Best Heavy Duty Garbage Bags. Which Is Best For You?

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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There’s a lot of nasty stuff in your trash bags. You don’t want the contents of the bag to spill all over you and the floor. Because of this, our team has compiled a list of the best trash bags available.

Whether you’re looking for a drawstring option, a biodegradable bag, a bag for leaves and yard objects, or something else, we can assist you in finding the best.


Are Trash Bags Sanitary?

No, they’re completely sanitary for storing your garbage. The best place to keep your rubbish is in trash bags. Rubbish cans are designed to protect trash from spilling out when you’re moving it out of the house. They also help to keep the trash can itself clean.

The Best Heavy-Duty Trash Bags: 55 Gallon Bags for Indoor/Outdoor Use - Rolling Stone

Many individuals pack and move with garbage bags, which is perfectly acceptable. However, some people believe it is acceptable to store food in trash bags. That’s a risky move, to say the least.

For this reason, it is not recommended that foods be stored in garbage bags. Your food could be contaminated by the chemicals in the bags. Save money and the environment by storing your food in reusable tupperware.

What Makes a Trash Bag Strong?

Trash bags are made to last thanks to high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

Elasticity is a characteristic of a well-made trash bag. So even if it’s stuffed to the brim, it doesn’t tear open. Instead, it elongates somewhat to distribute the weight more effectively.

Next, a decent trash bag will have a little thicker feel to it. Tears and leaks might occur if the material is too thin.

Finally, consider the weight of the trash bags. Low-density garbage bags are thicker, more flexible, and more resistant to tearing than high-density trash bags. If it has a high density, it will be lighter in weight. Office and bathroom trash cans where paper waste is the primary material are ideal for this type of garbage can.

How Long Do Trash Bags Take to Decompose?

Plastic bags can take anywhere from 10 to 20 years to degrade, according to some sources. We don’t know how long plastic bags take to degrade because they’ve only been around for a short time. It might take up to 500 years, according to some estimates.

So, in total, a plastic bag can disintegrate in a landfill anywhere from 10 to 1000 years.

Choosing the Right Trash Bag Size

It is common practice to use a trash bin liner or bag to store and transport waste. Keep your trash from spilling out of the can and into the street, dumpster, dock, or other final destination until it’s finally disposed of. Larger facilities have a wide variety of trash bins and bags to fill them with. In addition, the rubbish itself can vary greatly based on where you place your garbage can.

It’s understandable that you haven’t given much thought to trash can liners or the waste generated by your facility as a whole. However, it’s possible that the place where you toss stuff is a hidden treasure trove of cost savings. It costs Grainger roughly $20,000 per year to line trash cans at its Lake Forest, Illinois, headquarters. 1 A considerable amount of money is being spent on something that will be thrown away. How much do you spend each year on garbage can liners? Use the least expensive option if you can. Let’s investigate further.

How to Choose the Right Trash Bag

Tossing waste into specified areas of your business is a common occurrence. Is it likely that the contents of the bag will include any sharp objects? How much weight does the waste have? Yes, linear, low-density polyethylene bags will be required.

Garbage bags like this one are made of:

  • Resin that is impervious to tearing and puncture damage
  • For garbage with sharp or jagged edges, this product is ideal.
  • suited to a wide variety of tasks

In this case, a high-density application would be appropriate.

Garbage bags like this one are made of:

  • To be used with soft waste (office, restroom, paper)
  • Polyethylene that is three times as robust as normal polyethylene
  • Resin with a thinner gauge that can withstand temperatures as low as –40°F and as high as 212°F.

Because of their smaller size and less weight, these bags are more cost effective to ship, store, and warehouse. Consequently, if you don’t need the additional weight, don’t pay for it.

What’s the Right Trash Bag Size?

A waste of money is when you purchase more bag than you actually need. What evidence do you have to back up your claims? Take a tour of your facilities and see how the bags fit in each bin or container. You’re using too much trash bag if the bag extends more than four inches beyond the edge of the bin or receptacle.

General Guidelines For Trash Bag Sizes

The bag’s width should be equal to one-half of the container’s circumference.

What About Weight?

Weight and gauge are two more typical misunderstandings. Many people believe that a bag’s strength or durability is directly proportional to the gauge or thickness of the plastic used. This isn’t always the case, of course. Thinner, lighter, and more flexible plastic resins have replaced the heavier plastics of the past thanks to advances in science.

Does the bag need to be able to carry a lot of weight? Calculate the average weight of a full can liner in its typical surroundings. You can then use that weight to check the bag’s maximum weight capacity. Any garbage bag product listing will have this number.

Does Color Matter?

The finest garbage bin liners to hide trash are those that are opaque so that it is difficult to see what’s within. More so in hospitality settings, where waste may have to be hauled through common areas for various reasons. Using clear garbage bags for recycling is common, while orange garbage bags can be utilized in areas where visibility is a concern. Bags with the biohazard symbol are critical for medical waste.

The first step in making sure you’re utilizing the correct trash can liners is to know how and where they’re used in your facility. You could wind up paying more money than you need if you use too much liner. Check to see if the one you’re using is strong enough for the job and the proper type and weight for the task at hand.

The Best Trash Bags

Using real customer feedback, industry information, and our own experience, we’ve compiled this list of the seven finest garbage bags on the market. We hope these suggestions prove helpful to you.

1. Aircover 8-12 Gallon Biodegradable Trash Bags

Best Biodegradable Trash Bag

Check the Cost

Our favorite biodegradable garbage bag is the Aircover. Microorganisms in soil break down the waste bags into carbon dioxide and water using technology. However, they do decompose in landfills. This process is fueled by the sun’s rays and heat.

These trash bags biodegrade in around two years, which is a lot less time than ordinary plastic trash bags do. When they are in use or stored in your home, however, it is long enough to assure that they will not begin to decompose.


  • Takes two years to decompose.
  • A thickness of 1.2 mils.
  • Handles with drawstrings.
  • Waterproof and abrasion-proof.


  • Expensive.

2. Plant-Based – Hippo Sak Tall Kitchen Bags

Best Tall Trash Bags

Check the Cost

A tall garbage bag is a need if you have a high trash container. Hippo Sak Tall Kitchen Bags are a must-have item. Their measurements are 15.5 inches X 8.5 inches X 29.4 inches, and they hold 13 gallons. Make sure you measure your garbage can before you order!

What’s so special about them? It is easy to remove them from the garbage can because of their wide, handy handles, which may be tied to prevent any spills.

Next, they’re incredibly powerful. The bags are leak-proof, tear-proof, and puncture-proof despite being constructed primarily of plant-based materials.

Finally, they have a reinforced bottom, making them ten times more durable than other trash bags in the market. So even if the bag is really heavy, the bottom will not split and leak.

Please Note


  • Attention:
  • Impermeable to tearing or leaking
  • Tall trash receptacles will fit.
  • The bottom is reinforced.


  • They can’t be decomposed in a landfill or composted.
  • Expensive.

3. Member’s Mark 39 gal. Power-Guard

Best Trash Bag for Leaves and Lawn

Check the Cost

The Member’s Mark Power-Guard is the best alternative for disposing of your yard waste. A 39-gallon capacity ensures that you can dispose of all of your trash.

The bag itself is leak and tear-proof. You don’t have to worry about the bag bursting if you’re throwing away sharp things, twigs, or branches. With confidence, throw away your garbage!

The bag’s top has twice the strength of the bag’s bottom. Using this method ensures that the bag does not tear open when it is full to the brim. A Power Flex technology is used to stretch around heavy things without ripping the rest of the bag.


  • Stronger than the leading national brand by two times the amount.
  • The drawstring closing is quite convenient.
  • Designed to be rip and leak-resistant thanks to the use of elastic plastic.
  • There has a total volume of 39 gallons.


  • The drawstring can tear every now and then.

4. Glad ForceFlex Drawstring Trash Bags

Best Durable Trash Bag

Check the Cost

The Glad ForceFlex Drawstring Trash Bag is the best option for maximum durability. Leaks and tears are kept to a minimum thanks to the two-layer construction. Tears can’t get through the outer layer because the inner layer is particularly tough.

Protects against leaks thanks to the LeakGuard technology that keeps liquids inside. As a result, there will be no leaks on your floors or shoes, no matter what is lying in your garbage bag.

Finally, this garbage bag is effective at removing unpleasant scents from the environment. Bad odours can be trapped and eliminated with the OdorShield 3-in-1. This keeps your kitchen and dwelling free of offensive scents such as cat litter and stale diaper waste.


  • The OdorShield system.
  • Leaks and rips are prevented by using two layers.
  • They’re tall enough to fit into tight and tall garbage cans.
  • Easy to remove three-ply drawstring.


  • The extra aroma of Febreze is too much.
  • Trash cans of the normal shape will not fit in them. Best suited to individuals who stand at a height advantage.

5. Veska Gallon Clear Garbage Bags

Best Extra Large Trash Bag

Check the Cost

The 95-gallon volume of the Veska garbage bags makes them perfect for outdoor bins and larger trash cans.

The Best Heavy-Duty Trash Bags: 55 Gallon Bags for Indoor/Outdoor Use - Rolling Stone

Low-density plastic is used to make them, which can manage all types of household and business waste. If you’re utilizing this at home or at work, it’s an excellent option.

Even though the trash bags are clear, they are quite strong. They are built to carry 95 gallons of trash without tearing or leaking, and they have been tested to meet this capacity. There are no more worries about trash can spills or stains on your shoes when you take out the trash thanks to this product.

These are also puncture-proof and pliable. These garbage bags can be used to dispose of yard waste as well.


  • A 95-gallon capacity.
  • Commercial and residential garbage is taken care of.
  • Leak- and tear-proof.
  • Water- and abrasion-proof.


  • Expensive.
  • There is no way to close it.

6. Solimo Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags

Best Trash Bag With Value for Money

Check the Cost

However, the Solimo trash bags are still high-quality trash bags at a more affordable price point. Our recommendation if you are looking for something worth the money but not too expensive is these.

Make sure to keep in mind that these trash bags are best suited for tall garbage cans. However, their 13-gallon capacity is impressive.

They have a reasonable thickness of 0.9 mil. Using a drawstring to close the bag makes it simple to lift, remove, and dispose of them without getting your hands wet.


  • The most economical and most cost-effective option.
  • Drawstring closure makes it easy to close your bag.
  • Unscented. This is a great product if you have a chemical sensitivity.
  • A one-year guarantee of satisfaction.


  • They can be punctured.
  • Due to the fact that it isn’t particularly flexible, it won’t fit on all garbage cans. Favorable to tall, thin individuals.

7. GreenPolly Blue Trash Bags with Drawstring

Best Drawstring Trash Bag

Check the Cost

Using a garbage bag with a drawstring makes it much easier to close the bag. When the can is removed from the trash and disposed of outside, the work becomes easier (and, of course, less disgusting).

Excellent, long-lasting drawstring on GreenPolly Blue Trash Bags. It’s simple to use and easy to carry the bag to the trash cans.

Bags manufactured from 80-90% post-consumer plastic and reusable materials are also included. Most industries use virgin plastic, which isn’t good for the environment because it doesn’t decompose or break down.

Finally, the three-ply design of these bags ensures that they are less prone to leaks or tears. However, because they are only 0.9 mm thick, several consumers have reported that they are readily punctured.


  • The majority of the material is recycled plastic.
  • The drawstring mechanism is a really handy one.
  • This is a three-ply design.


  • Overstuffing can lead to punctures and tears.
  • It’s possible that this won’t fit in normal kitchen trash bins.

8. TOUGHBAG Trash Bags

TOUGHBAG is always the best option. This company’s heavy-duty bags are the most trustworthy and cost-effective. TOUGHBAG’s goods are manufactured in the United States, assuring that they adhere to strict quality standards. To put it simply, TOUGHBAG is the greatest heavy-duty garbage bag on the market when you compare it to other options.

Product Highlights

A single TOUGHBAG garbage bag holds 55-60 gallons of rubbish, making it ideal for cleaning and organizing a large home. This sturdy trash bag ensures no tearing or overflowing when used, making it ideal for storing rubbish. Because of its 1.2-mil thickness and low-density polymers, this feature is possible. This device makes it easy to get rid of potentially harmful items like sharp or abrasive glasses or blades.

The Good

Because of its rapid customer service and immediate shipping, this product is sure to be a hit with you. TOUGHBAG is here to answer any questions you may have about their products, and they take pride in the robustness of everything they make. In addition, your bag will arrive in a matter of days rather than weeks, so you may utilize it when you need it the most.

The Bad

Despite the company’s swift and immediate shipping, the quality of the product was compromised. Garbage bags can be thin and weak or strong and functional in other cases. It also emits a foul odor, making it impossible to utilize this garbage bag.


  • Shipping and delivery are handled immediately.
  • A capacity of 60 gallons


  • Product quality that is inconsistent
  • It has a terrible smell.

9. PLASTICPLACE Contractor Trash

Demolition and construction projects generate large amounts of waste materials, and PLASTICPLACE is a well-known name in this industry. Trash bags made by these companies can bear the weight of trashed concrete blocks, spikes, and even broken glass. One of the greatest heavy-duty trash bags on the market is from their company

Product Highlights

PLASTICPLACE’s rubbish bags are specifically engineered to hold waste efficiently. Because to this product’s unique construction, you will never have to worry about punctures, holes, or tears in your rubbish bag. A thickness of 3.0 mil makes this product excellent for gripping dangerous, heavy, and gritty things in your environment. A maximum of 42 gallons of industrial waste can be stored in it.

The Good

You’ll appreciate this product because it consistently delivers heavy-duty waste bags that are up to the task. Because of its desired thickness, it is perfect for storing heavy construction debris that demands careful and thorough cleanups. For improved quality, the material is made of mechanized strength and low-density resins.

The Bad

It’s important to keep an eye out for the product’s insufficient packaging, which may arrive open. Due to the weight of the products, this issue necessitates more responsible packaging. Customers who have purchased these waste bags have stated that they have had to shred and break them.


  • Bags that can withstand being punctured
  • It is ideal for disposing of building waste


  • Product descriptions that are not correct
  • Tears apart with ease
  • Irregularly packaged goods

10. HIPPO SAK Plant-Based Kitchen Bags

Known for making the best heavy-duty waste bags, HIPPO SAK has earned a solid reputation in the industry. This company’s products are made from sugar cane, which is environmentally friendly. To ensure that their clients don’t have to deal with any inconveniences, HIPPO SAK makes sure their products are convenient.

Product Highlights

The 6x5x5-inch HIPPO SAK cooking bags are made from plant-based materials. To ensure a large reduction in carbon footprint or emissions, it is made from renewable resources and is white in color. In addition, this American-made product is completely recyclable, making it a healthy choice for your lifestyle. Garbage bags are included in each box in quantities of 45, each weighing 2.5 pounds.

The Good

This device has user-friendly handles that make it easier to transport. That way, you never have to be concerned about dumping rubbish that’s too heavy. Along with the efficient design that promises a long-lasting product, this item also has an attractive appearance. You won’t have to worry about any leaks or messes.

The Bad

The description of this product may significantly differ from the actual product. Furthermore, it’s possible that it’s not entirely trustworthy. Not only were these trash bags not biodegradable and plant-based, but the actual product didn’t mention that. Garbage bags with reinforced bottoms still tear easily. The company also disregards any concerns regarding their product.


  • This product’s description may differ greatly from the real thing. Furthermore, it’s possible that it’s not entirely trustworthy. Not only were these trash bags not biodegradable and plant-based, but the actual product didn’t mention that. Garbage bags with reinforced bottoms still tear easily. Concerns about their product are likewise ignored by the corporation.
  • Despite the product’s description, the real product may differ greatly. As a result, you should proceed with caution. The actual product didn’t mention that these trash bags are not biodegradable or plant-based, which is a problem. These trash bags, even though they have a reinforced bottom, readily rip open and spill their contents. Concerns about their product are likewise ignored by the corporation. ‘


  • The description is misleading.
  • A lack of respect for the needs of the client

11. Evolution Trash Bag Tall Kitchen DRAWSTRING

By purchasing Evolution Trash Bag Tall Kitchen DRAWSTRING, you can help the environment by purchasing sustainable tall kitchen trash bags. EPA procurement regulations for this brand were surpassed by 700 percent by this American company. This company has received numerous accolades and certifications for its adherence to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations. Additionally, their waste bags are odorless, guaranteeing client happiness.

Product Highlights

These Evolution Trash Bag Tall Kitchen DRAWSTRING white kitchen bags have a waste capacity of 13 gallons, making them ideal for both industrial and domestic garbage storage. Aside from that, it’s made from recycled materials, making it both environmentally and sustainably sound. In each box, there are 120 tall kitchen bags that are UL ECOLOGO-certified and can be used in the USGBC’s LEED program.

The Good

If you’re looking for a product that meets the EPA Procurement requirements, this one is for you. With this material, you may use all the space in the garbage bags because it’s flexible. Because it is made of post-consumer recycled materials, it will have a positive impact on the environment.

The Bad

Despite their seeming thickness and sturdiness, the quality of these cooking bags is questionable. You’ll need to double the bag while it’s in use to guarantee that it doesn’t leak or tear. It’s also possible that the manufacturer didn’t remember to cut the roll into individual bag parts, rendering the entire roll useless.


  • Use only EPA-approved trash bags.
  • Recycled materials were used to make this product.


  • It is possible that certain rolls are not perforated
  • Double-bagging is necessary because of the thinness of the product.

12. RELI Premium Trash Bags

Simply put, RELI has the best trash bags on the market. They make sure that all of their items are easy to use and easy to store so that you can get the most out of each one. All of their trash bags are manufactured in the United States, guaranteeing a high-density balance.

Product Highlights

Up to 45 gallons of waste can be safely stored in the RELI Premium and Super Value trash bags, which come in 150-piece packages. It has a 40-by-48-inch dimension, which ensures that all of the waste bags’ capacity may be utilized. This product’s bottom features a star seal for added robustness, making trash storage and disposal a breeze. In addition to offering top-notch customer service, they make it a priority to maintain market supply and value at wholesale levels.

The Good

RELI trash bags are always a safe bet because they are rigorously tested and examined before being released to the public market. Only by following this procedure can faults and complications in the product be kept to a minimum. To ensure you get the best garbage bags to fit your needs, use this guide.

The Bad

It’s just because the garbage bags aren’t described well enough that I can’t give this product a perfect score. Some buyers may be perplexed by this problem and end up getting products that fall short of their expectations. In some cases, it is not suited for events that feature surprises due to its lack of a clear and translucent coloration.


  • Trash cans at a reasonable price
  • Convenient and long-lasting product


  • Inaccurate description of the product
  • Possibly a tad on the light side

13. HEFTY Garbage Bags

When it comes to manufacturing necessities for everyday life, HEFTY is a source of great pride for Americans. Waste bags, cans and one-use glasses and silverware make up the majority of these items. This company promises to respond quickly to your home problems and offers home solutions to make your life more convenient and orderly..

Product Highlights

There are a total of 48 HEFTY contractor garbage bags that can accommodate up to 42 gallons of home trash. The dark hue hides and seals in the trash, making it easy to clean. The bag’s 3.0 mil thickness is capable of withstanding high loads without breaking. Flipped handles make it easier to transport and dispose of the product. In order to lift and carry these garbage bags around your house, lengthy flap ties make it easier for you to knot them.

The Good

The handles of this garbage bag include flaps that make it stand out from the competition. By allowing you to fill the bag with trash while simultaneously gripping and holding the weight, these flaps promise easier waste disposal. To say that this tear-resistant substance is heavy is an understatement.

The Bad

There is only one drawback to this product, and it’s the fact that the maker is inconsistent. In some cases, the product was already defective when it arrived. Is there any way to use this product if it has a hole in the bottom of the trash bag? Poor customer service is also a problem for the firm itself.


  • Resilient to tearing and puncturing
  • Due to its drawstring closing, this bag is easy to use.


  • A lack of respect for the needs of the client
  • Plastic bags that have defects and are not sealed

14. TASKER Contractor Trash Bags

There is no doubt in my mind that TASKER is the best option for disposing of construction or domestic garbage. One of the most trusted brands on the market, they make sure that every product they offer can resist the rigors of large and bulky garbage. Because of the professional techniques and production processes available in the United States, the product’s exceptional quality is largely responsible for its superiority.

Buy 55 Gallon Trash Bags Heavy Duty, (Value Pack 50 Count w/Ties) Extra Large Black Outdoor Trash Bags, Heavy Duty Trash Can Liners, Contractor Bags 60, 55, 50 Gallon Trash Can Liner

Product Highlights

The 60-gallon size of each TASKER contractor trash bag makes it easier to store trash. For heavy-duty waste bags, it comes in 32 or 50 count and has a thickness of 3.0 mil. This garbage bag has a wide range of applications because it may be used in any environment. A building site or a workshop can benefit from using it to store huge debris and garbage. Its 37″ x 56″ size guarantees a heavy-duty and impermeable rubbish bag.

The Good

This item is renowned for its capacity to stand on its own as a rubbish bag. In a single location, you may dispose of all of your rubbish. In addition, it can hold huge barrels and cans of garbage. You may use this tow truck to haul away even the heaviest loads of tough rubbish.

The Bad

Disorganization may be a problem for you because this product may arrive in a disorganized and loose box. You’ll have a hard time getting the garbage bag in a more orderly configuration because of this problem. Folding and dispensing the product will necessitate a specified amount of time. The product’s actual size will be misunderstood as a result of the misleading ad.


  • The product has a wide range of applications.
  • Trash bags that last


  • Inaccurate size information is provided.
  • It’s a mess when it arrives.

What Can I Use Instead of Trash Bags?

There are a few more options for disposing of waste that are less widespread and less handy than trash bags.

  • When it comes to heavy-duty, reusable plastic bags, we’re talking about those. You can make a trash bag out of that. It’s great for paper garbage and recycling, but you may also use it for general rubbish if you like. It’s important to wash it after each use.
  • If you’re going to get rid of other things anyhow, why not put them to good use? If you have a large cardboard box or a bag from your pet’s food, you can use it as a temporary garbage bag. As a result, it can be reused before it has to be thrown away.
  • Go without a bag: This is an option. This eliminates all plastic waste. It takes more effort to clean your trash can and may produce more stench, but it’s a surefire method to save money and reduce the amount of plastic you use.

Be Picky

Spending so much time and effort on garbage bag selection may seem odd at first. But there are no two alike! We’ve whittled down your options with our seven picks for the finest garbage bags so you don’t have to.

The Aircover 8-12 Gallon Biodegradable Trash Bags, which are better for the environment while still being extremely durable, are our overall favorite.

We propose the Plant-Based Hippo Sak Tall Kitchen Bags for your tall kitchen containers. Even though they’re not biodegradable, the majority of their components are plant-based. Consequently, they are more environmentally friendly.

Finally, take a look at the Member’s Mark 39-gallon Power-Guard bags for all of your lawn and leaf debris.


How do I choose a trash bag?

Take a look at the measurements of your garbage can online or measure it. Four inches of overhang and half the diameter of the can’s bottom are needed to cover the can’s bottom. The height of your trash bag will be measured against this. Can height: 42 + 4 (overhang) + 12 (1/2 can width) = 60 in total bag height.

Which trash bag is better Hefty or glad?

It’s not just that the top two are better. If you compare the Glad bag’s thickness with the thickness of the remainder of the bag, you’ll see that it’s promoted as utilizing less plastic. Most other bags have a thickness of roughly 0.9 mils. The drawstring on the Hefty bag is flexible, so it may be tied to the wastebasket rim.

What do orange trash bags mean?

When medical waste must be incinerated, orange rubbish bags will occasionally be utilized.

Which plastic bags are the strongest?

HDPE, or high density polyethylene, is the most durable plastic bag material. During the polymerization process, changes to the material’s composition dictate its thickness and stiffness.

Which trash bag holds the most weight?

The heavier the container, the more weight it can hold. Glad will be second in importance. In terms of weight, generic is the lightest.

What is the thickest trash bag?

Microns are used to measure the thickness of high-density waste bags. Mils are the unit of measurement for thicker trash bags (low density/linear low density). The gauge of typical trash bags ranges from 0.7 to 2.0 mils.

Which garbage bags are the strongest?

Where can you find the toughest trash bags? Using Hefty’s Triple Action Technology and thick plastic material, the company’s Ultra Strong kitchen bags are among the strongest waste bags on the market.

Is Glad or Hefty better?

It’s not just that the top two are better. If you compare the Glad bag’s thickness with the thickness of the remainder of the bag, you’ll see that it’s promoted as utilizing less plastic. Most other bags have a thickness of roughly 0.9 mils. The drawstring on the Hefty bag is flexible, so it may be tied to the wastebasket rim.

Which contractor bag is thickest?

Standard contractor bags are 42-gallon bags that claim to be 3 mil thick and capable of handling the most difficult waste.

How thick should garbage bags be?

A trash bag’s gauge is a phrase used to indicate its thickness. Microns are used to measure the thickness of high-density waste bags. Mils are the unit of measurement for thicker trash bags (low density/linear low density). The gauge of typical trash bags ranges from 0.7 to 2.0 mils.

What are white garbage bags for?

U.S. households use 13-gallon kitchen waste bags, which are often white. When the bag is filled to capacity, drawstrings are an option to assist secure it.

Why are garbage bags so expensive?

When you buy trash bags, you’re paying for plastic resin, which is an expensive material. Trash bag capacity, resin, maximum load, seal, color, and any other facility-specific factors can save up to 50% on the entire category if taken into consideration.


Choosing the best heavy duty garbage bags can go a long way toward making waste disposal easier. You won’t have to worry about unsightly spills and odors leaking out of your garbage bags thanks to this innovative technology. In and of itself, it’s disgusting. Check out the products we’ve hand-selected just for you to make sure your final decision is the right one. To offer the best possible service for their consumers, these products are thoroughly tested. There are disadvantages to everything, of course. It’s up to you to decide which rubbish bag best suits your needs. Learn more about 13-gallon garbage bags by clicking this link!!

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