair is appropriate for your needs, Medicare will pay for it.

The challenge will be locating a Medicare-approved service that sells high-quality zero-gravity chairs. A La-Z-Boy recliner, for instance, is not covered because the company is not a Medicare participant. Even though Medicare will pay for a zero gravity lift chair if it meets certain criteria, you may have trouble locating a Medicare-approved supplier.

Zero gravity vs. Infinite position: What is the difference?

There are two main categories of lift chairs: zero gravity and infinite position. It is possible to achieve both zero gravity and infinite position with certain models of lift chairs. Just because a chair has an infinite position doesn’t mean it goes completely flat. You may find that your chair has a fixed maximum reclining angle. Zero-gravity chairs can move indefinitely.

That’s because it has zero gravity, which allows you to lie back comfortably while having your feet lifted above your heart. You can get models of chairs that can only do zero gravity or you can get models that can do both infinite and zero gravity. It is conditional upon the requirements.

Amazon.com: Golden Technologies EZ-Sleeper Power Lift Recliner Brisa Coffee Bean : Home & Kitchen

Do zero gravity chairs have all of the same features as an infinite position chair?

In the main, that is correct. You can expect to find a lot of crossover between the features available on zero gravity chairs and those of the infinite variety. They can both be used to lift heavy objects. Both will typically have a heating element and a massage function. Comfort features like cup holders, pockets, and USB ports can be included on either type of chair.

What each chair has to offer in terms of design is going to be determined by the model you choose. Whether the chair is in an infinite position or zero gravity, it can still have the same capabilities as any other chair.

Tips on getting the best deal on a zero gravity lift chair

If you want to find the best zero gravity lift chair for your needs, the first thing you should do is determine your price range. The cost of a zero-gravity chair can be very high. The zero-gravity feature is typically only found in high-end chairs. If you have a set spending limit in mind, it will help you narrow down the vast selection of possible chairs.

The next step is to prioritize any additional add-ons that you find appealing. You could sit in it in an infinite number of ways, right? What about a warm massage? Is there a need for a more robust hoisting motor? You should think about these things. Then, once you’ve weighed all of those factors against your budget, you’ll have the ideal chair in front of you.

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