Best Commercial Window Squeegees. Which Is Best For You?

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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Having spent hours cleaning windows just to leave smudges behind is aggravating, especially if you’ve done it before. Because the correct equipment are used, you may produce gleaming glass in a matter of minutes.


Cleaning Windows With A Squeegee – Tips From The Pros

What You Should Use

What you need is a squeegee. Cleaning windows with a squeegee is the only way to go.

Indoor windows may be cleaned quickly and easily using a squeegee. These useful tools allow you to clean the entire window rather than cleaning in portions, making it easier to reach the top of the window. They’re also much less messy than alternative ways.

When using a squeegee, there’s a secret to attaining a streak-free clean window. If you don’t employ the appropriate technique, you’ll end up with streaks since the water or cleaning fluid won’t be completely gone in one smooth motion.

The Squeegee – The Professional’s Window Cleaning Tool

The squeegee has been used to clean windows for nearly a century. Originally designed for use by window cleaners. During this time, skyscrapers and high-rise apartment complexes were constructed.

The window cleaners who worked in these kinds of buildings needed a fast and efficient method for washing the windows. The squeegee notion came from a machine that was used to clean the floors and streets of large towns. This is the origin of the squeegee.

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The next step is to go through some tips on how to put one to good use.

How Do You Use A Squeegee?

There are a few things you’ll need to get started.

Cleaning equipment for windows:

  • Clean water in a bucket or aerosol spray bottle (a good window cleaning solution to make is a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid mixed with water)
  • Squeegee
  • Microfiber cloth with no lint on it
  • Window mop or scrubber (sometimes on other side of squeegee, sometimes separate)
  • A pole for an extension (for hard to reach windows)
  • Glass scrubbing device (razor blade scrapers are available from most hardware stores)

Take a few minutes to do this:

  1. To completely wet the surface, either dip your scrubber in the bucket and brush off the extra water or spray the scrubber and the surface with water.
  2. Scrape away any stickers or other residue with your scraper. After you’ve finished scraping, reapply the solution to the window.
  3. Remove any standing water from the surface of the carpet with a squeegee. There are two ways to accomplish this:
  4. Method for those who are just starting off. Begin at the top and work your way down the glass, using your squeegee. Move the squeegee over little such that the next path you take gently overlaps the last one you took, and then start all over again at the top. Continue this process until the glass is completely dry.
  5. This is a more sophisticated approach. To get rid of the water, follow the steps outlined in the section below.
  6. Use your scrubber/mop to collect the water that drips from the bottom of the glass.
  7. The corners, window sill, or side of the window should be cleaned using a microfiber cloth.
  8. That’s all there is to it!

Fanning, Professional Squeegee Method

Fanning is the most widely utilized method of window washing by experts.

The squeegee is used to conduct a succession of brief strokes in a variety of directions during fanning. Cleaning solution is dragged over the floor, preventing it from accumulating under the squeegee’s blade. This might happen if the blade of the squeegee is covered in water or cleaning solution. Streaks will form as a result of this.

The fanning approach has been used by professional window washers for decades. Cleaning windows that are caked with grime, dust, and other debris is time consuming and ineffective. This approach cleans windows quickly using a professional cleaning solution and squeegee.

Alternatively, you can apply the same technique to your glass using a squeegee and glass cleaner. Your home’s inside windows will be sparkling clean thanks to this handy tool. Getting crystal-clear inside windows is still possible even if the squeegee blade is not moved.

To clean interior windows, you don’t have to deal with dust, pollen, and other dirt. When it comes to interior window washing, streaks are the most common issue.

An excellent fanning technique can be seen in the following video:

For more cleaning advice, continue reading.

Is Windex A Good Glass Cleaner?

Windex works well in specific situations. However, the majority of professional window cleaners employ a far simpler method. Rather than using Windex, go for a professional dishwashing liquid and water solution in place of it. Most windows may be cleaned with just a few drops of dishwashing liquid and warm water.

How Do You Use a Glass Scraper?

Having a glass scraper on hand is a great convenience. It’s a great tool for removing stickers, paint, and other stubborn residue from surfaces. Everything you need to clean windows is in this kit, including the professional cleaning solution we described before.

Use a scraper by setting it at a 45-degree angle against the glass. Press forward with the blade on the glass, then turn it left and press forward once more. In order to avoid scratching the glass, only move it forward.

See this video for a good example of what I’m talking about. Smaller glass scrapers can also be used with this method.

Do You Need Extra Squeegee Blades?

Extra squeegee blades aren’t necessary for the typical do-it-yourself homeowner. Squeegee quality is important, so do you have a good one at home? If so, you may be able to purchase new blades if you notice that they aren’t operating as well as they used to. At your local hardware or window cleaning supply store, you’ll locate this. Here’s a great video on how to swap them out.

Don’t Feel Like DIY? Call A Pro

Squeegees are still often used by window cleaners nowadays. Window cleaning has never been easier thanks to these tools. The best way to clean your exterior windows is with a soft cloth and a pair of these.

Hire a professional window cleaning service if your goal is to have sparkling windows on the outside of your home.

Professional window cleaners utilize high-quality window cleaning solutions and equipment. Also, distinctive double-bladed squeegees that allow them to quickly remove layers of dust and debris.

Avoid Dangers

Homeowners who don’t have the proper equipment to clean their second or third-story windows can also be in risk while cleaning their exterior windows. Homeowners who have never worked on a ladder for a long amount of time may find it difficult. Even with a squeegee, window washing needs some physical exertion.

Professional window cleaners with experience working at heights are an excellent choice for cleaning your home’s outside windows. As a result, your home will have sparkling clean windows while also keeping you and your family safe.

The Best Window Squeegee On The Market

1. Desired Tools Window Squeegee

Desired Tools’ squeegee is 7.7 inches wide. It uses a silicone blade and is suitable for cleaning water from windows, shower stalls and car windows.

It is 7.7 inches broad, and the squeegee comes from Desired Tools. Cleansing windows, showers, and automobile glass is a snap with this silicone blade tool.

The package comes with two additional blades, totaling three. It’s really simple to do that. If you buy this squeegee, you can expect it to last six times longer than a regular squeegee.

In addition to being elastic, silicone is also non-porous. Remove the water with with a light touch. There are no shrieks of high-pitched noises when you use it! It’s a good alternative if you prefer a quieter window-cleaning experience.

You should keep an eye out for the blade’s tendency to move while in use. Taking a break and re-calibrating yourself may be necessary.

Ten inches is the total length of the blade and handle. Shorter handles make this a breeze to maneuver about. However, if you have a lot of windows to clean, this isn’t the best option.

A soft foam sheath protects your hands from the blade as you work. It also means that even if it becomes wet, you won’t lose control of it. You can also remove the foam if you wish to use it without it.

The end of the tool has a hanging hook so you can simply store it.

Overall, this is a high-quality but affordable squeegee that is ideal for cleaning small windows.

2. HIWARE All-Purpose Window Squeegee (Our Top Pick)

On windows and shower doors, the squeegee from HIWARE is just as effective. And there are three distinct blade widths to choose from: 10, 12, or 14 inches.

Here, the blade is rubber instead of steel. It’s easy to use and doesn’t leave behind any streaks. It also won’t emit any obnoxious squeaks.

Smart and sturdy stainless steel is used to make the rest of this tool. For those who want something that can be shown, this is an excellent option.

You won’t have to worry about corrosion because it’s made of stainless steel. If you leave it damp, it will not collect scents or grow mold. However, if it rains, it may get slick.

There are no harsh edges on the handle because it is smoothly curved. Also, the design makes it easy to position the blade at the appropriate angle to clean your windows.

However, the handle isn’t very lengthy. The entire thing is just 6.5 inches long. So, while it’s convenient to use, it won’t go very far. The longer the handle, the better for those with larger hands. Also, if your windows are taller, you have more alternatives.

At order to hang the handle, you can drill a hole in the bottom of the handle. The stainless steel hanging hook, on the other hand, will be preferred by the vast majority of users. Using self-adhesive strips, you may affix this to your wall and use it as a squeegee holder.

3. Addis ComfiGrip Shower And Window Squeegee

Addis is one of the more well-known household names. Their squeegee may be used on both shower stalls and windows.

The blade is made of dark gray rubber and has a gray rubberized handle. The total length of the piece is approximately 10.5 inches.

The padded grip on the handle makes it easy to hold. When it becomes wet, it won’t fall out of your hands because of the rough finish. Furthermore, unlike foam, this material does not absorb water and gain weight while use.

The head and handle have a little arc to them, making it easier to grip and wield. Water dripping onto the rubber is easily absorbed by the material’s elasticity. There is no squeak as you drag it across the glass.”

The handle has a hanging hole at the bottom. It has a large enough diameter to fit over most hanging hooks, and a cord may be slipped through it. With a two-year warranty, it’s an affordable cleaning tool.

Another squeegee that may be used on both showers and windows. A nice choice if your windows are tiny and you don’t need to go up high is this.

With this one, you’ll need a ladder if your windows are higher. If you’re looking for something that can be attached to a longer pole, go elsewhere. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you finish your cleaning.

4. Sorbo 24-Inch Professional Window Squeegee

Check out Sorbo’s professional window squeegee if you’re looking for something that can be utilized with extension poles.

It’s a blessing if you have wide windows because this head is over two feet long. These larger squeegees will take half the time to clean as the smaller ones on our list. It’s best to go with a different alternative if you have windows that are smaller or separated into many panes.

Despite its small size, the blade is extremely effective at removing water from the ground. And it won’t scratch the glass in the process.

In order to make it easier to operate, it features a black fast-release handle. To use it, you’ll need an extension pole, which may be purchased separately. This is only guaranteed to work with poles manufactured by the same company.

The squeegee even has an outlet on the top for a safety line. It’s safe to say that if you’re intending to abseil down your windows, you can do so without fear! If you have windows that require abseiling to clean, we’d recommend calling in the experts!

If you’re someone who takes window washing seriously, this is the tool for you. It’s one of the priciest options, but it’s of the highest caliber. Its big size will also make short work of large windows.

5. OXO Good Grips Wiper Blade Window Squeegee

There are not one, but TWO squeegees in this OXO set. The white heads contrast with the dark grey handles to create a classic, clean look.

They glide over the glass with ease, bending to the right angle as you go about your business. The silicone material makes them more durable than rubber alternatives. To remove water without leaving streaks or harming your windows, they’ll have a sharp edge.

The handle has a slightly curved shape, making it simple to grip. You won’t have to worry about it falling out of your hands if it gets wet thanks to the solid grip.

OXO Good Grips® Squeegee | Bed Bath & Beyond

The hook at the end of the handle makes it easy to store. Additionally, the hook can be swiveled so that you may fit your squeegee into even the smallest of places. It’s worth noting, though, that the hook section is independent and attached to the handle. There have been reports of it failing to come off on occasion.

At 9.5 inches wide, this isn’t the widest blade you’ll find. Just enough length for a comfortable grip is provided by the handle. There are better solutions if you need something to clean huge or tall windows.

For those searching for an excellent and easy-to-use tool, this squeegee is worth the money. To go into the tiniest of places, it’s small enough. You’ll also get a second one for free.

6. Unger Professional Performance Grip Window Squeegee

The 18-inch blade width of Unger’s professional squeegee makes it an excellent choice for larger windows.

It can be used as a stand-alone device or mounted to a pole. Investing in a high-reach pole is worth it if you frequently need to work from a distance. To be certain that it will fit, only purchase from the same brand.

The blade is made of rubber and is held in a stainless steel head. The choice of materials means you won’t have to worry about rust or mold forming on the head. And it’s great at mopping up water without leaving behind streaks.

Rubber is used to make the blade and a stainless steel head is used to hold it in place. There’s no rust or mold to worry about on the skull because of the materials used. And it’s excellent at removing water without leaving any marks.

Unscrew the blade from the holder, level it, and then retighten the screws to fix the issue. After that, your squeegee should operate flawlessly again.

Despite its small size, the handle is made of plastic. If you’re using it without an extension pole, it’s fair to say that there are more comfortable options out there. It does, though, have a textured finish so it won’t slip out of your hands when it’s wet. It’s nice and lightweight too.

As far as handles go, this one’s plastic and somewhat short. Without an extension pole, you can reasonably assert that there are more comfortable solutions available. When it’s wet, though, it has a rough feel that prevents it from sliding out of your hands. It’s also very light, which is a bonus.

7. Ettore 10012 Solid Brass Window Squeegee

As far as handles go, this one’s plastic and somewhat short. In the absence of an extension pole, it’s fair to state that there are more comfortable alternatives. A rough finish makes it less likely to fall out of your hands when it’s wet. It’s also quite light.

The handle is made of plastic and is rather short. With out an extension pole, it is fair to say that there are more comfortable options. You can hold it in your hands without fear of losing it because of its textured finish. Aside from that, it’s very light.

Despite its small size, the handle is made of plastic. Without an extension pole, you can reasonably assert that there are more comfortable solutions available. When it’s wet, though, it has a rough feel that prevents it from sliding out of your hands. It’s also very light, which is a bonus.

While it’s simple to do, don’t count on it being a regular occurrence. Even with frequent use, the blades will endure for several months before needing to be replaced.

It is compatible with REA-CH extension poles, which are sold separately. This is a great alternative if your home has a lot of tall windows. The brass handle, on the other hand, isn’t the most comfortable option if you’re not using it with a pole. Slippery when wet, there is no padding, and there is no cushioning.

It is, however, the finish that really sets this tool apart – if you’d like to excuse the pun. Glass that is streak-free and sparkling clean will be achieved.

It’s also a fairly affordable alternative, given the high quality of the materials and the experts’ credentials. A substantial amount of height will necessitate the purchase of an extension pole. As a stand-alone product, it’s really more affordable than certain plastic alternatives.

8. UNGER Black 14-Incg Window Squeegee

A 12-inch, 14-inch, or 18-inch Unger squeegee is included in our list of the best squeegees. It’s black and gray in color and has a clean, professional appearance.

The padded ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold. When it rains, the rubberized surface will not become slippery.

The squeegee’s head can be rotated thanks to a screw holding it in place. So it’s lot easier to get into weird positions. However, there have been reports of the head swaying while using this product.

Aluminum is used to make the frame, which is lightweight and won’t rust or bend.

Cleaning up water and leaving your windows shining is a breeze with the rubber squeegee blade. With the help of Unger’s “Smartclips,” it is securely fastened in place. End clips are no longer required because of these.

The handle isn’t the longest on the market, but it’s not the shortest either. However, it makes it simple to adjust the head’s position. In addition, the Unger Locking Cone or a pole with a tapered tip can be used to extend its reach.

A hanging cable can be threaded through the hole at the handle’s end. Although it’s little, it may not fit on a hook without a cord.

Despite its high price, many professional cleaning agencies prefer to utilize this squeegee. It’s worth considering if you’re seeking for something that will last a long time.

9. Ehdis 11.5-Inch Silicone Rubber Window Squeegee

This Ehdis squeegee is a good option if you’re seeking for a smaller one. There’s an 11.5-inch blade in this picture. An inch and a half or so separates the blade’s tip from the handle’s terminus.

Solid, broad silicone is used to make the blade. It comes in either blue or red, and both are eye-catching. It’s made of medical-grade silicone, which is quite durable. In addition, it won’t damage your glass in any way.

It’s also quite pliable, so it can be dragged in any direction to follow the surface of your glass. Because of this, it is extremely effective in removing over 95% of the water from surfaces.

The handle is tilted away from the blade, making it easy and pleasant to hold and operate.. A cylindrical shape means there are no sharp edges that could hurt your hands. It’s also textured, which makes it easier to grip even when wet.

Keeping in mind its diminutive size is the most important consideration while dealing with this one. It’s great for cleaning small glass panes. It’s also versatile enough to be used on shower stalls and car glass..

Large sheets of glass, on the other hand, will take a long time to clean. And it’s not compatible with extension poles. Choose a different choice if you need to get up high.

10. Ettore 17006 Acrylic Window Squeegee

For those searching for an easy to use tool, Ettore’s six-inch squeegee is a great option. You can buy one of these for less than the price of a cup of coffee. One squeegee or two? That is your choice.

The body is composed of clear acrylic, and the design is fairly straightforward. No angle is needed for cleaning because the blade and handle are in a straight line. This squeegee, on the other hand, is best suited for little, rapid jobs. Even if you’re simply using it to wipe down the windows of your car, it’ll do the trick.

If you don’t put too much pressure on it, it works better. Light strokes are all that’s needed to get rid of the water’s grit and grime.

You won’t be able to replace just the blade; you’ll have to buy a new one. The cost will not be a problem at this price. But if you’re looking to reduce your plastic consumption, this isn’t the ideal solution.

The handle’s tip has a large hole drilled into it. Either as a hanging cord or to go directly over a hook, it’s large enough.

With this lightweight, easy-to-control squeegee you can get into tighter spots with ease. However, if you have large windows to clean, this is not the method for you. Infinite time will elapse. In addition, you won’t be able to use extension poles to clean high places with it.

11. OXO Good Stainless Squeegee – Superb House Window Squeegee And Car Window Squeegee

You might use the Oxo window squeegee to clear up minor spots quickly. It’s little and unobtrusive. Only 9.8 inches wide, the blade is. On small windows, mirrors, and tiles, this squeegee will work well. In addition to cleaning windows, it can also be used to remove bathroom fog from glass and tile surfaces. To keep the squeegee close at reach, you may appreciate a suction cup holder that can be attached to the wall.

For a secure hold, this window squeegee boasts a rubberized handle and a sturdy stainless steel blade.

Features worth noting:

  1. Rubber blade with an 8-inch length.
  2. Suction cup holder made of silicone.


  • It’s light and portable.
  • You may stick it to the wall in the bathroom with the included suction cup holder.
  • Stainless steel construction.


  • It does not have a washing machine.
  • Doesn’t work with poles

12. Als Ellan 3 In 1 – Super Window Cleaning Squeegee With An Extra Long Pole

Three functions in one: The Alswell window squeegee is ideal for all kinds of window washing. Window cleaning can be made easier with this two-part system, which includes a rubber squeegee and a microfiber scrubber.

The squeegee comes with a 59-inch extension pole made up of three sections. In order to clean curved and slanted surfaces, a microfiber mop can be tilted in any position within the 180-degree range. With this squeegee and spray reservoir, you can apply water or cleaning solution to your windows and wipe them immediately away in one simple action with this window washing equipment.

Features worth noting:

  1. Blade length: 5 inches.
  2. Microfiber scrubber with an 8-inch diameter.
  3. a 55-ml spray cannister.
  4. Extension pole with three sections.


  • The pole has a long extension (59 inches).
  • An adjustable microfiber scrubber makes it possible to clean from all angles.
  • Spray bottle is removable and can be used separately.


  • When the pole is fully built and lengthened, it is not very robust.

13. Ettore 65000 Professional Kit – Commercial Window Squeegee

Streak-free results are possible with this squeegee because of its high-quality silicon rubber construction, which fits snugly against the glass. Use this squeegee to clean mirrors, glass furniture and other comparable surfaces, such as automobile windows, with ease.

Features worth noting:

  1. A 12-inch rubber squeegee is included in this set.
  2. Microfiber sleeve for a 10-inch washer.


  • The squeegee comes with a long-lasting rubber blade.
  • The blade is made of a thick rubber material.
  • A solid and pleasant grip is provided by the ergonomic handle.


  • An extension pole is required to complete the set. If you wish to use the tools with a regular threaded pole, you’ll need to acquire an adapter for the original Ettore poles.

14. ITTAHO Multi-Use Window Squeegee 3 In 1 Kit – Excellent Window Washing Squeegee With An Extension Pole

A rubber squeegee, a microfiber mop, and a retractable pole are all included in this window cleaning package. There is a lot of versatility in this combo because it can be used to clean big windows and solar panels.

You can use the window squeegee by itself or with a microfiber washer. In addition, a squeegee can only be cleaned with a mop by changing its position. Extension poles can be as long as 35.4 inches when used with the tools attached. Using this tool is a breeze thanks to its low weight and ergonomic handles.

Features worth noting:

  1. Rubber squeegee, 2 inches in width.
  2. The following are three distinct methods of application.
  3. Retracted length: 35.4″; extended length: 24.8″


  • Use as you please.
  • An aluminum pole with an extended length makes it easy to get to the tops of tall buildings.
  • It’s quite light (weighs only 10.5 ounces).
  • A large area for cleaning.


  • There is a risk that metal parts of the squeezing tool will come into contact with the window.
  • It’s impossible to put enough pressure to the pole when it’s stretched (which is in principle natural).

15. Ettore Professional Window Cleaning Kit – A Versatile Cleaning Kit For Home And Office

An all-in-one window cleaning kit is included with this package. Telescoping pole, three cleaning pads, and three polishing pads are included in the package. There you have it, everything you need to effectively clean streak-free windows. This kit’s key selling point is its ability to clean effectively while using very little water (water or solution). Consequently, its usage in areas where excessive water is unwanted is permitted.

Getting the house clean is a fairly straightforward task. Spray a moderate amount of solution on the glass, wipe it off with a cleaning pad, and you’re done. After that, you can use a polishing pad to give the surface a mirror-like finish.

Features worth noting:

  1. An aluminum pole that is six feet long.
  2. An aluminum cleaning head with an 8-inch circumference.
  3. Six microfiber pads are included in this set.
  4. Sprayer is included in the purchase price.


  • Water isn’t required to use this cleaning kit.
  • All of the necessary components are included, making assembly a snap.
  • When cleaning at different heights, a telescoping pole is ideal.
  • There are extra cleaning pads on hand for those who forget to bring their own.


  • Cleaning heads are smaller in diameter than typical squeegees.

16. MR.SIGA Window Combo – An Extra Large Squeegee For Windows

A window squeegee and a microfiber washer are included in the Mr. Siga window cleaning kit. Both of these tools are quite wide, which makes them ideal for cleaning vast areas with minimal effort. With a plastic handle and an aluminum clip, the best squeegee for windows is made of metal and rubber. Both tools’ handles are made to fit any extension pole, not just the one that came with them.

Features worth noting:

  1. Blade has an overall length of 7 inches that is made of rubber
  2. Microfiber scrubber with a diameter of seven inches.


  • Cleaning passes are wide for both squeegees and washers.
  • Any extension pole will work with this adapter.
  • A rubber blade can be replaced.


  • A kit does not come with an extension pole.

17. Modern Domus: Super Neverending Reach Combo Cleaning Set

Is it necessary to clean the windows on your home’s second floor? You’ll be able to handle any cleaning task with the help of this complete collection of washing tools. You may, of course, find yourself in need of a ladder. This extensible pole, on the other hand, is a godsend! Even if you have a high ceiling in your home, this allows you to reach the top of your high windows.

Telescopic Window Cleaning Kit with Super Squeegee and 3 Section Aluminum Extension Pole, Lightweight All-In-One 5 Piece Set - Microfiber Glass Washer Brush -2, Soft Rubber Strip -2, Best for Windows -

The pole, which is made up of four pieces, is both robust and light. Stainless steel is used in its construction, making it long-lasting and dependable. The diameter is 1.25 inches, and it’s simple to construct and put to use.. As a result, you’ll be able to clean anything in your house or garage, whether it’s inside or outside.

It can also be used to clean large mirrors, tiles in the bathroom, automobile interior and exterior, painted walls or slider doors. It’s a useful and adaptable tool. Modern Domus offers a warranty of one year.

Interesting Features

  1. Four-section telescopic pole that may be extended in any direction.
  2. Detachable 8-inch and 12-inch wide squeegees.
  3. Microfiber heads (8.2″ and 12.2″ broad) that may be washed in the dishwasher.
  4. Two additional microfibre cloths.
  5. One microfiber towel is included as a complimentary gift.


  • An extensible pole that is both long and durable.
  • Simple to put together and operate.
  • This is a multipurpose cleaner that may be used both inside and outside the home.
  • Lightweight.


  • When cleaning windows from a distance, you’ll need to use pressure and apply pressure.
  • The pole sections’ cavities may be flooded by water.

18. CM Concepts: Super Handy Squeegee With Telescopic Pole

Does your house, car, or workplace have dirty windows? This gadget works. It allows you to save time. While moving into a new home, it gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Reaching windows on the second storey and above is easy with this long telescoping pole. It enables you to get to all the way to the top.

All of your home’s windows may be cleaned in under five minutes! Doors, mirrors and glass tables can also benefit from this product. It can be used with any cleaning solution, including plain water. After that, fill the windows with water. The handle is designed to be easy to hold.

Using a microfiber washcloth is a long-term investment. A single movement removes soap stains, washes, and dries windows. It’s a cinch with a pole-mounted rubber squeegee blade and washcloth. No streaks are left behind by the cleaning instrument. So, cleaning your shower glass or plastic enclosure is a good idea.

Useful Features

  1. Aluminum telescopic pole that may be extended in three portions.
  2. Washing machine and squeegee with a 12-inch width.
  3. A microfiber towel and squeegee strip made of rubber are included as extras.

It’s simple to put together and use. Detachable portions of three poles are available. You can use the popup on the handle with the grooves to extend your arm. Lock them by twisting them clockwise. In terms of weight and strength, the aluminum pole wins. As a replacement rubber blade and a microfiber washer pad are readily available, this tool will last for a long time. When not in use, it can be compacted for storage.


  • A long reach.
  • Aluminum pole that is both sturdy and lightweight.
  • It’s simple to use, store, and put together.
  • It’s streak-free.
  • There’s a bonus supply of replacement components.


  • Commercial use is not permitted.
  • To prevent the handle from collapsing, make sure it’s screwed on firmly.

Buying Guide

This concludes our look at the top ten squeegees on the market today. However, if you’re still unsure, keep reading! We’ll ask you a few questions to help you narrow down your search for the ideal squeegee.

What Size Blade Do You Need?

The squeegee’s main working part is the blade. The water is pushed in front of it by this device, which is often constructed of rubber or silicone.

For a single pass, the width of the blade determines how much glass can be cleaned at once. Using a broader blade will speed up the process of cleaning big windows. Look for a blade that’s 18 or 24 inches wide if you have one of those in your home.

There’s no guarantee that bigger is always better. Large blades are cumbersome to use when cleaning small panes of glass. You’ll run against the frame and break a few pieces of the glass.

Smaller-bladed squeegees, meanwhile, will have a wider range of applications. You can use them to clean bathtubs, windows, and even around the sink with a six-inch version.

How Tall Are Your Windows?

After that, take a look at your windows’ height. How quickly can you reach the top? Or, do you think you’ll need to get a ladder?

A squeegee with a short handle works nicely if your windows are at a convenient height. Having control of the head will be simple. You won’t have to worry about storing long poles either.

However, if you must use a ladder to clean the tops of your windows, don’t bother. An extension pole-mounted squeegee will make your life a whole lot easier. Some telescopic poles are even tall enough to reach upstairs windows.

In other words, don’t bother with a ladder if all you need to do is clean your windows from the top. An extension pole-mounted squeegee will greatly simplify your work. Some telescopic poles are even long enough to reach the upper floors of a building.

How Durable Do You Need Your Squeegee To Be?

Strength and durability can vary greatly between different types of squeegee blades.

They’re only meant to be used once or twice before being discarded. In most cases, they’re made of cheap plastic. Those with rubberized components cannot be recycled, so you’ll be adding to the plastic waste stream if you use them.

Others are constructed of more durable materials. Aluminum, stainless steel, and brass are among the materials we provide. They’ll last for years because the blades are replaceable. Over time, they’ll pay for themselves by saving you money now.

Time For Sparkling Windows

Our reviews of the top window squeegees on the market have come to an end. We hope you’ve now taken a significant step toward having windows that sparkle!

The Hiware all-purpose squeegee is our top selection. Its clever stainless steel build is something we appreciate. Because of its adaptability, it can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Window cleaning will be a breeze with the appropriate squeegee, no matter which one you choose. It’s time to shop!

What Not To Use

What’s this? No, thanks. It’s wasteful and costly to use paper towels, and they often leave a streaky mess in their wake.

Rags? If they’re not careful, they’ll leave streaks. When you’re done, you’ll have to clean up the soiled cloths. To make matters worse, some of them include abrasive fibers that can scratch or damage the windows’ glass.

Newspaper? Newspaper can be an effective tool on occasion. However, there aren’t as many newspapers around as there used to be. Newspapers can also leave difficult-to-remove ink stains on the window frame.


Is Unger a good brand?

Homeowners who seek a high-quality product at a reasonable price often turn to the Unger brand. Unger provides everything you need to get the job done, from basic cleaning supplies to more unusual stuff.

Is it better to clean windows with a squeegee?

Cleaning windows using a squeegee is the most effective method. Indoor windows may be cleaned quickly and easily using a squeegee. These useful tools allow you to clean the entire window rather than cleaning in portions, making it easier to reach the top of the window.

Is silicone or rubber better for squeegee?

Rubber blades are the ideal option for floors and other smooth, flat surfaces because of their durability and stiffness. These blades are easier to use on tiled and wavy surfaces because they are more flexible and pliable.

What squeegee do professionals use?

Brands like Unger, Ettore, and Sorbo are highly recommended. Despite the fact that Wagtail is an Australian brand, the swiveling handle is a little more difficult to get used to. Squeegees of high grade are usually made up of three parts. Channel, handle, and piece of rubber supported by the channel

What is the best squeegee material?

Squeegee blades made of premium rubber (Linatex, DuraShield) provide the highest performance and the longest lifespan. When it comes to chemical compatibility, Premium Rubber is superior to gum rubber. Rubber squeegee blades that are made of premium rubber are more flexible, making them more durable and easier to pick up.

Why is my squeegee leaving streaks?

A solution can dry before you have a chance to wipe it all off because of the heat of the sun. Streaks will form if the solution dries before you wipe.

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