An Introduction To Raf Sofas

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Modular and adaptable, the RAF Sofas come in a wide variety of configurations. Since an infinite variety of arrangements is possible, it may be customized to fit virtually any room or building design.

The Standard RAF Sofa, which can be found on our website, features a modest armrest on either side of the seat, while the Junior RAF Sofa, which can be found on our website, features no armrests on either side of the seat.

What is RAF Sofa?

In recent times, the RAF sofa has become one of the most sought-after pieces of furniture. Traditionally, a sofa could seat two people, one on each end, or on opposite sides. This design merges those two concepts into a single piece of furniture. The acronym RAF means “Right and Left.” You can put these couches everywhere and they’ll look great. And, uh, what exactly is an RAF sofa?

It’s a settee design with two cushions, one on each end or side. Who do these styles of sofas serve best? Regardless of how big or small. One side can be utilized to hold a couch and a drink service while the other side stores shoes.

An Introduction to RAF Sofas - Krostrade

Features  of the RAF Sofa

Modular construction ensures an infinite variety of setups.

If you prefer one armrest to two, you can choose between the Standard and Junior models. Modular in design, it can also be stacked. Thus, the RAF Sofas may be stacked for a more compact form, making them an excellent choice if you find yourself with a shortage of storage space.

You may also get it with a back that’s open, which we affectionately refer it as “The Flipper.” Each side of the sofa has a secret storage space that can be accessed when the back is opened and tucked below the armrests. It is because of this that the term “flipper” is used to describe it.

We also provide a “Pillow Fill” version of it. Because your RAF Sofa already has one or two pillows in it thanks to the pillow fill option, you won’t need to buy any extra pillows to get a good night’s rest.

Advantages of Owning a

  • You receive excellent value for your money because of its longevity and superb quality. Sofas by the RAF are built to endure a lifetime.
  • They are adaptable and simple to alter to meet specific requirements. The armrests on a Recliner Freezer, for instance, can be switched to the back of the sofa if that’s your preference.
  • All tastes can be accommodated by the wide variety of colors and materials available.
  • On either side of the couch are two secret cubbies, providing a place to stow items out of sight when not in use.
  • It comes with numerous customization choices. The armrests can be placed on either the left or right side, and the back can be wingback or straight.
  • You can specify the color of the cloth used to make your RAF sofa. Colors of the rainbow: brown, green, and red
  • It’s adaptable to your needs and preferences. The nailheads and seat cushion fabric are both customizable to your liking.
  • Check out what RAF Sofas has to offer if you’re in the market for a new couch or lounge chair.

How to Prevent Damage on a Recliner

If you want anything to last, you need to give it some TLC. A recliner’s resale or trade-in value depends on its condition, therefore taking the following precautions can help it last longer and fetch a higher price:

  • To clean, simply rinse with warm water and a drop or two of mild dish soap, then dry well with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Cleaning the upholstery requires a thorough vacuuming and subsequent wiping down.
  • Using a twin needle and quilt batting, you may add structural support to your reclining chair or secure sagging cushions.
  • Leather-covered recliners require a leather care kit for proper maintenance. Examining the label or the guidelines can help you choose which method is best for your particular fabric. Thumbtacks can be used to secure loose threads in upholstery fabric before a matching patch is sown down on top.

How to Clean a Recliner  Chair

Cushions are notorious dust and filth magnets, making recliner cleaning a tedious chore. The first step in cleaning either of these chairs is to vacuum them using an upholstery attachment.

Then, wipe the area down with a moist towel to remove any remaining stains. After that, sprinkle baking soda over the fabric and vacuum it up. Use a tiny brush to remove any residue that remains.

How to Use a Slipcover on a Recliner Chair

It is crucial that a slipcover for a reclining chair be roomy enough to accommodate the cushions even when fully reclined.

Be careful not to overstretch or pull too tightly when putting on the cover. At least six inches of fabric must overlap so that two persons may hold on to the chair.

The armpit is another area that needs to be protected by the slipcover; to do this, simply pull the cover up and over the front of each armrest. If you don’t have enough fabric, trim it down until you have six inches of excess.

Have you tried the slipcover yet? For optimal coziness, select an item that is both substantial in size and well padded. The cloth should be comfortable to sit on for long periods of time without being overly thick or heavy.

The Best Sectional Sofas for Stylish and Comfortable Seating

Best Overall: Floyd The Sofa Three-Seater + Chaise

Favorite Things

  • Comfortable
  • Wooden and steel construction.
  • Fabrics that withstand stains

Disliked Aspects

  • Put together yourself
  • Poor freight costs

Do any of your friends or colleagues also think it’s a good idea? Floyd The Sofa was also Forbes’s top selection. 1

So, what are the purchasers saying? More than half a hundred-hundred reviewers on Floyd gave this item 5 stars.

The Floyd sofa is our top recommendation since it looks great and is resistant to stains. The durability and stain resistance of the upholstery materials got it a perfect score (5/5) from our reviewer. She also appreciated its sturdy construction (it’s made of wood and steel) and its manageable size (it can fit through standard doorways) in her apartment.

What we like most about it is that it’s a “sofa-in-a-box,” meaning it requires minimal assembly. Also, the chaise section can be used as needed and moved around without much hassle. It’s a couch that can adapt to your changing needs over time.

Chaise measures 32 inches wide by 87 inches deep by 3 seats people. Upholstery is a stain-resistant polyester-nylon combination. You have 30 days to request a return, according to our policy.

Best Overall, Runner-Up: Apt2B Melrose Reversible Chaise Sofa

Favorite Things

  • Customizable
  • Structure made entirely of wood
  • Insurance with a generous return
  • Long-term support is guaranteed.

Disliked Aspects

  • Fabricated goods take many weeks to arrive.

This stunning option comes from Apt2B, and it’s 93 inches broad, with a reversible chaise that’s 66 inches long, and has seats that are 25 inches deep. The frame and the legs are both made of solid wood and come in one of three different finishes. There are more than sixty upholstery materials to choose from, all of which are safe for both children and pets.

The 2.0 density foam used in the seat cushions gives a comfortable and supportive seating. Additionally, the zippered coverings may be removed and washed. In addition to a long warranty on the quality of their items, we like that Apt2B allows customers to return them within 100 days.

Seating for three, with a reversible chaise with a 93663927inch footprint (inches), and a 100day return policy.

Best Budget: Mercury Row Merwin Reversible Sectional

Favorite Things

  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Structure made entirely of wood

Disliked Aspects

  • Cushion of ottoman slides forward.
  • Put together yourself

The Merwin is a great choice if you want a sectional’s style without the hefty price tag. Our expert reviewer gave this sofa a 4.2 out of 5 stars for its simple elegance and high comfort rating. She was extremely pleased with the quality of the linen-like fabric and how quickly it went together.

Seating capacity: three; reversible chaise; microfiber/microsuede upholstery; overall dimensions: 82x36x59 inches You have 30 days to request a return, according to our policy.

Best Splurge: Pottery Barn Dream Square Arm Upholstered Modular Sofa Chaise Sectional

Favorite Things

  • Customizable
  • Couch pads made of memory foam
  • Superior spring support.
  • Traditional joinery using mortise and tenon joints

Disliked Aspects

  • Expensive
  • Fabricated goods take many weeks to arrive.

You can’t go wrong with Pottery Barn if you’re willing to spend a pretty penny on a high-quality item. The Dream Square Arm Sectional can accommodate a width of either 120 or 154 inches, and is available in a broad variety of upholstery choices, including stain-resistant performance textiles.

Mortise and tenon joinery in the wooden frame and sag-free sinuous springs provide superior support for the fiber-wrapped memory foam cushions.

Chaise is reversible; seating capacity ranges from 2 to 4; 12 upholstery fabric selections; size ranges; 30-day money-back guarantee.

Accrington - Sectional Set — Fecera's Furniture and Mattress (PA)

Best for Small Spaces: Walsunny Linen Convertible L-Shaped Sectional Sofa

Favorite Things

  • Budget-friendly
  • Structure made entirely of wood
  • Aesthetically speaking, the modern era

Disliked Aspects

  • Put together yourself

The Walsunny L-shaped sectional is a great choice for small living rooms. With a width of 77.5 inches and a length of 50 inches for the chaise, this sectional is both space-efficient and stylish. We like that it can be arranged in two different ways and that the frame is made of sturdy wood.

Buying Advice

If you want to make sure the couch you want will fit in your space, you may take a dry run by taping off the area on the floor with painter’s tape. Be sure there is adequate room for people to walk around the couch on all sides (excluding the back if it is against a wall).

Seats 3, Linen upholstery, reversible chaise, 77.5 x 27.5 x 35.5 x 50 inches; 30 day return policy

Best Modular: Skyline Furniture Varick 5-Piece Linen Sectional Sofa

Favorite Things

  • There are five distinct hues available for the upholstered furniture.
  • Versatile
  • Designer-recommended

Disliked Aspects

  • Put together yourself

The Varick Sectional is an excellent American-made sectional sofa that was handcrafted in Illinois and can comfortably sit five people. It has a sophisticated look because to its tufted upholstery and tapered wooden legs, which go well with classic and retro styles. The linen upholstery is comfortable and simple to maintain.

Dimensions: 101 x 99 x 29 inches; 5 seats; upholstered in linen; no chaise; 90-day return policy

Best Leather: Burrow Nomad Leather 5-Seat Corner Sectional

Favorite Things

  • A premium Italian leather
  • Pure birch for the frame
  • USB charging port integrated into design.

Disliked Aspects

  • Expensive
  • The product requires assembling.

If you prefer leather, your best bet is Burrow’s Block Nomad Sectional. This symmetrical five-seater spans 88 inches in each direction and has 22-inch-deep seats. The top-grain Italian leather upholstery is available in three colors, plus you can pick from six leg finishes and three arm styles—extra points for the built-in USB charger.

Burrow’s Block Nomad Sectional is the ideal option if leather is your preference. This five-seater is symmetrical in both its width (88 inches) and its depth (22 inches). The high-quality Italian leather upholstery comes in three different hues, and it can be customized with your choice of six different leg finishes and three different arm forms, as well as a USB charger integrated right in.

Best Customizable: Maiden Home The Warren Sectional

The greatest leather option is Burrow’s Block Nomad Sectional. There are five seats and a total of 88 inches in width and depth (22 inches) in this couch. There are three color options for the top-grain Italian leather upholstery, as well as six leg finishes and three arm types to choose from. An integrated USB charger is another nice touch.

  • Framing made of kiln-dried wood
  • Special, discreet handling
  • Designer-recommended

Disliked Aspects

  • Expensive

BNR Interiors’ Nicole Fisher, a designer, endorses Maiden Home. They have great fabric options, and it looks like a handmade piece without the special price tag,” she adds. Cushions on the Warren Sectional Sofa are made to last and rest comfortably on a kiln-dried oak frame. It has up to seven seats and comes in a variety of sizes and five different layouts.

Dimensional Variability; Up to Seven Seating Capacity; Performance Linen Upholstery; No Chaise; 30-Day Guaranteed Satisfaction

Best Sleeper: Article Soma Sofa Bed

Favorite Things

  • Mattress made with memory foam
  • Chaise longue with hidden storage
  • Composed of kiln-dried wood and steel

Disliked Aspects

  • The product requires assembling.

The Soma has a total width of 105 inches with a 64-inch chaise lounge on the right side. The memory foam mattress inside makes for a soft and comfortable bed. The frame is made of kiln-dried wood and steel, and the upholstery is comfortable, long-lasting, and simple to clean. It will take you no more than 15 minutes to put together what needs to be put together.

Dimensions: 105x64x31.5; Seats 3; Fabric Upholstery; Permanent Chaise; 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee;

Best Modern: AllModern Breanna Polyester Blend Stationary Sofa & Chaise Sectional

Favorite Things

  • Chaises can face either the left or the right.
  • Structure made entirely of wood
  • Very little public exposure

Disliked Aspects

  • The product requires assembling.

Featuring a solid walnut wood frame, foam cushions with web suspension, and poly-blend upholstery in your choice of six neutral colors, the Breanna Sectional from AllModern is a great addition to your living room. The width is 112 inches, and the length of the chaise is 63 inches. However, you can switch the chaise’s position from left to right.

Size (WxDxH): 112 x 63 x 33 inches; Seating Capacity (3 adults); Upholstery (Fabric): Polyester mix; Chaise (Decorative): Fixed; Return Policy (30 days)

Best Deep-Seated: Inside Weather Modular Bondi 3-Seater Sofa

Favorite Things

  • seats that are 36 inches deep
  • Structure made entirely of wood
  • Insurance with a generous return

Disliked Aspects

  • Expensive

Inside Weather’s Bondi sofa features 36-inch-deep seat cushions packed with low- and medium-density foams and recycled down-alternative for a velvety, lofty sensation.

This roomy sofa can accommodate three comfortably thanks to its modular construction and robust ash wood frame. Upholstery choices range from twill and velvet to faux leather alternatives.

Chaise: Reversible; Seating Capacity: 3; Upholstery Material Options: Vegan Leather, Velvet, Satin, Microsuede, Twill; Dimensions: 118.25 x 33 x 36 x 77 Inches; Return Policy: 365 Days

Best Reversible: Interior Define Marlow 3-Seat Reversible Chaise Sectional

Favorite Things

  • Customizable
  • There is performance upholstery available.
  • The process can be undone with little effort.

Disliked Aspects

  • Expensive

The Interior Define Marlow Sectional may be ordered in five different widths, from 88 to 120 inches, with a large variety of upholstery options, a vast variety of leg designs, and a wide variety of cushion fill materials. The chaise’s flexible configuration to either side with simple connecting clips is a big plus.

Size Variable; Can Seat 3; Available in Performance Velvet, Chenille, Basketweave, or Bouclé; Reversible Chaise; 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee;

What to Look for in Sectional Sofas

Seating Capacity

There are smaller sectionals that are perfect for conversation and relaxing for a select group of people rather than a whole family or frequent hosts. Naturally, if you do host parties frequently, you may want to upgrade to a sectional with more seating and more than four cushions. Traditional L-shaped models with a narrower width tend to be the smallest, while U-shaped and corner-shaped sectionals are often the largest.

Fisher opines, “Sectionals are built for lounging and may pack in numerous people at once.” That being the case, I recommend giving priority to the most comfortable sitting possible in your area.


Choose your upholstery with care, as it will have a significant impact on the look and feel of your couch for years to come, even if you adore the style and size of the sectional itself. You can have bonded leather or an easy-to-clean fabric like polyester for your furniture, or you can go for something more unique like canvas or denim. Since velvet tends to wear and break more quickly than other fabrics, you may want to choose for a performance fabric that gives the impression of velvet but is actually made of polyester.


Some sectionals include a chaise that is permanently attached to one side and cannot be transferred to the other, whereas others allow you to relocate the chaise to either side. This is a huge benefit if you plan on doing any house hunting in the near future, as not all layouts have room for a chaise lounge facing either left or right. However, if a sectional with a fixed chaise is exactly what you’ve been looking for and it will fit in your home, don’t let the lack of adaptability deter you. It’s also possible to find couches that feature extra-large ottomans, which will provide you with even more space for storage and seating options (and an easier set-up).

The vendor emphasizes the space saving benefits of chaise sectionals, which do not obstruct foot traffic. You shouldn’t use a U-shaped sofa in a room where one person will be facing away from the TV, she explains. Instead of a conventional sofa, an L-shaped sectional would be ideal so that everyone in the room can enjoy the showpiece.


How do you measure a sectional sofa?

Measuring for a sectional is about more than making sure it fits in your room—it’s about how you plan on arranging it (more tips on that below). First, determine where you intend to place your sofa, and then measure the floor space; now, you can take the dimensions of your top picks into consideration.

If you’re shopping for a sectional sofa, it’s important to take into account not only the room’s dimensions but also the layout you have in mind (more tips on that below). To begin, you should measure the area where the sofa will be placed. Then, you can think about the size of your preferred options.

Decorilla’s Head Designer and Size Expert Devin Shaffer provides some additional insight. If you’re looking for a sectional sofa, one recommendation is to limit the chaise’s width to no more than half the room. Unless you’re going to push the sofa up against a wall, give it at least two feet of clearance on all sides. Sectionals can be used effectively as barriers between different spaces.

How do you place a rug under a sectional?

Accent rugs are more than just a soft place to stand. They can serve as the focal point of a space, albeit their placement and scale are critical. According to Harris, “a rug placed under a sectional sofa should be large enough to unite and anchor any supporting accent pieces (accent chair, coffee table, side table, etc.).

The rug needs to be set back from the front legs of the sectional by a minimum of 12 inches. Professionals recommend an 8 to 12 inch border around all four corners of your furniture when using a larger rug in the center of a room.

Introduction of comfortable sofa Types + Purchase Price of The Day - Arad  Branding

How do you arrange a sectional sofa?

Consider arranging your furniture in the form of a “vignette,” where each piece has a specific function (reading nook, entertainment center, office area, etc.). Therefore, you’ll need an area rug to frame the action. If you want to put the sectional right in the middle of the room, you need balance it out with another piece of furniture of the same scale on the other side of the room. Furthermore, make sure that people may easily enter and exit the seating area from any of the open sides.

According to Jessica Harris, Manager of Product Design at Living Spaces Furniture, “arranging a sectional in the center of the room leaves empty space around it, which may make the center of the room to appear weighted down.” Put another huge piece of furniture in the room on the other side to create a sense of balance. A excellent way to create a “moment” is with two accent chairs in a reading nook. Perhaps a smaller settee or an enormous chair could help counteract the sectional’s mass.

A final nugget is revealed by Shaffer. She explains that the best layout tip is “floating furniture,” or moving pieces away from walls. It completely alters the look of a space and creates functional paths for foot movement. Since sectionals are typically the largest pieces of furniture in a room, it is crucial to ground the seating area with an anchoring piece, such as a rug, to allow for easy traffic flow and to create distinct zones for different uses.

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