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Why would anyone want to make a recliner chair swivel? The reason is because it improves convenience and ease of life. With the simple instructions shown below, you may make your recliner chair swivel instead of remaining immobile.

Steps on How to Make a Recliner Chair Swivel

The swiveling of a recliner seems unnecessary. This is so because it improves both convenience and ease of living. We’ll show you how to make your recliner chair swivel in this article, which is a common request from our readers.

Third, using a wrench or socket set, remove the bolts holding the springs on either side of the base of your chair. It will be easier to remove and replace the screws if you use a tool of the right size. You’ll have more space between your rear and the chair’s back with this adjustment.

Step four: Change out the recliner’s base springs for a different size and/or variety. To do this, you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver and a suitable wrench or socket set.

Consult a professional for assistance with this process if you are unsure how to perform it, as improperly tightening the springs might cause the chair to become uncomfortable and difficult to move.

In the fifth step, using a wrench or socket set, take out the bolts on either side of the recliner’s base. Again, this is where having the right tool for the job comes in handy, since it can be tricky to remove the bolts from the chair’s base without one.

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Step Six: Reinstall your recliner by reversing these steps (i.e., put the new springs on either side of your recliner’s base, replace bolts). Again, be sure you’re using appropriate-sized tools for all parts that need to be removed and/or reinstalled so it can be done in a fraction of the time it took to remove them.

Install the new springs on either side of the recliner’s base and reinstall the bolts to reassemble the chair. Again, make sure you’re using the right-sized tools for the job so you can get the job done in a fraction of the time it took to take things apart.

How do you Make a Swivel Recliner not Swivel?

You do not make a swivel recliner stopped swiveling. A chair’s ability to rotate is its most important feature, and it can be easily adjusted with springs if they are either too loose or too tight. If you have no problems adjusting the spring tension for your own comfort level, there may not need to be

How do you Make a Swivel Recliner not Swivel?

In order to prevent the chair from swiveling, you cannot just stop turning it. The capacity of a chair to rotate is crucial, and if the rotation is too loose or too tight, it may be readily fixed by adjusting the springs. If you can easily alter the spring tension to your preferred level of comfort, then perhaps there is no need for a safety release mechanism.

Why do Recliners Lean to one Side?

A common problem with recliners is that they lean to one side if they are not placed correctly.

according to the norms set by the maker. Incorrect use, such as leaning on a table leg, using it on its side for long periods of time, or having too much weight in the chair and toppling over backward, is likely to blame if the chairs were assembled properly. To solve a problem, one must first ascertain its origin before arriving at a remedy that addresses the matter at hand. If you are leaning against tables or other furniture legs then try moving your chair away from any obstructions so that it does not lean out of position.

How do I Reset my Electric Recliner?

to the standards set by the manufacturer. Incorrect use, such as leaning on a table leg, using it on its side for long periods of time, or putting too much weight in the chair and having it tip over backward, is likely to blame if the chairs were assembled properly. In order to solve a problem, one must first determine what is causing it and then look for a solution that addresses both problems. If your chair is leaning against a table or another piece of furniture, consider pushing it away from the wall or the leg of the piece of furniture so that it can remain upright.

There could be a power outage or a problem with the wiring if this doesn’t work. A professional electrician should be consulted.

If you cannot locate a power switch at the base of the seat or beneath the panels that allow you to adjust the chair’s height, some recliners feature a manual switch that can be used to turn the chair off.

10 Best Swivel Recliner Chairs 2022

The Alpha – GFA White Leather Swivel Recliner Chair & Footstool With Chrome

The Alpha Swivel Chair and Footstool are two pieces of high-quality furniture that work together to provide maximum comfort. The chair is great for any room and comes in three different colors and finishes. This swivel recliner chair is both comfortable and fashionable, thanks to its padded headrest and chrome star base.


  • This chair’s gas and spring recline system makes reclining and returning to a standing position quite easy.
  • The distinctive chrome star-shaped legs of this chair are a design highlight.
  • Your feet and legs can be in just the right position at all times with the help of this tiling footstool.
  • White, conker brown, and white are the three offered hues.
  • Authentic soft leather was used for the finish.


  • The high cost is the chair’s only drawback. There are cheaper similar versions available so it depends on your budget.

GFA Premium Jersey Leather Match Swivel Recliner Chair

The high cost is the chair’s only drawback. Similar products can be found for less money, so it really comes down to personal preference.


  • The high price is the only major drawback of this chair. It’s up to you and your budget, as there are comparable alternatives that are less expensive.
  • The plumped up sides and headrest make sitting in this chair feel really supportive and comfortable.
  • The padded armrests and headrest provide excellent support and comfort.
  • The padded armrests and elevated headrest provide exceptional comfort and support.


  • Besides the price, there is nothing negative to be said about this comfortable leather swivel chair. While cheaper options may exist, one must ask if they are just as good.

The Mars – Genuine Chestnut Leather Recliner Swivel Chair & Matching Footstool

Modern and chic, the Mars swivel chair reclines and is upholstered in luxuriously smooth leather. You will adore the Mars’s innovative recline mechanism and rolling head rest.

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  • The Mars Swivel Recliner is a sturdy and long-lasting piece of furniture.
  • It has a high degree of comfort thanks to its several reclining positions, high quality lumbar support, and high quality headrest.
  • The rolling headrest adjusts to your reclining position, providing optimal neck and head support.
  • As a finishing touch, it has a beautiful, smooth, real Italian leather coating, in a deep chestnut tone that complements its rich hue.
  • An ample footrest is included with this chair, making it ideal for putting up weary feet at the conclusion of a long day.
  • Requires minimal assembly, you only have to fit the arms with the tool provided.


  • Only the arms need to be fitted with the included tool, thus installation time is minimal.

The Hereford – Genuine Top Grain Leather Swivel Recliner Chair

Simple to assemble; all you have to do is screw the arms into place using the included hardware.


  • This chair is offered in three different fashionable colors (cream, saddle brown or pearl).
  • The long, high back will provide excellent support for your shoulders, neck, and head.
  • The rounded shape of the stool appears made for your swollen feet.
  • You’ll feel like you’re sinking into heaven on earth thanks to the luxurious leather upholstery.
  • This chair feels like a substantial chair when your sat on it.

more4homes Sorento Fabric Swivel Recliner Chair with Foot stool

When you sit in it, you’ll get the sense that it’s made of solid materials.


  • The chair is fitted with a ball tensioner located under the front of the seat cushion. The great thing is that depending on how strong you are, you can adjust the tensioner to make the chair recline with a light or strong push.
  • A ball tensioner is built into the chair, and it may be found under the front of the seat cushion. The beautiful part is that depending on how powerful you are, you can change the tensioner to have the chair recline with a light or vigorous push.


  • Towards the front of the seat, under the cushion, is a tensioner that looks like a ball. The excellent part is that you may change the tensioner to make the chair recline with a light or heavy push, depending on your strength.

Morris Living Naples Chocolate Memory Foam Swivel Recliner Chair

The Naples swivel recliner chair has a really comfortable enhanced memory foam seat cushion, that moulds itself to the shape of your body giving your back and legs that extra support they need.


  • The Naples swivel recliner chair has a really comfortable enhanced memory foam seat cushion, that moulds itself to the shape of your body giving your back and legs that extra support they need.
  • With its increased memory foam seat cushion, the Naples swivel recliner chair provides the necessary support for your lower back and legs.
  • When you recline in this chair, you won’t feel any pain because of the pressure that would normally be exerted on your back.
  • Bargain price for a superior quality chair.
  • Outstanding chair at a steal of a price.


  • Some folks may need two hands to put it together.

Julian Bowen Malmo Easy Care Faux Leather Swivel Recliner Chair

The Malmo swivel reclining chair and ottoman are covered in supple imitation leather and have a laminated base in a walnut finish. This chair provides unparalleled luxury in every way.


  • When your arms get tired, they can rest easily on the flat armrests.
  • Beautiful, easy-to-care-for imitation leather in two neutral colors (black and brown) that will work in any setting.
  • Features laminated walnut-colored legs that are both stylish and durable.
  • Simple to put together.


  • The reclining mechanism is a bit sluggish.

Homcom Faux Leather Massage Recliner Chair Easy Sofa Armchair Beauty Couch Bed with Cream Footstool

This swivel massage chair with built-in therapy is ideal for relieving tension and stress. This chair’s plush PU leather construction makes it a cozy place to relax.


  • Includes a heated footstool to relieve tired feet and legs and nine other massage areas that may be adjusted to your preferred temperature.
  • The remote, phone, or other items you might require quick access to without getting up from your seat are easily stored in the chair’s handy side pockets.
  • The chair’s increased padding in the lumbar and head rest areas ensures a healthy back and seat.
  • The recliner’s tilt mechanism is operated by a convenient side lever, which may be adjusted for a customized experience.


  • The heat and massage feature makes some noise when in use.

HOMCOM Executive High Back Swivel Recliner Armchair with Footrest

This beautiful and supportive high-back swivel recliner chair with ottoman is the ideal place to unwind at the end of a long day.


  • When seated, the chair’s aluminum frame provides a satisfying sense of stability and support that is reassuring when leaning back.
  • When compared to other low-priced reclining chairs, this one is a steal.
  • Hardy PVC coating that can be easily cleaned with water.
  • Comes with a soft cushioned head rest for maximum comfort.


  • The back of the chair’s screws go in well, but it takes a lot of force to get them all the way in.

HOMCOM Adjustable High Back Executive Swivel Reclining Armchair with Footrest

This fashionable high back swivel recliner chair is upholstered in a grey synthetic leather that is both durable and soft to the touch. The backrest is ergonomically contoured.


  • This comfortable and practical chair is upholstered in a synthetic leather that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Supports your head with extra padding to ensure your comfort.
  • The assembly time for this recliner is estimated to be between 10 and 15 minutes.
  • Great value for money.


  • Great value for money.

What different types of leather are available for swivel recliner chairs?

Faux Leather

Affordability at its finest.

Others note that faux leather is consistent in color and texture, is resistant to fading, and can even prevent the growth of germs.

Bicast leather is a by-product of the leather industry; it is created by laminating split leather with a vinyl or polyethylene top layer for reinforcement. Embossing creates a grainy texture that makes it look more like leather. Bicast leather offers a more consistent texture but is slightly stiffer than top-grain leather.


  • Prices fall within a reasonable range.
  • It looks and feels like real leather, which is a high quality standard.
  • If properly cared for, it has a long lifespan.


  • It won’t last as long as real leather will.
  • In contrast to genuine leather, faux leather lacks the patina, protective coating, and aged appearance that only time can provide.

Because of its realistic appearance and leathery aroma, Bonded Leather is often mistaken for genuine leather by the untrained eye and nose. The raw materials for leather come from a wide variety of animal hides. When they are utilized, there are numerous scraps and fragments that cannot be reassembled.

Mulch made from this little fragments is then combined with polyurethane to create bonded leather.


  • Powerful and long-lasting.
  • Quick and simple to clean and maintain.
  • As a result, it does not have the same thermal properties as genuine leather.
  • Sustainable and kind to the planet.


  • Lower air circulation compared to natural leather.
  • Worryingly tough to fix, in other words.

Differences between Fabric and Leather Swivel Recliner Chairs

Benefits of having a fabric chair

  • Chairs made of fabric are typically more comfy than those made of leather.
  • Fabric is warmer and cozier than leather when you sit on it.
  • If you scratch it then it won’t be damaged the same way a leather chair would.
  • It’s not like scratching a leather chair — the finish will hold up just fine.

Benefits of having a leather chair

  • Those who have allergies, such as hay fever, will benefit more from having a leather recliner than a fabric one because dirt and dust mites don’t get trapped as easily in leather.
  • Leather, if properly cared for, can last for many years.
  • A leather chair is the epitome of modern elegance.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

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Benefits of Swivel Recliner Chairs

  • The chair’s swivel base allows you to effortlessly rotate it without having to rise from your seat. If you have limited movement or have trouble turning in your chair to talk to others, this is a great solution for you.
  • You can rest your tired, achy legs and feet on the built-in footrests of many swivel recliner chairs.
  • The chair’s tilt mechanism allows you to choose the ideal position for your comfort.
  • Swivel recliners are a great choice since they are versatile, fashionable, simple to set up, and aesthetically pleasing in any setting.


Ten of the finest swivel recliners are presented here. Whether you’re looking for a chair made of fabric, genuine or faux leather, on a tight budget, with massaging capabilities, or at the high end, we hope you find what you need here.

The swivel recliner chair is the perfect complement for anyone seeking a little extra comfort and support at an affordable price.