How Many Sewing Machine Brands are There?

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There aren’t as many people as there was in the past.It’s one of the most tragic aspects of business. Brands that are successful fade away. They could last for more than a century or even fifty years. That’s the way it is with the sewing machine brands. Some are in operation for quite a while.

The oldest and sole manufacturing company that is family owned and operated in the world is Bernina. It’s been owned by the family since 1893 and has been under the direction of founder’s great-grandson Hanspeter Ueltschi.

For more information on the various sewing machine brands read on. We’ve listed as many as we can to help you decide who you can trust with your sewing machine funds.

How Many Sewing Machine Brands are There?

If you are looking to expand beyond these American brands, you’re considering more than 100 sewing machine brands across the world. There are more but not all of them are mentioned in the way that their names would be recognized.

Since the inception of sewing machines in 1846 There have been too many fakes who established a business and sold some machines, and then vanished into history. There is a problem of locating these companies since some of them have named their sewing machines in honor of the patent and not necessarily the typical company name.

White was a popular sewing machine brand that also made a top-quality sewing machine. It was eventually taken out of business after it was purchased by Electrolux. There are no replacement White sewing machines have been manufactured since 2006.

One of the most reputable firms that still exists can be found in Bernina. It’s a family owned business that has been for the entirety of its existence. Sewing machines can be purchased at Bernina and its subsidiary brand Bernette with no trouble. However, you will have to pay a considerable amount for their sewing machines.

What are The Best Sewing Machine Brands

One of the most popular sewing machine manufacturers is Bernina. It might not be able to capture an enormous share of the market for sewing machines, but this is due to the fact that their machines are made well and cost a significant amount of money. It’s not unusual to pay thousands for an expensive Bernina sewing machine.

Singer has been thought to be the most reliable sewing machine manufacturer. Its reputation is evident through its market share of 43. Much like Bernina, Singer has been around for more than 100 years. What made Singer to prominence in the first place was its creator was the first to develop household sewing equipment.

The Brother sewing machines are another popular brand. The only issue is that they produce more electronic devices as compared to sewing machines. They’re well-diversified, however they still produce an excellent machine.

Janome is a product of Japan and has spent a long time in the top position as the best sewing machine maker. The company was the first to create computers for sewing machines.

Pfaff as with Singer and Bernina is in existence since 1909.Thecentury. They were created by a group of people in Germany and have maintained an enduring tradition of manufacturing top-quality sewing machines from the beginning of the.

There is also Juki. Another excellent Japanese firm that sells their sewing machines across the globe. They focus more on the industrial aspect of the market, though they make some excellent home sewing machines.

There are many more top sewing machine manufacturers, but these are among the top five on the market. There may be one of your own that you’d like to include on this list, but unfortunately we are unable to provide every brand.

Sewing Machine Brands List

There is a chance that we don’t have the entire list, but this is a decent list of sewing machine manufacturers that are still operating today. There is no order of the top to the bottom of this list.

  • Bernina.
  • Elna.
  • Brother.
  • Husqvarna.
  • Viking.
  • Bernette.
  • Janome.
  • Jia Ling.
  • Juki.
  • Kenmore.
  • Kingtex.
  • Merrow.
  • Pfaff.
  • Singer.
  • Sunstar.
  • Fortuna.
  • SWF.
  • Usha.
  • Yamato.
  • Jackk Sewing machine company.
  • Feiyue Group.
  • Tacony Corporation.
  • Toyota Asin Seiki.
  • Necchi.
  • Union Special.
  • VI.BE.MAC. S.P.A.

A few of these companies originate out of India, China, Italy as well as other countries.

German Sewing Machine Brands

A few among the German sewing machine brands could include former and current sewing machine manufacturers:

  • L. O. Dietrich.
  • Vesta.
  • Frister and.
  • Rossmann.
  • Grimme.
  • Natalis & Co.
  • Hengstenberg & Co.
  • Anker.
  • Hermann.
  • Kohler.
  • Mundlos & Co.
  • Adam Opel.
  • Georg Pfaff.
  • Seidel and.
  • Naumann.

Old Sewing Machine Brands

As I mentioned before There were a variety of companies that have risen and disappeared from the world of sewing machines. Here’s a brief list of unsuccessful businesses which were not able to compete on the marketplace at the time:

  • Davis Sewing Machine Company.
  • Jennie June.
  • Jones Sewing Machine Company.
  • Kimball and Morton of Glasgow.
  • Leader Sewing Machine.
  • National Sewing Machine Company.
  • Sewmor.
  • Taft-Peirce Manufacturing Company.
  • Tikkakoski.
  • White Sewing Machine Company.

There are too many unsuccessful attempts to include here. The American list is around 30 unsuccessful attempts and perhaps greater than fifty. The reason they haven’t had a lot of success could be due to many contributing factors and conditions.

Sometimes it’s just a bad business that have put them off from being successful in the sewing machine business. The larger, established companies either bought them out , or cut prices so that the newcomers were unable to compete.

Whatever the reason it is, the sewing machine business has eliminated the fakes and now has the top performers. If you’d like to view the entire America list, click here.

The list contains the names, addresses of the most obscure sewing machine manufacturer. And, of course, Wikipedia isn’t much assistance as it does not provide the complete list of the top manufacturers and all sewing machine manufacturers.

Different Brands of Sewing Machines

Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify the various brands and also who actually is the owner of these brands. Smaller brands are usually made by larger corporations to sell lower high-end or less expensive sewing machines.

For instance, Bernette is owned by Bernina. However, the new brand doesn’t make the same sewing machines of the same quality or offer them for the same price the way Bernina sells. The products they offer are targeted at the domestic market, where sewing machines are used the most.

It is not everyone’s budget for an actual Bernina however they can purchase a quality sewing machine via the Bernette. Husqvarna is similar. They also sell its own machines for sewing, but also own Viking and Pfaff, while SVP is the owner of Singer, Pfaff and Viking.

The ownership of SVP means that SVP also has control of Husqvarna. Janome is the owner of Elna and Toyota is the owner of Necchi. In the field of machine sewing, the market isn’t that big, although there are many top brands that make sewing machines.

Sewing Machine Brands and Prices

A few of the most renowned brands don’t want be a victim of sales loss or market share. They therefore produce small and entry sewing machines which cost consumers around 100 dollars or so.

This approach helps them improve their bottom line, while also making sure that everyone has the money to purchase an excellent sewing machine. Brother is one of them that makes and sells machines at around $85. The other machine one is priced at $100.

There are a range of models priced between $150-$200. They try to keep the majority of their models at a reasonable price. Singer is similar however their machines can cost $300 and have several models that are in the $100 to $100 price range.

However, Janome can sell a top-of-the-line machine for $600 , and one model can go up to $800, but just like other manufacturers, they also offer models that are affordable, ranging between $100 and $250.

Because Juki concentrates on industrial applications the prices of their sewing machines are often higher than the three mentioned. The machine costs around $700, with a second at $1,000 and a third for more than $1,000.

Bernette starts at the lower $200s, and has various models to choose from through different retailers. They also surpass the $1000 mark with one of their best models.

Bernina isn’t going to be forgotten and their most powerful machines be worth hundreds of thousands. However, there’s some good news that you can purchase an Bernina on Amazon for less than $2100. Other Bernina’s cost between $1400 and $1600 on same website.

Pfaff was a bit harder to find details on the price of the sewing equipment they use. We looked at several sites including their website and there were no prices available. Their promotional page also did not show prices for sales.

It could be it is because Pfaff is sold through dealer, and their prices can vary between dealers. If you’re looking to buy extremely low-cost, Varmax has a mini sewing machine at around $30. The quality of the machine it holds up to the test of time is anybody’s guess.

Sewing Machine Brands Made in USA

There were many American Sewing machine manufacturers who manufactured its products within America. Although they might be headquartered in the United States however, their manufacturing processes are distributed to countries around the world.

The only place we could locate that were sewing machines produced in America were the low-volume companies that made sewing machines designed for quilting. The last company that was known was Handi-Quilter However, it’s not known if they produce these machines outside of America.

Also it is not possible to find American sewing machine brands which manufacture their products in America. Sewing machines might say they were that they are made in America however they aren’t manufactured in the United States.

The countries producing sewing machines used by the top brands include China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The sole European firm that is still manufacturing its machine is Bernina Switzerland.

The company’s Bernette sub-brand is home to all the machines manufactured in Thailand. Sail Rite is one of those companies with components made in other countries , then ship these parts and assembles its machines here in America.

One other exception that we’ve discovered was that of the Merrow Company. They could be part of that small quantity group we mentioned earlier. However, the great-great-nephews from Joseph Merrow run the company and continue manufacturing in America.

However, their focus could be on commercial and industrial equipment, but they also have some more affordable models available. The company began in 1822 by making gunpowder, but in 1877, they built the first machine for crocheting.

In addition there is the top or most well-known sewing machine maker makes their items in America. There may be some odd items that may be American manufactured however that’s all there is to it.

Best Industrial Sewing Machine Brands

It is possible to add Merrow on that list since they make top-quality machineries for commercial and industrial use. The machines they make are able to handle a wide range of sewing functions and appear capable of handle many different types of materials.

They continue to make an embroidery machine in addition to one that can do end-to-end seaming. For more than 200 years, the company has been focusing on sewing machines for industrial use.

The next option is next on the list is Japanese business Juki. They are specialized with industrial machines. The Juki Mo 6714S model is believed to be the top industrial serger on the market currently. Another excellent Juki models is Juki Tl 200 Qi that is believed to be the top industrial machine that is suitable for home use.

Then they have their Juki DDl 8700. It’s supposed to be a quiet machine that can sew through the 10 layers of vinyl in a matter of minutes. Following Juki is Consew and its model 206B-5. It is able to handle heavy fabric without even thinking about. This could be due to its triple feed or powerful stitch force.

There is also The Yamata FY8700. It is believed to be the cheapest industrial machine available. It’s affordable and is able to handle 5500 stitches in a minute.

Honorable mentions are given to Singer who has three top industrial machines to sell. Each machine has an array of distinctive features that make them suitable for industrial and commercial usage. One stitch at 2500 SPM to ensure that your sewing requirements for commercial use are met.

Janome is another worthy mention in this list. The Hd 1000 is a robust machine that can handle many difficult sewing tasks without complaint. Finally, you can finally get the Reliable sewing machine has earned its achievements and also. This company manufactures two best industrial equipment that can compete against its rivals.

Cheapest Sewing Machine Brands

As mentioned previously that many of the most reputable brands offer budget-friendly sewing machines in order to improve their bottom line as well as ensure that everyone has a opportunity to own their own sewing machine.

Janome is among those firms and they offer an item that is priced at $55. The machine comes with 11 stitching options which help new sewers to master sewing.

Singer is the next option with a sewing machine that costs $74 that is very competitive with counterparts. The pre-set stitch length and width can be beneficial for new user of a sewing machine. It also comes with 6 stitches built-in that you can select from.

The next machine to consider is Brother and their sewing machine with the lowest price seems to cost $85. It comes with a single step button hole and 27 stitching stitches built-in. Six presser feet are included in the construction.

Fourth place would be Ever Sewn and its $119 cost. The 1 buttonhole feature as well as 21 stitching stitches built-in make it an excellent machine to use. It also works with leather and denim quite well. For those who are new to the industry, this model may be a good choice too.

Bernette isn’t absent from the equation because it is an affordable sewing machine in the case of Bernina models at a minimum. The cost of one of their cheapest models is $199 and that’s one of the models called Bernette 33.

It is equipped with around 15 stitches that are built-in, and its most effective use could be quilting. The blanket stitch is just one of the stitches on this cheap machine.

There are a few cheaper models and less expensive brands of sewing machines, but we’d have to be skeptical about their reliability and quality. The materials used for construction could be less than the ones that are listed on this list.

Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Brands

Sewing has its own unique demands and issues. This is the reason there are a variety of sewing machines that are being developed these days. There’s a machine that is compatible with the specific sewing task you have in mind. available for sale right now.

In this section we’ll give you a list of some powerful sewing machines that can assist you. You might or may not be a fan of our selection but that’s okay. These are among the most popular of them all.

For starters you can choose an option called the Singer 4423. It has a sturdy metal frame that can handle the tough sewing tasks with ease. It’s durable and sturdy and will last for for a long time.

There exist 23 stitch features available for you to pick from. In addition, it features an extremely robust motor that can reach 1,100 spm. The next item up on our list of choices will be that of the Brother ST 371 HD.

Its main draw is the 37 stitches built-in and six quick-change feet. It can also be used with thick fabrics, or ones that are as lightweight as silk. Its versatility is one reason why it’s a top heavy-duty machine.

The Janome HD 3000 is not long behind, and it’s not a “workhorse” for nothing. It is able to do its job and does it very well. With its one button hole feature as well as 18 stitching options built in, you will be able to tackle a myriad of sewing tasks with this device.

Additionally, it can handle around 800 stitches per minute, and the stitch selection dial at the right side of the device. The next machine on the listing are Juki TL 2000 Q1. Juki TL 2000 Q1. We’ve already discussed the Juki TL 2000 Q1 and, as you can see, its inclusion on this list, it’s one of the top of the best.

With 1500 stitches per minute speed, an integrated light, an automatic needle threader, and other features, this top-quality machine comes with everything that you require. You can also alter how long your stitches are by changing the dial.

If you’re looking for a robust quilting machine then you might want to consider Tin Lizzie 18. Tin Lizzie 18. it is a brand we’ve not yet mentioned but comes with a sit-down long arm style of quilting to ensure your quilts appear great.

It has an auto needle threader, as well as its own table for sewing so you can sew those fabrics effortlessly. A built-in lamp ensures that you are able to see all the fine details that you need to work on without straining your eyes.

Some Final Words

It’s hard to keep up with the multitude of sewing companies and brands that are either in and out of the market. Many are owned by one sewing company or by corporations that produce other products like Toyota as well as Brother.

Additionally, there are few sewing machine manufacturers that are family-owned. Bernina as well as Merrow are two of them and aren’t in direct competition with one with each other. Both have been in operation for more than 100 years.

Singer is another popular brand that still makes top sewing machines despite the fact that it’s no longer an independent business. If you research you’ll discover that many sewing machine manufacturers have been around for a while.

It’s a difficult business since sewers appear to be extremely loyal to the brands they love. To be successful requires competing at a computerized scale and not all is capable of doing that.

If you have the money then you’ll be fine using an Bernina. They’re probably considered to be the Rolls Royce of sewing machines.



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