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Creating a cushioned floor for an octagonal playpen is the topic at hand today. We dug into some other areas of the playpen that you might find helpful and entertaining.

Different types of cushioned flooring can be used to outfit an octagonal playpen. Some individuals line the inside of their pens with carpet scraps, while others choose to use contact paper or even foam tiles.

If you’re going to use contact paper to cover your floor, make sure you measure all of the edges and cut it to fit perfectly. You can do the same thing with foam tile by figuring out how much room each piece will take up and then cutting it to size.

Since painting an octagonal playpen white is not recommended due to lead poisoning concerns from painted surfaces where children could gnaw on them, you may also opt to color the insides of your playpen if desired.

The extra expense comes from the increased mess and the need to buy paint if you choose this route.

How do you disinfect a baby mattress?

Use only approved disinfectants and cleansers on a baby mattress.

Start with a crib that has been cleared of washable items such baby sheets, cushions, blankets, bumpers, etc.

Now, here’s how to sanitize a crib mattress:

Don’t risk transferring germs from unclean hands to the fresh mattress by starting without first washing them.

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Use soap and water to clean the cot of all bedding. Scrub each slat in your crib frame with hot soapy water until it is free of dirt and grime on both sides. To effectively disinfect, use bleach at half strength (one cup per gallon).

The bleach solution should be left on the surfaces for at least 20 minutes before being rinsed off and allowed to dry naturally.

Wire mesh accessories should also be soaked, as they would have been exposed to dust and filth from sheets and blankets, as well as unclean hands.

It’s crucial to avoid introducing bacteria to a new mattress, so after cleaning both sides of each slat in the frame, make sure everything is completely dry.

Put a new sheet on the mattress, and then finish putting the new bedding set in the crib as you did the old one, making sure there are no loose pieces anywhere.

How do you disinfect a baby bed?

A baby’s bed might be a boon or a bane, depending on one’s perspective. You know it will get filthy fast from your child’s drool, spit-up milk, or other bodily fluids, which is a shame but understandable given how fantastic it is for your child to sleep there.

Before changing a diaper at night, remove the sheets so they may be quickly washed in the event of an accident. Afterwards, you should remove any scraps of fabric from the mattress itself, as these may have become a breeding ground for bacteria after use and could be harmful to your child’s health if not regularly laundered.

Throw out your pillowcases and any other extras, such as plush animals. Once this is accomplished, you may easily disinfect the area by wiping it down with a bleach solution that has been diluted in water.

You should also use glycerin soap to clean the mattress’s edges and any other surfaces that your kid might have come into contact with, such as the bedposts, headboard, and railing.

You should now feel certain that you’ve taken every precaution necessary to ensure your child’s safe and sound sleep in their own bed.

How do you get a musty smell out of a baby mattress?

You have just done a great job cleaning your baby’s mattress, but now you notice it has a musty smell. This is typical of soggy or filthy mattresses and can be a major hassle to clean.

Following are some suggestions for deodorizing a memory foam crib mattress or any other type of mattress. Here’s what you should do:

Remove any loose dirt and dust with a vacuum cleaner before using a paste made of baking soda and hot water to scrub the area. After this step, make sure to give everything a good rinse to remove any remaining residue that could potentially dry into an unpleasant odor.

Next, apply white vinegar to the area for at least 30 minutes before wiping it down with warm moist towels and then cool water to remove any remaining vinegar. In this way, you may be sure that the mattress is completely free of vinegar.

To get rid of any lingering mildew odors, spray down your baby’s crib with a disinfectant and let it dry overnight.

What is a pack n play mat made of?

Pack n playmats can be found in both plastic and foam varieties. Designs might change from one maker to the next. There is a wide range of color options available so that you may find one that complements your baby’s nursery.

Many popular brands of pack n play mats do not include any flame retardants at all, while other manufacturers may incorporate very minimal levels for enhanced safety.

When a newborn is under three months old, it is best to avoid using a pack n play mat with large pieces because of the risk of suffocating if the baby becomes trapped between two slats or folds in the material while sleeping on it the wrong way for too long.

What we’re looking for

Fabric or foam mats are good options, with the right choice depending on your child’s age. When it comes to my infant, I like to have them rest on a cotton mat since I feel it is more natural. And since babies aren’t mobile just yet, extra padding isn’t necessary. Most cloth mats can be cleaned in a washing machine. On the other side, foam will give a soft landing for energetic toddler play.

Even so, there are benefits to utilizing a foam mat for kids of any age. You may be assured that your baby will not be exposed to any harmful chemicals because most foam mats are composed of nontoxic, non-BPA materials with low off-gassing. Since they are normally waterproof, any spills or spit-up may be easily wiped away, making them more practical than cotton mats.

As I’ve already indicated, the vast majority of foam mats are non-toxic, making them suitable for infants and toddlers. If you’re concerned about chemicals like BPA, phthalates, lead, latex, PVC, or formaldehyde, you can rest assured that these mats don’t include any of those things, but it’s still a good idea to read the manufacturer’s description of the materials used.

The mats I choose to include on this list were carefully selected for their aesthetic appeal, with color palettes and patterns that would complement a wide range of interior decor styles without looking out of place. Although personal preference is a major factor in determining style, there are objective factors to think about as well. A cloth mat can be folded up into a more manageable size for storage. Foam mats are much bigger and bulkier (and heavier) than traditional mats. To store them, you’ll need to make a little more of an effort and roll them up before putting them away. These foam mats are built of interlocking tiles, much like a jigsaw puzzle, making them lighter and easier to transport. In addition, many of these mats are reversible, allowing you to get twice as much use out of your purchase.

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The 11 Very Best Play Mats for Babies and Kids

Pehr’s Life Aquatic Play Mat

Two of our experts have recommended this Pehr round mat, which is more like a blanket or quilt due to its cotton construction and fluffy polyester fill. It may be folded up and stored easily because to its small 40-inch diameter. “This is a very straightforward, design-friendly play mat with no bells and whistles,” says Fatherly deputy editor Matt Berical. “It features a really wonderful hand-screen-printed design” of delicate line drawings of sea creatures on one side, and a striped pattern on the other. Berical tells us, “A lot of parents appreciate it since it fits in everywhere.” The quilted cotton mat is soft and comes in a few different shapes. Pehr’s play mat comes highly recommended by the director of content at the Bump, Ashlee Neuman. Neuman particularly enjoys the Noah’s Ark design, which features brightly colored animals on one side and stars on the other.

Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat

Many baby play mats (sometimes called play or activity gyms) feature an overhead “gym” tied to a fabric foundation. Berical suggests this extra-large mat from Tiny Love, which has built-in activities and a range of textures for people who are only searching for a mat. He describes it as a huge quilted mat, useful as a portable play environment for children. In addition to aiding children in getting around and interacting with others, it also folds up quite little, making it convenient for parents to carry on trips. Furthermore, it can be cleaned in the washing machine. Toys include a mirror for belly time, a crinkly foxtail, a teether, satin ribbons, and a mirror.

Lollaland Play Mat

While the above two mats are made of fabric, if you’re looking for a baby-friendly one made of foam, former Babylist editor-in-chief Rebekah Otto told us about this reversible option that looks like a rug on one side and has bright, stimulating graphics on the other. “It’s a big roll-out mat that’s pretty well cushioned and is completely BPA free,” she explains. There are several layers of water-resistant, easy-to-clean foam in the mat’s construction. On one side, it has a rug-like pattern made up of interconnecting circles, while on the other, it has a baby-friendly pattern made up of yellow circles with miniature scenes and characters, yet it is muted enough so as not to be intrusive.

Little Nomad House of Noa Roam-Free Play Mat — Mist

Foam floor mats are the finest option for older children who merely require a protective area on which to play or learn to crawl. Toy carpets designed by House of Noa. They are not a single unit, but rather comprised of interlocking, modular pieces that are two feet square. Otto and Neuman, who call the brand’s mat “a robust foam mat that has the look of a wonderfully patterned rug,” are among the many professionals and parents who praise it. Put another way, it’s a terrific choice for families who prefer a less obtrusive mat in their homes. Publicist Alisa Richter says, “There’s a nice assortment of patterns and colors that blend in with most décor, and it’s aesthetically pleasant.” Moreover, she says, it’s easy to transport because of its low weight: If we were going to be away from home for more than a day, we would pack some of the squares to keep our son’s play area secure. In addition to being used by Ellice Kim Lacerda, a speech-language pathologist, the Noa mat was also used by her with her own children. She acknowledges the high cost but praises the attractive design and helpful staff. A handful of the tiles have begun to peel. When I asked for replacements, they promptly delivered us free ones,” she explains. (She also notes that pets whose claws scratch easily may not be a good fit for homes with the mats.) Publicist Sonya Li Casino was sold on the mat because to its expandability and versatility. I found it useful, and I’ve ordered two additional sets since I keep wanting to cover new areas, she says. Mat sizes range from 4′ x 6′ up to 10′ x 12′, with individual pieces measuring 24.8 inches. It is free of phthalates, lead, BPA, PFAS, PVC, formaldehyde, and latex, and it is made of high-quality, nontoxic EVA foam that has been printed on with nontoxic dyes and inks.

Skip Hop Playspot Geo Foam Floor Tiles

If you’re looking for something on the cheaper side, Otto, Neuman, and Kate Schmitz, owner of Greenpoint store Flying Squirrel, all endorse this Skip Hop jigsaw-style play mat. Schmitz argues that, unlike other brands, Skip Hop’s play mats don’t come in garish primary hues. Furthermore, they are the most versatile and may be found in a wide range of subdued tones. Due to the irregular shape of the pieces, “you may arrange them to make a pattern of your choosing, like chevron stripes,” as Neuman puts it. Otto highlights the adaptability of the set, saying, “Because they can be reconfigured, you can modify the look of them” according to your child’s needs. For example, you may arrange the parts into a longer piece to form a corridor for a crawler. Even if you have a gray couch and are looking for a throw pillow to match, you can locate one, as Otto points out. Speaking of color options, the mat may be purchased in a white and gray version or a white, peach, and gray version. All of the EVA foam in the 32 edge pieces and 40 triangles in each set is safe for infants.

Ruggish Romy Play Rug

One-piece, rug-like foam mats are available from Los Angeles-based Mats from the L.A.-based company Ruggish come highly recommended by Happy Mom Land and Happy Mom Conference creator El Abad. Abad emphasizes the importance of design, saying, “It’s important to seek for mats that are ecofriendly, sustainably created, and have no chemical scents.” She says, “I love having things for infants, but I want them to fit into our home décor and furniture pieces and not stand out like a sore thumb.” Even in the play area, I like a minimalistic, clean aesthetic, so bright colors and chaotic patterns are off limits. What I settled on is an item that gives the impression it could be a lovely rug. It would be the Romy play rug. It is a rug-like shape on one side and a graphic, interactive toy-car track on the other, and it is made from nontoxic memory foam that is free of BPA, phthalates, lead, latex, and formaldehyde. The tune, Abad assures us, is set against a neutral gray background. Though the lack of vibrant hues may put some off, this game is still loads of enjoyable entertainment. My two toddlers have been crawling down it since they adore driving their toy vehicles on it. The Romy play rug comes highly recommended by Neuman, who describes it as “splurge but oh so lovely.”

Baby Care Play-Mat Haute Collection

Shirley Kim, RD, recommends Baby Care’s reversible foam mats since they are both affordable and versatile (rug-like designs on one side, kid-friendly prints on the other). She explains that they’re portable because of their light weight and that they’re also simple to clean and accommodating to kids’ sitting and crawling needs. Julie Kim, a mother of two, agrees, saying that the mats are long lasting and require no upkeep. She explains that the couple does not take particularly good care of their belongings, citing that their yoga mats have been folded hundreds of times over the previous four years for various relocations and still look fine. Julie Kim adds, “it has held up with that, too,” referring to the fact that her dog walks over the mat every day. The mats are waterproof, nontoxic, and free of phthalates, BPA, lead, latex, and formaldehyde, and they come in a few different patterns.

Gathre Mini-Mat

The proprietor of Chalet de la Lune and a member of the community for Black mothers, Claude Viard, recommends Gathre’s play mat. There are also micro and maxi versions available in addition to the mini. The firm also has padded versions that are better suited for infants and toddlers, however that style isn’t padded. The mats are all constructed of sturdy vegan leather and may be used for a wide variety of purposes beyond merely playing. (I have a little version of this mat, which I kept under my toddler’s high chair to contain his spills.) Even the largest maxi Gathre mat is movable, as Viard, who owns one, explains: “I can take the mat up to the lake or even just have a picnic on the deck or yard, and it’s comfy.” The waterproof mats are available in a wide variety of sizes and a rainbow of vivid hues. They also lack harmful substances like PVC, phthalates, and lead.

Little Bot Ofie Mat

When it comes to the sides that are designed to look more like carpets, we think Little Bot’s reversible mats are the most attractive of all the play mats on this list. Neuman recommends them, praising their “high-contrast geometric patterns in neutral tones” and calling them “superchic foam mats.” If you’d rather have a round mat, know that Little Bot also offers such. The fire-resistant mats are suitable for use with vacuum cleaners and are easy to clean with a damp cloth. They are also nontoxic (including no heavy metals, BPA, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, or PVC).

7 Best Baby Play Pens for Safe Fun (2022 Reviews)

1.Graco Pack N Play

Remember that the bassinet setting should only be used for infants who weigh 15 pounds or less and who cannot yet pull themselves up to standing. It’s fantastic because: Versatility is practically oozing from this Graco Playpen. It can serve as a small playpen for your infant, a portable crib or bassinet, and it won’t break the bank. There is a bassinet attachment that elevates the mattress pad, but it is easily detachable, so the playpen can be used as a more conventional playpen for older infants.

Perfect for low-income families who need to stretch their playpen’s dollar.

2.YOBEST Baby Playpen

Bear in mind that this playpen is on the bulkier side, so it might not be the best option for taking on the road. It’s perfect for a baby or toddler to play in at home. It’s fantastic because: To put it simply, the YOBEST Baby Playpen is the best playpen money can buy. The playpen is large, airy, and comfortable. Ball pit-style plastic balls are included. A safe and enjoyable play space for infants and toddlers of varying ages, this product is a good long-term investment. Eco-friendly, natural materials were used in the construction of the mesh side panels, and zippered entryways allow you to either keep your baby contained or let them come and go as they wish.

For wide-open spaces and active infants.

3.Regalo My Portable Play Yard

The age range for which this playpen is most appropriate is 6–24 months, so keep that in mind. It’s fantastic because: The Regalo Portable Play Yard is an excellent portable playpen that can be set up in seconds after being unfolded. This playpen is so lightweight and compact that you can easily carry it on your shoulder (even with a baby on your hip) thanks to the supplied carrying case. This playpen is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to its water-resistant construction. Due to its pre-built nature, all you need to do to set up this playpen is unfold it and click it into position.

Toddlers and older infants can benefit from this.

4.Toddleroo 8 Panel Play Yard

Remember that this playpen is best installed in wide-open areas like the living room or backyard because to its generous size. However, it may not be a good fit for a compact or smaller house. It’s fantastic because: The Toddleroo 8 Panel Play Yard helps create a super spacious, safe play area for your baby. This enclosed playground is 34.4 square feet in size and can be installed almost anyplace. You can customize the size to match your needs by choosing between an 8- or 6-panel configuration for the play yard. The included carrying strap makes this playpen easy to take on the go and durable features such as skid-resistant pads make it safe for your little one.

5.Fisher Price On the Go Baby Dome

Keep in mind that this playpen’s spacious design is best suited for placement in open areas like the living room or outdoors. However, it might not be the best choice for a compact home. Why it’s so awesome: The Toddleroo 8 Panel Play Yard is a great way to provide your kid a roomy and secure place to play. This portable play yard has a maximum play area size of 34.4 square feet and can be set up virtually anyplace. The playpen may be configured as either an 8- or 6-panel unit, allowing you to choose the size that works best in your home. This playpen is convenient because of its portability (it comes with a carrying strap) and safety (skid-resistant pads).

This is a great option for babies under a year old who are constantly on the go.

6.Albott 14 Panel Play Yard

Remember that this playpen does not come with a mat or pad, so place it on a carpeted surface or invest in an additional mat to use below it for your baby’s comfort. It’s fantastic because: The Albott 14-Panel Play Yard stands out from the crowd due to its adaptability, which allows for a variety of different configurations. Create a square, circle, or hexagon (or any other form that works in your room) to keep the kids interested. This playpen is robust and secure because of the suction cup mechanism that helps the parts lock into place. It’s also fairly compact when folded up, making it easy to stow away.

Babies of various ages and larger spaces can benefit from this.

7.Hiccapop PlayPod

Keep in mind that when assembled, this playpen measures only approximately 4.5 feet, making it suitable for babies and toddlers but less roomy than some other options. This is a fantastic choice for traveling parents or those with modest living quarters. It’s fantastic because: The Hiccapop PlayPod is a great outdoor playpen since its cover can be washed in the washing machine and its fabric is waterproof. The fabric is tough and simple to clean, so wear and tear and stains won’t be a problem. Additionally, the playpen’s open design and two huge doors make it suitable for older children who prefer to walk or run in and out, rather than crawl. This playpen is ideal for use both indoors and out thanks to its nonslip feet.

Ideal for use in more compact settings.

FAQs about Baby Playpens

1.Do I need to get a playpen for my baby?

No parent is obligated to take any specific action. But a playpen is something that we think every parent should have for their infant. Playpens are useful to have on hand because they provide a secure area to put a baby down in while you go about your day. Playpens are often versatile, offering many uses and some options may even serve your child for many years.

2.Are playpens good for babies?

Nothing is required of you as a parent. However, a playpen is something that should be owned by every parent. The ability to put your kid in a secure area and leave the room is one of the many reasons why a playpen is a useful thing to have on hand. Playpens are frequently multifunctional, giving several functions and some options may even serve your child for many years.

3.Which baby playpens are the best?

The role of parent is not one that requires constant activity. On the other hand, a playpen is a must-have baby item. Because they provide a secure area for the child to play while you do other things, playpens are a helpful item to have on hand. The best playpen for your child may last for several years, and several models can be used for a variety of purposes.

4.Are baby playpens washable?

Again, the answer to this issue will vary depending on the specifics of the playpen in question, but most can be cleaned in some kind. Some of the fabrics are removable and washable in the machine, while others may be cleaned on the spot. The plastic playpens in the shape of baby gates are easy to clean with whatever method you like. To learn more about how to properly clean your baby’s playpen, consult the manual that came with it.

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5.Are baby playpens useful for travel?

Yes! Having a portable baby playpen is a great convenience to have whether visiting relatives or visiting new places. Hotels are not designed with babies in mind, therefore it is important to pack your own portable crib or playpen to ensure your child’s safety.


The market is flooded with a variety of infant playpens that are safe, practical, and inexpensive. The greatest alternative for your family’s specific needs is out there, so don’t worry that you won’t be able to find it just because there are so many wonderful choices. You should think about the ages of your children, how much money you have, and how you plan to utilize the baby playpen before making a purchase.

A safe and sturdy playpen is an essential item for any home with young children. There will be times when you can’t keep your arms around your baby, and when you do, having a secure place to put them down can help you feel better about leaving them.