7 Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Swivel Chair

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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Those who spend extended periods of time sitting at a desk can attest to the necessity of a supportive chair. This is because swivel chairs make it easier for their users to move around and switch positions than other types of chairs.

However, there are many factors to consider before settling on a swivel chair, making the selection process more challenging than it needs to be.

What is the best swivel chair?

How tall you are, how long you plan to sit in the chair at a time, how much space you have in your office, and how often you get up to move around are all factors in determining the best swivel chair for you.

All You Need To Know About Swivel Chairs

Have you ever seen a swivel chair before? You’ll find the best answer to your question and a wealth of information about swivel chairs in this article.

7 Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Swivel Chairs - Krostrade


A swivel chair allows the user to change their position in the chair’s seat without having to move their legs. Wheels attached to the base of swivel chairs facilitate rolling the chair around the desk without having to get out of the chair.

This design is ubiquitous in today’s workplaces and goes by the name “office chair.” The seat height of most office swivel chairs can be adjusted with a gas lift, just like computer chairs.

Where to use it?

Living room

It’s generally agreed that a swivel chair in the living room is a fantastic addition. A swivel chair makes an excellent addition to the living room because it can be rotated to create a number of different conversation areas, all of which have silhouettes as stylish and inviting as an armchair.

In a casual, rustic setting, classic swivel chairs with a linen skirt are a great choice for seating. Swivel leather armchairs are a must-have for any man cave. In open-concept living rooms, swivel chairs are useful because you can easily pivot to face the action.


The swivel chair is another wonderful piece of furniture for a bedroom. Tuck one into a corner by the window for a cozy reading nook.

Make the perfect late-night reading nook for him and her by placing two swivel chairs in a larger bedroom suite. The bedroom vanity or desk can benefit from a pair of swivel slipper chairs.


The ability to easily transition from one task to another has contributed to the widespread adoption of swivel chairs in the workplace.


Swivel chairs are no longer restricted to use indoors. The beautiful swivels we’ve seen in outdoor settings would be a disservice if we left them out. Picture yourself sitting in a cushioned rattan swivel on your front porch, sipping coffee (or wine) in the morning or evening.

Benefits Of Using Swivel Chairs

Work is easier with swivel chairs

Whether you spend your day meeting with clients or at your desk, a swivel chair is a convenient and comfortable option. The fact that you can easily move it from left to right is one of the most appealing features of a swivel chair.

Professionals like doctors and salespeople can stay seated while still interacting with clients and customers. A swivel chair is convenient because it allows you to easily turn around and face other people without having to get up from your seat.

One more perk of swivel chairs is that you can easily get files from a filing cabinet and return to your desk without getting up from your chair. None of you need to leave the room to complete this task.

Swivel chairs are a great investment for any office because they encourage movement and interaction.

Casual seating at its finest

While accent chairs add style to any space, the casual vibe of a swivel chair is hard to beat. Substitute a swivel chair for a fixed accent chair in the living room.

These comfy seats are perfect for marathon sessions of your favorite shows or movies. These chairs are great for lounging in comfort and style thanks to their effortless motion and full rotation in all directions.

You’ll appreciate the many styles, sizes, and upholstery options available for swivel chairs. These one-of-a-kind seats are a wonderful addition to any home, whether you’re going for a contemporary or traditional design.

Ergonomic and efficient

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, a swivel chair can help you maintain a healthy posture and stay comfortable.

While swivel chairs may initially cost more than other types of office chairs, they actually end up saving you money in the long run by reducing the likelihood of health issues like cervical spondylosis, back pain, poor posture, and inadequate blood flow.

Here are 7 Things you Should Consider When Choosing a Swivel chair

1) How much do I want to spend?

As there is a wide variety of swivel chairs available, their prices also vary widely. The more money you spend, the better the materials and construction of your product will be. If you’re on a tight budget but still want a comfortable chair, consider purchasing one that has been previously owned from a reputable dealer who also offers a warranty.

2) How big am I?

A swivel chair’s required space and durability will be based on the dimensions and weight of the person who will be using it. Choose one with deep arm rests if you have long or large arms and want to rest them comfortably when seated. A chair with standard-height armrests should work fine even if you’re petite.

3) What material would best suit my needs?

The chair’s material can have a significant impact on comfort. Leather is plush and smooth, but it shows dirt and wear quickly. Fabric is easier to keep clean and isn’t as temperature-sensitive as leather. Metal is the most long-lasting material, but it might be too hard for some people.

4) How heavy is it?

When you sit down, a heavier chair is more likely to remain in place. However, how much mass are we talking about here? According to industry standards, a swivel chair shouldn’t weigh less than 25 pounds, as this indicates that it doesn’t have enough metal or fabric to be durable.

5) How does it feel on my feet?

The comfort of your feet while sitting in a swivel chair can be greatly affected by the type of flooring you have. Wood floors are more long-lasting than carpet, but they require more maintenance and can get wet if there is a spill; fabric is probably the most common and easiest to maintain, but it is less ergonomic for people with certain foot issues like plantar fasciitis.

6) How does it feel on my back?

A swivel chair’s ability to be rotated has been defended as a means of boosting circulation in the legs, though some may argue that it actually hinders concentration and causes back pain. Whether or not you should get a stand-up desk depends on how you feel right now; if your back hurts when you sit up straight, for example, you should probably get one of those.

7) How much desk space do I have?

How much space will you need around your new stand-up desk to use a laptop and eat lunch while standing? You shouldn’t have to worry about a regular swivel chair taking up any more space than a stationary one, but it’s still a good idea to measure the area first.

If you’re on the taller side, you may want to think about the width of the chair’s armrests before making a purchase of a swivel chair.

What is the standard size of a chair?

Standard chair dimensions are 18 inches wide by 20 inches deep, with the width typically being three times as large as the depth. Chairs are available in a variety of heights and armrest configurations to accommodate a wide range of users. Some are made for shorter people or children, while others are made for adults.

What is seat depth on a chair?

A chair’s seat depth should be adjusted so that a person’s knees can bend comfortably while seated.

What is involved in adjusting the height of a swivel?

If you intend to use the chair at a desk, a single lever on one side will allow you to alter the height of both the back and the front legs.

How to Choose the Right Office Chair?

Best Swivel Chair Resources

1. Tobi Boucle Swivel Chair

This chic boucle swivel chair is a wonderful addition to any room. It’s perfect for giving a room some much-needed depth and dimension. The rounded shape of the frame is ideal for making a proclamation and imparting a unique style.

There’s a swivel chair to match any decor, and this one comes in six different colors. If you’re interested, keep in mind the shipping time is 20–22 weeks.

2. Hugger Curved Swivel Chair

Leanne Ford, a designer for Crate & Barrel, gave the hugger chair her signature laid-back style. When you sit in this chair, it’ll be as if someone is giving you a warm hug.

Hugger’s sculptural curves strike the ideal balance between dressy and relaxed. This contemporary statement chair will take your living room to a whole new aesthetic level.

3. Comfy Swivel Chair

The Fresno swivel chair is so cozy that you won’t want to leave it alone, but it also works well when paired with another chair and a side table. Its round form exudes a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for a modern dwelling.

The seat cushions are thick foam, the frame is reinforced hardwood, and it swivels a full 360 degrees.

The nubby boucle upholstery is a great way to inject character and depth into a room. With five modern hues to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal chair.

4. Arhaus Swivel Chair

Perfect accent chair for both traditional and modern interiors. This chair, with its 31″ width, narrow sloped arms, and low profile cushions, is perfect for apartments and studios.

The sturdy reinforced laminate hardwood frame of this chair is complemented by foam cushions and a Flexolator suspension system made from recycled steel. When placing your order, select from two different options of neutral fabric.

This chair is so soft and inviting that you may never want to get up.

5. Outdoor Swivel Chair

The West Elm outdoor swivel chair is great both inside and out thanks to its weather-resistant cushions. The round silhouette makes a fashion statement thanks to the distinctive cording at the back.

It has a durable contract-grade fabric, a thick seat cushion, and a 360-degree swivel base.

This chair may be classified as an outdoor option, but it would look just as great in a Florida room or a sunroom. It can be purchased singly or as a set of two in either driftwood or reef.

6. Oversized Chair

This large swivel chair from Crate and Barrel is just what you need to kick back and relax. This chair is perfect for cuddling with loved ones or a furry friend thanks to its modern rounded design and ample seating capacity.

The swiveling base makes it easy to move the chair to where the action is in the room. Two throw pillows supplement the tight barrel back chair’s comfort.

This extra-large accent chair will make your guests never want to leave.

7. Millie Modern Swivel Chair

Choose the ink blue or mauve colorways if you need a quick turnaround on your order. There are twelve fabrics that will ship in 3-5 weeks for those with more time on their hands.

There are also five fabrics that will ship in 12 weeks, and many more that will ship between 6 and 11 weeks. Plan your purchase carefully after ordering a free sample.

This trendy side chair is characterized by a cutout back, a sleek form, and a swivel base. You can quickly turn to follow the action no matter where it is taking place in your living room.

You should turn slowly so as not to knock anything over.

8. Velvet Barrel Upholstered Chair

This swivel chair’s round silhouette is reminiscent of that sold at West Elm, but its shiny brass base adds a glamorous twist. This low-cost velvet swivel chair is available in a rainbow of hues.

It’s a great way to elevate the style of your living room. The shape will continue to make a statement for years to come thanks to its classic style.

9. Leather Swivel Chair

This accent chair from Arhaus is upholstered in leather if that’s more your style. It has a contemporary silhouette meant to serve as a showpiece in your home’s decor.

The chair, which takes its cues from the mid-century, works equally well in a studio apartment, a family house, or a man cave. Black or brown leather, both luxurious and versatile, are at your disposal.

10. Tubular Arm Chair

This Bauhaus-style accent chair will give your living room a striking new look. Its plush seat and tubular arms give any contemporary space a luxurious feel.

The chair can be rotated through 360 degrees on its base and is upholstered in a stain-resistant, long-lasting fabric. The living room or home office would benefit from this accent chair. To finish off the look, grab a throw blanket and a couple of your favorite lumbar pillows.

11. Tufted Swivel Chair

This classic swivel chair will elevate any modern space with its elegance. Soft velvet upholstery with a classic tufted pattern adds a luxurious touch.

Everything about this chic seat is perfect. It would look wonderful in any room of the house. The price tag of slightly over a thousand dollars is well justified.

12. Channel Tufted Chair

This low-slung accent chair can be yours for a little under $900, and it will do wonders for the look and feel of your home. The dramatic ribbed texture gives the traditional library chair a more modern appearance.

While the natural finish is readily available now, the sapphire navy version is worth waiting for. Its rarity indicates that many people were taken aback by its attractiveness.

If you’re worried about getting tired of a neutral color scheme, don’t be. With the addition of one bold color, the entire atmosphere is transformed.

13. Leather Swivel Armchair

We currently have a good supply of available Chestnut aspen leather fabric. Choose one of the other twenty leather color options if you can wait the twelve weeks. If you’re having trouble deciding on a paint color for your new home, you can get FREE swatches to help you out.

If gold isn’t your thing, you have two other options for the leg finish: antique bronze and polished nickel. The swivel base makes it easy to turn and face whatever you’re talking to.

Combine two chairs with a footstool or a single chair with a table in between. Both styles are ideal for giving a contemporary home a fresh look.

14. Forest Green Velvet Chair

Target has this great swivel chair for a very reasonable price. When placing an online order, you can select from four different hues.

It exudes a bygone era of glamour and refinement that would look great in any modern home. The metal legs provide a sturdy foundation for the luxurious velvet upholstery.

The swivel chair’s wooden frame and plush padded seat make it a great choice for relaxing in style.

15. Large Leather Barrel Chair

This modern leather chair is perfect for setting a hip and current tone. It has a luxurious brass base, a retro-modern silhouette, and a channel-stitched cushion.

The sleek, uncluttered design is perfect for making a statement while also reflecting your unique style. The price, at close to $900, is great as well.

I can’t stop thinking about this chic leather chair for my living room.

16. Pleated Swivel Chair

West Elm is the place to go if you want a unique and stylish side chair. This chair comes in a variety of color options, so you can pick the one that best complements your home’s decor.

Gold oak distressed velvet and sand twill are the in-stock materials. If you need your accent chair quickly, either option is fine.

The pleated form, tailored design, and swivel base of this chair evoke an air of refined sophistication. Place this chair in a quiet nook with a lamp and small table and you’ve got yourself a carefully crafted experience.

The potential is enormous.

17. Tufted Glider Chair

This chair is dedicated to all the stylish ladies in my life. When placing an order, you can select from a wide variety of colors and materials.

The tufted back barrel chair has a sophisticated air thanks to the nailheads, which come in four different finishes. With its sleek silhouette and swivel base, this design is ideal for making a statement in any space.

18. Green Velvet Accent Chair

This deco-style chair features channel tufting and comes in your choice of green or rust orange velvet. The retro style guarantees attention wherever it is placed in the home.

From any vantage point in the room, this chair will be a show-stopper. It’s suspended by sinuous wire springs and supported by a swiveling base in a hardwood frame.

19. Anthropologie Swivel Chair

This stylish swivel chair is sure to be a conversation starter wherever it is placed in your home. Add a splash of color to your decor with the velvet Chartreuse.

While we do make this color to order, we do have ivory boucle and blush leather in stock and ready to ship immediately. Imagine how great your living room will look with these two modern chairs.

This modernized classic swivel barrel chair is the perfect finishing touch.

20. Teal Green Chair

You can get this comfortable seat for less than $450 right now. It has thick cushions, a curved back, and a simple swivel mechanism. When you want to feel like you’re a part of the action, it works great in both big and small settings.

The plush dark teal velvet upholstery is both luxurious and eye-catching. Whether in the bedroom, the office, or the living room, this chair is perfect.

Modern Office Chair - 7 Key Characteristics Explained

21. Blue Velvet Armchair

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Jonathan Adler’s work. His work is lively and interesting, perfect for setting the tone in a room.

With its slimmer form and wider base, this style is a modern take on the traditional club chair. The cushions are big and bold, making them ideal for lounging with a drink or a good book.

The Sebastian swivel chair is a long-lasting and worthwhile investment. This contemporary swivel chair will do wonders for the aesthetic appeal of your home.

22. Snow Velvet Chair

With a price tag of slightly over $2000, this chair is the epitome of modern elegance. A pair of these chic chairs would be perfect for your living room, if money were no object. Let me add that.

Its cocoon-like form exudes relaxation and will elevate your design to new heights. The luxurious snow-velvet upholstery is complemented beautifully by the brass recessed base.

When guests arrive, they will certainly notice this chair. Once seated, guests won’t want to get up and leave.

It’s the ideal seat for any room because it complements any color scheme.

23. Swivel Club Chair

This round swivel chair’s form is reminiscent of the aforementioned leather barrel chair from West Elm. There are only two of these in stock in the charcoal colorway, so don’t delay if you need them for a project.

If blue or olive green better suit the mood you want to create, you can use those colors instead. This chair is a fantastic low-cost option at just under $500 for revitalizing your home’s decor.

24. Champagne Velvet Chair

In my opinion, you saved the best for last. My boyfriend Jonathan Adler just bought me another one of his fabulous swivel chairs. The spirit of Halston and the disco era of Studio 54 permeate this one.

You can get it in either the shown champagne shade or in a stunning reef teal velvet. Both will make your home more glamorous and stylish.

The base is either brass or stainless steel, which provides a stylish contrast to the fabric. This swivel chair has plenty of character and is sure to spark some interesting exchanges.

With any luck, you were able to find some helpful information and some ideas for decorating your home with modern swivel chairs.


One of the most visited e-commerce sites right now is for swivel chairs, which had previously only been seen in offices and cheesy retro hangouts. The demand for them is through the roof, and we can’t deny that we’re huge fans ourselves.

Swivel chairs, which can be used in a variety of ways and are both comfortable and stylish, are quickly becoming a consumer favorite in the world of interior design. Now that you know so much about swivel chairs, you should probably get one for yourself.

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