Best Smelling Toilet Cleaners. Which Is Best For You?

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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You probably don’t enjoy the prospect of having to clean your disgusting toilet bowl. In order to avoid an ugly and odorous situation, this chore should be included on your bathroom cleaning checklist. To make things even easier, a wide variety of cleansers are available, including gels and sprays that are applied with a brush or other disposable tool, as well as tablet-based cleaners that may be used automatically. Your septic system may not be able to handle a chemical-based cleaner, so you should look for a natural alternative instead.

Our top picks for the best toilet cleaners are below.

Do You Need Toilet Bowl Cleaners?

To clean your toilet, you need a high-quality cleaning product. Soap and water aren’t enough to get rid of it If you have a septic system, you’ll want something that disinfects, removes stains, and is safe to use. In some areas, limescale and other hard water deposits necessitate the use of a water softener.

Types of Toilet Bowl Cleaners

There are a variety of toilet bowl cleaners on the market. In order to find out which one you prefer, we’ll examine the advantages and disadvantages of a few different approaches.

8 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners - Toilet Bowl Cleaning Products


Liquid cleaners are by far the most used form of household cleaning solution. A toilet brush is needed to clean them, although they’re simple to use. Squirt some liquid toilet bowl cleanser under the bowl’s rim and let it flow down into the toilet bowl. Scrub stains off your toilet with a toilet brush.


  • There are a lot of choices out there.
  • Deep cleaning requires this.
  • There are a plethora of natural alternatives.
  • It’s a breeze to get started.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Can be used on a wide variety of stains.


  • If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to get one.
  • Septic systems aren’t suitable for all.
  • A few times a week is all that is required to keep your hygiene in check.


Tablets make it simple to clean the toilet. It’s possible to put them in the tank, and they’ll deposit a small amount each time you flush, keeping the toilet smelling fresh. If you’re looking for submersible options, look at the bottom of the ocean. These fizz and clean the toilet bowl’s bottom. They don’t work as well to clean the entire bowl.


  • It’s a breeze to get started.
  • There are a wide variety of aromas.
  • Some have bleach in them for more thorough cleans.
  • The toilet bowl does not require cleaning.
  • On the ends of wands, you can dispose of them.


  • While it may work on soft stains, cleaning is required for best results.
  • Not all of the toilet is cleaned by those that go into the water.
  • It’s more costly.


Attached to the interior of the bowl, these devices automatically clean the toilet bowl. Cleaning chemicals are released when you flush. Use them in between more thorough cleanings. They remove dirt and stains from the surface while also leaving a pleasant fresh aroma behind. It’s ideal for entertaining friends and family!


  • There are a plethora of fragrant possibilities.
  • Refreshing every flush keeps the toilet smelling clean.
  • Stains are prevented.
  • Deodorizers can be found in a variety of items.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Affordable.


  • Recycled plastics.
  • There are few natural alternatives.
  • Deep cleaning isn’t going to be replaced by this.

The Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Best Automatic: 2000 Flushes Bleach Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

2,000 flushes is the implied lifespan of this “set it and forget it” automatic toilet bowl cleaner. It works like this: Place a tablet in the tank’s corner after removing the toilet’s cover. The tablet works to deodorize and clean the toilet bowl with each flush.

According to the manufacturer, this medicine destroys practically all microorganisms and each pill lasts for around four months. Stains are easier to remove using the tablet’s bleach. If you’re sensitive to the smell of bleach, this may not be the ideal choice for you to use in your bathroom.

Best for Stains: Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Your toilet bowl should be free of unsightly stains at all times (and it can be a bit embarrassing if you have guests over). Lysol’s toilet bowl cleaning might help you avoid water rings and stains. In order to use the product, you must first bend down to reach the bowl’s rim. Lysol Power cleans and disinfects at the same time.

Let it sit for a few minutes before flushing, or use a toilet brush to distribute the thick gel evenly over the bowl and under the rim. In addition, unlike many other cleaners, this Lysol toilet bowl cleaning doesn’t leave an unpleasant smell behind.

Best for Septic Systems: ‎ Method Cleaning Products Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaner Spearmint

Is flushing something down your toilet that could cause costly harm a no-no for those with a septic system? That’s why it’s so important to use septic-safe cleaning products in your home. Make sure the products you buy don’t include any petroleum-based solvents.

Method products, including this toilet bowl cleanser, are suitable for use in septic systems. Natural elements like citric acid are used to remove bacteria and stains from your toilet bowl using this toilet bowl. To get rid of the cleanser and any grime, simply squirt it into the toilet bowl, wait a few minutes, and then scrub it out.

Best Natural: Better Life Toilet Bowl Cleaner

It’s a good idea to use Better Life’s toilet bowl cleaning if you want to stay away from products that include petroleum-based components. Stains and grime are removed, and your bowl is deodorized at the same time! Better Life, on the other hand, uses plant-derived substances like tea tree oil and lactic acid instead of chemicals like bleach.

Better Life, like most gel-based toilet bowl cleaners, is thick enough to adhere to the sides of the bowl and clean as it slowly glides down. If you have a septic system in your home, this product is safe to use because it is developed to be more environmentally friendly than typical cleaners.

Best Tablets: Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets with Bleach

If you don’t want to use a brush to clean your toilet bowl, these Clorox pills are a convenient alternative: Simply drop a tablet into your toilet tank and flush.

For up to six weeks, each tablet helps to rid your toilet bowl of bacteria and bad odors by cleaning and disinfecting it. You’ll know it’s time for a fresh tablet when the old one has completely disintegrated in the storage container. These tablets are great for keeping your toilet bowl clean and stain-free.

Best Wand: Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Toilet Bowl Cleaning System Starter Kit

Toilet bowl wand brushes aren’t for the faint of stomach. As a matter of fact, this cleaning appliance spends quite some time scrubbing the toilet bowl. That’s why Scrubbing Bubbles has come out with a disposable version of their cleaning products.

It works like this: Clean the bowl by attaching a disposable pad to the wand, wetting it, and then using it to do so. To flush the pad, simply press a button on the wand.

Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners of 2022 - Reviewed

Best for Rust: Iron OUT Automatic Bowl, Repel Rust and Hard Water Stains with Every Flush Household Toilet Cleaner

If your toilet is covered in rust spots, try dropping an Iron Out tablet into the tank and flushing. Even if you utilize a septic system, you can safely use this product.

It will prevent rust from accumulating in your toilet bowl once you’ve dropped the tablet in, and it will spring into action every time you flush. There are approximately 45 days in a tablet.

Clorox Disposable ToiletWand

The environmental impact of disposable goods is not ideal, but if you’re looking for something more sanitary, this is an excellent option. You can throw it away after you’re done using it, which means less germs in the bathroom and less chance of cross-contamination. It can also be used to clean the toilet!

You can reuse the wand and caddy, so all that’s needed is a new set of disposable heads. To ensure that you don’t have to buy a fresh pack for a long time, this one comes with 16 refills.

The bristle brush can’t keep up with the sponges when it comes to cleaning the toilet bowl. The hexagon form of the sponge head enables you to remove rust, calcium, and lime stains from the corners and under the rim. Almost all germs and viruses can be eliminated by using these products.

Make a last exit by clicking the trash can icon. You don’t have to touch the soiled sponges. This means that not only is your bathroom clean, but you are as well!


  • 99.9% of bacteria and viruses are killed.
  • It’s easier to get to tight spaces, including the underside of the toilet bowl, with the hexagonal design.
  • Hygiene is ensured by the long handle and click button.
  • More effective than a brush with bristles at removing dirt.


  • Ecologically unfriendly.
  • Sometimes, the sponge breaks apart when it is submerged in water.

Impresa Pumice Stone Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Getting rid of limescale stains from your toilet might be a challenge. You can use baking soda, vinegar, bleach, or dryer sheets to remove it. But what is it about this product that sets it apart from the rest?

Using a pumice stone for limescale removal eliminates the need for any additional hazardous chemicals. As previously stated, this is only a way to remove stubborn stains, not a full-on toilet cleaning solution.

Make sure you’re wearing rubber gloves before you begin, and carefully scrub any stains you come across. To get it off, you can just rub it off with the stone. Extra-long handles on this variety of pumice stone allow you to avoid getting too close to the toilet bowl. So they’ll last longer because there are two stones in it!

In addition, because of their softness, they won’t damage your toilet. In addition, there are no harsh chemicals entering the water supply. To make it even more eco-friendly, why not combine it with a wonderful natural cleaner?


  • Nontoxic.
  • Removes limescale and other hard water stains.
  • Handles that are extra-long.
  • Gentle in the bathroom.


  • A lot of scrubbing may be required for a long time.
  • It broke for a few clients in the middle of use.

Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner

What we use in our bathroom, literally! These natural chemicals and the pine fresh aroma of this toilet bowl cleanser make it an excellent choice for cleaning your bathroom. As opposed to our usual version, this one has an appealing smell.

There is no stain this toilet bowl cleaner can’t get rid of, and it does so with ease. In addition to removing even the toughest stains, it also decalcifies the water, making it a fantastic choice for places with hard water.

Based on plant and mineral constituents, it’s manufactured. Essential oils are even used to create the scent. Aside from that, the bottle is constructed of 100% plant plastic and may be recycled at any time.

Finally, the product does not use animals for testing purposes. In addition, it is safe for use in septic systems.

With this product, you can have a cleaner bathroom.

What If I Told You?


  • Ingredients derived from plants.
  • It has a pleasant, woodsy aroma.
  • Suitable for places with hard water.
  • All of the plastic in the bottle is derived from plants.


  • Not cheap at all.
  • Some people find the aroma overpowering.

Better Life Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

It’s safe for you, the environment, and even your septic system to use this natural cleanser on your toilet. For septic systems, we believe this is the ideal solution because it offers a host of other advantages.

First, let’s take a look at what we’ll need. They’re made from plants, are biodegradable, and are not tested on animals. sulfates, dyes, and petroleum solvents are not present in these products. Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for?

And what exactly are we referring to when we term “cleaner”?

First and foremost, this is made to get rid of tough stains. Let it run down the side of the bowl, then use a brush to scrub it clean. Stains, be gone!

There’s more. It also works as a toilet deodorizer. It doesn’t just cover up bad odors; it actively seeks them out and eliminates them. The essential oils from tea tree and peppermint are left behind as a fresh, natural smell.

Customers are raving about how this product has revived their toilet. Restore it to its original whiteness after it has been splattered with dirt and scum.


  • Ingredients derived from plants.
  • The aroma of tea tree and peppermint.
  • Removes even the most difficult stains.
  • Deodorizes.


  • Smells are quite subtle.
  • Not all hard water stains can be removed.

Lime-A-Way Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Is your toilet bowl being ruined by stains? Is this a deterrent? Creating a less-than-spa-like bathroom experience? That’s why we’ve got just the thing for you:

Its thick gel mix, the Lime-A-Way, covers the entire toilet bowl. It is capable to removing even the most stubborn stains in a matter of minutes. Stains like calcium and limescale can be found even below the surface of water.

With the bottle’s angled nozzle, applying this product under the rim of the toilet bowl is a breeze! It will then drip down, allowing you to easily remove stains from the bowl.

This is a must-have if you have to deal with hard water buildup every day. A fresh clean perfume is also left behind, making your bathroom appear and smell clean.

Those who use this toilet bowl cleaning rave about the product’s recipe. Even water left in the toilet bowl will not dilute it since it is so concentrated. What makes it so effective at removing stains below the waterline is that it has a unique ability to remove them.

The Most Valuable Hint


  • a thick gel substance
  • Stains are gone in less than a minute with this product.
  • Suitable for places with hard water.
  • It removes stains beneath the surface of the water.


  • Not as effective as stated on rust.
  • Tries to get the water ring off the toilet.

Vanish Scrubbing Bubbles Drop-Ins

Simple to operate, these toilet bowl cleaners are a welcome addition to any home or office. Drop them into your toilet tank, and they’ll start working the next time you flush. Its primary function is to keep stains at bay. Then, after you’ve done a thorough cleaning of your toilet, put them in to prevent recurring stains.

Deodorizes the toilet bowl as well, so you can kiss those bad bathroom odors farewell. When you have company around, this is the ideal setting. When they flush, this drop-in tablet will begin to function right away..

Hard water stains like mineral buildup and limescale are no match for this easy-to-use toilet tablet. So if you live in a region with hard water, this is a necessity.



  • It’s straightforward to use and really convenient.
  • Removes stains.
  • Cleans and freshens your toilet
  • Hard water stains must be removed.


  • Expensive.
  • The toilet bowl is stained with blue streaks as a result.

Clorox Scentiva Manual Toilet Bowl Cleaner

In our opinion, this is the most refreshing aroma in the bathroom of all the products we’ve recommended. Your bathroom will smell and feel like a tropical paradise thanks to the combination of marine wind and coconut scent! Also, your visitors will be blown away if they come to visit.

What is the product’s purpose? As a first step, it destroys 99.9 percent of bacteria, keeping your bathroom’s toilet area clean and sanitary. After that, it removes limescale and hard water stains from your toilet, making it seem like new. As an added benefit, it removes rust stains from your toilet, which may be rather unattractive.

Consequently, this is the product to use if you want to have a toilet that is sterilized, fragrant, and sparkling clean. Because of the thick consistency, it’s easy to cover the entire toilet bowl with the product and get rid of stains quickly.


This bleach-free solution is perfect for use in the household.. It’s great because it may be used in commercial properties, such as schools, hotels and enterprises.


  • The aroma of coconuts wafting in from the sea.
  • 99.9% of germs are killed.
  • Removing rust and limescale stains from hard water.
  • The recipe is thick enough to coat the entire bowl.


  • Squirting the formula out can be a messy process due to the cap.
  • The toilet may become blue if left on for too long.

Clorox Ultra Bleach & Blue Tablets

Trying to get rid of bacteria and germs with a powerful cleaning agent like bleach? You can use these Clorox Ultra pills to clean your toilet bowl because they include bleach.

So you can rest easy knowing that you’re doing all you can to keep your bathroom sanitary and tidy. For 16 months, one box of four is a great value! When you think about it, it’s a great long-term investment.

You don’t have to lift a finger to let these perform the dirty work for you. They also leave behind a fresh rain scent, so your bathroom will smell great after you’ve used them.

You’ll still need to thoroughly clean these before using them for stains. Then comes the hard part: preventing further stains. Hard water, mineral deposits, and limescale are all sources of limescale in addition to typical toilet filth.


  • It’s straightforward to use and really convenient.
  • For 16 months, you can take four tablets at a time.
  • Stains are prevented.
  • In just five minutes, it deodorizes and sanitizes.


  • Septic-incompatible.
  • As a result, it is often found at the bottom of the aquarium.

Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol’s automatic toilet cleaners are a great option if you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning between deep cleanings. This toilet cleaner has a fruity mango and hibiscus aroma, making it great for freshening up the bathroom while also cleaning the toilet.

Good news: You only need to change gel tabs to use this attachment. Plastic waste is reduced by this! In addition to the six tabs, this package includes a 30-day supply. And all of this for a very reasonable price. However, even if you use these, be sure to perform a weekly deep cleaning of your toilet.

They do, however, a good job of keeping the toilet bowl clean in between uses. Rings and stains are no match for them. Every time you flush, they remove odors from the toilet. Between deep cleanings, they keep your toilet sparkling. I love the aroma they leave behind as well.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • The aroma of mango and hibiscus.
  • 3 month shelf life.
  • Stains and odors can be tackled with this product.


  • It has a very low olfactory impact.
  • If you put it in a stream of running water, it may float away.

Final Verdict

For a hassle-free way to keep your toilet clean and deodorized, use the 2000 Flushes Bleach Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner (see at Amazon). You can use the Lysol Power, Toilet Bowl Cleaner to remove stubborn stains or to clean your toilet bowl on a regular basis (view at Target).

What to Look for in a Toilet Cleaner


While some toilet bowl cleaners need little or no work on your part, some require more. As a first step, you can use liquid or gel cleaners that you apply to the bowl and scrub with a toilet brush to get rid of any stubborn residue. A brush isn’t necessary with some of the toilet bowl wands that have disposable cleaning heads. Finally, flush-activated pods or discs clean your toilet without you having to lift a finger.


Some toilet bowl cleaners contain harsh substances like bleach, just like any other cleaning product. However, if you have pets, young children, or rely on your home’s septic system, these chemicals may be hazardous. Consider using an all-natural toilet bowl cleanser instead if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals in your home.

Special needs

It’s possible that your toilet has rust stains or hard water buildup, and you’ll need a product that specifically addresses these issues. A product that’s specifically designed to meet your needs is the best option for you.


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