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The majority of clothes are not made of identical fabrics. This makes sewing more challenging and enjoyable. It allows you to be creative and ingenuous, and fleece is an excellent fabric to attain those traits.

Does Fleece Shrink?

Yes but no. Certain types of fleece won’t shrink while others might shrink slightly. The amount you shrink will depend on the material used in the production of fleece. There are natural and synthetic ones and, generally they don’t shrink.

To find out more about fleece, you can go through our article. The article explores this aspect of the sewing industry to ensure you know the basics of the concept of fleece and how to avoid the feeling of shrinking.

Does Cotton Fleece Shrink?

If it’s made of 100 percent cotton, then yes there will be some shrinkage that will occur. It might not be significant, but it might be enough that the garment won’t fit correctly on your.


The best practice is to get an pure cotton item of clothing, and then shrink it prior to wearing so that the garment will look fantastic. If the fleece is blended, and then polyester threads that are added to the cotton will stop the clothing from shrinking.

There are some exceptions to this rule, however a lot of it will be contingent on the caliber of the company and the quality of their blended fleece line of clothing. Additionally when you heat it too much or leave it in your dryer for too long, you could see some shrinkage occur.

The most efficient method of drying fabric is hanging it up to it dry and then place it in the dryer to cool, and then fluff it for around 10 minutes.

What About Polyester Fleece?

The majority of polyester-made fleece will not shrink. This is why polyester was mixed with natural fibers to begin with- to stop shrinking occurring. The majority of polyester fleece is made out of recycling plastic bottles.

Polyester is not invulnerable to temperatures. It is a natural adversaries and if it is dried in your clothing or jacket, etc. in the dryer, you could see shrinkage after pulling it from the dryer.

The most effective way to prevent shrinking your fleece as well as overheating is to dry it on a line in the sunlight. The hanging drying method is the ideal method to keep the expensive items of clothing made from fleece secure. It’s also the most efficient method of allowing you to wear them for more than one time.

Selecting polyester fleece over an organic version will not help you keep your clothes from pilling, fading and odor retention. It will also not stop pet hairs from attracting to your new jacket and so on.

Does Microfleece Shrink?


In general, and generally, microfleece is not likely to shrink, even when you wash it hot and then put it into the dryer. However, with all that said, your experience may differ.

A way to prevent shrinking issues can be to stretch your fabric prior to when cutting or sewing it. If shrinkage does take place, this will make up for the loss of length. If you dry and wash your fleece with the hotest drying and washing settings. You must eliminate off the shrinking option.

When they state that the majority of fleece does not shrink, they’re telling you to beware, the type you purchase and even polyester may shrink a bit. Therefore, we’re not making a general assertion in this article and ease your fears. Take note that you might experience some shrinkage while you stitch the fleece.

Should You Wash Fleece Before Sewing?

It’s recommended that you take the time to wash your fleece prior to sewn into the garment you’d like. This not only helps reduce shrinkage, but it can also help keep your health in check as well.

Many of the fabrics, including fleece, are treated with chemicals. If you aren’t sure whether you’re allergic to these chemicals it could set yourself to suffer an allergic reaction if do not wash the fabric prior to pre-washing.

You don’t know what was on the fabric prior to purchase. It is recommended to wash your clothes prior to washing it to ensure there aren’t any undetectable contaminants that are still lurking on the fabric. If you wash it prior to washing you will take all of the problems in one go.

Also, take care after washing your fleece. It is not advisable to apply a hot iron on your fleece in case it melts.

Does Fleece Shrink After Washing?

The answer we’re going to offer here can be a bit different. It is contingent on the kind of fleece you’re washing. 100% wool or cotton fleece is likely to shrink in the washing process.


Most polyester fleeces should not shrink, and we suggest that it shouldn’t because there isn’t a perfect way to do it. Some sewers who have experience have had their fleece shrink their own in a variety of methods.

It is so difficult to choose between the many kinds of fleece available today that deciding if the fleece will shrink or not can be decided on a case-by-case basis. There are experts who have stated that the fleece shrinks after washing, and some claim it does not.

It will depend on the temperature you choose to wash your fleece. The temperature of your water can affect the shrinkage of your fabric or lack thereof. The lower the temperature, the greater chance you stand of not causing your fabric to shrink.

How Much Does Fleece Shrink When Washed?

If you are using 100 100% cotton, it will not shrink much. Experts advise that you need to purchase enough fabric to create your jacket, and so on. at least one size larger than what you actually need. This means that when the fleece shrinks then the garment can still be worn.

In one instance the fleece was washed and the item of clothing was made a centimeter larger throughout. After four months, the item was shrinking until it was about 1 1/2 inches smaller.

Does the fleece stop shrinking? Yes, but the exact timeframe is not known because every fleece doesn’t respond the same way. Even the fleece which isn’t designed to shrink can shrink periodically. Just be cautious when cleaning to avoid shrinking happening.

It is always beneficial to wash your face before washing even if it’s not for shrinking or reducing your weight, then it is for health.

Can You Shrink Fleece Sweater, Jacket or Pants?

Yes, you can. It is possible to do this accidentally or deliberately make any fabric shrink when you have the right conditions. All you require is heat to accomplish the job. To ensure that you don’t harm the other clothing you wear, make sure you purposely shrink your fleece jacket and so on. by itself.

What you must do is change your washer’s water setting up to the highest setting. After washing it, put it in the dryer and increase the heat.

After you’ve done it first time, get the clothing item out and take a measurement. After you’ve measured it and you have it in your possession take it off to ensure it’s down to the size you would like to achieve. If it’s not big, repeat the process above until it is a good fit.

How to Shrink a Fleece Jacket

The most crucial rules you should follow prior to you begin to shrink a fleece jacket is not apply the help of a bright or decal that is attached onto the material. If you do this, the decal will get damaged while the vivid colors leak, and ruin the jacket.

If you own a plain fleece coat without vibrant colors or decals, then follow this steps described above. Be sure to complete each cycle one at a time , and taking measurements between each cycle prior to repeating the procedure.

When you’ve reduced the size of the jacket to a certain extent, it is impossible to return it to the same size. Stretching the fleece is not recommended as you could pull threads away and destroy the fleece.

Take care when you attempt to reduce the size of any fleece item. A single mistake could mean you’ve lost a significant amount of money.

How to Shrink Fleece Pajamas

All clothing items, including items made from fleece are accompanied by cleaning and care instructions. These directions will help you learn how to clean and dry the fleece garments you own.

These guidelines are meant to ensure their color, size and appearance. To shrink pajamas, or other items made of fleece implies ignoring the directions and altering the style of the pajamas or other items.

The same method mentioned in two paragraphs back is recommended to shrink those fleece pajamas. It’s the usual method , and there aren’t any alternatives to getting the task of shrinking completed.

The temperature of the water should not be higher than 300 degrees F. Any higher than that can cause the polyester fibers to melt and render the pajamas inedible. Polyester is able to melt at a temperature and when it melts, it becomes hard. The clothing that is hard isn’t very pleasant to wear particularly during sleep.

Will a Fleece Blanket Shrink in the Dryer?

The best answer to this question is to say that it’s feasible. It all depends on the kind of fleece that the blanket is constructed from. Additionally, it depends on the temperature you set for your dryer to. Temperatures that are high tend to shrink even fleece that is shrink-proof.

If your blanket is constructed entirely of cotton, it is likely to shrink to 1/4 inch following a wash in the dryer and washer. Maintaining the temperature on the low or even cool can help protect your blanket and stop its size from shrinking.

Another option to ensure that you don’t shrink your blanket made of fleece but keep it dry is hanging it dry. The sun’s heat will take care of drying chores. You’ll save on your electric bill when you do this.

Some Do’s and Don’ts When it Comes to Fleece

Fleece isn’t the ideal fabric. It is not without flaws, just like every other material for clothing. Here are a few things you can and should not use fleece for:

  • Don’t dry-clean the fabricThe fabric is designed to be cleaned by hand or by delicate cycle.
  • Do not turn the item upside down before washing it.
  • D do don’t iron fleeceas the heat could harm the fabric. If you do decide to iron it make sure you iron on the other side of the fabric.
  • Do dry your fabricDryers are not the only drying solution.
  • Do not apply bleach or softeners for fabric on fleece products.
  • Don’t dye fleeceChoose the color you’d like when you buy the fabric.
  • Avoid washing fleece while washing other clothingThe lint is difficult to get off of all of the clothes.
  • Avoid washing fleece using products that create lintThe the lint can get onto your fleece jacket or other garments. Wash the fleece separately or together.
  • Do purchase anti-pill fleece for those who want to keep fiber balls from becoming all over your clothing.
  • The user utilizes cutting blade to take all the pill residue from fabric

One Nice Fleece Tip

The most effective method to get rid of the dirt and other stains that are left on the fleece garment is to clean them all. It is as simple as mixing warm water with dishwashing detergent and a bit of vinegar. Let the mixture sit for 5 minutes prior to washing it out.

Some Final Words

It can be a challenging material to sew with since there are a myriad of issues to be aware of. One of the issues is that fleece is thin, and can block the sewing machine quickly by accumulating fabric pieces.

Another reason is that it’s possible that your fleece product will shrink if you aren’t cautious. The fleece made of polyester isn’t designed to shrink, however it might, particularly when you apply too much heat onto the fabric.

100% wool or cotton fleece could shrink to a complete size or one quarter size. It is contingent on the way you clean the fleece. A little bit of extra care is all that’s needed to clean fleece.