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When deciding whether or not to buy the Carrarse power reclining loveseat, do you prioritize form, function, or all three? More and more sofas these days come equipped with electrical outlets and USB ports, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience or comfort. But I can’t seem to find the Carrarse power reclining loveseat’s USB port.

The living room is a multipurpose space meant for relaxation, hosting, and mingling. A well-designed living room or family room will have a variety of seating options so that guests and residents can enjoy pleasant conversations, warm beverages by the fireplace, or a good movie on plush couches.

If you’re short on floor space or just prefer the idea of a smaller sofa, a loveseat is a great investment.

Useful in Areas Other Than the Living Room

Loveseats, like sofas, are most often found in living rooms, but their compact size makes them a great addition to any room that needs extra seating. Such a chair, placed on a covered porch, could serve as an oasis of peace and quiet.

Put a sturdy small couch by the door for easy shoe removal. If your kitchen, dining room, and living room are all open to one another, a loveseat may encourage more fluid traffic flow.

Ashley® Carrarse Teak Brown Power Reclining Loveseat with Console | Cole's  Appliance & Home Furnishings

Rearrangement is enjoyable

Due to its compact form, a loveseat is simple to relocate from one location to another or rearrange within the same living quarters. You can get a lot of use out of a small couch if you’re looking to shake up your home’s design.

Before you decide to replace your loveseat with an armchair or sofa, think about these benefits. The convenience and coziness of a loveseat make it a great furnishing choice for a wide variety of rooms.

What is a loveseat?

A loveseat is a couch or chair with two seats. One sofa can seat as few as two people, but typically no more than three. Two-seat couches are another name for a loveseat.

Similar to regular sofas, loveseats can range from minimalist modern armless couches to opulently padded recliners. Look for durability and quality construction when selecting a loveseat.

Power reclining loveseat 

Rather than having to strain to push back rests and close tightly coiled foot rests, automated features make using a loveseat much easier and more pleasant.

Who wouldn’t appreciate the sophisticated technology? One of the most well-liked substitutes are power reclining loveseats. This type of sofa allows you to assume a healthy reclining position with the push of a button.

Some of them even have built-in USB charging ports! It’s not uncommon for manual recliners to cost several times as much as their power-operated counterparts. They also require a reliable power supply, so you’ll need to be close to an electrical outlet or be patient while the battery charges.

The Carrarse power reclining loveseat 

The purpose of the Carrarse power reclining loveseat is to pamper you from your head to your toes with comfort. This power reclining loveseat features Easy View power adjustable headrests and power lumbar in addition to the plush fabric upholstery and modern leather look.

It’s comfortable and easy to recline in, so you can watch TV while in a relaxed position. In addition, the extra padding and length of the ottoman take convenience to a whole new level. Unwind while charging thanks to the USB charging port built into the simple power button.

Seats with metal reinforcements and corner blocking structure. High-density poly fiber encased in high-resilience foam cushions. There are two cup holders and a lift-up storage console. Dual-facing recliner.

A USB charging port is built into the power switch panel. A UL-approved power cord is included in the package. Easy ViewTM provides electrically adjustable headrests and lumbar support. Polyester/vinyl upholstery. Touch-activated power switches that can be placed anywhere in a room.

When shopping for couches, sectionals, and loveseats, do you prioritize form, function, or both? More and more sofas these days come equipped with electrical outlets and USB ports, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience or comfort. The Carrarse power reclining loveseat has a USB port, but where is it located?

The Carrarse power reclining loveseat’s contemporary look and clean lines and leather upholstery will impress your guests. You can rest easier thanks to the armrests and electrically adjustable headrests.

The fact that a standard USB charging port is integrated into the power switch is a nice bonus. A USB port can be found to the right of each power button. So that you can relax while your phone and other electronics are being charged.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Reclining Loveseats

Buying a reclining loveseat is a sizable financial commitment, so it’s important to make the best decision possible. There are many factors to think about when looking for a reclining loveseat, including the type, size, reclining mechanism, recline positions, material, frame, and any additional features.

Types of Reclining Loveseats

Reclining loveseats have the appearance of a standard sofa when upright, but they recline on both ends to create a bedlike settee. Loveseats that recline to the standard size are unusually spacious loveseats but more compact than a traditional sofa or sectional and just as relaxing as a lounge chair.

If you’re short on floor area, a wall-hugger recliner loveseat may be the way to go. It goes by several other names, including “zero clearance recliner” and “zero wall clearance reclining loveseat.” These space-saving wall-hugging loveseat recliners save valuable floor room by extending only in front of the wall. In addition, when not reclined, they fit snugly against the wall, freeing up more room in front.


There is a wide range of variations in the design and dimensions of loveseats. Slim or standard options work well in smaller rooms, and they have a more modern aesthetic than overstuffed recliners, which are bulkier and cozier.

Think about the room size and the loveseat’s overall dimensions before making a purchase. Think about how much space it will take up when the chair is upright as well as when it is reclined.

Users of greater stature may want to compare the recliner’s seat and back dimensions to those of more familiar chairs to ensure a good fit. There is a wide selection of both standard and oversized reclining loveseats to choose from.

Reclining Mechanism

Loveseats that recline can be manually operated or powered by an electric motor. You can operate the recliner by using the power buttons, the remote, or a physical lever or tab pull handle.

The simpler construction of manual recliners makes them more affordable and durable. You can use them anywhere in a room, as they don’t require an electrical socket.

Power recliners allow for a more effortless recline at the touch of a button. If you’re looking for something more plush or have trouble moving around, these are a great option; just keep in mind that they’re usually more cumbersome and require access to an electrical socket (or battery pack).


Loveseats that recline can do so either partially or completely. Some recline only at the back, while others also allow you to put your feet up. If the back of the loveseat reclines, it can do so anywhere between 120 and 180 degrees. A reclining loveseat is convenient because it allows one person to relax while the other person watches TV or reads a book.

Reclining loveseats can be either manually or electrically operated, and they can recline to any of a number of different angles.

Ashley® Carrarse Teak Brown Power Reclining Loveseat with Console | Cole's  Appliance & Home Furnishings

Upholstery and Cushions

Fabric, leather, faux leather, and vinyl are just some of the materials you can find in reclining loveseats. Take into account the material’s comfort, appearance, breathability, and ease of cleaning to determine which is best.

Cotton, polyester, and microfiber are all suitable choices for upholstery and cushion fabrics. These choices are supple to the touch and come in a wide array of hues and patterns. Loveseats made of fabric are comfortable and long-lasting, but they may stain easily.

Loveseat recliners made of vinyl, leather, or faux leather can be soft, pliable, and simple to maintain. Leather reclining loveseats may not be as comfortable or airy as fabric ones, but they come in a wide range of fashionable colors and materials.


The frames of reclining sofas are built to withstand regular use and heavy seating. The sturdy and spacious frame of a reclining loveseat can be made of wood or metal, or even a combination of the two.

Although metal frames are more durable than wooden ones, the weight capacity—which can be anywhere from 300 to 700 pounds—is a more accurate measure of its sturdiness. The maximum user weight is typically listed on the product description of reclining loveseats.

Additional Features

A reclining loveseat with extra padding and a headrest would be heaven. Comfort is increased with detachable or height-adjustable headrests. Cupholders offer a secure and hassle-free location to keep beverages. Some loveseats have arm cubbies or side pockets to keep things like remote controls, books, and tablets within easy reach and out of the way.

Loveseat recliners with a console in the middle offer the sense of space and privacy of a single recliner. In some vehicles, there may be extra compartments, cupholders, and even USB charging ports in the middle console.

The Best Reclining Loveseats of 2022

Red Barrel Studio Edgar 61” Reclining Loveseat

This reclining loveseat is the perfect place to kick back and unwind. This sofa is a modern take on the traditional loveseat, with a sleek silhouette and plush cushions.

This loveseat features a pillow-top design, padded back, and medium firmness, making it one of the most comfortable seating options in your home. The vinyl faux-leather upholstery is a sophisticated dark brown color that works in a variety of living rooms. Each seat has its own individual lever that can be used to recline it.

Data Sheets

  • Material: Pretend leather
  • Dimensions: Dimensions: 38″ x 61″ x 38.5″
  • Carrying Potential: 600 lb.


  • Appealing simplicity of design
  • Boosting cushions with a medium firmness
  • Soft, stuffed cushions


  • Needs a lot of putting together

Lark Manor Grigor 57” Wide Home Theater Loveseat

This loveseat has been designed in a theater style and is upholstered in a microfiber fabric that is both durable and simple to clean. Use the seat’s manual lever to lay back and relax while watching a movie.

This reclining loveseat has a reasonable price tag of less than $1,000 and a number of nice extras that make it quite comfortable. Because of its compact profile, this loveseat fits snugly against walls. There is a storage space and a cupholder in the armrest of the plush sofa. The seat can be assembled with minimal effort and no special equipment.

Product Specs

  • Material: Microfiber
  • Dimensions: The dimensions are 375738.5.
  • Carrying Potential: To the tune of 600 kilos


  • Close-to-the-wall layout
  • Storage and cupholders built right in
  • Fast and simple set-up
  • Available in a range of hues


  • Some people might find it too cramped.

Flash Furniture Harmony Series Microfiber Loveseat

Because of their small footprint, loveseats are a common piece of furniture in apartments and other tight spaces. This Flash Furniture reclining loveseat is on the smaller side, measuring 35 by 56 by 38 inches. It’s minimalist in design, but it has all the conveniences you need.

The armrests and back of the recliner are padded for comfort. Use the manual reclining lever to recline the seat back for maximum comfort. This loveseat’s microfiber upholstery comes in a rich chocolate brown color (other colors are also available) and is suitable for the decor of a wide variety of rooms.

Product Specs

  • Material: Microfiber
  • Dimensions Dimensions: 35″ x 56″ x 38″
  • Weight Limit: 500 grams


  • Good for confined quarters
  • Purposely Understated
  • Sufficient padding


  • Weak load bearing capacity

Red Barrel Studio Edgar Faux Leather Reclining Sofa

This large reclining loveseat can seat two or three people thanks to the console table that folds down from the center. When collapsed, the sofa becomes a standalone loveseat complete with a flat-top center console and integrated cupholders. By turning the console on its side, the loveseat can be transformed into a smaller sofa with additional seating.

In addition to its useful features, this loveseat also has a beautiful design that works in both contemporary and classic settings. The vinyl faux-leather upholstery is plush without being cumbersome. The sophisticated dark brown finish makes it a popular pick for many residences.

Product Specs

  • Material: Man-made leather
  • Dimensions: Dimensions: 814″ x 38″ x 38.5″
  • Allowable Load: Weight: 750 lb


  • Room for two or three
  • Consola centrale, opzionale
  • Appealing physical features


  • Not reclining in the middle seat.

Signature Design by Ashley Game Zone Reclining

This loveseat from Signature Design by Ashley’s Game Zone collection is a premium option thanks to its plush design and convenient power recline function. The loveseat can be reclined electronically, its headrests can be adjusted electrically, and it comes equipped with a USB port for charging electronic devices.

In addition to its advanced technology, it also has an optional center console that can be folded down to provide storage space or up to provide a comfortable seat for an extra passenger. Additional features, such as cupholders and storage spaces, are built right in.

This loveseat can be used in either a traditional or modern setting thanks to its polyester polyurethane faux leather upholstery and nailhead trim. Each chair is quite roomy, and the padding adds to the overall level of coziness.

Product Specs

  • Material: Faux leather
  • Dimensions: Measurements of 40x75x44 inches
  • Carrying Potential: Unknown


  • Power recliner
  • Power-adjustable head restraints
  • Power over USB charging port


  • Weight limit is a mystery.
  • Massive imprint

RecPro Charles 58″ Double Recliner Loveseat

Loveseat recliners with a “wall hugger” design can be pushed up against a wall with minimal interference to their reclining width. The clearance required for these seats is only a few inches, as opposed to the 20 inches required for conventional reclining loveseats. RecPro’s compact loveseat fits snugly against a wall and reclines with only three inches of back clearance, making it ideal for use in RVs and other tight quarters.

This loveseat is available in several neutral colors to match any decor, and it is made of polyurethane faux leather that is easy to clean. The sofa can be converted from a standard loveseat to a recliner by means of a hand lever.

Product Specs

  • Material: Man-made leather
  • Dimensions: Dimensions: 30.25 x 58 x 38 inches
  • Allowable Load: 350 lb.


  • Only needs 3 inches of space in the back
  • Simple to put together
  • Easily wipes clean


  • Weak load bearing capacity

Lark Manor Ermera 76” Pillow Top Reclining Loveseat

Adding a center console to a reclining loveseat is a great way to increase the comfort and functionality of the furniture. Additionally, they offer more room to stretch out between the two seats. Lark Manor’s manual reclining loveseat has a handy console with two cup holders and a concealed storage space.

The pocket coil spring seat cushions and padded seat backs make for a comfortable and supportive seating experience. The upholstery of this loveseat is a combination of microfiber and faux leather. In addition to providing snug comfort, it is available in a number of two-tone color combinations.

Product Specs

  • Material: Synthetic leather and microfiber
  • Dimensions: Dimensions: 37 x 76 x 38 inches
  • Carrying Potential: 600 lb.


  • Integrated drink holders
  • Covert compartment for storage
  • Cushions with reassuring pocket coil spring construction


  • Some people may find the center console to be too stiff.

Red Barrel Studio Aum 60” Reclining Loveseat

This reclining loveseat from Red Barrel Studio strikes a good compromise between comfort and size with its traditional loveseat design. It has padded backrests and armrests in a modern shape to complement a variety of interior design styles rather than traditional, overstuffed cushions.

Ashley® Carrarse Power Reclining Sofa | Brookings Furniture | Brookings, OR

This loveseat’s reclining position can be easily adjusted with a manual side lever. Upholstery made from microfiber fabric is both soft and breathable. This loveseat is small enough to fit in a studio or smaller apartment, and it comes in a variety of neutral colors.

Product Specs

  • Material: Microfiber
  • Dimensions: Dimensions: 35 x 60 x 40 inches
  • Carrying Potential: One kilo


  • Modern Outline
  • Plush microfiber sofa
  • Several muted tones to choose from


  • Neither cupholders nor any sort of storage space are included.

How We Chose the Best Reclining Loveseats

We considered the smaller footprint and lower price of reclining loveseats over conventional sofas and recliners when selecting the best models. The list features cost-effective, space-saving loveseat options. We included some larger alternatives and some high-end choices, like power reclining chairs, to appeal to a wide variety of shoppers.

We checked for a few essential functions, regardless of recliner style or cost. The reclining loveseats that made our list look and have gotten high marks for coziness. They are manufactured in fashionable styles using enticing materials. We also provided choices with supplementary amenities like game consoles, extra seating, concealed storage, and drink holders.


A reclining loveseat is a great option if you want to relax in comfort with your significant other. These small sofas recline and take up less space than conventional sofas or sectionals. Read on for responses to more questions you might have as you consider purchasing a reclining loveseat.

Q: Where should I place my reclining loveseat?

You can put a loveseat with a reclining back and footrest wherever there’s room for it to do so.

Q: Are electric reclining loveseats available?

The reclining mechanism of a power reclining loveseat is, in fact, powered by electricity.

Q: How wide are reclining loveseats?

The width is modifiable based on aesthetic preferences. The typical width of a reclining love seat is between 54 and 72 inches.

Q: How do I clean my reclining loveseat?

Spot cleaning is usually sufficient for reclining loveseats, though the best cleaning method will vary depending on the fabric. Before attempting a cleaning, make sure you are using the recommended method.


After a long, stressful day, relaxing with a good book and some downtime is probably at the top of your list of priorities. If you’ve never thought about buying a power reclining loveseat before, now is the time to do so. A good night’s sleep today will allow you to perform at your best tomorrow.

A power reclining loveseat is an excellent long-term investment because of its many useful features. Don’t miss out on this chance to kick back and relax!

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