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How high of a back do you want on a swivel chair? Many individuals ponder this subject while shopping for a new office chair.

This article is for you if you have ever purchased a new office chair only to discover, after sitting in it for a few of hours, that it is too low. In this section, you will learn how to properly measure your height and adjust your swivel chair to fit you perfectly.

All You Need To Know About Swivel Chairs

Are you familiar with the concept of a swivel chair? Learn every last detail about swivel chairs and get the best answer to your question by reading this post!


Swivel chairs allow their occupants to change their body orientation without getting up from their seats. Those who operate in an environment with a lot of traffic can benefit from swivel chairs with wheels on the base.

How to Adjust the Height of an Office Chair | Overstock.com

This type of chair, which is also known as a “office chair,” is ubiquitous in today’s workplaces. Like most computer chairs, swivel chairs for the office typically have a gas lift that allows the user to adjust the height of the chair.

Where to use it?

Living room

A swivel chair is a fantastic addition to any room, but it really shines in the living room. A swivel chair is an excellent option for a living room chair since it allows for more than one conversation area and has a variety of forms that are just as attractive and inviting as an armchair.

For a more relaxed and rustic look and feel in a traditional living room, try using classic linen-skirted swivel chairs. Swivel leather armchairs are a staple of the man cave. Swivel chairs are convenient in modern homes with open floor plans because they allow you to easily pivot to face the action.


Bedrooms benefit from having a swivel chair as well. Set one up in a quiet place by the window for a cozy reading nook.

Create the perfect late-night reading nook for him and her by placing two swivel chairs in a larger bedroom suite. A swivel slipper chair is a fashionable addition to a bedroom vanity or desk.


The ability to easily switch from one task to another explains why swivel chairs have become so commonplace in workplaces.


The swivel chair is no longer restricted to indoor use. Lovely swivels we’ve seen in outdoor settings wouldn’t be complete without mention. Picture yourself relaxing on a cushioned rattan swivel on your front porch with a cup of coffee in the morning (or a bottle of wine in the evening).

Benefits Of Using Swivel Chairs

Work is easier with swivel chairs

When meeting with clients or working at a desk all day, swivel chairs are preferable. The convenience of being able to easily pivot from left to right is a major selling point for swivel chairs.

A professional can remain seated while speaking to clients or patients on one side of the room. If you’re in a tight space with a few other people and you need to have a conversation without getting up, a swivel chair is a great option.

Another perk of swivel chairs is that you can easily get files from a nearby filing cabinet and then return to your desk without having to get up from your chair. You don’t even have to leave the room to get things done.

Since they encourage continuous movement and interaction, swivel chairs are a practical addition to any office.

Casual seating at its finest

Accent chairs provide style to a room, but a swivel chair makes it feel more casual and comfortable. Instead of using a stationary accent chair in the living room, try a swivel chair.

These upholstered seats are perfect for a night in with a good movie or an all-nighter with your favorite TV show. Because of their effortless motion and full range of motion in all directions, these chairs are ideal for lounging in comfort and luxury.

You’ll find that swivel chairs come in several shapes, sizes, and with a wide range of upholstery options. Whether your taste runs to the modern or the classic, these one-of-a-kind chairs will make a welcome addition to any room in your home.

Ergonomic and efficient

When it comes to sitting for lengthy periods of time in the office, swivel chairs are the best option because they encourage a natural posture while still providing sufficient back support.

In spite of the fact that swivel chairs are more costly than other types of office chairs, they actually end up saving you money in the long run by reducing the likelihood of health issues including cervical spondylosis, back pain, poor posture, and inadequate blood flow.

Tips on How to Increase the Height of Swivel Chair

One important first step is to determine your exact height above ground level. Use a tape measure, a yardstick, or a ruler to get a rough idea. Take a measurement from your head to your feet.

Get the Right Size Swivel Chair : Your next step should be to take a measurement of the height of your current office chair and compare it to your own height. In the event if the height of your seat is significantly different from your own height, you may want to consider upgrading.

Adjust the seat height of your swivel chair so that it is at least 1 inch lower than the distance you determined from the floor in step 2. Working conditions will be improved in this way.

To alleviate any remaining pain, consider purchasing a cushion or wedge to position beneath your legs (see Tip 4). If your back needs some more help, this will put you in a more relaxed sitting position. Built-in versions of this feature can be found on several desk chairs.

Tip #5: Get a New Chair If you’re still not comfortable, look into getting a cushion or wedge to put under your legs. If your back needs some more help, this will put you in a more relaxed sitting position. Built-in versions of this feature can be found on several desk chairs.

How do you Make a Rolling Chair Taller?

Start by taking your height into account. When choosing a chair for lengthy amounts of time, height above your desk is more important than depth of the seat. If the backrest of a swivel chair needs to be lifted one inch and you’re five feet and six inches tall, you’ll need the chair’s height adjusted by three inches.

There’s a couple of ways how to measure your height

First, have someone else measure your height using a ruler or measuring tape as you lean against a fixed object at least knee-high in your home (such a countertop).

Second, have another person measure how high your back should be by taking the height of the chair at its lowest point and adding three inches (if the backrests of a swivel chair need to be raised by four inches but are already six or seven inches off the ground, the person should measure your height and add four inches).

Third, make a step by lifting one leg of the chair and checking with a second person to make sure it doesn’t topple over. If that’s the case, adjust the height of the backrests accordingly.

How do you Lower the Height of a Chair?

One can make a step by lowering the chair’s leg and having another person check its stability. In such case, take that number and subtract it from the height of the person sitting in the chair to determine how much lower to set the backrests.

How do you Adjust a Chair With 3 Levers?

Adjust the backrest height, front tilt and seat depth simultaneously with a single adjustment.

How do you Adjust a Chair With Locking Mechanism?

Adjust the backrest height, front tilt and seat depth simultaneously with a single adjustment.

You can change the angle at which you sit, the height of the backrest, and the depth of the seat all at once.

The adjustment settings can be locked by pushing the sides back and listening for a satisfying click. To unlatch a side, simply pull the lever back toward you until it is perpendicular to the floor.

What is Tension Control on a Chair?

The amount to which the chair’s back reclines is adjusted via a mechanism known as the tension control. To what extent the backrest will tighten or loosen at full recline is more important than how far back one can lean.

There are a number of ways to modify the tension to suit your personal preference.

  • Reclining or rising the backrest
  • Extending the distance from where you are
  • Adjusting the force required to cause movement (how much weight must be exerted).

Best Swivel Chairs for Living Room: Our Top Picks

1. Rivet Coen Modern Velvet Upholstered Accent Chair

The Rivet Coen Modern Velvet Accent Chair may be used as either a stylish swivel chair or a comfortable barrel chair. It’s upholstered and custom-made to elevate your living room to the next level of chic. This accent chair features a velvet covering over a plywood frame and is offered in four neutral hues for a modern and appealing addition to your living space or office.

This barrel chair not only looks great in your living room, but it is also really comfortable and takes up very little space, which is ideal for optimizing the design of your home. This accent chair’s contemporary style makes it a versatile complement to any home or workplace. Consequently, it’s not hard to see why it’s become so popular and is considered by many to be one of the greatest new swivel chairs available.

It’s upholstered but only weights 55 pounds, making it a top pick among the best lightweight swivel chairs. This swivel chair is ideal if you need a modern accent chair or barrel chair that swivels but doesn’t take up too much space because of its small size and low weight.


  • Modern, circular, and cushioned, this swivel chair is perfect for your living area or office.
  • It’s a barrel chair and an accent chair at the same time.
  • Rotate freely and easily
  • Available in color palettes that complement contemporary decors while being pattern-free
  • This accent chair will add style and comfort to any space.
  • The chair’s sturdy plywood construction is mounted on a rotating base.
  • Plush velvet upholstery covers a foam cushion for a luxuriously comfortable seat.
  • Modern, circular, and stylish; a great addition to any space with a contemporary, minimalist, or urban theme.
  • There is no need for assembling.
  • All returns within 30 days are accepted without cost, and there is a one-year guarantee.


  • Comparatively expensive

2. Store Modern Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair

The Egg chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1956, is a swivel chair with a distinctive shape. The Egg Chair is an iconic design that spawned numerous imitators. As a result of its widespread acceptance, the term began to be used to otherwise equivalent products.

It’s the first of its kind, and it’s responsible for the birth of an incredibly talented and original designer. Arne Jacobsen was commissioned to construct this legendary chair for Copenhagen’s royal family. Its molded interior is only one of many unique characteristics. It has the dimensions of a couch, an attractive frame, and a decorative cushion.

How To Adjust Your Office Chair's Seat Height - YouTube

Although it was one of the earliest designs to include a hard interior, the soft upholstery on this piece makes it feel incredibly luxurious. Linings developed in fabric to avoid the need for a center seam.

This swivel chair has a curving design that sets it apart from the norm of straight-backed chairs. The conventional chairs don’t really offer the same level of privacy that this design does. Finally, the chair’s flat base design offers stability while swiveling to provide a 360-degree field of view.

The chair has a leather or cashmere drape in one of four striking colors, a highly contoured seat design for comfort, and a swiveling, steel frame for durability. As a whole, Arne Jacobsen’s swivel chair design is one that you can rest assured will be both comfortable and stylish in your home.


  • Luxurious leather and the finest cashmere are used to create these exquisitely crafted swivel seats.
  • Glass fiber molding ensures a flawless design.
  • Though it has been reupholstered, the chair’s original design has been preserved.
  • Consists of a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Four-spoked, industrial-strength steel base.


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Lacks armchair configuration

3. Modway Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair

This swivel chair lounger is reminiscent of the space age pod from the ’60s. Everyone who saw it would instantly be intrigued. While lounging on its luxurious upholstered cushions, you may enjoy some peace and quiet thanks to the fabric-lined interior.

To put it briefly, the exterior is a work of art. It has a swivel mechanism built into the base, and the shell is made of fiberglass. This is a very beautiful and well-made reproduction of the original. The semi-sphere frame designed by Eero Aarnio is a replica that can be purchased if you prefer a more modern aesthetic.

This cutting-edge piece of furniture is a high-quality swivel chair with five detachable fabric panels and a fiberglass frame. This chair can swivel on a ball-bearing system, which is both featured and functional.


  • Space-age seeming pod-like lounge chairs are back in style.
  • Inner fabric shell provides seclusion and concealment.
  • soft, luxurious cushions made of leather or cashmere
  • Exterior is a molded and contoured fiberglass shell that is a perfect match for the base.


  • This throwback style may not appeal to all audiences.
  • Does not include a couch or chair of any kind

4. Flash Furniture Red LeatherSoft Swivel Cocoon Chair

This chic swivel chair features a cocoon design that has remained popular throughout the years. It would look great in any space with a retro-meets-modern aesthetic. The high back makes it look like an accent chair, and the scooped seat makes for a classic circular shape. It is a signature of comfortable, quirky modern decor.

The full swivel of the chair allows you to easily move in any direction, while the deep seat and wide corner-back with integrated armrests provide exceptional comfort for premium practicality. Because of its adaptable features and layout, it may be used in a variety of settings, including the home, the workplace, the bedroom, the waiting area, the gaming room, the hospitality area, and the waiting bay. Additional stainless steel legs and six additional color options make it a versatile addition to any home.


  • A unique blend of modern and old aesthetics, this look is surprisingly versatile.
  • Elegant and functional swivel chair with a cocoon design that may complement a variety of interior settings.
  • Accessories that are both modern and classic for the living room
  • Contemporary accent chair style with a high back and a rounded seat.
  • Having a nice, roomy, and deep seat is a must for comfort.
  • Swivels in every direction for maximum ease of use.
  • Comfortable in either the family room or the game room


  • Does not include a pair of arms

5. Madison Park Tyler Swivel Chair

The Tyler Swivel Chair by Madison Park is the perfect pick if you’re in search of comfort and style. The foam cushion and the rounded silhouette provide comfort without sacrificing style. The chair’s all-natural finish making it a versatile piece for any interior.


This chair combines modern design with the soothing effects of Zen meditation. Whether you need a reading chair, bedroom lounge, or a nursing chair, you will find that this is the ideal addition to your home because of its durability and adaptability. This product is the perfect blend of solid support and plush softness; it also happens to be the perfect size. This versatile cream hue works with any aesthetic. Moreover, if you’re looking for a completely pre-assembled product, this swivel chair is an excellent choice.

The chair’s fabric is protected by a cover, and assembly is unnecessary because it comes already assembled. The rich appearance lends a feeling of style, but it may be too deep for those with more petite frames. This swivel chair’s superior craftsmanship is the only thing that can compete with its all-natural hue and graceful curves. The chair’s cushion has a removable, zippered cover made of a soft and smooth material, making it simple to remove and spot clean.

As a result, these swivel chairs are our top recommendation if you want a stylish and functional addition to your bedroom, living room, or any space. This piece of furniture is the best option due to the high quality of the fabric and the comfortable foam cushion. The Madison Park Tyler Swivel chair is hard to beat when it comes to its small design, trendy appearance, and overall durability.


  • Exalted receptacle for giving assent
  • Cushioning foam
  • Basic rounded shape
  • Exceptional quality
  • Rotate freely and easily
  • Durable construction and finely stitched upholstery
  • Durable
  • A wider range of tones to choose from


  • Pricey
  • Too much depth for some people.

6. Christopher Knight Home Cecilia Swivel Chair

Furniture by Christopher Knight has the proper amount of flair for all the right reasons to really make your house a home. You won’t believe your ears when I tell you how reasonably priced this one-of-a-kind item is, nor when you feel the luxurious quality in your hands. This product is a close second because of its high quality and long lifespan thanks to its sturdy build and long-lasting materials.


What makes this product stand out is how relaxing it is, as well as how you can spin and talk to your loved ones without getting up from the chair. For example, you might choose to read, play virtual reality games, or watch a movie. The company also has excellent customer and delivery services, making the purchase process a breeze and getting you into your new swivel chair as quickly as possible.


  • Cream color is trendy and would look great in your living room.
  • Complementary round ottoman included as an option
  • Reasonable Costs
  • Simple to clean
  • Simple set up
  • Long-lasting and trustworthy


  • Larger people should look elsewhere.
  • In the lower back
  • Lacks additional color options
  • Long periods of sitting are not recommended.

7. Accent Swivel Chair

If you want a striking yet cozy chair, go no further than the Accent Swivel chair by Coaster Home Furnishings. Anyone who isn’t afraid of a little risk when decorating their home can take on the sour cherry red challenge. Excellent for unwinding, reading, or watching television.


Accent swivel chairs are great for adding a splash of color to a small room. The sleek, up-to-date look that works anywhere. If you’re up for an extra test, the cranberry hue of the cloth is a great choice. It provides much-needed comfort with a seating area that is neither too soft nor too hard, and it is exceedingly resilient and easy to clean. This accent chair swivels effortlessly and looks great in the room thanks to its deep hue.

This swivel chair is ideal for homes, cafes, and bistros with little space, thanks to its modest footprint and comforting design that beckons after a hard day. The chair’s material is extremely long-wearing and, like leather, has a surprisingly hard feel. Some buyers may be put off by the intense cherry hue, thus a wider range of colors would have been preferable. However, despite this, the chair is both entertaining and cozy, making it a great addition to virtually any room.

On the flip side, if you have a larger build or are seeking for a swivel chair to sit in for an extended period of time, this product may not be the best option for you. The lack of a comfortable seating cushion and the excessive firmness of the back support are the main reasons why this chair is not suitable for office use. However, if you only need an accent chair for your living room or bedroom, this one is fantastic and quite reasonable.


  • Comfortable
  • Swivels around with no bumps or jerks
  • Strong and long-lasting material
  • Simply wipe it down when dirty
  • Outstanding cost-effectiveness


  • There are no accessible color choices.
  • Inadequate seating padding
  • The product is lower to the ground than competitors’ offerings.

8. Madison Park Capstone Swivel Chair

When it comes to swivel seats, Madison Park is unrivaled. A 360-degree swivel mechanism and thoughtful design make this product a pleasure to use. The solid structure is then expertly draped in a luxurious cloth. Anyone in need of sturdy seats will find it to be ideal.


With its contemporary style and neutral gray color, this swivel chair is a great addition to any living space or bedroom. This adaptability increases the likelihood that it will give you with the highest level of comfort while engaging in your preferred leisure activities, such as reading, watching television, or gazing out a window.

The high quality of the furnishings is what makes this purchase worthwhile. The frame’s combination of solid wood and plywood makes it extremely durable. The metal structure of the foundation is also ideal for providing stable seating for any number of people. The chair’s upholstery is made of a high-quality, silky fabric that is both comfortable to sit on and simple to clean.

The design adheres to ergonomic standards, making it comfortable for extended periods of sitting without straining any muscles or joints. The chair’s back is shorter than that of competing products, yet it’s nonetheless adequate in length to guarantee your complete relaxation. This is enhanced by the slight curvature of the back and the arm frames, along with the wide seat.

Since it was designed with ergonomics in mind, it’s great for sitting for lengthy periods of time without causing soreness. Although the chair’s back isn’t as high as that of some competitors’ offerings, it’s still enough for prolonged sitting. The wide seat and back, together with the arm frames’ moderate curve, contribute to this.

  • Comfortable luxury
  • Excellent layout.
  • Easy pivoting mechanism
  • Sturdy
  • Put together in seconds
  • Long-lasting and trustworthy


  • Pricey
  • Disadvantageous in a limited quarters
  • Extremely solid
  • The lack of a color selection

9. Leather Swivel Chair by Great Deal Furniture

Our last product is a swivel chair upholstered in your choice of turquoise, white, or red imitation leather at a very reasonable price. If you want a piece of furniture that really makes a statement in your living room or bedroom, this is it. Additionally, the swivel mechanism makes it a prime option for gathering around the table with loved ones.


For a homey gathering with loved ones, nothing beats Great Deal Furniture’s Leather Swivel Chair. It is inexpensive for households of any size, and its small footprint keeps living quarters uncluttered.

This swivel chair is made from high-quality components and materials, and it also has a lovely finish. This swivel chair will be a great addition to your home if you have a large family or frequently host gatherings for friends, as it will allow everyone to easily turn around and keep the discussion going no matter where they are sitting.

6 best ergonomic office chairs of 2022, according to experts

This swivel chair is fantastic because it can be used right away without any assembly, and the shipping services are reliable. Whether you’re looking for a chair for your office or living area, you’ll find a wide variety of color options that will let you draw attention to the elements you want to highlight. Value for money is really high, therefore it’s a good choice for anyone who wants to improve their living space without breaking the bank.

The chair’s comfort and aesthetic appeal make it suitable for a wide variety of settings, including offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and gathering spaces. It’s quite comfortable, and the quality remains constant over time thanks to the design’s robust construction. However, the chair’s depth of seat makes it uncomfortable for anyone under 5’5 in height. Piling on some throw pillows, though, would quickly remedy that problem and make it suitable for use by everyone.


  • Comfortable
  • Variations in color that are striking
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Rotate freely and easily
  • Small in stature


  • To the depths beyond the reach of those of us with less robust builds.
  • Ho-hum hues

What Factors to Consider As You Shop for the Best Swivel Chairs?

A) Does It Have Adjustable Backrests and Controls?

The most comfortable swivel chairs allow you to tailor your sitting position to your body and the demands of the task at hand. If your backrest is fixed to your swivel chair, you should be able to adjust it forward and backward.

You may expect the locking mechanism to keep it securely in place, preventing any unwanted backward movement. A backrest that is purchased separately from the seat should include height adjustment controls and tilt in such a way that you find it comfortable.

B) Does It Have Lumbar Support?

When it comes to comfort and support for your back, a swivel chair with a curved backrest is your best bet, especially for those long days at the office. Think about the natural curve of your spine when you shop for a swivel chair. Office swivel chairs that are worth purchasing should provide adequate lumbar support to prevent back pain and ensure proper posture.

When selecting a chair for extended periods of time, it is important to pay special attention to the level of lumbar support it provides to prevent undue stress on your lower back.

C) Is It A Breathable Material and Sufficient Padding?

If you anticipate spending a lot of time in your chair, it is recommended that you look for a swivel chair made of a material that allows your body to breathe and has ample padding to ensure your comfort.

D) Does the Swivel Chair Have Arms?

Invest in a swivel chair equipped with arms to relieve pressure on your neck and shoulders. It’s preferable, if not essential, that the armrests of the chairs be flexible. You may adjust their angle so that your arms are supported comfortably, reducing the likelihood that you will slump over throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Swivel Chairs

1. What does a memory return swivel chair mean?

One of the best types of chairs for those who value order and cleanliness is the memory-return swivel, often known as a spin-back seat. Memory return swivel chairs, for instance, allow you to swivel 180 degrees and then return to ‘home,’ which is often the sit position facing to the front when you stand up.

2. How much space is needed between 2 swivel chairs?

If your living room is large enough, leaving around 30 to 36 inches of walkway swivel distance between the chairs or major furniture pieces is ideal for swiveling right. If that is not possible, then make sure there is at least 18′′–24′′ of space between each chair so that people may turn around easily. Whatever you do, leave a minimum of 3.5-10 inches of space between different types of chairs.


Swivel chairs, once seen only in offices and cheesy retro hangouts, have made a comeback in interior design and are now one of the most visited e-commerce sites. We can’t deny that we adore them too, and it appears like everyone else does too.

Swivel chairs, which can be used in a variety of settings and provide a high level of comfort and style, are quickly becoming a consumer favorite in the realm of interior design. After learning so much about swivel chairs, you should probably acquire one for yourself.