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There may be a need for a complete guide
to determine who designed the particular sewing machine and at what time. The world of sewing machines has evolved a lot in the decades since the machine was first developed. You need an account of scorecards to maintain a record of participants in the sewing machine game.

The first thing to be aware of concerning Dressmaker Dressmaker sewing machine, is it wasn’t an independent sewing machine manufacturer. It wasn’t bought out and neither was there an owner. It was not founded. Dressmaker sew-on machine made by Singer for a number of years, but around 2014 it was produced by EuroPro.

For more information regarding the dressmaker machine as well as its background, read the article. It’s full of facts you should know concerning the dressmaker machine.


What is a Dressmaker Sewing Machine

One of the things to make the Dressmaker distinct was the fact the fact that it was constructed out of all metal. Its components were extremely difficult to break and wear out, consequently the machine lived up to its users for a long period of time.

Certain older models had an outside cam that could assist you in putting more decorative stitches to your garment. This was another aspect that made it possible for Dressmaker to be purchased by a lot of women. It was said to offer numerous stitch patterns that you could make in addition to the usual machine were at the time.

Different models were made and featured different features to the models. The Dressmaker 300Z appears a lot similar to the Singer 513. It is probable it was Singer copycatted their brand and created clones with different brands to ensure their part of the market for sewing machines remained large.

It appears to be an excellent machine, however be wary of paying overly expensive used price. The dressmaker isn’t an expensive machine at all and you could purchase a second-hand model for about $20.

Who Made Dressmaker Sewing Machines


It is a mystery that is very difficult to solve. This is due to the fact that no one can claim credit for the development of the Dressmaker brand of sewing machine. The story goes that Singer continued to make it through the 50s until the end of the 70s, but this may not be the case.

A quick glance at an article on Singer and there isn’t mention of their production of this machine, despite the fact that several Dressmaker models are similar to Singer high-end sewing equipment. Additionally, it is pointed known that Dressmaker was an Japanese knock-off.

This is very likely as there were around 5000 distinct Japanese brands, some with American sounds available in the latter half of 20

The century, following the second world conflict.

There are some who believe it’s Japanese however no evidence has supported this idea. It is also said that Euro pro is the company that has developed its Dressmaker sewing machine from the year 2014. In reality, the company has been manufacturing dressmaker sewing machines from 2011.

Before that, Singer had factories around the globe and it’s possible that they produced the Japanese model in one of the factories. It is believed that there was an Canadian model, too. Someone has also claimed to have an White Dressmaker however there’s nothing to prove that assertion.

Dressmaker Sewing Machine Models


There is a broad selection of Dressmaker sewing machine models available on the market. They cost from $15 to $300 , and there is a possibility to purchase an electric motor for those who prefer to be completely off the grid.

There’s the 300Z, which is believed to be a replica that of Singer 513. You also could get the 997B, the 998B, and 1100 Dressmaker II if you search for them. Another model that could be in stock is the #2402, however you might have a hard to find parts for it.

Each model came with unique features that were exclusive to each model and even though some were similar but they didn’t come with the features that they did. Some models had the sliding lever gone, however they featured a silver button for back stitching and cams to make the zigzag and other embellishments women prefer to stitch with.

The most notable thing about earlier models was that they were heavy. The weight of the machine indicated you that it had been made with only metal components, and will last an extended time. It is still possible to get owner’s manuals of the various models when you are in the right place to find them.

Here’s the URL to the model 2402.

Dressmaker Sewing Machine Serial Numbers


These are handy in the event that you require spare parts to replace you Dressmaker sewing machine. The serial number for one is 539005123, and this should allow you to locate the part you require.

The best place to start is the link below. If you have a serial number and model this could be beneficial in locating the items you need. However it’s not always an individual serial number, but the number can assist you. It could give your model numbers, but you don’t know the exact meaning of it.

The most important thing to remember is your model’s number. It is common for people to confuse serial and model numbers and believe they’re different, however both numbers serve a specific purpose and are not identical.

Additionally, you must be sure that the Dressmaker you’re using isn’t an Japanese replica. This could cause problems in the search for parts to replace.

Where to Buy Dressmaker Sewing Machine Parts

It is good to know that finding spare components for the Dressmaker isn’t a problem as its manufacturer claims. There are many locations where you can locate spare parts easily.

A few of the most popular suspects include eBay, Amazon and other international marketplaces that are similar to these two firms. There are specialization companies that focus on sewing machine components only. They are unique in their range of products, however, they are not exclusive in their pricing.

A company is listed at this link, while another can be accessible by clicking on this link. The second firm has more than 60,000 pieces in their inventory, so it is likely that you will get what you require.

If you’re interested you could join various sewing communities and inquire of members about where they get their spare parts and what they price. The word of mouth is generally the best method to locate the best company to work with.

It is also possible to visit the local fabric shops and ask them to recommend a particular brand. They will usually have these details in their inventory and love to assist fellow enthusiasts who require help in obtaining the difficult to obtain part for their sewing machine.

How Much is a Dressmaker Sewing Machine Worth


One customer was offered a second hand Dressmaker sewing machine at $140. This is an expensive cost, especially considering that the majority of used models cost around $20. If the machine is a top machine that is in good condition, you should anticipate paying between $100-$110.

Anything more than that and you’ll be paying more. The new dressmaker sewing machines seldom cost more than $300. However, when it’s an item that is made of plastic the resale value of it isn’t that great. Metal machines are generally sold at an higher price than plastic parts.

The most reliable place to find an old Dressmaker sewing machine is in used furniture stores such as thrift stores, and similar companies.

What to Look for When Buying an Older Sewing Machine

Here are some guidelines to guide you as you look at buying an old Dressmaker sewing machine. These guidelines can help you identify what you should look for when you look over the machine to determine whether it’s worthy of the price it’s available at:

  • Turn the wheel of the hand to ensure that it is moving effortlessly and quickly.
  • Look at your feed dog and see whether they move as the hand wheel is turning.
  • Take a look at your feed dog to determine whether they move in the same way as the hand wheel turns.
  • The bobbin must be turning as you turn the handwheel.
  • Examine the machine carefully to check for any broken or missing parts. Also, search for holes where screws are missing.
  • If the cost is fair and you are willing to pay for it, then you should purchase it, unless it is a problem in these areas. If you’re adept in resolving those issues, then they shouldn’t affect your decision to buy.

Some Final Words

Despite the huge mystery of who designed this Dressmaker sewing machine appears to be a reliable machine to have. The most important thing isn’t the maker, but rather how well it was assembled.

If you can tell that the Dressmaker was constructed well and is made of all metal components and metal parts, then you’re getting a product that is worth the money you’re about to pay for it. But be cautious because many people put too much importance on the machine and then over the price.

You can’t go wrong when you choose to use the dressmaker sewing machine. It’ll be able to contribute to the sewing process as do the other brands name brands available.