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The reclining loveseat is a must-have piece of furniture for any home. One of the most suitable alternatives is the Ashley loveseat. Ashley loveseats are well-made and comfortable, but they can be tricky to maintain.

Good news: we’ll reveal the secret to success right now. Ashley furniture may be complicated and dangerous to attempt to repair yourself. As such, we felt it necessary to write this piece to answer some questions you may have.

But before we get into the specifics of Ashley loveseat center console removal, let’s review the basics.

Ashley Furniture Price, Durability, Delivery, Pros and Cons

One of the largest and most reliable American furniture retailers is Ashley Furniture (also known as Ashley Furniture HomeStore). It’s one of the oldest furniture store businesses still around, having opened in 1975, and it now has approximately 100 stores around the country. Consumers are grateful for Ashley Furniture’s focus on providing excellent value in terms of price, quality, and support. And just like the major department stores, Ashley Furniture keeps stocking a large variety of furniture for the home.

Value is fundamental to Ashley Furniture’s business model, as I noted before. If you’re looking to outfit an entire home, go no further than the chain’s iconic sets. From brand new dining room sets to bed frames and headboards, you can readily get high-quality furniture anywhere you go these days.

If you’re decorating a new home or making your first furniture purchase and aren’t sure what you want, Ashley Furniture may be the best option. It’s great that you can furnish an entire home for far under $2,000, with options for dining rooms, bedrooms, and more. I also appreciate that Ashley Furniture will match competitors’ prices. Ashley Furniture will, in essence, match the prices of competitors’ online stores, such as Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, Target, Hayneedle, and Walmart, for identically-described products. In fact, if you find a lower price within 30 days of your purchase, Ashley Furniture will match it.

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Ashley Furniture Pros & Cons


  • Reduced cost relative to competitors
  • Local showrooms
  • Available Financing.
  • Warranty available
  • There is a wide variety of seating options.


  • Return time is restricted to within 72 hours.
  • Fewer color choices
  • There will be no cost-free shipping.
  • Limited warranty

What exactly is a loveseat?

To understand how to take off the center console of an Ashley loveseat, one must first understand what a loveseat is. Loveseats are small sofas designed for two people to sit together in comfort. Those who have room for a large sofa but no other seating options in a rural setting may appreciate these.

Use it as a standalone sofa or to complement a larger one. Some people even use them as extra seating in their bedrooms. Many modern loveseats veer away from their literal origins, although in the past they were often designed to seem like other furniture.

Usually, they were nothing more complicated than an extra-large chair with two seats arranged in a “S.” Each pair of seats was arranged to face the opposite pair.

Loveseats have been around since the 17th century, so they have seen their fair share of date nights from people all around the world.

Loveseats are often only large enough to accommodate two people, making them ideal for a couple to cuddle up on and enjoy a movie or a game night at home.

The most common type of “loveseat” is a two-seater sofa, but the term can also refer to an S-shaped sofa that allows people to sit face to face on the same couch or a plain wooden bench with two cushions.

What exactly is a reclining loveseat?

When you lean back on a reclining loveseat and push up on the front of the chair, the chair reclines. Most of these chairs have a lever on the side that allows you to recline the back and extend a footrest, which you may do manually or automatically.

Modern reclining loveseats typically feature a footstool that responds to the weight and angle of the user’s legs in addition to a headrest and lumbar support that may be adjusted separately.

Some of the other features include a heating element, a massaging mechanism, and a vibration mechanism. There are also accessible formats for those who use wheelchairs. These days, everyone is so rushed that they look forward to a night of indulgence once they get home.

The ability to recline a power loveseat with the push of a button sets it apart from standard manual recliners. The push-button convenience of a reclining loveseat makes it perfect for individuals who want to quickly change from relaxing at home to heading out.

People who want to indulge occasionally will appreciate this. A home theater setup is preferable. The couch’s center armrest is a great place to set down two beverages for a movie marathon.

What exactly is Ashley Furniture?

Ashley Furniture Industries, LLC is not only the largest but also one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the entire globe. Ashley, which has been in business since 1945, provides one of the most comprehensive product lines to its retail partners in 123 different countries.

From concept to delivery, Ashley Furniture Industries is committed to offering unparalleled value, selection, and service to its customers. From the smallest of finishing touches to the grandest of designs, they pour their souls into every piece of furniture they create.

From the time an item is designed until the time it leaves their state-of-the-art factories and is delivered and set up in the home, they want the consumer to be completely satisfied.

Reclining sofas from Ashley Furniture Industries can be up to 42 inches deep, making them challenging to maneuver through standard doorways. It can be challenging to move some of the reclining sofas with built-in mechanisms, as they can weigh as much as 260 pounds on their own.

For the sake of convenience, some professional movers will disassemble an Ashley reclining couch before moving it from one location to another.

How to remove centre console of Ashley loveseat

Reclining sofas are often lightweight and simple to disassemble. Some variants have removable, lockable seatbacks.

If you lift the cloth panel in the back or feel between the seams in the back, you can find the release buttons for the seats.

Some versions can be quickly disassembled by removing bars from the base. Take pictures, save the screws and bolts in plastic bags, and label the pieces so you can easily put the sofa back together.

The Ashley loveseat’s media consoles were attached to the sofa’s two halves using built-in brackets. Each piece of the sofa can be placed directly into the frames.

Separate the chairs from the control panel by pulling each one up until the clips release.

How much are sofas and couches from Ashley Furniture?

Ashley sofas can be purchased for anywhere between $500 and $2000.

There is a broad selection of sofas, sections, loveseats, armchairs, and matching sets available from Ashley Furniture. The company also sells a variety of home furnishings and ornaments.

To sum it up, the price of a sofa from Ashley Furniture can be anywhere from $499 to $1999. A standard loveseat for two will run you less than a thousand dollars, whereas larger sectionals would run you several thousand.

If that’s a too steep, though, discuss payment plans and special offers with the salesperson.

Larkinhurst Earth Sofa

  • Price ranges from $764 to $999
  • The dimensions of the sofa are as follows: 38″ high by 89″ wide by 39″ deep.
  • Chair Cushion Depth (inches): 22.5″
  • The optimal height for a seat is 20.5″.
  • The average distance between a person’s arms is 66 inches.
  • Cushion to back rest height is 18″
  • Overall Height: 26.5″; Arm Length: 26.5″
  • It has a 3.5″ inseam.
  • Colors Choose from Earth Tones

At a tenth of the cost of a new sofa, this eye-catching piece may completely change your living room with its rustic, aged charm.

The sofa combines the best qualities of comfort and durability with its earthy Southwestern color scheme, plush back and seat cushions, and enormous window-pane stitching. This sofa has the customary flair of curled arms and turned feet.


  • Frame with blocked corners
  • Set of loose seat cushions and an attached back
  • Cushions with extra-firm, pocketed coils for support.
  • Included are 2 accent pillows.
  • Down-filled pillows with a convenient zipper closure.
  • Polyurethane and polyester blend upholstery; polyester, polyurethane, and polyester throw pillows
  • To adorn with nailheads
  • Legs and feet are exposed and finished to seem like wood.

How long does it take for Ashley to deliver sofas?

Ashley Furniture’s delivery service, in my experience, is hit or miss. According to the feedback I read, clients’ in-store and online experiences were rather different. Standard shipping takes 5-10 business days, and the company also offers expedited and next-day options (1 to 2 days). However, there are situations where express shipment is unavailable, and those situations vary based on the goods and the location.

After looking at data from prior Home of Cozy experiments as well as evaluations from actual customers, I concluded that Ashley Furniture generally meets or exceeds its promised delivery dates. But if you’re having trouble with delivery timings or unresponsive delivery personnel, the best course of action is to call the customer service number provided on the website. Or, if you shopped at a showroom, the manager there will likely answer the phone and help you out.

How long do Ashley sofas typically last?

Customer feedback and our own testing indicate that Ashley Furniture sofas have a long lifespan (at least 12-15 years). Ashley Furniture may not make the most stylish furnishings, but its more expensive three-seaters and sectional couches have earned a well-deserved reputation for durability and longevity. Customers have complained about the quality of several of the cheaper sofas I’ve sold.

Ashley Furniture Policies

  • 72-hour trial/return period
  • There is funding available.
  • Warranties include a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, a 5-year warranty on the springs, and a 1-year warranty on the upholstery.
  • Production happens in the United States, China, and Vietnam.

In the case of Ashley Furniture, you only have 72 hours from the time you receive your order to notify the company of any faults and make arrangements for a return. The same is true for the shipping and handling costs. Ashley Furniture, to remain competitive, perhaps has to adjust its policy in this area, as many other new furniture firms and eCommerce brands provide more favorable terms.

Ashley provides a limited lifetime warranty on frames, a 5-year warranty on springs, and a 1-year warranty on the upholstery and filling.

Real Ashley Furniture Customer Reviews

Despite its extensive history in the industry, Ashley Furniture has received largely negative feedback from customers. I found both one-star complaints labeling their delivery personnel “scam artists” and five-star praise for the helpful staff in the showroom.

I scoured the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Consumer Affairs to find some of the greatest and worst Ashley Furniture customer reviews and decided to share them with you.

In my research, I observed that the following groups of people frequently purchased items from Ashley Furniture:

  • desired whole furniture suites, such as bedroom, dining room, and living room
  • thrifty consumers
  • Customers who value a helpful and friendly sales staff when they shop.

Most consumers who complained about Ashley Furniture cited difficulties with the quality of the customer care they received, as well as the quality of some of the store’s lower-priced items. In their lone-star evaluations, some consumers were not shy about saying that Ashley Furniture provided them with the “worst customer service experience” they had ever encountered.

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10 Best Ashley Furniture Recliners – Great Furniture from a Great Brand!

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Warnerton Sofa Recliner

The Warnertor leather sofa by Ashley is the perfect example of how a leather sofa can elevate the look of any living area.

It’s a lovely leather sofa with a contemporary design. The use of latticework enhances the overall design and makes it look much more sophisticated. Everything is a perfect match for the chocolate brown hue.

The high-resilience cushions on this ashley furniture reclining sofa are filled with a polyurethane and polyester blend for added comfort.

The reclining mechanism requires only the push of a button to activate. There is a high degree of reliability thanks to its power system, so you may enjoy a fantastic performance for many years to come.

With the Easy View function, you may change the height of each seat’s headrest for optimal comfort.

Each end of the sofa’s armrests conceal convenient storage spaces, and there’s also a cup holder for your convenience.

What to Consider About It

  • With its brown leather and latticework accents, this design is both contemporary and fashionable.
  • Extremely soft and supportive foam cushions.
  • The ability to modify the headrest is a very welcome addition to the seat.
  • Stylish and spacious layout for a party of three
  • Convenient cup holders and armrest compartments

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hallstrung Sofa Recliner

Among the leather sofas offered by Ashley Furniture, the Hallstrung is likely to appear as the most fitting option.

Its sleek design sticks out from the crowd, making it appropriate for any user while also enhancing your home’s aesthetic. Also contributing to its excellent appearance is the charcoal-colored imitation leather upholstery it features.

Additional refinement comes in the form of height-adjustable Easy View headrests that pair nicely with the plush foam upholstery. You may sit back and enjoy the comfort of this sofa for as long as you like without any worries.

In addition to all that, it has a power reclining feature, so you can adjust the chair’s angle with the click of a button. Furthermore, a USB charging connector is conveniently located on the control panel, allowing you to relax in comfort while keeping your smartphone charged.

Everything about this recliner is designed to improve your time spent in the living room.

What to Consider About It

  • Stylish faux-leather upholstery with a fluffy appearance.
  • Excellent power reclining option with multiple settings.
  • Comfortable and easy to adjust headrest; a real plus.
  • The presence of a USB port on the interface is a nice bonus.
  • Cushy leather upholstery with plenty of cushioning

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Follett Loveseat Recliner

There is no such thing as a terrible choice when it comes to an Ashley Furniture loveseat. And there’s really nothing not to like about the Follett reclining sofa.

The understated style and worn leather make this piece a welcome addition to any family area. The two-tone design is instantly appealing. The velvety cushioning and suede-like cover make for a very comfortable seating experience.

The coil seats are an excellent addition, providing additional comfort and ensuring that you never have even the tiniest discomfort. In addition, the chair’s rocking motion helps relieve stress quickly.

Nonetheless, what truly impresses is not just how nice it looks or how well it works, but the quality of its build. This sofa’s frame is reinforced at the corners to ensure that it will never bend under the weight of its occupants.

The nicest part is that the layout can be implemented with little trouble anyplace. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in dorm rooms and studio flats, providing quick comfort whenever it’s needed.

What to Consider About It

  • Coil seating and corner blocking make for a sturdy frame.
  • Fantastically modern style with two-tone leather
  • Padding that’s a little on the fluffy side pairs nicely with a suede-like, silky cloth up top.
  • A lot of comfort is provided by the rocking function that was added to the design.
  • Miniature loveseats are convenient for tight spaces.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Wittlich Glider Recliner

If you’re looking for an Ashley Furniture swivel rocker power recliner that’s a cut above the norm in both utility and comfort, look no further than the Wittlich.

While at first glance its modern aesthetic may make it appear to be just another chair, closer inspection reveals it to be one of the more intriguing options available. Combined with the high-resilience cushions, the Chenille upholstery creates an exceptionally comfortable setting.

With a wooden frame and metal seat reinforcements, the construction is still among the best. The soft polyester fabric can be cleaned quickly and easily after any number of years of use.

Do not overlook the fact that it has a full rotation of 360 degrees. Sit on it, pull the tab to recline it, set it where you want to sit, and unwind. Few alternatives can match the Wittlich’s capability when it comes to outstanding convenience and warmth.

What to Consider About It

  • Fabric that looks like chenille but is actually polyester
  • Superb pivoting system for maneuverability
  • Fabric and padding create a soft and fluffy texture.
  • Built to last with a solid timber structure and metal bracing.
  • Easily recline with the pull-tab mechanism.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Toletta Loveseat Recliner

The Toletta, available in Granite and Chocolate, is yet another fantastic choice from Ashley Furniture.

The foam cushions on the seats, back, and armrests of this loveseat ensure a pleasant experience any time of day or night. The cushioning complements the smooth polyester fabric, creating a suede-like impression that is incredibly comfortable to sit on.

Still, the recliner’s corner-blocked construction ensures that it can support hundreds of pounds without breaking. Two or three persons can sit comfortably on it thanks to its generous 70-inch width.

And despite all that, it looks really fantastic, with pillow-top armrests and a puffy appearance that makes you feel instantly at ease. To fully recline this stylish and comfortable chair, simply pull the side tab.

What to Consider About It

  • Huge 70-inch design can fit two people comfortably.
  • High-quality construction with reinforced corners.
  • Foam cushions for maximum comfort
  • Eye-catching puffy style in Granite and Chocolate tones
  • Polyester upholstery that is both long-lasting and comfortable

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Gregale Rocker Recliner

The Gregale, another two-toned recliner, provides the opportunity to relax on exceptionally plush upholstery that is also visually appealing.

Because of its cutting-edge style, it’s hard not to like it. This chair may be put in any room and instantly update the look of your home. This chair has a two-tone surface made of faux leather in a tough brown and sophisticated black color scheme, making it a good fit for both traditional and modern settings.

When you include in the weathered features and the distinctive stitching, you have a fantastically stylish addition to your living area.

The exceptional convenience and style it provides are inseparable. When you sit down on the high-density foam cushions, you’ll feel instantly at ease. The smooth and soft rocking motion of the reclining system is an added bonus.

The chair’s sturdy oak construction ensures it will last for many years. When you consider all of its features, this recliner is an absolute must-have.

What to Consider About It

  • The two-tone rough elegance design is a show-stopper.
  • Pads of plush, comfy foam
  • Superbly built; built to last
  • Comfortable and easy-to-use rocking and reclining mechanisms
  • Extra-wide for maximum comfort

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Rotation Sofa Recliner

Ashley reclining sofas are the best option if you want a durable, stylish, comfy, and up-to-date addition to your living room. And that’s exactly what the Rotation is.

The 88-inch width of this chair is the first striking feature. It’s large enough to seat three persons in relative comfort. With its thick cushioning, it’s perfect for cuddling up with loved ones. Because of the rapid and dependable reclining mechanism, relaxation is yours in no time.

The corner-blocked timber frame and metal seat reinforcements provide for a sturdy and dependable build. This goes perfectly with the imitation leather seating that resists scratches for years and is simple to maintain.

The leather, too, is stunning; it has a distressed texture that makes it look tough but also feels quite smooth. The smoky gray hue adds a touch of class.

What to Consider About It

  • With a width of 88 inches, this spacious sofa can comfortably accommodate three individuals.
  • Structured to last, made of wood with aluminum bracing
  • Elegant and fashionable smoke-gray faux-leather upholstery
  • To maximize relaxation, this setting features plush padding and a supple fabric covering.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use reclining mechanism

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Ernestine Power Recliner

When a regular reclining mechanism won’t do the trick and leather isn’t an option, turn to the Ernestine motorized recliner from Ashley Furniture.

Having the option to easily recline at the push of a button is a great perk. That said, it’s more than just a chair; it also lifts. Those with mobility challenges will be able to sit and get up from the chair with ease. And it can be controlled entirely by a handheld device.

When you allow the recliner and the plush foam cushioning do the work for you, you’ll have one of the coziest times ever. This single armchair recliner is the epitome of relaxation, and the soft polyester fabric just adds to that feeling.

The chenille upholstery and overall grayish hue make this chair stand out no matter the setting. Living spaces of every style, from ultra-contemporary to opulent, can benefit from its presence.

What to Consider About It

  • Power recline and lift system is a huge time saver.
  • Foam padding and supple upholstery for maximum comfort.
  • Elegant style with chenille fabric in a gray color
  • The connected remote control is a convenient addition.
  • Having a spare battery on hand is a tremendous help.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Alenya Rocker Recliner

The Alenya can be found in the lowest price range. This rocker chair by Ashley Furniture is exceptional in every way, yet stands out for its understated design.

The chair is fashionable, appearing tidy and reasonably well-made. It may not have the same aesthetic appeal as the others on this list, but it should still be fine for most family rooms.

The ultra-soft microfiber upholstery is a modern touch that elevates the overall look of the furniture, but it isn’t the only reason people remark about the upholstery. As an added bonus, it comes in a charcoal shade that will appeal to fans of the classic black-and-white color scheme.

Amazon.com: Signature Design by Ashley Draycoll Manual Double Reclining Loveseat with Center Console, Light Brown : Everything Else

When it comes to ease of use, it doesn’t lag behind either. The big foam cushions are a nice addition to the soft polyester and nylon upholstery. You will fall in love with this chair at first sit due to the luxurious feel of the padded seat and back and the fluffy texture of the seat cushion.

There’s still enough room for most people, and the sturdy hardwood frame construction is included in the low price.

What to Consider About It

  • The casual style is distinguished by its unpretentiousness in terms of design.
  • Fabulously plush upholstery made of polyester and nylon
  • Comfortable and spacious thanks to thick foam padding and an expansive design.
  • Superb craftsmanship; wooden framework
  • With a simple lever, you can recline in comfort.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Olsberg Rocker Recliner

The Olsberg reclining chair is the best option if you want a chair that matches an Ashley Furniture sofa.

You will love every aspect of this lounger. First, there’s the classic good looks, which are highlighted by elements like curled armrests, lustrous nailhead trim, and first-rate stitching. Because of its steel gray tone, it is suitable for use in any upscale home decor.

This chair has the signature foam cushion padding of Ashley Furniture, so it looks beautiful but also feels fantastic to sit in. The leather isn’t just a surface feature; its suppleness is immediately perceptible as well.

The chair’s metal reinforcing in the seat and solid oak frame make it a long-lasting investment.

Also, despite its compact dimensions, it can easily support two people. The pull-tab reclining mechanism only enhances the overall quality of this sofa.

What to Consider About It

  • Beautiful, elegant design with rolled armrests and chrome accents.
  • With plush foam padding and smooth leather upholstery,
  • Strong construction thanks to a timber framework and metal bracing.
  • There’s plenty of room for everyone.
  • All of the Olsberg section pieces go together beautifully.


This blog post is a quick review of our conversation about disassembling an Ashley loveseat’s center console. Read and study the situation carefully to prevent issues during the procedure.