Best Mop Slippers For Cleaning. Which Is Best For You?

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For many of us, time is a precious commodity in our fast-paced society. You don’t want to be mopping when you’re on vacation.

Fortunately, mopping slippers have been invented as a remedy. With no effort, you can now stroll about and complete this task. This new cleaning device has us all giddy with anticipation.

Before we take a look at the best mopping slippers available, let’s go over some of the benefits and shopping advice.


Why You Need A Floor Cleaning Slippers

Cleaning slippers for the floor are a new and convenient way to clean your home. To save time, which is a precious commodity in today’s fast-paced society, this new invention is a huge success.

They feature a microfibre basis linked to their soles, but otherwise they look like regular slippers. As a result, after wearing floor-cleaning slippers, you are actually cleaning the floor as you walk.

It Takes Less Effort

Scrubbing your floor takes a lot of effort that could be used for something else. Instead of lugging a mop and a bucket to the area you’re cleaning, you may just slip on a pair of floor mopping slippers.

Allow your feet to do the cleaning as you move from room to room. Use your feet to your advantage because your legs are your strongest muscle group.

These adorable slippers will make mopping your floors super fun | Mashable

It Saves Time

You have to spend time preparing the mop and bucket, adding cleaning solution, and lastly wiping the floor when using the traditional mopping method.

You can stroll about and clean your floors normally while wearing floor cleaning slippers, on the other hand. There’s no need to set aside time only to mop the floor. While you’re mopping the floor, go ahead and do something else that’s not time-consuming.

It Is Fun

Mopping the floor in floor mopping shoes is a lot of fun! You accomplish the task at hand while having a good time on your floor. Intriguingly, children can participate as well!

Features To Look Out For

Microfiber Material

One hundred percent of bacteria may be removed from floors using microfiber, a synthetic material. Up to eight times its weight in liquid can be held by this material. For efficient cleaning, this is the perfect substance.

You can use microfiber on your floor because it is non-abrasive and gentle. It has the ability to buff and polish surfaces. It may be washed in a washing machine so that it can be used for a long period of time. If you can find one with microfiber, it could be worth it to get it.

Removable Pads

Using floor-cleaning slippers with detachable pads is a cinch. Detach it and wash it in the washing machine; they are the simplest to clean. As a result, replacing old slippers isn’t necessary.


Even though they seem like conventional slippers, you should be able to wear these without any problems. Floor cleaning slippers that are elastic fit snugly around your calf. Cleaning the floor with them on is both more comfortable and safer.

Suitability For Dry Or Wet Floors

While some slippers are specifically designed to remove only dry filth, such pet hair and soil, others are meant to clean both wet and dry surfaces. When shopping for floor cleaning footwear, keep these things in mind.

If your floor is too wet to be cleaned using floor cleaning slippers, here are some pointers for dealing with slick surfaces.

Other Things To Know About Floor Cleaning Slippers

  • For added coziness and warmth, some coats feature a plush lining.
  • Some are decorated with bright colors and animals.
  • There are noodle-like structures on the microfiber ones that collect dust.
  • Soft cotton is used to make several of the garments.
  • Winter-friendly closed-toe floor cleaning slippers are available. Open-toe variants are also available for warmer climates.
  • These EVA-padded bases provide both comfort and longevity.
  • Velcro is used to hold the mop in place on the ones with replaceable pads.
  • After a few usage, elastic floor cleaning slippers may lose their elasticity and fall apart. Mop heads or noodle attachments can be used to clean automobiles.
  • Chenille microfibre is used to make some floor cleaning footwear. They’re thin and supple, making them a breeze to wear.
  • Various sizes of floor-cleaning slippers are offered. They can be worn with shoes or barefoot, depending on your preference.
  • Cleaning the floor Microfiber slippers can be washed in the washing machine, but they should be dried on a rack. No strong chemicals, such as bleach, should ever be used on these garments.
  • ‘Coral fleece’ is a material used to make floor mopping slippers (a polyester synthetic fabric). Because of its noodle-like form, it is able to catch dirt.

Flooring slippers are all you need if you’re like me and have grown tired of the traditional approach of cleaning hardwood floors or your tiles.

Benefits of Mopping Slippers

1. Saves Time

Taking out a mop and bucket is a time-consuming process. Before you can begin mopping, you must first fill the bucket with water and locate a cleaning solution.

With mopping slippers, you’ll be able to get the job done faster. To keep your hard floors clean, you don’t even have to take time out of your day; simply go about your normal business. One of the most convenient ways to clean the floor is with this device.

2. Less Effort

Take a break and let your feet do the dusting.

No need to tote a mop and pail around or drag it up the stairs when you can simply float from room to room. Additionally, your legs are the most powerful muscle group in your body, therefore you should use them to your advantage.

3. Promotes Fun!

This is not a joke, we swear! You can make light of household tasks by mopping them up with your slippers. Perhaps you could persuade the young people to take up the sport themselves.

How to Choose Mopping Slippers

When you’re out shopping, keep an eye out for these crucial facts.

Microfiber Material

Using a synthetic fiber like microfiber, you can eliminate 99 percent of the microorganisms on your floor. It can hold up to seven times its own weight in liquid, making it an excellent sponge. As a result, it may be the greatest substance for cleaning.

In addition, it is a gentle, non-abrasive floor covering. Polishing and buffing the surface may be beneficial. It’s also usually machine washable, which makes cleaning it a breeze.

Removable Pads

Slippers with removable pads are the most useful for mopping floors. You may remove it and wash it in the washing machine, allowing you to keep the slippers for a long period of time.

Velcro is a good material for securing the pad to your slippers in models like these.

Elastic for a Good Fit

It is important that mopping slippers fit snugly and are pleasant for you to wear.

A pair of elastic mopping slippers may be your best bet for a secure and comfortable mopping experience.

Dry or Wet?

Pet hair or wet spills are two different types of problems that you could encounter when cleaning up after a pet. When shopping, think about what you intend to use the item for. Some are designed for dusting solely, while others allow you to tackle both.

The Best Mopping Slippers of 2022

Take a look at the top 10 cleaning slippers in the industry.

1. Pink Microfiber House Slippers

Pretty in Pink Mopping Slippers

Pink is one of your favorite colors, isn’t it? If that’s the case, you might enjoy these mopping slippers.

They’re constructed of chenille, a microfiber fabric with a velvety feel. Dirt can be trapped in the noodle design.

In cold homes with hard floors, the insulated toe and plush padding will help keep your feet warm. If you choose to wear these as slippers only, the mop base detaches from the shoe using velcro.

If pink isn’t your color, there are also blue/gray, red, and brown options.


  • It has a soft, toasty lining.
  • You can remove the mop heads and wear them as ordinary slippers if you like.
  • Super absorbent and can be used as a wet or dry mop.


  • Sizes are very limited. Only women’s sizes 7-13 and men’s sizes 5-13.5 are available for sale.

2. Turkoni Multifunction Unisex Cleaning Slippers

Best Detachable Mopping Slippers

Cleaning slippers that double as mopping slippers are available from Turkoni. It’s not necessary to spend every waking moment doing housework. You don’t need anything more than a pair of adorable, cushy feet on sometimes. The cleaning attachment may be easily removed so you can wear your regular slippers again. For a weekend getaway in the mountains, this is the ideal bag.

These slippers, on the other hand, are gender-neutral. They are suitable for women with feet between seven and 10 and men with feet between five and 8.5.

These slippers collect dust, grime, and hair from animals. The heads can be cleaned more easily because the mopping attachment can be removed. When you’re done with it, just throw it in the wash. While the attachment is cleaning, feel free to keep on your favorite pair of slip-ons.


  • You may remove the cleaning attachment and wear the slippers without the head thanks to the detachable design.
  • Because of their Unisex design, these slippers are appropriate for just about anyone.
  • Wet mopping is safe to use because they are super absorbent and non-slip.
  • Soft microfiber chenille makes this a luxuriously cushy piece of clothing.


  • They don’t come in all sizes.
  • Time will tell if this is too much.

3. Selric Bear Microfiber Mop Slippers

Animal Lovers Unite

Your kids may help out around the house by wearing these adorable mopping slippers. These pink bear slippers are a great way for kids to help out around the house.

It’s also possible to choose from the likes of rabbits and bunnies as well as other animals. There are a variety of kid and adult sizes to choose from.

For the warmer months of the year, they come in an open-toe design. Durability and comfort are ensured by the EVA base and microfiber chenille used for dusting.

The mop pad is held firmly in place by the Velcro attachment. Replacement mop pads are available for purchase. You can wash them in the machine, but don’t use bleach or other harsh chemicals.


  • The EVA padded base provides comfort and durability.
  • Fun for kids, including fox, pig, frog, bunny, and more.
  • Pads that can be easily removed and washed.
  • Tile, hardwood, and laminate are all good candidates for this finish.


  • Some sizes may not be available at all times. 10Pcs Mop Slippers for Floor Cleaning Washable Shoes Cover Soft Microfiber Dust Mops Mop Socks Reusable for Women Men Kids Foot Dust Hair Cleaners Sweeping House Office Bathroom Kitchen : Health

4. Tamicy Reusable Microfiber Foot Socks

Best Slipper Socks

Wearing socks around the house isn’t something you enjoy doing. Mopping slippers prevent crumbs from being stuck to your feet. You can also vacuum while you’re at it. The elastic on your feet ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

They’re constructed of chenille microfiber with noodles all around and are soft and light. You may wash them in the washing machine in between mopping sessions to keep them squeaky clean.

In addition, the five-piece set is a nice touch. They’ve got vibrant blues, pinks, purples, and even a few shades of orange and green to choose from.


  • It is possible to wear them without socks or shoes if desired.
  • A good fit is ensured by the use of elastic.
  • Lightweight chenille microfiber construction.
  • The super-soft material will not damage or scratch your floor. It’s a no-brainer.


  • After a few usage, elastic may not be very long-lasting.

5. Paialco Double Removable Ultrafine Dusting Shoes

Women’s Best Slippers for Mopping

You can’t go wrong with this bright pink cleaning slipper’s lively design. If you live in a hot area, having an open toe shoe is a necessity.

Soft cotton canvas is used to make them. If you’re not wearing socks, you may find this to be a pleasant sensation. The base is covered with chenille microfiber, which can be removed and washed with Velcro.

Several customers have reported that they were able to wear this mopping slipper with no problems. Inches wide and long, it’s 10.6 by 4.2 inches.


  • Cotton canvas is used to create a pleasant and breathable fabric.
  • In hot climates, wear open-toed shoes.
  • You can wash the mop base by removing the mop base.


  • Please note that the indicated size may not fit your body type.

6. Evriholder Genie Microfiber Men’s Slippers

Men’s Best Slippers for Mopping

Mopping slippers aren’t just for women. Men can wear them, too. Just like regular slippers, these have microfiber sewn into the bottom.

The taupe color scheme is a modern take on a classic neutral. In general, shoe sizes 6 to 9 may be the greatest fit for this pair.

Using lengthy strands of microfibre, the base is able to catch and hold on to dirt. Because of a Velcro pad, they may be removed with ease. They can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the sun.

These mopping slippers should only be used on dry floors.


  • Open-toed footwear for the summer months.
  • Microfiber pads may be washed in the washing machine thanks to their detachable design.
  • Use on linoleum, hardwood and ceramic tile floors alike.
  • For dry mopping without hurting your floors, use ultra-soft materials.


  • Since the slippers aren’t too thick, the slippers’ durability is in question.
  • Dry mopping is the only method that works.

7. Selric Cute Piggy Mircofiber

Best Slippers for Dry Mopping

Check out the Selric slippers if you’re seeking for shoes that can be used for dusting and mopping.

These can only be used on dry flooring. Consequently, they are ideal for removing hair, dust and debris from surfaces. Your feet could become wet if you mop up wet floors, so be careful. Even more so, considering the shoes’ exposed toes. However, the open-toe style is a popular choice among customers, particularly in the summer.

Despite being machine washable, the bottom layer can be removed and washed separately, allowing you to keep wearing the slippers around the house.


  • Floors won’t be scratched or damaged.
  • It traps dust, hair, and filth as you walk.
  • In addition to bears and camels, there are many other animal patterns to choose from.
  • This style is best for hot areas.


  • It’s difficult to choose from so many design alternatives.
  • Materials of low quality. The mopping attachment can come off while you’re walking, thus durability is in doubt.

8. Shadiao Shoe Cover Mop Slippers

Fun Family Pack Mopping Slippers

The whole family may take part with just five sets of reusable shoes. This set includes a pair of pink, orange, green, purple and blue slippers.

Dust-trapping noodles are woven into the chenille microfiber fabric of these slippers. It’s a simple matter of slipping them on over your shoes to keep your flooring free of dirt and scuffs from the outside world.

These cleaning slippers can be used for a variety of tasks. You can wear them, use them with a mop, or even clean with them by hand with them attached. Slippers are 9.4 inches wide and 4.7 inches high. Who said cleaning wasn’t enjoyable?


  • A pack of five pairs of different colors.
  • Strong, non-damaging microfiber material for mopping up spills.
  • As soon as you get home from work, you can put these on over your shoes.


  • If you have wide feet, these may be too small for you to wear comfortably.

9. Microfiber Dust Cleaning Slippers

Great Mopping Slippers for Casual Cleaning

This pair of mopping slippers comes in a neutral blue-grey tone for both men and women. There are also khaki and pink options if you don’t like this color. Unisex sizing runs from a woman’s 7 to a 13 for both men and women.

There is a possibility that the soft material inside may aid to retain heat and keep the wearer warm throughout the day. You should be safe from the cold this winter thanks to the closed-toe design.

The bottom mop pad may be easily washed because it is removable. Using chenille microfiber and Velcro on the slipper, it’s made.


  • Unisex design and sizing, four colors to choose from.
  • Ideal for winter because of their close-toe style and warmth.
  • The mop pads can be machine washed because they are removable.


  • Customers say Velcro isn’t robust enough for their needs.

10. Bontip Unisex Washable Mop Slippers

Versatile Four Pack Mopping Slippers

Because they’re so adaptable, these dusters are one of our favorite products. As a result of their generous size, they can be utilized as shoe covers, of course. The mop heads and noodle attachments can also be used to clean your car.

You’ll have plenty of options with four included. Their vibrant colors make them a lot of pleasure to play with. Colors include blue, green, orange, and purple – perfect for identifying which pair belongs to each member of the family.

The mopping slippers weigh only 0.14 pounds and are composed of chenille microfiber. They can either be washed by hand or in the washing machine.

They may be able to be worn barefoot because of their elastic design. Each slipper is 9.4 inches wide by 3.5 inches long, making it a good fit for most individuals.


  • It can be paired with a pair of shoes or worn alone.
  • Sizing that can be worn by most adults. The 9.4 x 3.5-inch dimension is universally comfortable.
  • Suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks, including hand-cleaning and vehicle washing.


  • It’s possible that the material isn’t long-lasting. Some customers have reported ripping and unraveling as a result.

How Often to Clean Slippers

The frequency with which you should clean your slippers is determined by a variety of factors:

  • No, I don’t wear them outside.
  • No, I don’t wear socks with these.
  • Do you have to struggle with fungal infections and bad odors on your feet?

Whenever scents or heavy soil appear, you should clean your slippers. At the very least, you should clean your slippers once a month.

What You’ll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Large sink or washing machine
  • Brushes made of suede.
  • Vacuum
  • Cloth that is comfortable to the touch
  • Racks for drying clothes


  • Laundry detergent with extra strength
  • Sutherland’s suede cleaner
  • Cornstarch
  • Soap for the saddle
  • Leather care products
  • Sodium bicarbonate of soda
  • Gentle detergents for washing wool
  • Wipes for children’s faces


How to Clean Cotton and Synthetic Fabric Slippers

Any slippers made of polyester fabrics, including those with faux fur linings, can be machine or hand-washed to revitalize and deodorize them.

Wipe Down Soles

If the slippers have been worn outside, remove any mud or grit from the soles by wiping them down with a damp towel or baby wipes (which contain mild soap).

Pre-Treat Stains

Use a small amount of enzyme-rich detergent like Tide or Persil to pre-treat food stains or extremely soiled areas such as the internal soles of the slippers. With your hands or a soft-bristled brush, apply the detergent to the stained area. Before washing, let the detergent do its thing for at least 15 minutes.

Machine-Washing Fabric Slippers

When washing fabric slippers, be sure to combine them with other garments of the same hues and textures. Most of the time, a load of towels will do the trick. Launder in a regular cycle with warm water and your regular laundry detergent.

Hand-Washing Fabric Slippers

Hand-washing fabric slippers in a sink with warm water and a teaspoon of heavy-duty soap is another option. Soak the slippers for at least 30 minutes in the soapy water to loosen the soil. Drain the washing water from the slippers by gently squeezing the solution through them.

Rinse the slippers in fresh water until no more soap bubbles form in the sink. Excess water should be pressed out gently. A thick towel might help absorb water from the footwear.

Drying Washable Fabric Slippers

All slippers, regardless of how they were washed, should be allowed to air dry. Dry the slippers by reshaping them and putting them in a well-ventilated area. The slippers can be stuffed with paper towels or white tissue paper if you’re concerned about their maintaining their shape. Ink stains can be left on your slippers if you use newspaper. As the slippers dry, switch out the paper periodically.


Keep slippers out of the dryer, please. The soles can distort and any glues used in manufacture can be dissolved by the intense heat.

How to Clean Suede Slippers

In order to preserve the appearance of the suede, such slippers as those from Deckers X Lab are produced from leather hides and should only be spot cleaned. Slippers have a persistent odor because they become wet and bacteria begin to thrive, which is why they smell so bad.

Remove Loose Soil

Remove loose soil from the suede’s surface with a suede brush or a soft cloth.

Spot Clean Stains

To remove grease stains, sprinkle cornstarch on the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes. As soon as a stain occurs, this is the best way to remove it. A few hours after using the cornstarch, brush away the stains. When there is no more absorbed grease, repeat the process.

To remove tough filth and stains from suede, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when using a commercial suede cleaner.

Clean the Interior of Suede Slippers

Most suede slippers are lined with shearling. Sprinkle a thick layer of baking soda on the lining to clean and freshen it up. Incorporate the suede brush and let it sit for a few hours before using. Remove the baking soda by vacuuming.

An effective way to clean a badly stained interior is to mix warm water and one teaspoon of wool wash (or another mild detergent) together. To use, moisten a soft cloth with the solution and squeeze off any excess moisture. Rinse the cloth regularly as you gently scrub the inside of the slippers to eliminate any apparent dirt.

Clean the inside of the slippers by rinsing the cloth in clean water and wiping it down. Dry the slippers in the open air for at least a few hours. The interior may be dried with a blow-dryer on a low setting, and the fluffy fur can be re-created with your fingertips.

These Amazon Mop Slippers Made Me A Human Swiffer

How to Clean Leather Slippers

It is best to hand-clean leather slippers rather than machine wash them.

Remove Loose Soil

To remove dirt and grime from leather slippers, use a damp towel or baby wipes (wring them out a little to get rid of any extra moisture).

Clean With Saddle Soap

Using the product’s instructions, mix a solution of warm water and Castile or saddle soap. Soak a soft cloth in the solution for a few seconds, then wring out the excess water. Slippers can be cleaned in parts by wiping them down with a damp cloth.

After the outer leather has been cleaned and conditioned, clean the shearling-lined interiors separately.

Buff Dry

A clean, soft cloth should be used to polish the leather after it has been washed for around five minutes.

Apply Leather Conditioner

Use a commercial leather conditioner as directed on the label to maintain the leather soft and supple. The final step is to polish the surface to a high gloss.

Allow to Dry

Wear the slippers after allowing them to air dry for several hours. This will help keep your muscles from sagging.

Tips to Keep Slippers Clean Longer

  • Outside, the slippers are not to be worn. Wear no-show socks if you plan to wear your sheepskin slippers outside, to keep the inside clean and dry.
  • Before putting on your slippers, put on some new socks.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of your slippers on a regular basis.
  • If you don’t wear your slippers every day, give them a break by rotating them.


What do mop slippers do?

Slippers with a mop-like sole collect dust, debris, and pet hair while also soaking up liquid. With these tools, you can even clean your kitchen floor.

Are mop slippers good?

To put it simply, they’re fantastic value for money. Every time I mop the house, I reach for these. After each usage, I simply wash them in lingerie bags and hang them to dry. When you mopped the floor, they did not leave any streaks on the wet area.

What do you wear when mopping your feet?

While cleaning, I either go barefoot or wear non-slip socks or even wear shoes. Soleless feet can be handy when you’re wiping wet floors or cleaning the tub because they don’ dirt like shoes.

How do you sponge mop floors?

A lever or slider bar on or near the handle, above and near the sponge region, should be pressed down to lift the mop over the bucket. While pressing, a mechanism on the sponge squeezes surplus water back into the bucket by pressing on the sponge and folding or rolling it over. Using a mop, sweep the floor in a circular motion.

What mop slippers does Mrs Hinch use?

The 28-year-old Essex-based Instagram sensation – real name Sophie Hinchcliffe – has raved about Creative Floor’s Mop Slippers on her social media pages. Dirt, dust, and hair are “like a magnet” to them, making them ideal for individuals who don’t want to go on their knees to clean the floor.

Should I wear shoes when cleaning my house?

Keeping your home clean will be considerably more difficult if you wear shoes inside. This might be harmful to your health. According to the University of Arizona, over 400,000 units of bacteria, including E. Coli and pneumonia, can be detected on the outside of a shoe.

What is a dust mop?

To remove dust and other fine particles from floors and hard-to-reach areas like ceilings and walls, use a dust mop, a long-handled mop. Dry mop, often known as a dust mop, should never be used wet.

Do sponge mops work?

For linoleum flooring, you can use sponge mops (although I prefer the twist mop), but they’re also great for cleaning walls. The sponge’s ability to reach high and scrub away buildup and stains makes it ideal for cleaning walls.

Mop and Walk

Cleaning with mopping slippers might save you time and effort. In addition, they may make cleaning more enjoyable, and you can even involve your children in the process.

It’s important to check for the microfiber material for the best absorption, as well as other useful qualities. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the mop pads that can be removed, and the elastic sizing increases the likelihood of a snug fit for individuals who use them.

We’re confident you’ll find the perfect fit for your house and your feet thanks to these ten excellent suggestions.

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