BabyLock Solaris Sewing Machine: Price and Our Review

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While there aren’t any sewing machine makers anymore There are plenty of sewing machines available on the market. A thorough review can help cut through the crowd and guide you in the right direction when you’re shopping for an all-new sewing machine.

It’s the biggest mystery ever. If a company won’t let reviewers discuss the cost of their products, it’s obvious that you’re in trouble. We’ve looked on several websites including the official website and there is no price disclosed. Reviewers are allowed to send us the price, but only one time.

Learn all you can about the Baby Lock Solaris sewing machine, continue reading our review. While the price may be unreliable but the functions and features aren’t. The machine has the latest technology to allow you to be more creative with your sewing projects

What Comes With the Babylock Solaris

Technologies and the Babylock company have outdone themselves by building this best sewing machine. The first thing you will notice immediately is the approx. 10″ touchscreen. This touchscreen lets you have the ability to control embroidery stitches, design, colors, layout, and much more.

The results you get will depend on your fingertips or the specific pen you use to manage your choices. Additionally, there are 861 stitches built-in as well as the IQ visionary function 527 decorative stitches 31 fonts, and 740 embroidery patterns.

However, it isn’t all you will get as you also get an 11 by 16 inches approximately. An embroidery hoop, and a 13-by-5 inch throat. It does not even include the advanced editing features and other features you are able to get access to via the touch screen.

In addition to all these capabilities and features, there’s also the stadium lighting feature with dual spool stands, a camera that detects buttons, pressing buttons to release the needle plate, and much more.

Babylock was all-out when they came up with this machine to assist you in your sewing passion. There are enough features included in this article and make the new sewing machine justice.

Babylock Solaris Price


It took a bit of work and some searching to come to a price of baby lock’s Solaris sewing machine. We looked through the reviews of other retailers and reviewers and saw that they were offering between $3000 and $6,200 worth of similar products at no cost.

The offers we received made us skeptical because they claimed that you’d need to cover a huge price to get the machine. We were not wrong. The only price we were able to find was nearly $10,000.

For the record, the price is as of one particular retailer that is $9,750. In light of the many features and functions that are included in this machine, it could be at the bottom of the price for what it could be worth.

To keep the system current and fix any errors they send updates via the internet. They should be saved on a USB drive in order to ensure that you have them correctly installed.

Is the Baby Lock Solaris Worth the Cost?

The final decision on the subject will be left to you. From what we’ve learned about the sewing machine, it appears to be the top that technology can produce in the present. In fact, it could be able to compete with Bernina’s top models.

You’ve been exposed to the most advanced features included in the machine, but that’s just a tiny portion of what’s happening. A few people who decided to switch haven’t been satisfied with the Solaris since it doesn’t offer the same capabilities as previously used sewing machines had.

Another issue of the user’s foot as standard and did not have the sophistication to function with the top-of-the-line sewing machine. There was also a problem with the placement of the needle and hoop when the hoop was accidentally knocked out of place.

Then, one of the most recent major complaints against Solaris was targeted at the company’s customer support. It appears that the service is not as great and way below what one would expect from paying more for the sewing machine than you’d pay for an outstanding used automobile.

On the positive aspect of the argument, One customer swapped with the Destiny model and is thrilled with this new Solaris. She noted that there was an adjustment process but she was pleased the machine worked exactly as it should.

Although there are a few issues doesn’t mean that this device isn’t worth it. Its built-in capabilities make it well worth the cost and the effort to understand how to use it correctly can help eliminate those shortcomings.

Babylock Solaris vs Brother Luminaire


You might be shocked to find out that the majority of baby lock sewing machines are manufactured by Brother. One set of embroidery machines made by Brother utilizes designs designed by Disney While the Babylock includes Nancy Zieman’s designs.

In comparing necks between both necks, one neck of the Solaris has a neck that is .4 inches bigger than the Luminaire. Both have large touchscreens, which is why the doubt about whether there are many differences between these two models is fantastic.

There are likely more similarities between these two machines than differences. Both come with top-quality lights that help you understand the work you’re doing. Both are equipped with automatic threading systems, and so they both have automatic threading systems.

Additionally, both come with identical warranties that last for 25 years, focusing on the mechanical side. What is different is the fact that Brother’s computer protection is for 6 years, whereas Babylock’s warranty is only five years.

The warranty for labor is one year for the Solaris and the Luminaire receives 2 years. We mentioned that earlier that Brother manufactures Babylock machine sewing. This means that a lot of models made by Babylock models are simply copies of the Brother models.

There is a possibility of superior customer service at Brother as compared to Babylock. Customers have voiced their displeasure at the latter’s treatment of those who pay lots of dollars in the Solaris.

Babylock Solaris vs Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 appears to be an excellent, yet costly machine. It is reported that the cost of Destiny 2 is a lot less than that of the Solaris. This is despite it being the case that the latter comes with similar features and functions that the Solaris features.

One issue that has been made public has been that the Solaris isn’t equipped with all of the features and functions that were included or were included in Destiny 2. The upgrade might have a rough If you’ve previously owned a Destiny 2 and believe that the Solaris takes it to the next step above the previous model.

One of the major variations that have occurred since the upgrade is in place can be seen in the fact that the neck on Destiny 2 is 2 inches approximately. It is shorter than the Solaris. This is a significant aspect, but it could be particularly important for sewers with more experience.

Another differentiator can be seen in the fact that Destiny 2 my have a superior foot pedal than Solaris. This is what attracted the attention of a user. They are unhappy that they paid more than twice the price for the Solaris and getting a subpar foot pedal.

The decision of which is the best one could be based on the outcome of your experiment and the way you sew.

Babylock Solaris Dimensions


Let’s begin with the very first important specification which is found in the Solaris sewing machine. It has one needle. It is possible that this information is more important than knowing the size of the needle.

The Solaris measures around 27 inches in width and 13 inches deep. This will provide you with an idea of whether it would fit in your table or sewing cabinet. Its throat measurement is 13.1 inches, to the right-hand side of the needle.

It can then create seven millimeter wide stitches by the length of 5 millimeters effortlessly. The height of the machine is around 13.7 inches, making it not overly tall, but perfect for your needs and work.

Additionally, it has two type-A USB ports to allow you to upgrade the machine whenever the manufacturer releases them. In addition, this sewing machine is equipped with the ability to free-arm along with adjustable speed controls. You will be able to operate the machine without difficulty.

How Much Does the Babylock Solaris Weigh?

If you just weigh the machine you’ll find that its weight total amounts to around 43.2 pounds. However, that’s not the only factor that should be considered.

When you connect the embroidery attachment to your sewing machine, its weight gets increased by another 12.3 pounds, resulting in a sum of 55.5. If you decide to add an accessory for embroidery, you will be able to utilize one of the hoops that are included to make use of the various embroidery designs included in this top-of-the-line sewing machine.

The speed of embroidery of 1050 stitches per second. Additionally, it uses the memory function of the embroidery pattern to aid you. The embroidery hoops that you will need for your tasks measure around 12 by 16,, providing plenty of room to design some amazing designs.

Sew also with the sewing unit that comes with the Solaris. It will help you save some time when it’s time to tackle routine sewing assignments.

Babylock Solaris Reviews


The way you look at this Solaris sewing machine made by Babylock will depend on the reviews you trust. One reviewer deemed this machine one of the best currently available. They believed that this was due to the various features as mentioned earlier, included in this sewing machine.

The reviewer also declared it to be revolutionary. Others were less generous, even though that reviewer was not the only one to make the opinion of Solaris. People who didn’t like the Solaris found faults that shouldn’t be apparent in an excellent piece of workmanship.

A reviewer then clarified the reason why certain elements of Destiny 2 were omitted from the Solaris,. This is due to the fact that Babylock from Brother utilized technology to design new functions, making the older ones obsolete, even though they performed identical tasks in various functions.

The information would be communicated to the public earlier. One reviewer was not happy with the manner in which the Babylock firm employed when they were approached. This is a major negative, even if it’s true that you have a modern sewing machine.

Our assessment of the Solaris states that it’s an excellent sewing machine and can speed up your sewing while giving you higher quality and more creative work. It comes with every bell and whistle that you would expect from an excellent sewing machine such as the Solaris.

Even though these features come at an expensive price, however, we’re not convinced of the value of this machine. One of the reasons for this negative aspect is that the machine is likely to be the clone of an actual Brother sewing machine. Why would you buy a clone when you can buy the actual machine.

Another issue we encountered with this machine was the price. The fact that it is kept as an official secret can be a bit of an issue. The machine clearly is equipped with the capabilities and features to warrant a similar cost but doesn’t cover the cost.

Let everyone know what you’d like them to shell out for a top-quality sewing machine that can do pretty much everything.

Some Final Words

The Babylock Solaris may be the most powerful sewing machine. The company has done its research and came up with an item that is considered to be one of the finest currently available. A lot of people are impressed with the work that Babylock has created and consider it to be an excellent machine.

However, the present flaws have to be corrected before everyone will get on board and think that it’s a great machine. The final test is yours to decide and we have heard that there are some training classes to assist you in using the machine properly.

This can be a benefit to the favor of the company. It’s not worth selling a machine that nobody is able to make use of.



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