Easy To Build Diy Swivel Glider Chair

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When shopping for a new chair for your home, it’s important to take your available time and budget into account. A swivel glider chair can be made at home with minimal effort and cost by following a simple DIY plan.

Materials Needed:

A plywood cutting board measuring about 36 by 44 inches (or the size you prefer). Materials: – Fabric of your choosing – Wood trim – Wood glue – Screws – Paint or stain

Tools Needed:

Drill and drill bits to make holes for chair screws (if they aren’t already there). A metal-bladed power saw for slicing through wood; a jigsaw or another tool for cutting angles, curves, and irregular shapes out of wood;

Evolur Reevo Glider/Swivel Glider/Easy assembly Glider Chair 6111-GRY - The  Home Depot


First, decide how wide of a cutting board you’d like to use. Using a power saw, rip your plywood to the desired width, trimming off any excess along the way.

Step 2: Measure how far down each line should go and how wide each line should be to approximatively mark where screws or holes will need to go for additional support.

Step 3: Flip the board over so it is lying flat on your work surface, and then drill holes or insert screws where you need them.

Fourth, with the edges facing up, apply wood glue along one side of a plywood panel, and then adhere this onto the other plywood panel with the edges facing down. Wait around 20 minutes for this to dry.

Fifth, flip the board over so that the underside is touching your work surface, and drill the holes or insert the screws where they need to go. Any screw eyelets can be predrilled with a hole saw if desired.

How do you turn a chair into a swivel?

Flip the board over so that the underside is touching your work surface, and then drill the holes or insert the screws. Any screw eyelets can be predrilled with a hole saw if desired.

My first step was to insert my dowel rods into the pilot holes I drilled into the wood. After that, I drilled pilot holes for screws to hold the dowel rods in place.

Can you Convert a Recliner to a Swivel Base?

With the addition of a few screws and dowel rods, a recliner can be transformed into a swivel base.

How do I Keep my Chair From Spinning?

A few simple adjustments can prevent your chair from whirling. You can prevent the wheels from spinning by applying adhesive to their undersides, placing an object under one side, or, if that doesn’t work, by using screws.

How do you Attach a Swivel to a Recliner?

To begin, use screws to secure the swivel base to the underside of your recliner. The final step is to use a washer on each screw and then tighten the nut against the wood.

How do I Attach Wheels?

Put a wheel under the front legs of the seat on both sides of the chair.

Place the casters into the notches on the front legs of the seat.

Put screws through the wheel hubs and into the legs to secure them.

Wrap a washer around each screw, then tighten the nut until it presses against the chair frame’s wood.

How do you Protect the Recliner?

First, protect your recliner from paint drips and messes by spreading a sheet or towel over it.

Second, to prevent the surrounding areas from getting wet as well, cover them with newspaper and tape them down.

Step Three: Once the chair frame has dried for at least two hours after being painted, remove the tape and newspapers.

Fourth, for a carefree and effortless glide, equip your chair with a glider kit.

Screw through the notches in the top rail of the seat and into the frame’s front legs.

5. Use wood that is at least an inch thick to construct a sturdy frame.

Sixth, when constructing this do-it-yourself project, you may want to paint the side of your chair that faces your TV or fireplace first so that it is less visible during use.

Avoid splitting wood when fastening a seat glider kit and leg assemblies to the underside of your chair by drilling pilot holes in the center of notches. After the swivel glider chair has been assembled, it can be taken outside to be painted, if necessary, and then enjoyed.

WARNING: Some people may not be able to do certain tasks due to injury or disability, so please use your own judgment when constructing a DIY project like this.

Can I Lock a Swivel Chair?

A swivel chair is convenient and comfortable, making it a good choice for a home office or even a living room. Using a screwdriver, you can tighten the bolts on the hinges that hold the arm of the chair in place, effectively locking it in place. Children should not use swivel chairs because of the potential for entrapment or falling out of them.

Best Swivel Glider Chair

Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

The Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider is a spherical option for a space-saving swivel chair. You can swivel and glide all the way around while rocking your baby or giving them a meal.


Since a nursery chair is likely to get some milk or spit up on it (among other things), the microsuede fabric is not only soft and comfortable, but also easy to clean.

Babyletto is free of chemicals that could be harmful to you and your baby, and it satisfies safety and flammability regulations. It has also been certified as having low chemical emissions by the GreenGuard Environmental Institute.

The chair’s 63-pound frame means it can be moved easily from one room to another (say, from the master bedroom to the nursery), and it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. There is also no need for assembly.

This chair has been highly praised by parents for its durability and suitability for use in small spaces.


Some purchasers have complained that the item they received was a lighter shade of grey than the “slate” color pictured on the website.

This chair may not be ideal for breastfeeding mothers because it does not provide a flat surface on which to rest one’s arms.

A little WD40 should take care of the creaking some people heard when rocking in this chair.

Delta Children Emerson Glider

There are times when nothing but a chic and cozy chair will do for the baby’s room. That glider is the Delta Children Emerson Glider. The tufted back is both contemporary and traditional. The clean, rounded corners and piped trim make the product look warm and welcoming. I just can’t get over how chic and practical this chair for the nursery is.


This chair can be swiveled, rocked, and glided. The swivel rotates in a full circle, and the steel motor ensures that the mechanism operates quietly and smoothly.

The fabric is a cozy and comfortable microfiber. If there is a spill or other mess, the cushion can be easily removed and cleaned.

The frame is sturdy and padded for comfort, so it will last for a long time. The springs in the seat cushion are pocketed, much like those in a mattress. They’re soft and supportive, and they extend the life of the seat considerably compared to standard poly-fiber padding.


This glider chair has only two minor flaws, in my opinion. The possibility of challenging assembly is a drawback. Some customers have complained that the quality of the manufacturing made assembly difficult.

Another drawback is that, unlike some other gliders, this one does not include an ottoman. Here you can get an ottoman that will fit your needs.

Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner and Glider

The Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner and Glider is a multi-functional chair that can swivel, glide, and recline. This chair’s side USB port and wireless remote are two of its best features. You have entered the modern era.


This nursery chair allows you to find the most comfortable position by swiveling 270 degrees, gliding back and forth, and reclining with a raised footrest. There are buttons on the side of the chair that can be used to adjust the recline angle. You can quietly and comfortably recline with little to no effort at all. Recliner leg slam is a thing of the past.

While you’re relaxing, rocking your baby to sleep, or nursing, you can charge your phone or other device using the USB port on the inside of the chair. This is a fantastic feature, as anyone who has ever felt “stuck” in a nursery chair can attest.

This chair is a hit with parents because it is both stylish and comfortable. It coordinates nicely with various sets. I think it’s great that the maximum weight is 300 pounds, as opposed to what some nursery chairs allow.


Although it’s advertised as a glider, not all customers agree; some call it more of a rocker. While many parents simply desire motion, those seeking the traditional rocking motion of a glider should look elsewhere.

I would check the warranty just in case, but there have been times when the USB port hasn’t worked properly. Some customers have complained that their phones aren’t sufficiently charged via the USB port.

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

Perhaps you have conflicting desires for a glider, a recliner, and a cute chair. All three are included in this package! It’s hard to find a better recliner than the Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner.

It looks like a chic upholstered chair, but it reclines so you can put your feet up, and it glides gently forward and backward. There is simply no comparison.


This glider chair for babies may not look like typical nursery furniture, but it serves the same purpose. It has an attractive design with accent piping and button tufting on the back of its microfiber or linen-like upholstery.

The perfect height for resting elbows while nursing or cradling a sleeping baby is provided by the track arms. The combination of springs and foam in the seat provides exceptional comfort.

The chair’s reclining mechanism allows you to sit up straight, lean back a little, or lie almost flat. The Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner’s base is swivel-designed, allowing you to easily turn the chair in any direction. You can glide forward and backward thanks to the swiveling base.


The fact that it isn’t of the highest quality is the chair’s biggest drawback for me. It’s not the best piece of furniture I’ve ever purchased for my home, that’s for sure. I don’t think it would hold up for more than four years of regular use. It seems like too much for the fabric and structure.

Another issue is that you cannot simultaneously glide and recline. I get that it’s for mom and baby’s protection, but it sure would be nice if they could drift off to sleep together!

The cost is high and, in my opinion, not warranted by the level of quality provided.

Evolur Harlow Deluxe Upholstered Plush Seating Glider Swivel, Rocker, Power  Recliner with USB Port, Greenguard Gold Certified, Gray - Walmart.com

Babyletto Tuba Extra Wide Swivel Glider

A roomy chair makes sense as a nursery addition once you give it some thought. Whether you’re snuggling, feeding, or reading to baby, you’ll have plenty of space for everyone. A tired parent also benefits from the extra space that this provides. The Babyletto Tuba Extra Wide Swivel Glider is a chair and a half with plenty of room for your growing family. A set of these would look adorable in a twins’ nursery!


Swivel gliders are awesome because you can go in any direction instead of just forward and backward. This seat swivels 360 degrees, moves front to back, side to side, and back again. The flexibility of the chair makes it easy to get in and out, reach for items, and calm a fussy infant.

The baby glider’s measurements are perfect for accommodating a wide range of parents. The chair has a seat width of about 26 inches and a back height of about the same. Thus, both tall and short parents can sit comfortably, with adequate headroom.

The lumbar pillow is there to help you feel more comfortable in the chair if you’re worried about not fitting properly.

The material comes in two different shades of grey. Fabric made from a polyester-poly weave is thick and durable without being rough because of this. Although it satisfies all national flammability standards, this fabric contains no chemical flame retardants.

Made by hand in Italy, the stainless steel base is another Babyletto selling point.


The nursery needs a large nook to accommodate this chair. It’s not too difficult to put together, but it is quite heavy, and the back support collapses so that it can be pushed through standard doorways. Unfortunately for homes with compact nurseries, once assembled, it requires a substantial amount of space.

A baby crib or dresser would have to give way to make room for the new addition.

The oversized design may not appeal to everyone. This baby glider may be too big if you are a smaller person or if you only have one baby. It’s difficult to rest your weary arms on the armrests because of how far apart they are. The back will also be too short for extremely tall people.

The last thing you need in a nursery is a reclining chair. It’s not the end of the world, but it is disappointing because that was the cherry on top of the fantastic baby glider.

Stork Craft Hoop Glider

The Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set is the quintessential basic glider and the gold standard of nursery furniture. What comes to mind when you say the word “glider” My son was a baby once, and I rocked him to sleep in this very glider.

If you haven’t decided whether or not you want a glider yet, this is a good place to start. Not all infants enjoy rocking in a glider.

Because it is manufactured by Stork Craft, it is a favorite among both new and experienced parents. They have faith that the company will deliver as promised. In addition, unlike some alternate solutions, it is reasonably priced.


So, why is this rocker so well-liked by parents? It’s the stuff from which nursery gliders are made. The history of this chair goes back quite a ways.

The chair’s frame is constructed of wood, and it is padded all over with foam and some kind of microfiber fabric. It has all the essentials a parent could want, including sufficient padding, storage pockets on both sides, and a matching ottoman.

Although simple, it serves its intended purpose. And the price is unbeatable for what you get.

The Stork Craft Glider is cheap, but you get what you pay for. The glides can be disengaged, so the chair can be used as a regular chair if necessary.

It may not be a perfect color match for your nursery set because of the limited selection of available stains and pad colors.

Last but not least, it’s not the best chair for a baby’s room. Like mine, it will probably break after a few years. After 8 or 9 months, the bearings will start making noise and eventually fail.

Some of the wooden rails cracked when my son was a toddler and started climbing and playing on it. The arrival of my daughter led to its replacement with a more modern glider.

Keep in mind that it will take a lot of room for this to move around. Its range of motion is much greater than one might expect. We quickly discovered that no matter how far across the room we put it, it still couldn’t be too close to a wall.

Dutailier Sleigh Glider with Recline

The best baby glider available is the Dutailier Sleigh Glider with Recline.

Everything practical and comfortable that could be desired in a glider is present in this model. It has a wooden frame and padded fabric, making it look like any other regular baby glider. This nursery glider has a 5-year limited warranty, but closer inspection reveals its true quality.


This multi-position glider’s padding is thicker and extends over a larger area than that of a standard glider. It’s great down to the foam and stitching. Built to last for years of use, this product is handcrafted by Dutailier using Canadian plywood.

You can find your ideal position of relaxation thanks to the reclining mechanism’s range of motion, which goes up to 45 degrees.

This top-rated rocking chair for nurseries can be locked into five different positions for maximum comfort. This gives you the option of gliding at your own pace, or not at all.

For those late-night feedings or for those nights when you end up sleeping in the glider until 6 in the morning, the reclining backrest is a welcome addition.


In all honesty, I have never seen a nicer baby glider than this one. It’s not cheap, though. In no way, shape, or form. It’s two or three times as expensive as most people would like to spend on a glider (or can afford to!). You can rest assured that the high price tag is warranted, as this is not some throwaway piece of furniture designed solely for the nursery.

Another thing I could say is that while I found it quite comfortable, my husband did not. He complained that there wasn’t enough room in the seat for him (probably because he’s 6’1 and I’m 5’11) and that the armrests were too low, so he had to prop the baby up with a pillow. If dad is more likely to be the rocker’s primary user, you should know that.

DaVinci Upholstered Swivel Glider

While traditional gliders are functional and comfortable, many modern moms prefer a more contemporary style for their child’s nursery. The DaVinci Upholstered Swivel Glider, complete with a free ottoman, is here to help.

You get the effortless glide you require without sacrificing any of your personal flair. There is no exposed wood here; rather, it is completely upholstered. The squarer and straighter shapes give it a thoroughly contemporary feel. A guarantee of at least a year is also welcome.


What a sweet little chair for the nursery! The polyester upholstery is very low maintenance. The lumbar pillow is included to further ensure your comfort, and the back is made to be slightly elevated to support your head and neck.

I like that you can adjust the gliding motion of this baby seat.

It’s able to swivel in all directions and glide forwards and backwards. This is great when you want to change the motion from a standard glide by swiveling back and forth for a minute, or when you need to turn the chair slightly to reach something on the nightstand.

What else do I adore about it? It won’t look out of place in a room with an older child because it’s not designed with a baby in mind.


The matching ottoman for this DaVinci Olive Glider is just as adorable and contemporary as the glider itself. The issue is that you can’t glide the ottoman. A simple ottoman that stays in one place.

In theory, this would be helpful because it would provide a solid footing from which to launch your glide, but in practice, your feet would constantly be slipping off because it didn’t follow the glider around. Your knees will be bent and you’ll be gliding in an unnatural position.

The backrest’s slight slant is the only other nitpicky detail. It’s great if you want to sink into it and drift off, but it’s not ideal if you want to glide with baby while reading or watching TV.

The cost is high, but it’s not out of reach for most people.

Baby Relax Kelcie Swivel Glider Chair

The Baby Relax Kelcie Swivel Glider Chair is a plush chair with microfiber upholstery, but it comes at a hefty price tag.


This chair gives you the freedom to swivel and glide whenever you like. The soft cushions and supportive armrests make for a relaxing seat at any time of day or night.

You can choose from a few different shades of neutral to find the ideal hue to complement your contemporary or traditional baby room. This padded ottoman is included with the purchase of the glider, which is not the case with all nursery chairs.

This glider chair for a nursery is stylish and contemporary, rather than retro. It can be used in the living room or the nursery itself.


Some people might find this nursery glider too big for their needs. The size is just off, falling between that of a standard chair and a double-wide one. You may need to shift from side to side while breastfeeding in this chair so that you can make use of the armrests.

The width makes it possible for you and your other child to sit side by side while you care for baby.

Coaster Home Leatherette Glider Recliner

One such padded vinyl and fabric nursery glider with an accompanying ottoman is the Coaster Home Leatherette Glider Recliner. Unlike some nursery gliders, this one has a contoured seat for added comfort.


This chair’s reclining back can be set anywhere from 96 degrees to 121 degrees for optimal comfort. There’s a handy side pocket for stashing periodicals, burp cloths, the TV remote, baby wipes, or anything else you might need quickly.

This glider chair features padded arms and seating for maximum relaxation. The chair and ottoman’s vinyl upholstery makes cleanup a breeze in the event of accidental spills (which, believe me, will happen). The color is easily matched to existing decor in a baby’s room.


If you want to rock with an older child or other adult, you should know that the weight limit is only 250 pounds, which seems low to me for an adult chair. Even so, it ought to be sufficient for most grownups plus a baby.

Some customers were disappointed to discover that the “leatherette” faux leather began to crack after only a few years of use. At least they didn’t have to spend the money on actual leather!

The contoured seat either works great and is comfortable, or it doesn’t provide the lumbar support you need and want during those early days with your newborn.

Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman

A timeless addition to any nursery, the Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman comes in more than 15 distinct colors and patterns. Really? There are 15 of them?


Angel Line has a wide variety of nursery chairs available in a wide variety of colors and designs. You can buy with near-complete confidence because they offer a wide variety of options and the colors and designs accurately reflect what you see in the photos.

This glider chair for a baby’s room features soft padding for maximum comfort. The chair’s side pocket provides convenient storage for diapers, wipes, and other items frequently used by mothers. You won’t need to go out of your way to find an ottoman to match this nursery glider because one is included.

A great feature? The cushions are easily detachable and washable. Yes, you can take them completely apart to clean the chair in the washing machine or with a damp cloth.

This glider set’s best feature is its low cost. Comfortable glider chairs (in almost any color) with complementary ottomans can be purchased for a low price.


There is no information available about the chair’s weight capacity, and some customers have complained that it broke after a short time of use and is generally unstable. It’s possible that, for such a low price, this chair isn’t as sturdy as some more expensive options.

FAQs – Baby Glider for Nursery

Do you really need a baby glider in the nursery?

You can get by just fine without a glider. The purpose of a baby glider is to provide a comfortable perch from which to nurse or simply hold your baby. You can use anything from a sofa or recliner to a traditional rocking chair.

Having said that, a glider is a handy tool to have. The high back and arms provide support for the baby while you hold or feed them in comfort. Most importantly, it can move and rock to comfort your infant. Unless you need to keep baby awake while feeding, you can snooze in the reclined position of most contemporary baby gliders and rockers. If you do decide to nap together, make sure a responsible adult can keep an eye on the two of you.

Having it in the nursery has the benefit of putting you close to the crib, where your baby will sleep once you put them down for the night. The glider could remain in the living room, allowing you to keep an eye on the other kids while also socializing (or binge-watching TV; we won’t judge) with family and friends.

What’s the difference between a baby rocker and a glider?

Unlike a rocker, which simply rocks back and forth, a glider moves you forward and back in a single plane. To clarify, the glider’s seat can only be moved forward and backward, not up and down. A rocking chair’s seat can be adjusted to rock forward, backward, and forward again.

Unlike rocking chairs, gliders can be reclined into a lying position. Gliders always have cushions while rockers occasionally do. However, a larger glider will be more comfortable for twins and may serve as a reading/cuddling chair for you and your child for a longer period of time, even if a smaller nursery can’t fit it.

Evolur Habana Black Glider/Swivel Glider/Easy Assembly Glider Chair  6199-BLK - The Home Depot

Which is better for the nursery: glider or rocker?

This is a personal choice that should be made by each family. Here are a few things to think about:

During the first six months of your baby’s life, a glider may be the most comfortable option if you have room for one in the nursery or another room. The glider is used so frequently because it allows you to relax and sleep while baby naps or nurses.

I’ve always had a soft spot for rock and roll. Vintage wooden rocking chairs can be used for decades. Many families have cherished rocking chairs that have been passed down through the years. You can’t beat the original rock and roll sound!

You should spend a few minutes rocking in the chair to make sure it doesn’t “walk” when you do so. I know you’ll appreciate this in the future.

Does gliding/rocking make babies happy?

Babies need to be held frequently. Holding a baby is essential. Beyond that, babies need constant motion, whether it’s rocking, bouncing, jiggling, or walking. Babies find this reassuring because it mimics the movements they experienced while still in the womb.

Babies, in general, have a hard time keeping still. They are restless and would prefer to be carried, walked, or nursed.

Investing in a rocker or glider will allow you to soothe your baby with motion while you do the same. This is the charm of a rocking chair or glider. Instead of constantly walking and bouncing your baby to sleep, this will give you a chance to rest your weary feet.

Are rocking chairs good for a baby?

There is some proof that constant motion is essential for maturation. A baby who constantly needs to be held might fall into this category.

Your baby’s sense of self in relation to the world around it may improve as you rock and glide.

Are rocking chairs dangerous?

It seems like even the rocking chairs themselves are plotting against us these days. If children climb on them, they risk getting their fingers pinched or toppled over.

As long as they are secure and cannot be tipped over, they do not pose much of a risk to curious toddlers or infants.

If you don’t want your child to have access to the rocking chair, put it in a room where you can keep a close eye on them at all times.

Also, kids shouldn’t stand or climb up on the chair; it’s only for sitting. The curved pieces that allow the chair to rock can cause serious injury if they are not handled with care.

Final Thoughts

After looking into numerous baby gliders, I settled on the Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set due to its combination of high quality, positive reviews, and reasonable price. We hope that the aforementioned ranking of the top baby gliders will assist you in selecting the ideal chair for you and your baby.

Here is our reviewed list of nursery products if you’re looking for more nursery accessories.

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