Best Furniture Polish For Wood Furniture. Which Is Best For You?

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You can use furniture polish on anything from a chair to a dresser in your home to give it a shiny finish. Despite the fact that furniture polishes were first introduced in 1929, their application is still widely misunderstood since, most crucially, furniture polishes are not wood finishes. Unlike polyurethane and other treatments, these solutions do not seal the wood, but they do clean and shine it to restore its appearance. As long as you buy the appropriate furniture polish for the job and test it first on an inconspicuous location on the furniture to make sure it doesn’t do more harm than good, these products work well in these aspects.

If you’re looking for a new furniture polish, we’ve put together a list of the best on the market. Choosing the best furniture polish for wooden furnishings in your home can be tricky, so we’ve put together a list of points to keep in mind.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Furniture Polish

When looking for the best furniture polish, keep these features in mind. They’ll help you get results that are as immaculate as they are beautiful.

Wood Finish

The ideal furniture polish for your job will be determined primarily by the existing finish on your wood. To identify the finish, perform this test on an unnoticeable area of the furniture. Examine the wood after it has been treated with some boiling linseed oil.

  • An oil finish is one in which the wood is able to absorb the oil.
    • Lacquer finish is achieved when the acetone dissolves within 30 seconds.
    • Varnish or shellac finishes will harden into a gel-like material after a few minutes (shellac will dissolve quickly when you dab a cotton swab with denatured alcohol on it, while varnish will dissolve more slowly).
    • You have a polyurethane/polyester finish if the acetone beads up on the surface.
  • In order to keep the finish on your unfinished wood furniture, you should first finish it (using one of the treatments indicated in this section) and then apply furniture polish. There are few furniture polishes that can be used on raw wood, except from paste wax (more on that below).

8 Best Furniture Polishes of 2022 - Top Wood Furniture Polish Brands


Based on the present finish and desired sheen of the wood on the furniture, there are four major formulae to choose from when it comes to furniture polish:

  • Silicone polishes contain a variety of cleaning chemicals, including silicone, wax, and more. To achieve a high gloss sheen on furniture with varnish, shellac, or polyurethane finishes, use a polish that removes water-soluble debris from the wood surface and produces a firm, slick coating. Dust is repelled and debris is removed with ease thanks to their slippery surface.
  • As they buff the wood, emulsion polishes remove both water-soluble and oil-based deposits, making them ideal for removing stains from wood surfaces. For varnished or polyurethane-coated wood, they’re a good alternative to silicone polishes, but the matte, medium-gloss sheen they generate is less resistant to abrasion than waxes and more dust-prone.
  • Mineral oil is commonly used as a foundation in oil-based polishes, but other solvents, such as petroleum distillate, may also be used. With an oil finish, they’re most suited for wood with a high-gloss finish, but the thin layer of oil they leave behind on furniture can quickly gather dust. As a result, they eliminate oil-based accumulation as they polish, and water-soluble dirt can be wiped clean with a cloth. However, they do not remove water-soluble filth.
  • Another type of furniture polish is a wax composed of carnauba or beeswax. Creamy waxes produce a dust-prone matte or satin sheen, while paste waxes produce a high-gloss shine that is dust-repellent. Stains and abrasions are deflected by the thin, hard coating they create, making it an excellent match for lacquered furniture. Paste wax can be used on unfinished wood because it is a sealer in and of itself.

Application method

There are a variety of ways to apply the aforementioned calculations to the furniture:

  • The majority of furniture polishes on the market today are aerosol polishes, which include silicone, emulsion, and oil-based choices. They are the easiest to use because all you have to do is press a button on the can and the pressurized liquid is sprayed directly onto the furniture to be polished, saving you valuable time.
  • It’s possible to buy emulsion and oil-based treatments in bottles that contain a liquid polish that may be applied to furniture with a moist cloth. Oil-based polishes take more buffing time than emulsion polishes, but the difference is negligible. Disposable wipes are pre-saturated with liquid polish, so all you have to do is grab one and glide it over the furniture. Spray bottles allow you to apply the substance and then wipe it off.
  • Wax-based semi-solid polishes are typically sold in a small tub and are available in a variety of strengths. Paste waxes need the most effort to apply since the user must slather the substance onto a cloth and then buff it extensively into the wood; creamy waxes, on the other hand, require less buffing.

Furniture type

Product selection can be hampered if you’re polishing a specific sort of furniture:

  • To maintain the shine and cleanliness of everyday furniture, such as chairs at the dining table and coffee tables, you’ll need to apply furniture polish every few months or so. Use aerosol or liquid polishes instead of waxes to remove dirt and give these objects a matte to high-gloss finish.
  • Oil-based polishes and waxes, such as paste wax, are great for enhancing the ornamental details of antique furniture, such as wingback chairs and bed chests. The higher-effort application of these products will still be doable because customers will only need to polish these objects twice or three times a year. However, silicone polishes should be avoided when using these things, as finger smudges are plainly visible.

Our Top Picks

Choose the best furniture polish that’s suited for the wood in your home with our recommendations for the best formulas and ways of application.

Pledge Multi-Surface Furniture Polish Spray

As a result, we’ve chosen a six-in-one silicone aerosol product to serve as a polisher for all of the aforementioned surfaces as well as steel and granite. You only need to use one of the three provided 9.7-ounce cans, spray it on the furniture, and wipe it clean with a cloth. A high-gloss shine that repels dust but doesn’t leave a waxy residue is provided by the polish on ordinary wood furniture with hard treatments like varnish, shellac, and polyurethane. Up to 90% of dust allergens are trapped by Pledge yet left with a light citrus aroma for those with allergies.

You can use it on a variety of surfaces without worrying about it being stuck. Hard surfaces were left sparkling clean and scented with a light lemon scent after our tests revealed the polish to be an effective degreaser. Porous wood stains were easily removed with the spray from Pledge Multi-Surface Furniture Polish. However, it left the work bench looking dull after it had been cleaned. Nonporous surfaces are ideal for this product.

Specifications for the item

  • Formula: Silicone
  • Method of application: Aerosol
  • Scent: Lemon


  • Non-wooden surfaces can be used with it.
  • A pleasant aroma that isn’t too overbearing.
  • No oily residue is left behind.


  • Requires a hard, non-porous surface to function

Pine-Sol Furniture, Polish 4in1 Cleaning

One of the most well-known brands of floor cleaner is Pine-Sol. The company, on the other hand, makes a wide range of cleaning products for a variety of different surfaces. In order to both clean and improve wood, it uses a mineral oil polish. Pine-polish, Sol’s on the other hand, has a pine aroma, for people who aren’t fans of citrus.

Our testers found this polish to be quite effective in polishing wood. We only recommend using it on wood or wood veneers because it is more oily than Pledge (which is silicone based). To get rid of the surplus oil, you’ll need to use a tiny buffing cloth. Overall, it’s a great low-cost option for keeping your wood surfaces clean and shining.


  • Formula: Emulsion
  • Method of application: Aerosol
  • Scent: Pine


  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used safely on a variety of hard surfaces.
  • No oily residue is left behind.


  • The piney smell isn’t for everyone.
  • Requires a hard, non-porous surface to function

Guardsman 461500 Clean & Polish For Wood Furniture

There’s no need to keep numerous polishes on hand for different types of furniture because this emulsion polish is sold in a 16-ounce bottle and has a wonderful woods aroma. Pour a tiny amount of the liquid product into a cloth, wipe down the furniture, then buff it until it’s dry and shiny. Because a spray polish can only put out a little amount of polish at a time, a bottled product is more suited for large furniture like tables and dressers. The product polishes while concealing scratches and shielding the surface from stains and discolouration caused by ultraviolet rays.

The Guardsman polish restored our wood surfaces to their former lustre. A little goes a long way with this rich cream polish. There was really a noticeable improvement in the wood’s gloss and shine after using this product. Although it is a wood polish, it is not suitable for use on other surfaces.

Specifications for the item

  • Formula: Emulsion
  • Liquids are used in this approach.
  • Scent: Woodland


  • Fine surface scratches are hidden.
  • A small amount can go a long way.
  • No traces are left behind.


  • Useful only for wood surfaces.

Old English Lemon Oil Furniture Polish

Liquid furniture polish with a mineral oil-based composition that works on furniture with oil finishes is included in this six-pack of products. It’s a great alternative for smaller everyday or antique furniture surfaces, such as chairs and shelves, because of the more time-consuming application of an oil rather than an emulsion polish. When spritzed from the 12-ounce spray container, it leaves a high-gloss sheen and a refreshing lemon-and-almond aroma behind when buffed in the direction of the wood grain. It protects furniture against watermarks, fingerprints, candle wax, and other accidents in addition to polishing it.

Adding luster and protection to wood with Old English Lemon Oil is a no-brainer. You should only use a little amount of this greasy polish. On unfinished and lightly stained wood, this polish highlights the grain To avoid a dangerously slick floor, avoid using this product on wood floors. Old English’s 16-ounce refill bottles come in a compact two-pack, making it easy to refill spray bottles. Refill bottles of Old English Wood Polish are identical to the spray bottles in terms of performance, however they cost around 25 cents less per ounce.

Specifications for the item

  • Formula: Oil
  • Liquids are used in this approach.
  • Scent: Lemon


  • Prevents stains by adding a protective coating.
  • Natural wood’s beauty is accentuated
  • the act of reviving and nourishing wood


  • Oily to the touch
  • Only works with oil-finished wood or unfinished lumber of any kind.

Howard Products Wood Polish & Conditioner

In addition to polishing, Howard Products’ Feed n’ Wax protects wood furniture with a semi-solid beeswax and mineral oil mixture. For unfinished wood, apply the creamy wax to protect it from deterioration, cracking, fading, and other issues. A satin sheen will be imparted to the wood in either situation, enhancing the grain’s richness. Make sure to apply some product from the 16-ounce bottle and then work it into the furniture with some elbow grease. When applied to antique furniture, it has a very luxurious appearance.

The natural beauty of the wood is enhanced by this polish. When we evaluated all of the polishes, this one was the most visible to the eye. To get the job done, you just need a small amount of this thick waxy polish. Squeezing the polish from the bottle can be difficult because it is a semi-solid substance.

Specifications for the item

  • Formula: Wax
  • Semi-solid application method
  • Scent: Orange


  • Leaves a protective sheen and a delicate shine behind
  • Natural wood’s beauty is accentuated
  • Intensely tangy orange aroma.


  • The polish bottle is difficult to squeeze.

Parker & Bailey Furniture Cream 16oz

To keep it in top condition, antique furniture necessitates extra care and attention. Designed for cleaning, polishing, and conditioning wood furniture and other woodwork, Parker & Bailey furniture cream can be used on anything from mantels to doors to paneling to pianos and everything in between. The natural beauty of wood furniture may be brought out by using this easy-to-apply cream polish.

Best Furniture Polish for Precious Furniture: 2021 Buyer's Guide

As advertised, the polish eliminates grime, dust, and fingerprints from all wood surfaces with ease. Its creamy texture makes it easier to apply to hard-to-reach places. Furniture and other woodwork can benefit from its delicate formula, making it ideal for the treatment of antiques. A strange lemon aroma permeates the air, but it’s more musty than invigorating. While it’s not essential, it’s a great polish to have on hand to help preserve your antique furniture.

Specifications for the item

  • Formula: Emulsion
  • Liquids are used in this approach.
  • Scent: Lemon


  • There is no oily scum.
  • Convenient to use
  • Easily smeared on any surface


  • When I spray lemon, I get a musty scent instead of a bright, fresh one.

Weiman Wood Cleaner and Furniture Polish Spray

Dirt, soil, and residue are thoroughly removed from wood surfaces using Weiman’s Wood Cleaner and Furniture Polish. Watermarks, dust, and filth are all deterred by the emulsion’s protective coating. Except for floors, which may become slick after application, the polish is safe to use on all finished wood surfaces.

Wood Cleaner & Furniture Polish by Weiman has a pleasant almond flavor that isn’t overpowering for individuals who are tired of citrus-scented polishes..” It’s semi-viscous, which means that it won’t slide off of vertical surfaces too rapidly following application as a cabinet cleaner. In addition to the polish itself, a microfiber cleaning cloth is included to aid in cleaning and polishing. The downside is that it is slightly oilier than other emulsion cleaners tested, and surfaces need to be polished to remove the excess.

Specifications for the item

  • Formula: Emulsion
  • Spray container with liquid for application.
  • Scent: Almond


  • Protects against water stains, filth, and grime with a layer of a protective film.
  • Surface scrapes are mended
  • Includes a microfiber cleaning cloth.


  • Use on flooring is not recommended.

CARGEN 3 PCS Wood Seasoning Beewax

It is a 100% natural beeswax furniture polish that protects wood surfaces from moisture, stains, and odors by polishing and cleaning them. Finished and unfinished wood surfaces alike can benefit from the use of this wax polish. A sponge applicator is included to make it easier to apply the wax evenly.

We put Cargen’s polish to the test on both bare wood and painted wood, and the results were very promising. It cleaned the surface effectively, however it left behind a lot of wax that needed to be rubbed out.. Using only a few thin coats of polish allowed us to get the best results. Beeswax conditioned the wood effectively and left it with a matte surface, which we observed to be the case overall.

Specifications for the item

  • Formula: Wax
  • Semi-solid application method
  • No smell, just pure beeswax.


  • All sorts of treated wood can be used.
  • The app is simple to use.
  • Leaves a protecting layer in its wake.
  • A product that is completely natural.


  • Making an application of makeup can be a messy endeavor.
  • To remove the excess wax, it requires a lot of polishing.

The Original Bee’s Wax Old World Formula Polish

Stainless steel, glass, granite, marble, and even leather all gleam thanks to the Original Bee’s Wax Old World Formula Furniture Polish’s deep gloss. This spray-on polish doesn’t leave a waxy residue and is convenient for on-the-the-go use.

There are no limitations on where you can apply this polish. Cleaner gets rid of dirt, grime, and fingerprints while leaving a beautiful sheen on surfaces like finished wood, leather, stainless steel, and even mirrors. The polish, on the other hand, contains no oils or refinishing ingredients to condition or restore bare wood surfaces; it is solely for cleaning purposes.

Specifications for the item

  • Formula: Emulsion
  • Method of application: Aerosol
  • Scent: Lemon


  • It can be applied on many surfaces.
  • No waxy residue is left behind.
  • Easy to put in use


  • Refinishing and restoration are not my expertise.

Orange Glo Wood Furniture 2-in-1 Clean and Polish

In addition to successfully eliminating filth and grime, Orange Glo doesn’t dull the wood’s inherent radiance. Using orange oil helps restore the wood’s original sheen. Real oil from Valencia oranges is used in the polish, making it both effective and mild. Orange oil is combined with mineral oil to offer a natural shine to wooden surfaces.

Hands-on testing revealed that Orange Glo and Old English Lemon Oil functioned similarly. Orange Glo, on the other hand, has a citrusy perfume that’s reminiscent of actual oranges. It’s recommended to apply this oil polish on wood that has already been treated with oil. In order to avoid a slippery surface, this product should not be used on high-gloss floors or furniture.

Specifications for the item

  • Formula: Liquid
  • Spray bottle is the preferred way of application.
  • Scent: Orange


  • Invigorating aroma of fresh oranges.
  • Wood surfaces that have been finished or left unfinished are subject to different conditions.
  • Wood will not dry out or be damaged by using this product.


  • Slippery at times
  • Only works with oil-finished wood or unfinished lumber of any kind.

Clean & Polish for Guardsman Woodland Fresh Wooden Furniture

Having a hard time keeping your furniture looking its best because it’s discolored? Guardsman Clean & Polish Woodland fresh spray, one of the best furniture polishes, can instantly restore its original appearance, help preserve it from UV radiation and fading, and disguise any minor surface scratches..

Guardsman’s polishing and cleaning spray is a silicone-free product that cleans, protects, and restores the inherent beauty and brightness of hardwood goods while doing so.

With this furniture spray polish, you won’t have to worry about ruining the natural sheen of your wood home decor because it comes in 12.5-ounce aerosol spray cans.

Restoring Oil, Orange Pledge Revive It

Taking the Pledge Will Resurrect it Applying Orange Restoring Oil and rubbing it into your wood furniture will help condition and brighten it up, making it appear like new again.

Your wood tables and other furniture will be left glossy and polished after using the Revitalizing Oil, which is available in a 16-ounce spray bottle.

It’s a great furniture polish that’s cheap and effective for reviving old, dried-out wood.

Wipes for Cleaning and Polishing Wood by Weiman

Clean and polish any wood surfaces in your home with Weiman Wood Cleaner and Polish Wipes, which are wonderfully convenient.

Because they don’t include silicone or wax, these wood-cleaning wipes won’t leave a sticky or oily residue behind.

As one of the simplest wood polishes and cleaning products, this one will safeguard the surface of the wood from damage and fading by forming a scratch-resistant protective layer.

In addition to UVX-15 sunscreen, the wipes are fully safe for people and dogs and will help protect your wood surfaces from sunlight damage.

FW0016 Wood Polish and Conditioner by Howard Products

Maintaining wood surfaces and products is essential to preserving their natural sheen and depth of wood grain.

The natural conditioning oils added to Howard Products Feed-N-Wax make it easy to polish and feed your wood cabinets and furniture without having to use a lot of elbow grease.

Natural Beeswax and Carnauba Wax produce a protective layer on the furniture surfaces, enhancing their beauty while preventing them from drying and fading.

For kitchen cabinets, tables, doors and trim as well as antique wood pieces and furniture, this furniture polish is a great choice. Your furniture will appear like new after a quick buffing.

Virginia Boys Kitchens’ All Natural Wood Seasoning Wax Tin

Virginia Boys Kitchens has created a coconut oil and beeswax-based seasoning paste wax specifically for use on wooden cooking equipment and other wood things in your home.

Organic oils from coconuts, oranges and beeswax make up the All-Natural Wood Seasoning Wax.

Toxins, GMOs, and paraffin are all omitted from this wonderful wood finishing wax, which is applied with a soft polishing pad that comes with the product.

With this product, you may restore and protect the surfaces of your antique wood items, therefore extending the life span of your valuables.

17 Wood Markers and Wax Sticks with Sharpener included with the Katzco Furniture Repair Kit

This best-selling collection of wood markers and wax sticks by Katzco will help you fix ugly scratches and marks on your wood countertop, table, or other furniture without spending a lot of money on repairs and renovations.

As well as a sharpening for the waxy sticks included in the Furniture Repair Kit are 8 repair markers and 8 waxed sticks in the same colors.

Makeover any wood surface with these high-quality markers and sticks to hide scratches and other flaws.

Using the repair kit is simple and risk-free, and the benefits are immediate and long-lasting.

And it’s backed by an unconditional money-back guarantee and a reasonable price tag.

Restor-A-Shine Wood Finish Polishing Compound by Howard RS0016.

Another excellent wood polisher is Howards Products’ Restor-A-Shine Wood Finish Polishing Compound, which is suited for all kinds of glossy wood finishes.

Best DIY Ways to Polish Wood | Zameen Blog

To remove minor blemishes and oxidation from lacquered and glossy wood surfaces and furniture, use the wood furniture polish.

If you’re looking to bring back the shine and protect the finish on pianos, guitars, flooring, and more, this is a great solution for you.

If you’re looking to bring out the best in your wood, this is the product for you.

Scratch Cover, Brown, Old English 75144, Made in England

Another fantastic low-cost option for restoring ancient and damaged wood surfaces to their original attractive gloss and beauty is the Old English Scratch Cover.

If your wood has scuffs, nicks, or scratches, a scratch cover might help hide them.

8-ounce bottles of scratch cover for wood are available in a variety of colors and colours for treating light and dark woods, respectively

Restor-A-Finish RF8016 by Howard Products

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and time stripping and renovating your furniture, use Howard Products’ renewing furniture polish instead.

By wiping some Restor-A-Finish on the surface and then wiping it off in about two minutes, you may cover minor scratches and abrasions and restore any wood surface’s natural finish.

The wood finish restoration product is available in a wide range of colors to match the particular type of wood furniture and surfaces that you have.

Furniture Polish by Guardsman – Cream

Your wood furniture will last longer if you use Guardsman’s safe and effective Furniture Polish & Clean to keep it looking brand-new and glossy at all times.

Cleaning and polishing wooden surfaces in your home has never been easier with this silicone-free cleanser and polisher.

Applying the high-quality cleaning and polishing product is simple, and it will help hide minor scratches and abrasions on your wood cabinets, tables, and any other wood objects.

An excellent wood furniture polish will be available in 2022.

Bona High Gloss Hardwood Floor Polish

Does your natural wood floor look dull or worn? All natural wood floors, whether oiled, unwaxed, or polyurethane-finished, can have their luster restored with the Bona Hardwood Floor Polish.

Even out the surface of 500 square feet of flooring with this formula, which has a high-gloss finish.

These products are available in low gloss, revitalizer and English options for hardwoods and laminate and tiles, respectively.

Our Verdict

Overall, we recommend Pledge Furniture Polish and Guardsman Clean & Polish as the best products. Cleans and polishes a wide range of surfaces without leaving behind excessive residue. Using Guardsman Clean & Polish on any wood surface is simple and effective. Additionally, it hides fine surface scratches and requires only a minimal amount of product to polish. Including both wood and non-wood polishes in a cleaning tool box ensures that all surfaces are protected.

10 Tips for Taking Care of Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture may endure a lifetime and is frequently handed down through the generations as a beloved family heirloom. Although even the best wood can be damaged if it is not properly cared for, scratches and abrasions can still occur.

You should always ask for precise cleaning and care recommendations when purchasing furniture. Here are ten suggestions for preserving the natural beauty of wood in your home’s existing furnishings so that future generations can enjoy them as well.

1. Don’t Mistreat Furniture

Use coasters when laying glasses or mugs on wood tables and never place hot food directly on them without the protection of a trivet or potholder to avoid rings and heat damage. Use tablecloths or placemats to prevent food and drink messes on your dining room table.

2. Avoid Environmental Damage

When exposed to the elements, your excellent wood will be damaged. You don’t want to put pricey furniture in front of windows, ventilation or fireplaces that aren’t covered.

3. Dust Often

Dusting is a duty that no one enjoys, but it is one of the greatest methods to keep your furniture in good condition. Wood can be scratched by airborne particles that form a filmy layer on the surface. Dusting on a regular basis prevents the accumulation of dust. In order to avoid damage, always choose soft cloth such as cotton T-shirts or microfiber. When it comes to cleaning delicate carvings or hard-to-reach areas, lambswool dusters are the best.

4. Keep Your Wood Clean

Cleaning your wood furniture may be important when dusting isn’t enough. All-purpose cleansers can damage the finish, so avoid using them. For really dirty or gooey areas, dab some mild dish detergent-infused water on a clean cloth. Rinse it thoroughly and then wipe the area with a soft cloth. After rinsing with a damp cloth, use a soft dry cloth to quickly wipe away any remaining water.

5. Protect Your Wood

Most commercial sprays and polishes contain either silicone oil or petroleum distillates to give your wood a fresh, lustrous surface while also providing some protection from moisture and insects and other environmental factors. To avoid a dull, sticky film, don’t apply too much product. It might generate accumulation and combine with dirt. Using these products with a wax protectant will result in an even more sticky mess, so always buff well after using them to help avoid this accumulation.

6. Treat Wear and Tear

Wooden furniture can be damaged even if it is cared for properly. Old English Scratch Cover is a good choice for minor dings and dings. Liquid polish conceals abrasions and brings forth the natural beauty of wood.

A more radical solution may be necessary if the damage is too significant to be repaired with polishes or touch-up sticks and you aren’t ready to give up your prized possession. Reviving old furniture with a coat of paint can extend its usefulness for many more years. Re-staining requires sanding, which may be tedious and time-consuming. Painting, on the other hand, eliminates the need for this step.

7. Re-Oil Dry Wood

Re-oiling furniture may be necessary if it has been stored for a long time and has gotten too dry. Prep the surface by using #0000 steel wool and always working with the grain to remove any loose paint or dirt. Using your furniture oil, generously coat the surface of the wood and allow it to soak in for 15 minutes. Allow at least 24 hours for your furniture to settle before applying a protective covering.

8. Re-Wax as Needed

In some cases, wax is used as a protective covering for furniture. Re-waxing the surface may be necessary as the pieces age to ensure that they remain protected. Always use fine #0000 steel wool to prepare the surface before wiping it clean with a delicate towel. Using a Scotch Brite pad, apply a light coat of wax and spread it with it, always following the grain, using gentle pressure. Allow the wax to harden for no more than 20 minutes. Use a clean Scotch Brite pad to remove any remaining wax, and then a soft towel to buff the surface until it is silky smooth.

9. Keep Wood Smelling Fresh

If an item has been stored for a long time, it may develop an unpleasant odor. The surface can be refreshed by sprinkling baking soda on it and putting a pan of charcoal in the drawers to absorb odors. A warm, dry day can even be used to get rid of a malodorous odour and restore your furniture to its former glory.

10. Remove Tough Stains

No matter how hard you try, your beautiful wood furniture will eventually become discolored, regardless of your efforts. The longer a stain sits, the more difficult it will be to remove, no matter what type of stain it is.

  • Apply a mixture of equal parts white toothpaste and baking soda to remove white rings from damp glasses. Remove the discoloration by rubbing it in. Then, use a dry cloth to wipe off the furniture and shine it up.
  • If water damage has left dark patches, dab the stain lightly with a vinegar-soaked towel.
  • Apply mayonnaise on crayon smudges to remove them. Clean with a damp towel and then a dry one after a few minutes of resting.

With a little effort, you can keep your wood furniture in top condition for years to come by following these simple care guidelines, which aren’t difficult or time-consuming.

How We Tested the Best Furniture Polish

The best wood furniture polish will preserve wooden surfaces in excellent condition. Wood polish also serves as a sealer, extending the lifespan of wood furniture. Based on the specified surface type, we tested each polish. We tested the product’s ability to remove dirt, fingerprints, and other debris from the surface. We also looked at how well it conditioned the wood and what kind of protection it left on the surface of the material.

In addition, we examined the polish’s ease of application and the polish’s efficacy during application. As a final consideration, we asked ourselves if the polish smelled pleasant. Having a pleasant-smelling cleaner makes the task more fun, even if it’s just for aesthetic reasons.


Choosing and using the best furniture polish is now a piece of cake. However, you may still be interested in learning more. Here, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning furniture polish.

Q. What type of polish is best for wood?

To get the best results, you need to know what kind of wood you’re polishing. Raw or semi-finished wood is best treated with oils and waxes. It is recommended to use emulsion polishes on wood furniture that has already been finished. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to polishing wood furniture.

Q. What is the difference between furniture wax and polish?

It is possible to use wax as a polish, although not every polish is wax. Wax polishes are often sold in tiny quantities and in a semi-solid form. Aerosol, spray, and squirt bottles are all common packaging options for polishes, which can either be emulsions or oils.

Q. Does furniture polish contain wax?

Wax is an ingredient in several polishes. These polishes are applied to the surface using a sponge applicator or a cloth and are often semi-solid.

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