Commercial Gym: Everything You Need To Know

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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In the end, “there’s a tool for every situation.”

It’s a phrase that applies to so many facets of our lives. Keeping fit is no exception.

You’d be surprised to learn that there are different kinds of gyms for different people, depending on their goals and personalities.

Only the most common sorts of gyms that most people have access to are included in this list, though.

Having worked out for 15 years, half of which as a certified personal trainer, I’ve prepared this list.

Before we go into this, a quick reminder… You may not be able to find some of these gyms in your area because they are located in the Columbia area, which is where we are located. However, there ought to be similar options available.

Before we get to that, let’s begin.

Commercial Gym

Columbia Athletic Club, Lifetime Fitness, Retro Fitness, and Planet Fitness are just a few examples.

“Commercial Gym” is what most people imagine when they think of the gym. They are usually huge, well-equipped facilities with a wide range of services, including gyms, swimming pools, basketball courts, and more. In fact, many individuals find this to be the most appealing aspect of the game.

5 Things Done in Commercial Gyms That Need to Stop

An attractive feature of Box Gyms is the variety of services they provide at a lower cost.

However, the lower price comes with a catch…

You’re on your own when it comes to finding a fitness regimen that works for you.

While this is good if you’ve been working out regularly for some time and have a working knowledge of how to handle weights and exercise equipment, it might lead to injury or a waste of time if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Many commercial gyms do provide personal training, but you’ll have to pay for it separately and, in my opinion, the personal trainers at commercial gyms aren’t as good as those at the other clubs listed below.

“Commercial Gym” is the greatest option if you already know how to work out, don’t want a specific objective, and just want a lot of possibilities.

Box Gym

An Orangetheory affiliate would be a good place to start.

In recent years, Crossfit has made “Box” gyms popular, and it’s not hard to see why they’ve been cropping up all over the place.

For a variety of reasons, people go to these gyms.

The structure of each workout is the most enticing aspect. Members of these gyms are often required to sign up for a specified class period. Students and trainers greet one other and begin their workouts together as soon as they arrive.

Since you don’t have to come up with an exercise schedule on your own, this takes a lot of the guesswork out of being healthy. The only requirement is that you show up and get sweating.

Because you’ll be exercising with others, you’ll have additional social support in keeping you accountable.

However, there are a few drawbacks to joining a facility of this type.

Because everything is predetermined, you’re out of luck if you want to be able to do whatever you want. Equipment is normally only available to you during the time you are scheduled to use it.

As a result, there are fewer amenities and the cost of membership is typically greater than in a commercial gym.

Finally, huge class sizes in box gyms can be dangerous. Many students in a lesson means that the coach has less time to adjust your form. Injuries can occur as a result of this.

To sum it up, the “Box” fitness center is the best choice if you want the personal attention of a trainer as well as the accountability of working out in a group or making an appointment.

Boutique Gym

Synergy FX, Fitness Together, and LiveNow Fitness are just a few companies that offer progressive athletics programs.

Personal training and group fitness have met in the “Boutique” Gym. The programming and atmosphere reflect the fact that these gyms are often run by a seasoned fitness professional. Each Boutique Gym is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. This is a strong alternative to the corporate commercial and box gyms.

Personal training is a major selling point for these kinds of gyms. If you’re a member of a boutique gym, you’re likely to know the owner and he or she will hold you to the highest standards.

Working out at a boutique gym is extremely effective for many people because of the added accountability it provides.

Working with a personal trainer gives you the accountability and results you want, but you also receive the companionship and camaraderie that comes with working with a group.

It’s difficult to describe the experience of working out at a boutique gym because each one is a reflection of the owner’s training philosophy and training methods.

Joining a boutique gym has its drawbacks, just like joining any other gym.

The most expensive of the three types of gyms is the one that caters to your specific needs. You won’t find as many amenities at a commercial gym as you would in a box gym.

To sum it up, boutique gyms are your best bet if you’re trying to achieve an ambitious objective like reducing a significant amount of weight or if you’re dealing with injuries that necessitate special training techniques. Boutique gyms are your best bet if you have trouble making it to the gym on a regular basis because they provide the finest accountability.

The Difference Between a Private Fitness Studio and a Commercial Gym

People’s everyday routines, including their capacity to exercise and train, have been altered as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many people are unable to maintain their usual exercise routines because of the limitations imposed by lockdowns, social isolation, and other factors. You’re stuck with training at home.

Despite the easing of restrictions, many individuals still avoid crowded locations out of fear of contracting the illness. An alternative would be to workout at a Nashville, TN private studio gym.

However, it is important to know the differences between a commercial and a private Nashville area gym before making a decision. Commercial gyms, on the other hand, are places where people can go to work out. Private gyms, on the other hand, are typically run by a former fitness professional who lives in the area and owns them. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option.

Advantages of Commercial Gyms

The availability of commercial gyms was already mentioned. Commercial gyms can be found in Nashville, Tennessee, to satisfy a person’s workout requirements. Choosing this alternative has certain perks:

  • There are a plethora of them: no matter where you reside, a commercial gym is within easy reach.
  • Commercial gyms have no limit on the number of members they can accommodate. There is room for anyone who wishes to participate.
  • Treadmills, cycles, and other cardio devices can be found in a commercial gym’s facilities for training. They also feature a sauna, a spa, and a children’s area on site.
  • Commercial gyms offer a variety of classes to help clients achieve their fitness objectives.
  • Many commercial gyms are open 24 hours a day, allowing its members to work out whenever they choose, day or night.
  • Low-cost basic memberships: Commercial gyms are popular because they provide low-cost basic memberships.

Commercial gyms have their pros and disadvantages. Participants, for example, have to interact with a large number of individuals, making the venue congested and hectic. Increased risk of infection, notably during COVID-19 pandemic, is a result of this. In addition to waiting for equipment, participants may face other difficulties.

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Advantages of Private Studio Gyms

Private studio gyms are rarer than commercial gyms, which may be found almost anywhere. In terms of advantages, these are some of the most important factors to consider:

  • A more intimate setting: Participants in a private boutique studio share a more intimate setting and a more focused aim. As an example, some Nashville studio gyms primarily focus on weight loss.
  • In a private gym in Nashville, TN, one can find expert coaches who provide customized solutions. A private gym’s trainers are well-versed in assisting members in altering their outlooks and routines.
  • Working out in a private gym implies that you are more focused on attaining the results you want rather than merely moving around. The workouts are meant to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you’re trying to lose weight or bulk up.

Each participant receives a reserved place in the program and all the equipment they need, so they never have to wait. Even while private gyms have some drawbacks, such as fewer membership places, higher fees, and less training facilities, they are more dedicated to serving their members’ needs and wants.

Why Next Level Fitness is the Best of Both Worlds

To gain a feel for both choices, one must experiment with them one at a time. There was once a time when people had to pick between going to the gym or working out in a private studio. To get into a commercial gym, some people may have to battle for space and equipment in an intimidating setting. The value of the training provided did not always equal the cost.

It was preferable to train in a private studio because the teaching was of greater quality and the atmosphere was less scary. However, there were certain drawbacks, such as a lack of training facilities and restricted space. By offering both a private gym and a commercial studio, Next Level Fitness came up with this solution.

While maintaining the intimacy of a personal training studio, the facility has the scope and amenities of a national franchise. Furthermore, members can count on Next Level Fitness trainers with the appropriate credentials and a sincere interest in seeing them succeed as they work toward their fitness objectives.

For these reasons and more, Next Level Fitness is the best of both worlds in the fitness industry:

It’s possible to locate the greatest trainers in the fitness industry at Next Level Fitness. In order to help others reach their greatest potential, the professionals provide instruction, inspiration, accountability, and encouragement.

Next Level Fitness emphasizes the need of a healthy diet in conjunction with regular exercise. Training without a proper diet is a waste of time and effort.. A well-balanced diet can help individuals meet their fitness objectives by providing them with the calories and nutrients they require.

Trainers at Next Level Fitness use video training to show participants how to improve their own workout routines.

A Gym that you can Count On

Perhaps you’ve tried dieting and exercising on your own to lose weight or build muscle but haven’t seen the results you were hoping for. Next Level Fitness in Nashville, Tennessee, is a great place to get started on a healthier lifestyle. Something that works is available here.

Next Level Fitness, one of Nashville’s leading gyms, provides qualified trainers and sufficient training facilities. This gym provides its clients with everything they need to reduce weight and increase their self-esteem through a comprehensive body and lifestyle transformation program.

Weight loss and long-term adherence to a healthy lifestyle are the goals of our certified trainers. Individual attention and care should be given to each member. Sign up for more information about our offerings.

The 10 Best National Gym Chains to Join

Whatever your level of dedication to your training, a terrible training atmosphere can rapidly destroy a good session. As crucial as deciding on a workout schedule is, it’s equally important to make sure that the gym you’re going to is up to par.

A new owner, inadequate upkeep, dissatisfied or poorly trained personnel can all turn an excellent gym into a lousy one. In the blink of an eye, you’re trying to get out of the contract you signed. As if that wasn’t awful enough, my last gym made me write a resignation letter and then forced me into a “exit interview” in order to get me to cancel my membership.

It’s only half the battle to get rid of a poor gym membership! The next step is to go out and find a decent one.

That’s something we can help you with. With the help of readers and friends, as well as visits to local gyms, we compiled a list of national gym chains.

Whether you’re at a large gym or a small one, you’ll find the same cardio and weight machines. Larger animals just have a greater number of them. We’re not interested in any of it.

Aside from a few free weights tucked into corners of the gym, we focused mainly on what you’d see in Men’s Health: heavy lifts with barbell and dumbbell, challenging exercises like kettle bell jiu-jitsu, and multi-directional bodyweight exercises for mobility, core strength, and metabolic conditioning.

If you don’t want to go to a gym that prohibits heavy lifting like Planet Fitness, you’re out of luck. However, you may still get a good exercise at a gym like that. Here’s how).

Although we tried to keep things interesting, there is one suggestion that may force you out of your comfort zone if you are willing to take a risk.

2019 is a great year to get a membership at one of these establishments.

Life Time

Let’s begin with a brief discussion of money: Reports from Club Intel show that gym memberships cost an average of $55 per month. That, however, is not your average membership cost.

In fact, the health club industry’s fastest-growing segment caters to members who pay less than $50 a month. According to a spokesman for Life Time Fitness, members pay an average of $105 each month. There are 141 locations in 28 states as of the time of this writing.

However, if you live near one and can afford it, you’re likely to be pleased with your decision. There is a wide selection of equipment, including Olympic lifting platforms and bumper plates, kettlebells up to 50 pounds, and TRX suspension trainers, that is praised by those who use it. Here’s a guide to TRX training.) At least 115,000 square feet is a common size for the locations.

One of the only complaints I heard was about the crowds. An workout regimen that asks you to perform two or more different activities at the same time would be difficult for you. But that’s true of any commercial gym, as well.

Gold’s Gym

While I’ve never visited the original Gold’s in Venice, California, I have been to a number of others over the years, most recently a local location that has recently undergone renovation.

The ones I’ve seen (notably the one in Venice) vary widely, but they all have one thing in common: they’re built to handle a lot of heavy lifting. Dumbbells up to 140 pounds and kettlebells up to 40 pounds were available at the neighborhood gym.

If you don’t mind the filthy carpets in the warmup area and damaged plumbing in the locker room, you can still get a nice workout at the gym you used to go to a few years ago.

Similar situations were reported by a number of readers. Due to the fact that many of Gold Fitness’s sites have been franchised and many franchisees control more than one gym, what you get for your membership will vary greatly from one area to another. It could be the prettiest gym in town, the worst, or somewhere in the middle.

Two J.D. Power surveys have placed Gold’s Gym as the most satisfied client. I believe that the ever-increasing competition in the industry has weeded out the less-than-stellar businesses. People who commented on the article said that the newest locations are excellent places to lift.

With a one-year contract, you can cancel at any time and pay $25 a month for the service.

Anytime Fitness

Travel-friendly Anytime has a special feature: There are almost 3,000 places with a key card system that members can access at any time of day or night, even when no one from the company is there. “Unless I’m in an extremely distant region, like a national forest, I can generally locate an AT,” a reader who travels more than 200 days a year told me.

Is there a disadvantage to this? Anytime is one of the fitness industry’s most aggressive and fastest-growing franchisees. Size and quality might vary greatly, as one might anticipate. There are a variety of gyms to choose from, some of which are large and well-equipped, while others are small and tucked away in a strip mall.

The reader commented, “The signage is standard, but that’s about it.” A barbell and weights heavier than those in the hotel are the only things I’m certain to find no matter where I travel.

The cost of a membership can range from $30 to $40 a month, but this seems to be the norm.

24 Hour Fitness

With almost 400 clubs across 13 states, this chain drew the widest diversity of reader responses. Criticized by a Los Angeles-based reader who has been a member “almost forever”

There is a huge disparity in quality across different franchises.” The ceiling is a sieve, there’s only one tiny window in the entire place, and the water fountain closest to the weight section is constantly broken at the one I use the most. Another 24-hour store with enormous windows and lofty ceilings can be found ten miles distant. They’ve added a turf field with large tires for flipping and a prowler to their arsenal of tools. “It’s a dream to work here.”

Readers have expressed a preference for “hard lifting,” even though it implies “chalk and noise,” in the gyms they’ve visited.

The best gym in town might be yours for $30 to $40 a month, and if you travel frequently, it could be a wonderful spot to work out while on the road. You could be disappointed if you don’t get what you want. For each location, you’ll have to evaluate it on its own merits.

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LA Fitness

One cold, wet Sunday morning before Christmas, the parking lot of my neighborhood LA Fitness gym was nearly full. Club members were busy at work in a bright and cheerful environment. During my tour of the facility, the manager was pleasant and engaging.

However, I saw a gulf right away. He asked me where I currently work out. Sorry, I lied about the gym I fought so hard to escape. He’d worked out there, but was dissatisfied with the lack of “ab training equipment” he found there.

However, I was immediately struck by a sense of disconnection. To which I replied, “Where do you work out now?” You can’t blame me for lying about the horrible gym I tried to leave. Although he’d worked out there, I learned that they lacked “ab training equipment,” as he put it.

All during the tour, this was the case All the machines are bright and appear to be in good working order. Numerous barbell press benches, ranging from flat to slope to decline to overhead. If you’re looking to work on specific muscles in isolation, this set-up is ideal for you.

It occurred to me to seek for the items I might utilize since I don’t use many machines and my shoulders have filed a restraining order to prevent me from doing barbell pressups. That was a let-down for me. To begin, I’d have to deadlift with hexagonal weight plates, which is a cumbersome configuration. (Many readers, not just those at LA Fitness, expressed their displeasure with the plates’ flat sides.)

But the most pressing issue is one that has been raised by several readers. Trainers only get to use the specialized equipment, according to one observer. Another wrote, “The part of the gym with the TRX and kettlebells is fenced off. Box leaps are frowned upon—personal training is the lone exception.

Unfortunately, this was the best-looking health club I’ve seen in recent memory, and it was a good deal at the same time. My initial fee of $100 was waived, and I was given access to hundreds of clubs in dozens of cities at a monthly fee of $30 without a contract. As long as you can justify your decision, it may be a good one for you.

Crunch Fitness

Everything a person could want in a fitness facility is available at Crunch. You can get personal training, small group training, and specialized group fitness courses (like our 30-in-30 anniversary class) in addition to the regular strength and cardio equipment you’ll find at most chains.

However, just like previous chains, the alternatives you have will depend on where you’re currently training. Crunch franchises are divided into two categories: Crunch Fitness and Crunch Signature, and the features you’ll be able to access and the area you’ll have to work with are determined by the tier you choose.

The cheapest tier of membership costs $9.95 a month, but when you add more features, the price goes up.

Pure Barre

Ready for something fresh that isn’t tied to the weight room? It’s possible to discover a Pure Barre studio in your area, as the company has more than 500 facilities across the United States and Canada.

This is not a place for lone wolves who want to work out on their own. From the classic barre-heavy “Pure Barre” class to the weight training-inspire “Pure Reform,” each session lasts 45 to 50 minutes and targets the entire body.

There’s no denying that the classes aren’t inexpensive, but unlike other gyms, you may buy access to many sessions at a time rather than a long-term unlimited membership.

Blink Fitness

To obtain a lot of value for your money, you don’t need to spend a lot of money at this fast-growing bargain chain.

In most Blink Fitness facilities, the layout is simple, with cardio and strength training areas spread out around the space, but affordable membership fees and an universally bright-colored decor make for an unintimidating environment to work out in.

There are options for personal training, but there aren’t any for group exercise classes. At $26 a month for unlimited access to all Blink gyms, that’s a lot of value.

Equinox Fitness Club

It is likely that Equinox is the place for you if you enjoy the finer things in life. The high-end chain has great locations, top-notch amenities like high-end toiletries, and a tiered system of qualifications for its personal trainers.

The gym provides group fitness sessions that are modeled after those at specialist boutiques, but if you prefer to exercise alone, you may use the gym’s workout app.

The price tag for all of these gizmos comes with a hefty price tag. It costs roughly $200 per month to join a single location and $260 to join all of the sites in the United States.

Local Chains

EOS in San Diego, Club Fitness in St. Louis, Fitness Formula Clubs in Chicago, and the Bay Club in Los Angeles were among the most highly praised local gym franchises.

Those readers gave some of the best tips to anyone looking for a new gym:

Having all the bells and whistles doesn’t imply a gym is a good fit, and having all the equipment doesn’t indicate it’s well-managed.

An unidentified person said, “Maybe a good gym or chain isn’t measured by their equipment or their prices.” He bases his assessment of the training environment on the competence of the trainers on the team.

To locate the best gym beyond this list, use this guide. Roger Lawson II, a professional trainer, posted a wacky pro tip on Twitter: What if you looked up mid-set and saw a butt that made you want to improve yourself? Change gyms if necessary.”

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Final Thoughts

Like the restaurant industry, the gym industry has a lot of similarities.

There’s fast food, sit-down, and fine dining to choose from.

You can eat all three, but which one you choose is up to you and your personal preferences.

Commercial, box, and boutique gyms all have gym counterparts.

If you’re looking for a workout that will leave you drenched, all three will do the trick.

The percentage of people that join a gym based on the following factors: a percentage of 20% 80% of the time Ninety-nine per cent commercial 20% of the time Eighty percent of E2 Percentage 9D to 20D For what percentage are we talking about here? 20%a% People make up 20% of the population.

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