Best Cheap Microfiber Towels. Which Is Best For You?

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Helen Skeates
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Cleaning has never been easier thanks to microfiber towels. They are extremely absorbent, lightweight, and breathable.

These are an absolute necessity if you want to efficiently dry, wax, or detail your vehicle. They’ll save you time because of their excellent absorption capacity. Your paint will be saved thanks to their suppleness (from scratches).

Top 10 Best Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are affordable, which is a good thing. Because of this, the quality of the material can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

These Microfiber Cloths Work Like Magic • Everyday Cheapskate

When drying or waxing your automobile, you need a product that doesn’t leave behind lint or other dirt. Soft enough for delicate finishes, but strong enough to handle the full project. These are some of the companies that fall under this category.

1) The Rag Company “Dry Me a River” Waffle-Weave Towels

The Rag Company’s products have won us over. They know what they’re doing and produce top-notch products. There are over 400,000 fibers per square inch in these microfiber towels, making them the ideal microfiber towels for your car.

AA-grade split microfiber from South Korea is widely regarded as the best microfiber on the market. For the ultimate in softness and scratch resistance, use these 400 GSM towels.

You’ll need to wash and dry them like regular microfiber towels before the first time you use them.

2) Chemical Guys Premium Microfiber Towels

These Chemical Guys professional grade microfiber towels, which are perhaps the most popular microfiber towels for cars, have 380,000 strands per inch of highly refined loop microfiber and are extremely absorbent.

In addition to drying and removing dried wax, these 380 GSM dual-sided plush towels are excellent for cleaning your windshield and other auto detail duties because of their plushness on both sides. Many professional auto detailers use these microfiber towels, which come in three sizes (16 x 16, 16 x 24, and 25 x 36).

3) Chemical Guys Wooly Mammoth Drying Towel

Towel is 36 by 25 inches and has silk-banded edges to offer a more luxurious feel. You’ll instantly notice the material’s softness, which makes it extremely breathable. The Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth is the greatest car drying towel on the market.

A gallon capacity allows you to dry your vehicle in just one pass using this device. The firm employs accurate split fibers with a spiral design to get its desired outcomes. Because fabric softener will lower the static charge and decrease drying efficacy, do not use it with this product.

4) MATCC Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber towels that measure 16 × 16 inches and weigh in at 380 GSM MATCC are both soft and absorbent. While drying or waxing, they do not leave any lint or streaks on the surface. They won’t damage your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV, or house furnishings, no matter how you use them.

Microfiber cloths may be machine washed hundreds of times, which makes them an excellent investment (they get better with age). They’re safe to use on mirrors, crystal, and glass.

5) Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These microfiber towels from Zwipes are a great value. These 12″ by 16″ cloths aren’t the heaviest, but their 110,000 fibers per square inch count makes up for it. Their main selling points are that they’re incredibly effective at absorbing moisture while still being gentle on surfaces. They can be re-used hundreds of times.

Replace paper towels with these. They’re less expensive than a roll, but they may be washed and re-used multiple times instead of thrown away. There are 12 pack, 24 pack, 36 pack, and 48 pack options.

6) AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Amazon’s own line of microfiber towels is unexpectedly high-quality and surprisingly affordable. Because of their absorbency, these 12′′ x 16′′ ultra-soft microfiber cleaning towels can be used with or without chemical agents. With a weight capacity of eight times its own, this tool is ideal for drying your car.

Streak-free results are guaranteed because to this product’s 90% polyester/10% polyamide composition. They are best suited for drying, cleaning, and dusting because they aren’t as thick as other cloths. To remove wax or polish from a vehicle, use a thicker microfiber towel. Keep take mind that the colors may run if they are washed together with your other clothing.

7) Mighty Cleaner Premium Car Shammy Towel

We wanted to offer the Mighty Cleaner shammy cloth, even though it’s not a microfiber towel, as an alternative car drying method. When it comes to drying your automobile, this 26′′ by 17′′ chamois cloth is unrivaled. You get the convenience of using both a towel and an exfoliator in the same product.

After usage, keep it in the plastic tube it came in, slightly damp. This will keep it from becoming hard and crunchy when it isn’t in use anymore.

8) Mixigoo Microfiber Car Cleaning Towels

If you’re looking for a thick microfiber cleaning towel at a reasonable price, go no further than Mixigoo. Thanks to its 16′′ x 16′′ size, you can easily detail your car’s inside or exterior. Use it to remove wax from cars, remove polish off chrome, or polish chrome.

You won’t notice any fading, pilling or fluff even after the first time you wash it. This item’s absorption capacity is more than twice that of normal cloths, so you can use it wet or dry for any detailing task you set out to complete.

9) Meguiar’s X2020 Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels

Using Meguiar’s X2020 microfiber cloths to remove water, wax, and polish from a vehicle is one of the fastest and easiest methods. Swirl-free and scratch-free results are guaranteed with these towels from one of the most well-known companies in automotive detailing solutions.

This product can be used on glass, plastics, and chrome to provide the show-like results you desire. These towels are more efficient since they can absorb twice as much water as a normal terry towel. It’s machine-washable, so you can keep it around for a long time.

10) Buff Detail Microfiber Car Towels

Buff Detail microfiber towels don’t weave microfiber into a polyester substrate. Instead, they use a different method. Even more absorbency is possible, without the risk of linting or scratching.

These 16 x 16 cloths are tagless, which ensures that there is nothing on the item that can harm your paint while drying or waxing. For any job, they’ll be able to manage their 400 GSM thickness and two sides (one soft, the other with a tighter weave). The improved quality makes up for a somewhat higher price.

The 8 Best Microfiber Car Cloths 2022- Microfiber Cloths for Your Car

How To Wash Microfiber Towels

A clean car depends on how often you clean it, how thoroughly you clean it, and what kind of cleaning methods and supplies you’re employing. This includes making sure you have clean applicators and, most importantly, fresh microfiber towels.

A clean car depends on how often you clean it, how thoroughly you clean it, and what kind of cleaning methods and products you use. These include cleaning your applicators and most importantly, ensuring that you have fresh microfiber towels on hand.

If you know how to care for them, microfiber towels will last for many uses. To avoid ruining your microfiber towels, you should know that they can be damaged or rendered unusable if they are handled incorrectly or washed incorrectly.

The editors of The Drive’s Guides & Gear section have put together a fast cleaning instructions for your microfiber towels to help you safeguard your investment. Towels last longer when they are properly cared for. What are we waiting for?

Things To Know Before You Wash and Dry

  • Microfiber towels should be washed separately in order to avoid cross-contamination. Separate heavily soiled towels from those used on clean surfaces from those that have been exposed to oil or grime. Make sure you separate low-quality towels from mid-quality towels and then cleanliness if you want to go even farther. If you’re a sociopath, you’ll be able to do this.
  • Depending on how oily and filthy the rags are, you may have to clean out the washing machine afterward. Wipe the tub with one of the microfiber towels to remove any lingering dirt and filth off the walls of the washer. Remove any old fabric softener or soap residue with this method, as well. Use a normal wash cycle with soap and water to give it a final rinse after wiping it down and cleaning it.
  • Before using your microfiber towels, make sure to empty your dryer’s lint trap and remove any lint that may be present.
  • Microfiber towels should never be washed with other textiles, such as cotton towels. This is a certain way to ruin your relationship with your significant other or get tossed out of your parents’ house, not to mention clog up the towels with lint.
  • Soap pods are a bad idea. They almost certainly contain fragrances, detergents, or other substances that could clog the microfibre.

Everything You’ll Need To Clean Your Microfiber Towels

You probably already own most of these items, but it’s a good idea to go over this list before you start the work.

Hand Washing

  • a wash bin, a washboard, or two buckets
  • A washboard, brush, or other agitator that can be carried around easily is needed.
  • Laundry detergent with no added fragrances or colors (no scents, colors, additives, detergents)
  • If you’re into it, you can use a microfiber cleaning solution (which we don’t).

Machine Washing

  • Washer
  • Laundry detergent with no added fragrances or colors (no scents, colors, additives, detergents)
  • Cleanser for microfibers


  • Drying machine
  • Pinned clothing are hung on the clothesline
  • Rack for drying clothes

Here’s How To Correctly Wash and Dry Your Microfiber Towels

We can do this!

Hand Washing

  1. Shake loose dirt and dust out of your microfiber towels outside or a garbage can.
  2. If heavily soiled, spot treat the stains and soak the towels in a bucket or bin of warm (never hot) water and a few drops of unscented free and clear detergent.
  3. Using a pail or bin of warm (never boiling) water, add a few drops of unscented, free and clear detergent and soak the towels for a few hours.
  4. Scrub the dirt out of the towels by agitating them with a washboard or a handheld tool. Repeat soaking and washing if necessary to remove all traces of filth.
  5. Put cold water in the other bucket. To remove any lingering particles, thoroughly wet the towels before drying them.
  6. Cold water can be used to rinse away the dirt and grime from the bucket.
  7. Take a washcloth and a ring and wring them out.

Machine Washing

  1. Get rid of any loose dirt or dust.
  2. A few drops of detergent can be added to warm water and used to soak heavily-soiled towels until they are clean.
  3. Use cold water and/or delicate cycle in the washing machine.
  4. Rinse and repeat.


Even though it’s ideal to line-dry your towels outside on a line or inside on a shower rod, we understand that’s not always an option. Check out these instructions and tips for using machines:

  1. Do not use anything else to dry your towels, including your clothes.
  2. Make sure the lint trap is clean and empty the dryer of any stray lint.
  3. Dryer sheets and dryer balls should be avoided.
  4. It’s best to use an air fluff/no heat option for the dryer.
  5. Dry it out if necessary.

6 Best Uses for Microfiber Cloths

1. Countertops

Spills in the kitchen, beware. You’ve met your match. Because microfiber cloths are reusable, you’ll be saving the environment and your wallet at the same time by using them instead of paper towels to clean up any tabletop messes. After cleaning, simply rinse the cloth, hang it to dry, and it’s ready to go again.

What’s the deal? Because these cloths have a particular fiber structure, they can remove 99 percent of bacteria with only water. You read it correctly—counter spray is history. (Keep your chin up if you’re going to miss the Lysol aroma.) Lemon can be used as a natural cleaning agent in the kitchen.)

2. Reflective Surfaces Like Windows and Metal

Microfiber towels are ideal for cleaning reflective surfaces since they provide a streak-free finish. Consider using one the next time you’re washing off windows, wiping off your refrigerator’s door, or wiping away oil from your stovetop’s surface.

It’s a good idea to read this if the mere mention of oil makes you shudder.)

3. Baseboards

What’s that? You’ve got to wash those? The answer is yes—along with six other cleaning activities that most people overlook—if you want a spotless home. There’s no need to go down on your hands and knees to dust the perimeter of every room, thanks to microfiber cloths. A single sweep of the cloths’ split tiny fibers removes dust and grime from the surfaces they touch.

4. Just About Any Bathroom Surface

You should always have a quick-cleaning equipment on available to clean your faucets, shower heads, and worktops. The microfiber cloths you use to clean the bathroom should be replaced more frequently than the ones you use for light cleaning. Keeping one in the shower while you’re waiting for your conditioner to do its thing is a great way to keep your bathroom clean.

When you’re done, wring out the cloth. Once drenched, the material can withstand an eight-fold increase in water pressure and will begin to form.

5. Electronics

Using laptops, cell phones, and tablets on a regular basis can lead to a buildup of grime. For the delicate screens, microfiber towels are mild enough, so you can give them a decent wipe-down without fear of damaging them.

6. Pretty Much Everything Else

Microfiber cloths are capable of cleaning almost everything! Tossing the cloths in the washing machine after cleaning soiled surfaces like a toilet or stovetop removes the bacteria, allowing you to reuse them over and over again. Just think of the money you’ll save by not purchasing counter spray and sponges, as well as the reduction in the use of paper towels.

Get your cleaning mojo on! Amazon sells microfiber cloths. Dry Rite's Best Magic Microfiber Cloth - Professional Series Cleaning Towels for Fine Auto Finishes, Interior, Chrome, Kitchen, Bath, TV, Glass- Non Scratching, Streak Free, Use Wet or Dry - 12"

FAQs About Cleaning Microfiber Towels

You’d like to know more. Answers can be found on the Drive.


A: Microfiber towels should not be washed with dish soap. Fragrances and other chemicals can be found even in items that claim to be completely free and clear.


It’s best to go with a microfiber that doesn’t have any irritants like dyes, perfumes, or softeners. Combining a no-extras detergent with a microfiber towel detergent is a good idea, as well.


A: Typical light-duty dirt, grease, and stains can be removed with regular laundry detergent, but the heavy-duty stuff that comes off a car cannot. This soap is marketed as specifically for microfiber towels.


You should wash your towels before using them since you don’t know how the towels were handled or what they were exposed to prior to and throughout the production and shipping procedures. This also aids in preventing any unintended bleeding of color.


A microfiber towel’s lifespan is mostly determined by how it is used, how hard it is treated, and how it is cleaned. Keep it for less delicate surfaces or throw it away if you have second thoughts about using it. With heavy oil and filth in an engine bay, it may be better if you discard your towel as well.


There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a microfiber towel for drying and waxing your car. Take some of the work out of your next project by picking up one of these items now.

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