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You don’t have to break the bank to get a high-quality slipcover for your loveseat from us. The best places to find gently used slipcovers for a loveseat will be covered.

Used loveseat slipcovers can be found for a low price on shopping sites like Amazon and Wayfair. Since this piece is about where to find low-cost used loveseat slipcovers, we will select those options. Here are a few suggestions:

Cheap Used Loveseat Slipcovers

Easy-Going 4-Piece Stretch Soft Couch Cover

If you have a standard sofa that is between 60 and 85 inches in length, one of the best ways to make it look like new again is with the Easy-Going 4-Piece Slipcover.

The polyester-spandex blend slipcover is both stretchy and durable, and it comes in a wide range of colors, from earth tones to brighter hues like red and blue.

Amazon.com: PAULATO BY GA.I.CO. Loveseat Slipcover - Stretch Couch Cover -  Cushion Love Seat Sofa Cover - Soft Fabric Slip Cover - 1-Piece Form Fit  Washable Protector - Jacquard 3D Collection -

This slipcover is unique in that it consists of four separate pieces, one each for the couch’s frame and three seat/back cushions, rather than one large piece of fabric.

The highly elastic fabric ensures a snug fit, giving your sofa a more tailored appearance.

This slipcover for your couch is not only easy to put on, but also easy to take off and wash in the washing machine.

In addition, you won’t have to remove the whole slipcover just to wash one stained cushion because you can take it off and wash it separately.

Northern Brothers Loveseat Slipcover

The Northern Brothers Loveseat Slipcover can be used to quickly and affordably refresh an old loveseat.

This slipcover is designed to fit small sofas measuring between 57 and 74 inches in length, and it is available in a wide range of stylish colors so that everyone can find a perfect match.

The three-part set includes a cover for the overall frame of your loveseat as well as two separate covers for the seats and back.

The slipcover is made out of a gentle textured fabric, and it has elastic bands around the edges to ensure a snug fit. If it gets dirty, you can simply throw it in the washing machine with cold water.

Red Barrel Studio Spandex Recliner Slipcover

Let’s say you just can’t bring yourself to give up your comfy recliner. If so, you’ll be relieved to know that recovering your favorite chair from Red Barrel Studio is as easy as ordering this slipcover, even if your chair has seen better days.

The microsuede cover features a subtle, all-over check pattern and can be used with a manual or power recliner that has a handle on the right side.

Recliners with a width between 24 and 33 inches and a height between 29 and 37 inches will be able to use this slipcover. You can achieve a custom fit by drawing through the two elastic loops at the back corners and attaching them to the chair’s back.

The cover is outfitted with nonslip foam inserts to keep the fabric neatly tucked inside.

The Red Barrel Studio Recliner Slipcover comes in a variety of colors, and it even has a handy side pocket for keeping magazines or books handy. The wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable fabric makes upkeep a breeze.

Orvis Grip-Tight Furniture Protector

It’s inevitable that pets will scratch up your furniture, so it’s smart to protect it with something like the Orvis Grip-Tight Furniture Protector.

You can choose from several pet-friendly fabric options, as well as loveseat (55 inches), sofa (70 inches), and extra-large couch (86 inches) sizes for the cover.

The Grip-Tight Furniture Protector is a unique slipcover that protects just the seat, arms, and back of your sofa and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Do you worry that the lid won’t stay put? Don’t be nervous! The Grip-Tight backing prevents the cover from sliding around on your sofa.

The cover has a weighted arm flap and a flap that tucks under the seat cushions to keep it in place no matter how your dogs move around on it.

If your wet dog decides to take a nap on your couch, don’t worry; the material features a water-resistant barrier that will keep things dry.

Amazon.com: HOTNIU Stretch Sofa Cover Printed Couch Covers Loveseat  Slipcovers for 2 Cushion Couches Sofas Elastic Universal Furniture  Protector with 1 Pillowcase (Medium, Cyan Grey Leaves) : Home & Kitchen

7 Benefits of Using Slipcovers for your furniture

1. You protect it from your pets

Many pet owners wrongly assume that their furniture can remain unscathed and in pristine condition despite frequent use by their pets. The moment your dog chews through the foam, sheds on it, or relieves himself on it is the moment you’ll wish you’d made a minor modification.

Covering your couches, chairs, and other furniture and fabrics is a great way to protect them from wear and tear and extend their useful life. You’ll be glad you took the time and effort to preserve your brand-new purchase and extend its useful life without having to spend extra money on repairs, cleaning, etc.

2. It is easy to clean

Slipcovers, regardless of their fabric or color, are incredibly simple to maintain and can be cleaned in a matter of minutes. Your furniture is safe from damage caused by spills, but it will still require periodic cleaning. If you vacuum over them once every two weeks, you can keep dirt from settling into the couch. You can easily clean and dry a high-quality model in the washing machine. Just be careful when caring for them (wash with a mild detergent and tumble dry on low heat) and they’ll last forever.

3. You protect it from your kids

Not only can children make it impossible to keep a clean house, but they can also destroy an expensive new sofa. If you have a young child, there’s no reason to leave your couch unprotected. Children are notorious for constantly making a mess and spilling their food. Most parents recognize this, and purposely seek out child-proof, water-resistant, and stain-resistant furniture (or covers at the very least) to ensure its cleanliness and safety. If your kid makes a mess, just throw the slipcover in the washing machine and get a new one. Keep things neat and tidy by switching out a few models every so often. In addition to being quick and simple, it is also very practical.

4. Gives your home a new look

Slipcovers are widely believed to be an option for home decor by many. You don’t have to settle for dingy, outdated options; instead, give chic, reasonably priced eco-friendly sofa covers a try. Mini makeovers are fun to play at home and can completely transform the look of an old sofa or chair without breaking the bank. Slipcovers for sofas are easy to put on over preexisting furniture, giving it a whole new look in an instant that you and your guests are sure to enjoy. There’s no point in maintaining a dated or boring aesthetic, right?

5. Keeps your sofa new

Your couch, or any other piece of furniture, will always look and feel like new. You need not worry about your pet, children, or clumsy guests ruining it or making it look or feel dirty. You can shield your belongings from dirt, dust, and other outside elements that could cause damage. Your new cover will last for a very long time. Who wouldn’t want to spend months basking in the benefits of something that still looks and feels brand new? Perfect for those who went overboard on home furnishings, your investment and final purchase will be validated, safe, and protected.

6. Easy to remove

Sofas with slipcovers are preferable in homes with lots of people and a busy, hectic vibe. Why not guarantee it if there are five or more people in your house who are always jumping on it and lounging there? It is your responsibility to take action if your home frequently suffers from accidents such as spills, rips, or tears. A slipcover, however, can make all the difference and protect your furniture from lasting wear and tear. In just two or three minutes, you can restore your device’s protective cover and rediscover its convenience.

7. Affordable solution

Finally, slipcovered sofas are often more cost-effective and inexpensive than any other furniture or type of item. Most companies sell them both online and in physical stores, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one. In just a few mouse clicks, you’ll be able to locate the precise make, model, color, and size that you require. Over time, you can also avoid spending money on costly fabrics and elaborate upholstery. Before you begin cleaning or setting up a cover, it is up to you to get the hang of things.

How to Clean a Slipcover, According to Experts

Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield, 13.5 Ounces

If you don’t want to remove your slipcover every time it gets dirty, some of our experts suggested using a fabric protector to help it resist stains for longer. New Jersey-based slipcover designers Jeanne Liberkowski and Kimberly Aravena both say that Scotchgard is essential because it protects fabrics from stains and moisture. Nonetheless, as Aravena points out, “when you add stain repellent to washable fabric, it will lose potency over time, so you’ll want to Scotchgard it every time you wash it.” If you drip a little water on the fabric in between washes and see it bead up and kind of roll around, then you know it’s still working. Liberkowski. Scotchgard is labeled as safe for use on cotton, polyester, silk, wool, acrylic, nylon, and a wide variety of other washable fabrics by the manufacturer.

Tech Stain Remover

Experts recommend pre-treating stubborn stains with a spot cleaner before washing a slipcover. Whenever she needs to clean her natural-fiber slipcovers, Powell always reaches for Tech’s Stain Remover because it is “the most reliable and versatile stain remover I’ve ever used.” Because it “won’t discolor a textile or leave a ring around the spot when it dries,” it’s “safe to use on all washable fabrics,” she says. “The product is odorless and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals like bleach, alcohol, or solvents.” According to Powell, the best results can be achieved by using the stain remover as soon as possible after spots or stains become visible. “This is important because the longer you leave a stain untreated, the harder it will be to remove it with Tech or any other type of spot-cleaner,” he explains. She treats stains by placing a dry cloth underneath the slipcover at the site of the stain, blotting the stained area with a terry cloth towel dampened with Tech, and then washing the slipcover to get rid of any remaining product and stain. She says, “I’ve used this product to successfully clean my slipcovers of red wine, blood, coffee, and even dog drool and crayon.”

Sonny Cohen, owner of New York’s PureGreen Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, recommends mixing equal parts hydrogen peroxide and baking soda as a homemade spot-cleaner for removing organic stains such as those caused by bodily fluids, grass, coffee, and tea. Spot cleaning with this or any other product should never be rubbed in, as doing so can damage the pile or fade the color, he warns. Let the cleaner sit for, Cohen advises after application. 15–20 minutes, after which you should spray it with white distilled vinegar to remove the acidity. The slipcover, he suggests, should be washed. While DIY projects can be fun and save money, Cohen recommends “consulting with a professional first to avoid the possibility of damaging your textiles” before you get started.

Is it possible to use a loveseat covering on a chair and a half?

It’s almost possible to sit in a “chair and a half,” also known as an extra-large chair. Compared to a regular chair, it’s wider and deeper, but it’s not as deep as a loveseat. The width and depth of a chair and a half range from 52 to 54 inches, and the height from 30 to 40 inches, depending on the back style.

Unless you order a custom slipcover, you will be at a loss as to what size to use because it is so unusual to find a chair and a half already covered. The average width of a chair is 47 inches, so a standard chair slipcover may not be wide enough. A loveseat slipcover, on the other hand, could be excessively large.

What sort of cover do I need if my loveseat’s back cushion is attached?

One or two pieces of fabric are needed to cover a loveseat with attached back cushions. In addition, loveseats with removable back cushions (also known as pillow back cushions) can be outfitted with three-piece slipcovers that offer a custom fit.

Amazon.com: HOTNIU Stretch Sofa Cover Printed Couch Covers Loveseat  Slipcovers for 2 Cushion Couches Sofas Elastic Universal Furniture  Protector with 1 Pillowcase (Medium, White Flower) : Home & Kitchen

A two-piece slipcover consists of a bottom and back piece and a seat cushion piece. The floor, the seat cushions, and the removable back cushions all have their own separate slipcovers.


Here then is a resource for finding affordable second-hand loveseat slipcovers. You shouldn’t feel obligated to go out and spend a small fortune on brand new ones. Quality slipcovers for a loveseat are available online.