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Everybody has them. There has been the experience. These friends and neighbors would like to make use of your sewing skills or other talents to make money. Although you don’t want to cause damage to your relations, they can take their toll on you and your pocketbook.

How much do custom curtains cost? This is contingent on the kind of curtains you’re creating. Certain curtains that are energy-efficient can cost between $7 and $150 per curtain. This is only one cost you should consider. Elegant draperies can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 for a window.

To find out the details on how many custom drapes cost you, simply go through our article. It will explore the world of custom costs to make sure you don’t need to. Understanding the costs for custom-made drapes is a method to inspire you to design your own.

What to Charge for Sewing Curtains?

One of the major factors when making curtains is the kind of fabric that is utilized. A light, airy curtain material is more manageable than energy-efficient ones. Before you can set an amount, you have been aware of the work required and then include your minimum wage for work and time.

According to the US government the government, seamstresses, and tailors earn on average $15,46 an hour. Some might earn a bit lower and are paid $12.57. Operating sewing machines is less since their median salary is $11,67 per hour.

The most important thing to consider when deciding the price to charge for curtains made of sewing is to decide if would like the cost to be per piece. The type of fabric will play a part when it comes to this, and for stronger fabric, you will need to charge more regardless of it.

If you are paying hourly, you must cost between $10 and $15 an hour. If you are planning to charge per panel, the base price should be $20 per panel.

How Much Does It cost to make curtains?


The most significant aspect in making curtains will be the kind of fabric utilized. The second important aspect is the work and level of skill of the person who sews curtain panels together. The more skilled they are is, the greater their price

If you’re using low high-end fabrics, then you should expect to spend approximately $15 to $40 per window. If you’re planning to make use of brocade, silk, or other premium fabrics, you should expect to shell out between 20 to $150 per window and $250 to get a full window.

The third factor of your cost will be who performs the work. This is not the case with seamstresses but instead retailers, as well as luxurious outlets. If you require custom sizes and you work with these retailers to design draperies or curtains for you, you’re going to be paying between $250 and $1500 per panel. We have said per panel. If you are doing it yourself, then you’re just looking at the price of thread, fabric, and time. That’s not an enormous amount of money when compared to.

Handmade Curtain Making Price List

The majority of the cost for custom curtains is likely to be based on the accessories that you wish to add to your curtains. The costs for labor are likely to range from around $15 dollars per hour up to $20 for a panel and higher.

The cost of labor is likely to increase based on the kind of fabric you intend to choose. This will be contingent on the person who will be doing the actual sewing as well as the amount of additional work they need to perform to complete the task. Fabrics are priced between $7 and $1,500 for a panel.

These prices usually do not include any accessories customers or you might wish to include in your customized order. This list will determine the total cost of your order:

  • Curtain rod – $5 to $200.
  • Rings for curtain and other rings. Rings for curtain rings, etc. $25 for standard rings, 10 rings in the set. Custom rings, as high as $600 for 10 rings.
  • Valances – For fabrics that are common between $5 to $50; more luxurious ones as high as $600.
  • Cornicebetween 4150 to $600.
  • Tie-backs or holdbacks- between $7 and $70 for a pair.
  • Finials- based on the construction material they are made of and the material used for their construction. Between $8-$80 and upwards per pair.

Labor Cost to Make Curtains


If you’re using someone who is self-employed sewing for more money, or for a hobby, the price is a possibility to negotiate at times. If you are able to seek out friends who know the art of sewing, they can bargain a fair price, but be careful not to overpay and risk ruining a relationship.

The government has announced that the median price for seamstresses and tailors is about $15 per hour, which is an ideal figure to start with when you are trying to negotiate a reasonable labor rate. Be aware that this is average, not the cost for every fabric.

Fabrics with less weight could be bargained lower because the amount of work isn’t that difficult. If the fabric is more difficult to sew and the price of labor should increase due to the additional work required.

There’s a lot of room for flexibility in this cost because of the various factors that are involved. One of them will be how big the windows that the curtains are designed to cover. The bigger the window, the more expensive it will be since more effort and fabrics are required.

Material Cost

The cost of materials is identical to the labor costs. It’s going to depend on the kind of fabric you are using and if you’re using sheers under the curtains and other such things. Silk will not be as inexpensive as less expensive curtain fabrics you can buy at any shop.

If you’re looking for fine fabrics, you can expect to be paying a premium for each panel. The price can be between $20 to $150 per panel. There are some discounts when you need two panels for each window.

If you’re looking for environmentally friendly panels, you can anticipate paying as much as $150 for each panel.

Curtain Alterations Cost


The cost for changing curtains will be contingent on the amount of alteration you’d like to make. You’ll need to figure out the cost by talking to the professional you hire to do the work. If the modification isn’t large or involves fixing a frayed seam or other. You may begin at approximately $5 and then increase from there based on the type of work and materials that are involved.

Consider the labor cost average in the above paragraph and take it into the equation. If the work is going to take at least an hour then expect to spend significantly more than you thought.

For a rough estimate, you can take the price of creating a curtain typically between $10 and 15 an hour or more than $20 for a panel, and then go from there. The process of altering the curtain can take an enormous amount of work.

Cost of Shortening Curtains

The cost of these services depends on who you’re asking to complete the work. Professional shops charge $15-$35 on average. Certain shops might be less and some higher. The cutting of the fabric is the simplest step in this process.

What is time-consuming and increases the cost is the hemming. The cost can also depend on the design of the curtain. If it is unlined, the price could be reduced to approximately $12. If line, it might start at $20.

It is also important to be aware that many curtains are dependent on the amount the hem weighs to properly drape. The curtains must have either a double or 5 inches one to properly drape. This extra effort could cost you a little more than a thick hem.

Curtain Hemming Cost


The price will be similar to that of the section above. The process of shortening curtains involves hemming which means you will pay roughly the same cost for both. On average, you can expect to pay between $15 to $35 for unlined hems, and between $20 and $70 for curtains that have lined hems.

The prices are per panel and not per pair. Independent seamstresses might be able to provide you with the lowest cost for both of these tasks. Their expenses will not be that much like the professional stores.

The final cost will depend on which company you select and what type of fabric your curtains are constructed of. Also, it will depend on the style of your curtains as well as if the fabric is pleated, or not.

Hire Someone to Make Curtains

This isn’t an unwise choice. Many experienced sewing ladies use this method because they are not a fan of certain aspects of making curtains. They would prefer to contract the workout to focus on sewing for their families or themselves.

There are a few disadvantages when you hire someone to do all the sewing. Finding the perfect person who you can be sure of and who is skilled might require some trial-and-error.

Additionally, you should conduct some research and then compare costs. It is not a good idea to ask someone for advice and later discover that you could have had the same product at a lower cost later.

One thing you shouldn’t do is combine money and friendship. If you’re looking for an affordable deal, do not take advantage of your acquaintances. If you are unable to find someone else or believe anyone else, be sure you make sure you pay your friends in a timely manner and do not overcut their work.

How to Find Local Seamstress for Curtains


This really isn’t that difficult to make. One place to consider is the local stores for sewing supplies. They might include a board that people looking for work in sewing can put your names as well as numbers.

If this doesn’t work, try the smaller clothing and textile shops in a variety of cities. These shops will know women who excel in sewing curtains and charging an affordable price.

You can also search on the internet and consult sewing forums. Women on these sites will know of skilled curtain makers. If certain towns have them, they will be these special classified newspapers often referred to as Nickel Ads, that may contain a variety of advertisements for those who sew professionally.

Finding a reliable seamstress to make your curtains is likely to be the most difficult of your curtain-making difficulties.

How to Price Curtains for a Yard Sale

One of the most important lessons learned about selling your items at a yard salesYou will not receive close to new prices, even if the items you sell are new or nearly new. Customers who attend your yard sale are looking for bargains and if they can’t locate it in the yard sale, they’ll go to the next.

Your clients have plenty of options since there are numerous estate, garage, and yard sales to browse on weekends. For regular curtains, you could cost from $2 to $5. additionally, you can anticipate being offered a bargain.

Garage sales aren’t a choice you should take when you do not wish to make a loss. Also, they are not an ideal option if you’re not looking to sell. Everything is marked less than rock bottom, in the hope that your customers will attempt to negotiate the price they are paying even less.

Some Final Words

After seeing the price of making curtains You may be inspired to create your own. If you’re not skilled in sewing curtains, you might not think about the expense or time involved in making curtains.

There are many steps involved in deciding on the style of fabric, the appearance you’re looking for. One of the best things that can be said about curtains is to prepare to spend more than you anticipated. This is especially true when you employ your friends to assist you.

If you’re planning to create curtains or already have them constructed, be sure to cut twice and measure twice.