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There are a number of manual recliner classifications that you’re likely familiar with. Most likely, you’d prefer to see the opposite side of this recliner split. The number of cords on a power reclining loveseat will be discussed today.

What is a power recliner?

It’s only fair to understand what a power recliner is before learning how it works. Because manual recliners are generally operated by hand, you should be aware of this fact. It requires some lever-pulling on your part to accomplish this task.

This is a less viable option in most modern dwellings. If a member of the family is confined to a wheelchair, this is extremely important. As with manual recliners, power recliners offer the same amount of comfort, if not more.

It’s a great place to kick back and enjoy the view. Power recliners, on the other hand, can only be operated by pressing buttons. The back, footrest, and headrest are all controlled by at least three buttons on most power recliners.

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What is a loveseat?

This piece of furniture is designed to fit two persons comfortably. One of the most common names for this item is the “courting chair.” When it comes to the upholstery, a loveseat is very comparable to the couch.

Since only two people can fit in the backseat, it’s normally sixty inches long. A loveseat’s main function is to facilitate private conversations between a couple who are dating. The original intention was to give women more room to straighten up their heavy dresses.

Find Out What Your Furniture Is Plugged Into

Your power furniture may be malfunctioning, which is the first step in determining what’s wrong. You should initially inspect the connection between your furniture cord and the outlet once you’ve determined that something is amiss. Even if it seems obvious, the recliner may have just disconnected itself.

Make sure your outlet and cord are properly connected. To ensure that the outlet is functioning properly, try another appliance to see if that fixes the problem.

To make sure you didn’t accidently trip a breaker when plugging in your new recliner, check your circuit breakers if you’re still not getting electricity. When it comes to operating high-powered devices or several appliances on one breaker, older homes are more likely to struggle.

Even though breaker overloads are rare, they do occur and could be the reason of your power recliner’s lack of electricity. In order to avoid this potential disaster, do not use more than one power source at once.

Assess Your Power Reclining Furniture

Let’s get to work on the power recliner now that we know it’s not a power problem or a tripped breaker. When it comes to power recliners, each one is wired differently, and power sofas and sectionals are no exception.

Before you begin troubleshooting, make sure that all of your furniture is unplugged. Wiring sections can be found by flipping your furniture over. Larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas or power-reclining sectionals, should be assisted by someone else. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call your sales representative.

A power switch can be found on the underside of most pieces of furniture. Power switches on the back of recliners, while less common, can be used for quick and easy power access. To be safe, make certain the switch is turned on. To let you know if the control is receiving power, many of them have a light-up indicator.

The back of the recliner is the next area to inspect. Remove the Velcro part from the back of your sofa if it has one. Don’t try to remove backs that are stitched on, or you’ll ruin your furniture.

It is important to look at the back of your furniture to see if there are any cords or batteries or electrical parts or recliners motors. Re-connect any loose power cords and double-check that they are all linked properly before continuing on.

Make sure all of your cords are properly plugged in by unplugging and re-plugging them. Power recliners can sometimes be reactivated by turning them off and on again. Even with the help of a flat-head screwdriver or your keys, it is possible to detach chords that are tightly attached.

Zip ties should not be overtightened. To keep the recliner cords in place during shipping, manufacturers add zip ties, which may be removed to reattach loose wires.

Verify that the battery pack is connected properly. Even if it seems self-evident, a proper connection is essential to getting power from a battery pack. As a final precaution, ensure the power cord is connected in to the battery pack’s opposite end.

Once the back of the power reclining unit has been tested, it’s time to move on to inspecting the base. In order to reach the power cords for the buttons on the arm of the chair, look for a zipper feature. This level of accessibility isn’t available on all power recliners. Verify the cord’s connection if you have access to it.

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The back of your recliner’s base is frequently the source of most connection problems. Recliner parts can be damaged if the cords are not kept taut. If you detect any broken or damaged wires around the motor, this is a sign that something needs to be done about it.

Complete Your Assessment & Test Your Power Recliner Functions

Flip your recliner over one more and check all of its features and functions once you’ve completed the preceding procedures. Congratulations if your recliner is operating now! Whatever was wrong with the connections or the electricity difficulties have been resolved.

There’s no need to panic if your recliner still doesn’t work. Let customer service know if your recliner isn’t working by calling them. In most cases, new motorized recliners come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. If you purchase the 5-year protection plan, you will be covered for the majority of damage or broken parts.

In addition to the power recliner, you may get a two-year protection plan if you buy it on clearance. A recliner failure is also covered by the insurance policy in the protection plan you’ve purchased. As an alternative, Furniture Fair can send out a service technician for an extra cost to inspect your furniture and determine whether or not it needs new parts.

Don’t Be Afraid To Find Out What’s Wrong With Your Power Reclining Furniture

With this information, perhaps, you’ll be able to take back your living room and get your power chair working again so that you may rest instead of being frustrated.

Avoid the use of surge protectors and keep an eye on the outlet and breaker box. To be on the safe side, double-check your motor’s wiring and all of the cords that connect to it. Last but not least, make a thorough check of your system’s connections by unplugging and replugging everything.

Contact our Customer Care Department or visit one of our 11 convenient locations in Cincinnati, Dayton or Louisville, and we will assist you identify your next step if you are still having issues with your power recliner.

Our manual vs. power reclining article or information on power lift chairs might help you learn more about recliners.

In the event that your power reclining furniture does not have powered headrests, view this supplemental video for aid in troubleshooting.

How Many Cords on Power Reclining Loveseat?

Motors and wires connect each reclining unit to a power supply. It is connected to a power cord that runs through the back of your reclining loveseat to the power source. Once it’s plugged in, it’s ready to use.

We do not recommend using an extension cord, converter, or surge protector to plug in power furniture. Because the amount of electricity used is proportional to the amount of time spent in the power recliner. Some electric recliners require a plug, while others don’t. This depends on the type.


1. How do power recliners get power?

In order to recline, a motor attaches to a cable that is connected to a power source. It is possible to plug in the power source into an AC outlet by running a power cord through the back of your sofa or chair.

Extension cords, adapters, and surge protectors are not recommended for use with our power furniture.

2. How much energy does a power recliner use?

The input voltage ranges from 100V to 240V.

The output voltage is 29 volts.

The maximum duty cycle is 18 minutes.

Level 6 of effectiveness

Of course, how much electricity the recliner uses depends on how frequently you use it. We’re looking at a price range of a few cents to a few dollars per month.

3. Do power recliners have to be plugged in?

Unless you update to a wireless lithium-ion battery pack, you will need to plug in your power chair.

In places where there are no outlets, our battery provides electricity without the need for obtrusive wires.” Algonquin Park’s center is technically available for rocking and relaxing, if you so desire. J.S.*

When completely charged, the battery pack provides around five days of cordless use. A user’s weight, model, and frequency of use all influence how long it takes to recharge. Consider the amount of time you plan to use the USB charger before purchasing it.)

You’ll hear a beep when the battery needs to be recharged.

4. How to hide power cords?

In order to disguise the wires that originate from the chair’s base, you may either feed them beneath an area rug or use a wire hiding box. Make sure to include a floor outlet where you can install your power furniture if you’re building or renovating your home!

Upgrade to a battery pack hidden behind the chair if none of the above work.

5. Are La-Z-Boy power recliners guaranteed for life?

Metal mechanisms and a proprietary four-sided frame construction of kiln-dried hardwoods are used in La-Z-Boy recliners. When compared to other designs that simply have two or three sides, this one provides a more stable framework. In the long run, the four-sided structure will provide a more secure base for the power components. The mechanism loosens when the two and three-sided frames travel from side to side.

One of the best warranties in the furniture industry, La-Z-limited Boy’s warranty covers many mechanical aspects of their items for the rest of their lives. Swivel bases and wood frame pieces are all included in this category, as are reclining mechanisms and springs and spring systems.

Check out the page to learn more about the warranty, including a breakdown of parts and how long they are covered. For how long is the warranty on La Z Boy recliners?

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6. What is the best (power) La-Z-Boy recliner?

There are a variety of models, fabrics, leathers, and amenities to consider when purchasing a motorized recliner for yourself or your family. There are also a variety of ways to manage power.

These methods of power control are:

  • Wireless remote control for a handheld device
  • Requires an in-chair or sofa-based corded remote control to be held in the hand.
  • A USB port with four side buttons (independent back and leg recline, independent back and leg upright position)
  • A USB port is located between the two side buttons (one button that reclines both your back and feet simultaneously and one that brings you back to an upright sitting position)
  • NEW The power switch is located on the right side of the seat. Toggle switches are used to control all of the system’s power settings. All of these features are included in the new control panel that has been released.

To be confident you’re making the right choice, test out various options and learn what works best for your particular way of living.

The best power recliner is entirely up to the individual who sits in it. We at La-Z-Boy recommend that you come in for an appointment. Our knowledgeable design consultants will help you find the perfect chair based on your body type, style preferences and other requirements.