Candle Colors And What They Mean? A Must Read Guide

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Burning different colored candles can help us achieve our creative or spiritual goals more effectively, as they have distinct vibrations and can help us focus our thoughts. To be sure, the study and practice of “candle magick” is an important and well-known branch of both science and art (which many wrongly feel is associated with black magic or witchcraft).

For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll only be discussing the use of specific colors of candles to connect to specific chakras. The following list of candle colors and their symbolic meanings is meant to assist you in strengthening your positive affirmations by influencing various forces of the Universe in a beneficial way. In turn, this can assist you in channeling the energy of the universe in a direction that is beneficial to your goals.

What Is Candle Magic and What Is It Based On?

This is a centuries-old technique with a long and rich history behind it. Archaeological evidence points to its use by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. The element of fire is said to aid in transformation, which is why this method is so popular. As stated in Wiccan Spells, the use of magic candles goes beyond simply lighting them up. When it comes to witchcraft ceremonies, candles are an essential component.

Color Magic: A Witch's Guide to Color Meanings and Energies | Allure

You need to think about a variety of factors when choosing a candle. There are many various types of candles to choose from based on what they signify to you.

For the most part, candles are used to set an intention or to release a specific type of energy. Using a yellow or blue candle, for example, is often recommended when an unsolved issue keeps getting in the way. Understanding and focus are symbolized by the colors blue and yellow. There are a variety of colored chime candles available for purchase.

You only need a candle of the correct hue, a formed intention, and any additional items that are required. Investing your own energy into it is unnecessary because the flame is self-sustaining. Go candle shopping with an open mind and allow your intuition to guide you to exactly what you need at the time. Start by visualizing what you want to attract.

Lit vs. Unlit Candles

Candles are almost always required for most spells. A crucial part of candle magic, this is where the transformational force is released. However, how can one increase the potency of their affirmations and spells by using an unlit candle?

Candles are symbolic of earth, which is represented by an unlit one. When manifesting your desires, this is the foundation from which you will build. During the moment the candle is not yet burning, it is essential to solidify your goals. You can anoint and dress your candle with oils, herbs, or herb powders as desired while preparing it for a ritual.

Unlit candles can be kissed and spoken to while you hold the unlit candle in your palms. Wicca and witchcraft, for example, believe that burning candles is a way to ‘charge’ them with your desires or wishes.

The flame, as a symbol of our inner illumination and the source of our creation, belongs to the fire element. Many people believe it might assist them in connecting with their higher selves and expanding their spiritual awareness. You can put your goals into an unlit candle, but when you light it, your affirmation becomes a reality.

Types of Candles

Depending on the length of the ceremony or the purpose, several spells call for particular types of candles. The type of candle is just as important as the color when it comes to conveying a specific message. The relevance of a candle in a ceremony is determined by its various symbolic connotations. We’ll go over the significance of each candle in more detail below.

Double Action

Two colors of wax are sandwiched together in DA candles, usually half black and half white, red, or green. Use these candles to ward off evil and bring in good fortune – to bless, attract, improve, and honor.

DA candles come in a variety of colors to signify different scenarios. Candles in the colors red and black are believed to symbolize problems in romantic relationships, whereas candles in the colors green and black are used to symbolize problems in the world of business and finance, respectively.


A type of ritual candle called a “reversible candle” is one that can be used to ward off evil or negative influences or spells. They transmit it back to the sender in a reverse fashion. Depending on your needs and goals, you can choose between double reversal and triple reversal versions of these.

7 Knob

Wishing candles with seven knobs are used for seven distinct wishes. They are lighted seven days for one desire or torched once to employ the strength of seven for a solitary wish. The color of the candle determines the wish. Before you light them, these candles can be decorated and inscribed with names or symbols.

Colored Figure

These candles are used to make seven different wishes. For a single wish, they can be ignited seven days in advance and left burning, or they can be sparked once and used to harness the power of seven. The wish is determined by the candle’s color. These candles can be personalized by adding a name or symbol before lighting them.

Adam and Eve

If you’ve drifted apart from a lover, Adam and Eve candles can help you find your soulmate, strengthen an emotional connection, or bring them back into your life. After a fight, this candle should be lit to rekindle a couple’s sex drive.

The Basics: Candle Magic | candle magic

Witch Candles

Candles used in powerful spells are known as “witches’ candles.” Mugwort, frankincense, and myrrh are just a few of the unusual materials used in their creation. These candles aid in concentrating and enhancing your abilities. It is customary to have words and/or symbols engraved on each of the pillars in a powerful spell.

Why Does Candle Color Matter?

For a variety of reasons, the color of the candle is important. It’s symbolic. Colors elicit a subconscious reaction in the brain. Your reaction to a hue is influenced by both your own experience with it and the cultural connotations attached to it.

Neopagan beliefs can be traced as far back as Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Ireland, and the Nordic countries, and hence the following definitions are based on those in the West.

In addition, there is a widespread notion that there is a link between candle magic and color therapy, and that various hues emit different frequencies of light. The colors of the rainbow each reflect a specific wavelength of light, therefore this is true to some extent

Candles According to Practitioners

Candle magick practitioners frequently suggest writing names, dates, and birthdates, as well as specific symbols, on the candle or the glass that it is enclosed in to reaffirm one’s goals. In addition, the candles must be anointed with oil or essential oils to enhance their efficacy. Candle colors have different meanings, so it’s up to you what you want to accomplish with them.

You’ll need to take a shower or meditate to clear your head. It is a rite unto itself to decorate the candle. When rubbing the oil into the wax of the candle, you must keep your mind on the goal at all times.

Vibrational energy, such as color, affects us on multiple levels. In the first place, we all have an unspoken understanding of how we respond to various shades of color. For example, red exhilarates and exhilarates us, whereas blue is calming and calming.

The shade of a candle, or anything else in your immediate surroundings, is like a lock. It allows access to a specific section of your subconscious mind, and thus to your complete body. Because pigment emits energy at a specific rate or wavelength, even those who cannot see color can feel the vibratory effects of color.

Your existence is energized or activated as it experiences the wavelength or frequency of that wavelength or frequency. Your brain receives its messages via neural connections. Earth, Fire, Air, and Water are the four components that make up the vibratory impacts of each hue.

Candle Colors And What They Mean

Blue Candles

For spiritual or emotional healing, increasing communication, and encouraging creativity the use of blue candles is highly recommended. Light a blue candle to help you focus, remember things better, be more fair, have more prophetic dreams, and be more inspired. A royal blue candle, like a white candle, can be used to encourage harmony and peace of mind as well as truth, healing, and connection to one’s higher self.

Green Candles

For money or good fortune, light a green candle. Green candles, on the other hand, are ideal for requesting an abundance of all things earthy. Earth and plant magic, or if you need aid manifesting great success, prosperity, or health, we’re here for you.

Pink Candles

For spells including unconditional love, romance, affection, warmth, joy, companionship, and self-love, pink candles are the ideal choice. Pink candles can also be used to increase feelings of well-being, harmony, empathy, and closeness. Relationship healing, reconciliation, forgiveness, and emotional recovery may also benefit from it.

Black Candles

It’s best to use black candles for casting protective spells and eliminating unwanted energies. This color candle magic can also be used to undo curses and hexes and free up trapped energy. Candles of this type can also be used to put a stop to bad behaviors or unhealthy situations.

Red Candles

The use of red candles for quick-acting spells is highly recommended. Because they tap into Mars’ willpower, they’re perfect for igniting passion or ensuring one’s survival in the face of adversity. An additional benefit of burning a red candle is that it can increase your sexual drive and potency while increasing your stamina and stamina for sex.

White Candles

Light a white candle to connect with the moon and goddess spirits. In addition, you can use them to protect yourself, start a new life in purity, meditate in tranquility and thankfulness, invite spirit guides, or relax your mind. White candles can be substituted if the color you want is unavailable.

Gold Candles

When it comes to candle colors and what they symbolize, gold is another option to consider. A gold candle is a symbol of masculinity or God’s power. You’ll get all that and more if you’re willing to put your life on the line to get what you desire.

Silver Candles

Wiccans believe that a white or silver candle represents the Goddess. Intuition and clairvoyance can be enhanced by using silver candles, which can help you connect with cosmic and feminine energies. Dreams might also be made more vivid if you take these supplements.

Dark Pink or Magenta Candles

How about invoking a strong desire in a love spell? It’s easy to blend the meanings of red and pink candles by using a magenta pillar candle. If you are looking to boost your sexual confidence and flirting skills, this is the perfect supplement for you!

Orange Candles

Orange candles combine the intellectual vibrancy of yellow candles with the ferocity of red candles. If you’re having trouble with tasks that call on quick reflexes and quick thinking, try lighting an orange candle. In this case, you can burn them to bring luck to your career, networking, and legal concerns.

The colors for each day of the week

In addition to having distinct attributes, different hues correspond to different days of the week. Your ritual’s energy and influence will be amplified if you do it on the correct day. You might want to try your ritual on a Tuesday if you’re using a red candle to invoke “passion.”

  • It was a gold and orange day on Sunday!
  • Silver, white, and gray for Monday
  • Tuesday is a day of reds, browns, and other fall colors.
  • A yellow and drab day on Wednesday.
  • This week’s color palette includes shades of purple and deep blue.
  • Friday’s color scheme includes shades of pale blue, green, pink, and copper.
  • Saturday was maroon, black, and dark tones.

Combining colors

Choose a specific intention or desire, or mix and match different colors by burning many candles to achieve a more complex goal. A tarot reader, for example, who is seeking a career that will both pay the bills (yellow) and allow him or her to fulfill his or her spiritual potential and growth (blue) (purple). A yellow and a purple candle would then suffice.

As an example, if you’ve recently had a fight with your significant other, you may be looking for a way to both heal yourself emotionally and rekindle the romance and intimacy between you two (pink). In this case, you could light a blue and a pink candle simultaneously.

Sooo, are you ready to (ahem) get lit? Here’s what to do:

Step 1: What are you trying to manifest?

Make a list of the things you’d like to have come into your life. Be precise, practical, optimistic, and compassionate. If someone is being mean to you, don’t wish terrible things on them.) Allow karma to take care of it.) * In a simple line, such as, “I need to find a job that pays more and makes me enthusiastic,” express your goal clearly.

Step 2: Create your spell.

To perform a candle magick ritual, all you need to do is imagine your goal, utter a phrase, and light the candle. The task at hand has been completed.

Decide on a color for the candle that you like. For example, if you’re looking for a job, choose a color that reflects that. Adding stones, herbs, or flowers to your candle’s holder will help intensify the energy it emits.

Improve your ritual’s effectiveness by checking astrology placements to make sure it’s in sync with the correct cosmic energy. Wait till Venus enters Libra if you’re thinking of something romantic. A New Moon is a good choice if you’re looking for new prospects in your life. Naturally, you should avoid casting spells during Mercury Retrograde unless you want to take a chance on the success of your spell. (Yikes.)

As an additional option, you might want to consider writing out your objective in the form of a short poem or song. I know it sounds funny, but it really does help you become more committed to your objective and more in tune with it.

Step 3: Level up your spell.

Mixing and matching candles might help you achieve more specific goals. A red (sex) and pink (love) candle would be ideal if you’re looking for sex and deep love in the same person.

Using a yellow (expression) and white (healing) candle to set the mood for a challenging conversation will help you heal from the conversation.

Alternatively, if you want to earn money from your creative abilities, consider lighting a green and orange candle combination. Bring in both black (protection) and blue (healing) candles in order to double up your psychological care package for someone who’s going through something.

Use a purple (spiritual enlightenment) and orange (personal achievement) candle if you wish to get messages about your true calling in life. What do you think? It’s fun to experiment with different combinations.

Step 4: Dress the candle.

This can’t be stressed enough. A ‘psychic link’ between you, the candle, and your goal is your goal. “dressing the candle” is the term for this.

You can use any kind of oil, such as almond, coconut, or jojoba, to get the job done. When using essential oils, you can add them to the mix as well if you choose. If you want to attract things toward you, rub the candle from the top to the bottom, or the other way around, to send them away. Focus on your goal and mentally “pour” that vision into the candle while you rub it with oil (cover the entire surface, but omit the wick). Seriously, chanting is beneficial. You may notice a tingling sensation or even a significant increase in the temperature of your hands. When this happens, it’s an indication that the energies are flowing and the magick is in effect.

Allow the candle to charge,” for a few minutes after dressing it. If it’s pertinent to your spell, you can also scratch letters, numbers, or symbols into the wax.

Step 5: Get lit.

Magick is about to begin. Concentrate on relaxing your muscles and letting go of any stress you’re holding onto. Get your thoughts straight.

Visualize your goal as though it’s already been achieved. In your mind, imagine how you’d feel and what your life would be like. As soon as you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to achieve, chant, sing, or proclaim out loud your goal. When you feel like you’ve tapped into all of your goal’s wonderful energy and vibes, light the scented candle.

Visualize the candle’s aura (the light just outside the flame) becoming larger and larger until it fills the room completely.. Then visualize it radiating out into the cosmos, bringing your intention to you as it does so. For as long as you can, cling to this image in your thoughts. Blow out the candle when you run out of energy or become distracted and you’re done.

Step 6: Watch the flame.

Keep a close eye on the candle’s flame as you do the ceremony; the way it moves can have significance as well. The following is an example:

  • A blue flame indicates that a spirit is near!
  • The magic will work wonders if you can conjure up a large, powerful flame.
  • Perhaps spirits are on their way, or perhaps this spell is being swayed by the presence of intense emotions.
  • There may be conflict or opposition to your manifestation at this time if the flame sputters or pops. There is a chance that you may want to try again at a later date.

Have fun with your spells!

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How to Use the Candle Colors to Bring Positive Changes Into Your Life?

Manifestation is considerably simpler now that you’re familiar with the many meanings. To get started, simply follow these simple instructions:

Set a Goal

Make a list of the life changes you’d like to see. Be precise, realistic, and compassionate. Karma will take care of any evil intentions you have toward your antagonists. Instead, narrow your attention to your most ardently desired outcome and state it succinctly in one sentence.

Think About How You Want to Manifest It

In order to achieve your goal, you must first have a clear vision in mind. Keep an open mind and take action instead of giving out conflicting signals to the cosmos. To make manifesting more more powerful, you can make use of crystals.

Candle Lighting and Visualization

Candle meanings, lighting, and visualizing are now discussed. Color, size and type of candle are all factors in manifesting your desires. Candles of various types and colors can be utilized to get your desired outcomes. In order to achieve your goal, you must master the art of writing affirmations. Then light the candle to unleash the energy that you’ve visualized.

Dress the Candle

Here, you’ll establish a psychic connection between the candle and your desired outcome. It’s known as “dressing the candle.” Rub the ritual candles with oil from top to bottom in order to bring things closer to you. Move things around with a bottom-to-top rub. Focus on your goal and “pour” the image into the candle in your mind. Some of the greatest essential oil products are available for you to try out.

Clear Your Mind and Focus On Your Goal

Breathe deeply, relax your muscles, and let go of any thoughts or fears that may be bothering you at this moment. Make a conscious effort to cleanse your mind and focus your thoughts. Now, imagine that you have already achieved your goal. Make a mental picture of the candle’s aura expanding. When your energy begins to dwindle, extinguish the candle and you’re done. Those affirmations are said to be coming to fruition now because of the candle magic colors.


You didn’t think the colors were merely for aesthetic reasons, did you? Symbolic meanings are associated with the various candle colors. Candles are made in a variety of hues, and each one has a certain purpose, therefore they require time to produce.

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