Easy To Build Hampton Bay Swivel Rocking Chair

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When it comes to home furnishings, Hampton Bay needs no introduction. Many homeowners prefer their products because of the high quality they provide at reasonable prices.

This company’s Hampton Bay Swivel Rocking Chair is a best-seller. Everyone capable of reading, understanding, and following instructions can construct this chair.

What is Hampton Bay Swivel Rocking Chair?

The concept of a Hampton Bay Swivel Rocking Chair is unfamiliar to a lot of people. There have been numerous iterations of the swivel chair over the past century. Rocking chairs with a removable, four-legged base are a popular example of this type.

Thomas Smith, an American, started making the first Hampton Bay Swivel Rocking Chairs in his garage in 1909 for his friends and family to use in their backyards. These rocking chairs can be found at stores across the United States today.

Hampton Bay Cambridge Gray Wicker Outdoor Patio Swivel Rocking Chair with  Sunbrella Denim Blue Cushions H056-01212300 - The Home Depot

How to Assemble Hampton Bay Patio Furniture

First, locate a flat, sturdy surface on which to put together the chair. Since you’ll need to use both hands to assemble the furniture, it’s best to work on a level surface, such as plywood or a large piece of cardboard.

Second, on top of the level ground, set two pieces of wood parallel to one another.

Third, set the seat on top of the two pieces, aligning the centers.

Fourth, secure the back legs with four screws. Before setting them on the flat surface, double-check that the screws on each leg are fully tightened.

Fifth, attach one piece of wood across the back of the chair horizontally. For maximum steadiness, a screw should be used at both ends.

To complete the “X” shape with three boards, to which you will attach all four legs of your Hampton Bay Swivel Rocking Chair, repeat steps five and six until you have done so.

Seventh, with a drill and one-inch screws, fasten the two back boards to the seat of your chair.

Drill holes in the upper horizontal pieces and any remaining vertical posts in Step 8. Put in four screws, two on each side at regular intervals.

Features of Hampton Bay Swivel Rocking Chair

In a typical Hampton Bay Swivel Rocking Chair, the back and seat can be swiveled to rock back and forth.

To gently rock the user to and fro while they relax, a long arm on the chair is attached to a rotating axle or spindle. The chair’s frame and its four legs are both typically made of wood, such as pine or cedar.

These chairs, when fully assembled, typically weigh between 50 and 100 pounds, which is manageable by a single person.

Mothers looking for a comfortable place to feed their babies at night and adolescent girls who want their own space in the room have contributed to the rise in popularity of swivel furniture.

Steps on Building Hampton Bay Swivel Rocking Chair

The first step is to gather all of the necessary equipment and materials. A power drill fitted with screwdriver bits, a Phillips head screwdriver, safety goggles (in case any wood chips fly at you), pliers (to shape wire hangers or nails into hooks), scissors (to trim the rope to size), and an electric saw (to cut boards to fit together nicely) are all required tools.

Next, follow these simple instructions to begin construction: **grab one board and lay it horizontally across two more boards, making three 12-inch-long pieces.

This should provide five locations on the chair where screws can be securely fastened without touching any other components. The uppermost piece should be fastened with the most screws.

Third, flip each board on its end from its original horizontal orientation to make six equal sections with four screw-driving gaps between them.

Step 4: Re-lay all three sets of boards horizontally, but this time at a 45-degree angle, so that the top section of your chair is higher than any other part of your chair. Now, using a Phillips head screwdriver, insert as many screws as possible into these joints and tighten them all the way.

Attach hooks or wire hangers to the post (where the slats meet) by twisting their ends together and trimming any excess with shears. Two metal plates inserted perpendicular to the post will increase its stability. The slats should now be on top as you turn the chair over and secure the four screws into each post with a Phillips head screwdriver.

The final step is to personalize the chair with a cushioned seat or other accessory.

Where is Hampton Bay Furniture Made?

Retail Outlets for Home Improvement by Home Depot The Hampton Bay product line, including patio sets, is widely distributed across the United States and Canada. They sell to retailers but do not produce anything themselves.

It looks like China is the source for Hampton Bay, which means it’s technically a lower-quality product overall, but it’s cheap enough that it still represents a good deal. Home Depot gives them the Hampton Bay label and sells them as such.

This is why it’s so challenging to get in touch with Hampton Bay directly; there is no listed phone number or website. If you have any questions or concerns about your Hampton Bay purchase, please get in touch with the retailer from which you originally purchased the product. The Home Depot near you is much more helpful than the national hotline.

I have already touched on this answer briefly above, but let me elaborate. You may already be aware that we maintain a community-driven website dedicated to assisting people like you who are trying to find a user guide for a Hampton Bay product. Some customers aren’t happy, and they’re especially unhappy with their patio sets.

Tables rusting, products arriving broken, fabric fraying, and overall subpar quality are just some of the issues that have arisen.

Check out our article if you need guidance on cleaning your Hampton Bay patio cushions. Seat Pads from Hampton Bay where you’ll be educated on:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Cleaning Hampton Bay Seating Cushions
  • Cleaning Scattered Areas of Your Hampton Bay Seating
  • Evaluating the Top Replacement Cushions from Hampton Bay
  • Get the Hampton Bay Cushion Maintenance Guide here!

Read this article for these and other helpful hints about Hampton Bay cushions: Hampton Bay Pillows

On consumeraffairs.com, 91 out of 123 reviewers rated the product they purchased only 1 star. Three people rated their furniture a perfect 5, one person rated it a perfect 4, two people rated it a perfect 3, and the remaining twenty-six people rated it a perfect 2.

To be fair, it is usually only when a customer is unhappy that they leave feedback. That is a pretty safe assumption on my part. In the United States alone, Hampton Bay sells tens of thousands of patio sets every year. To put that into perspective, you can assume that only a tiny fraction of people have actually had problems with their furniture. Which, if you ask me, is not too bad when compared to other brands’ prices. The overall cost-effectiveness is “Pretty Good,” then.

How To Get Replacement Parts & Repairs For Your Hampton Bay Patio Furniture

Watch the clip below for help with maintenance and fixes. After That, We Give Younumbers to call.

The number we dialed to reach them was Phone: 1-877-527-0313, Home Depot If you have a Universal Product Code, Model Number, or SKU Code, please have it ready.

You’ll be presented with a variety of brand names to choose from, and your task will be to Hampton Bay can be found in Choice 2. After that, you’ll have to choose between six alternatives that all have something to do with your item. As a result, you must Choose Patio again, this time from Option 2.

At last, a choice menu of three items will appear before you. You must pay close attention. If you purchased your patio set within the last two years and have the UPC or Model number, you have one option. If you purchased your patio set within the last two years but don’t have the UPC or Model numbers, you can go with Option 2. Finally, if you purchased your patio furniture two years ago or more and don’t have the UPC or Model numbers, your best bet is to send a photo of the product to the manufacturer for identification purposes (option #3).

The UPC or Model number for your chair can be found on a silver label underneath the seat or on the label of your cushion.

They will ship you a new arm or leg for your chair, but not the whole chair itself if you need a replacement part.

We also learned that chaircarepatio.com is where they suggest going to get things fixed up like cushions and fabrics.

Where to Buy Good Hampton Bay Furniture for Your Patio?

The best places to purchase Hampton Bay patio sets are from Home Depot themselves or from their website. Online stores like Amazon and eBay are available.

Visiting a physical location like Home Depot has the benefit of allowing you to see the product in person, interact with the sales staff, and get immediate answers to any questions you may have. If you buy something from Home Depot, you’ll get a warranty and a receipt that you should keep in case there are issues with the product down the road.

Hampton Bay Cambridge Gray Wicker Outdoor Patio Swivel Rocking Chair with  Sunbrella Beige Tan Cushions H056-01574700 - The Home Depot

One benefit of shopping on Amazon is that you can research products by reading customer reviews. You can save money and time by purchasing from the convenience of your own home.

If you can, I think it’s best to combine the two options. Check out the furniture selection at Home Depot to see if anything catches your eye. Make sure you check everything out and ask any questions you have. Take note of the price, and then check Amazon.com for a similar item once you get back home. Check the online price and the reputation of the seller. Read as many reviews as possible to get the context, as some reviews can be made up. If you find a better price elsewhere, it may be better to buy online. Feel free to make an in-person purchase if that’s more convenient for you.

What to do if you have issues with your purchase? Customer service and Contact Number

Your first stop should be the store where you originally purchased it. Even if you bought it online or at a non-local store, you should check with the one closest to you first. Gather as much data as possible, including pictures of the problems or damage, receipts, and warranty information (if applicable). The phone number of the closest shop should be listed there.

Next, dial 855-HD-Hampton to speak with someone at the National office. This can be a bit annoying, in my opinion. There are many reports of it being unhelpful online, so proceed with caution. The best place to look is probably a shop near you.

If you are unable to resolve your issue by contacting the local store or the national number, you can either bite the bullet and attempt to repair the issue yourself (if you are handy) or pay someone else to do so. I have compiled a short list of furniture issues and potential solutions for your perusal. Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Replacement Components: Read Our Post

The best solution to a problem is always a new problem. Consider checking Amazon for a replacement cushion if you can afford to do so.

If the cushion on your dining chair or lounge chair is worn out, this may be less expensive than hiring an upholster.

If you’re really attached to your patio set but can’t seem to track down replacement cushions in a suitable fabric on Amazon, your options are to buy a new set online (or perhaps at Home Depot) or have some custom cushions made by an upholster. Keep in mind that their rates, which may include the price of new fabric, can easily reach $50 an hour.

Likewise, for cover designs. Canvas is commonly used for furniture covers, so holes or tears can be easily patched. You can repair your cover by sewing on a patch. If you’d rather not sew, duct tape will do the trick. If there is a tear, tape it on both sides. Your patio set will be safe from the sun and rain if you cover it.

In fact, I would advise investing in a cover to forestall the rust problem; if the furniture is protected from the elements, there is no chance of rust.

Fixing Other Parts of my Patio Furniture

Rust on the supporting legs of your patio set is a sure sign that it’s time to replace your old furniture. However, if the rust is only superficial, as on the armrests, you can take some preventative measures.

  1. It could use a good rinsing with some bleach water. After the rusted area has dried, brush away as much of the surface rust as possible with a wire brush.
  2. Remove as much rust as possible by sanding the area with medium-grit sandpaper, and then finish with fine-grit sandpaper.
  3. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the surface. Apply rust preventative and let dry, if desired.
  4. Use a metal patch and some filler to fix the hole. Dry the area after scraping it flat with a putty knife.
  5. Start sanding with a medium grit and work your way up to a fine grit.
  6. Use the paint of your choice and let it dry. Apply a second coat of paint and let it dry for another day.

A cracked glass tabletop is just one example of another potential issue. There is a need for a replacement, unfortunately.

Keep in mind that it may be challenging to find replacement parts for some older products if they have been discontinued. It’s possible that all you need is a new sofa in this case.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Patio Chairs

When deciding on a Garden furniture, spend some time learning about the most crucial factors to think about, such as the chair’s type, size, and material.


Club, lounge, Adirondack, zero-gravity, reclining, hammock, and dining chairs are just a few of the many varieties of outdoor seating available.

  1. Saddle seats are a style of settee. They feature a sleek leather exterior and a cushioned interior, making them ideal for use in the home Soft and cozy cushions. But the armchair design is retained even though patio club chairs are typically fabricated from metal or wicker.
  2. Lounging furniture are slightly more spacious than regular outdoor chairs, and their reclining backs make them ideal for lounging in complete comfort. Reclining chair for some time in the sun.
  3. The Adirondacks wood construction, sloping armrests, and a seat that’s only a foot or so off the ground define these chairs. However, these seats also have large armrests that can serve as makeshift tables for beverages.
  4. Seating with no gravity have a structure that allows for stress-free reclining by balancing and distributing the body’s weight. Stress can be reduced, blood flow can be improved, and proper spinal alignment can be preserved with the help of this chair design.
  5. Leather recliners are essentially any patio chair with a backrest that can be adjusted to allow the user to recline. This broad definition allows for numerous design iterations of recliner chairs.
  6. The use of Hammocks patio roofs, or they may come with a suspension base, to hang from. The hammock Woven cloth or rope are commonly used to make seats.
  7. Seating for a meal are often sold as part of a complete outdoor dining set and are designed to be used around a table. Although these chairs lack the adjustability of more conventional patio seating, their compact design makes them ideal for tight quarters.


It is important to measure the patio or deck area to ensure that the patio furniture will fit. Planning the placement of the patio furniture is simple if precise measurements are taken in advance and the manufacturer’s specifications are consulted.

When calculating the required space for your new patio set, remember that some types of patio chairs have a reclining feature. For chairs like loungers and zero-gravity seats, where the back and footrest both rise and recline, it’s important to take measurements from both the front and back. This is an Adirondack chair  could make it difficult to accommodate two items side by side.


Hardwood, plastic, and metals like aluminum, wrought iron, and stainless steel are among the most common materials used to construct a patio chair.

  • Hardwood has a timeless design that can revitalize a patio’s aesthetic. Some types of metal are the only ones that can match the material’s strength and durability. Wood is a porous material that readily absorbs liquids, so it must be sealed to prevent stains and water damage.
  • Plastic is readily available in a rainbow of colors and designs without breaking the bank. These outdoor chairs are resistant to moisture and won’t rot, rust, or corrode. However, plastic is not as long-lasting as metal or wood, and its color can fade when exposed to sunlight.
  • Metal Wrought iron, aluminum, and stainless steel are all suitable materials for patio chairs. These outdoor chairs come in a variety of levels of sturdiness, but even the lightest ones are typically as sturdy as hardwood. Wrought iron is typically powder coated to protect it from water damage and corrosion, while stainless steel and aluminum have a natural resistance. However, in the colder months, you’ll want to put the chairs away safely.


Given that patio chairs may be used for long periods of time, their comfort is crucial. The cushion, handles, and backrest of a patio chair are typically responsible for this, and they can vary from one chair to the next.

  • Cushions are created exclusively to make sitting more pleasant by bearing the bulk of a person’s weight while they’re seated. The typical thickness for outdoor chair cushions is between 2 and 3 inches, though some are over 4 inches thick. Foam padding is more durable than polyester fiberfill, which flattens over time but is less expensive.
  • Armrests or handrests provide relief for the upper body by bearing some of the body’s weight (the head, neck, and upper back and chest). In addition to providing a comfortable place to rest your arms, some handrests also have places to put your drink.
  • Backrests and headrests alleviate strain on the trunk muscles by bearing the body’s weight while you lean back and relax. A chair is not really a chair if it doesn’t have a back. It’s more akin to a stool, which is a significant step down from lounging comfortably on a patio. Some of the backrests can be adjusted to lie flat, making them perfect for a sun nap or a leisurely read.


Depending on the manufacturer and retailer, a patio set may include not only a number of chairs, but also tables, ottomans, and sometimes even canopies. A standard dining set will include anywhere from four to six chairs.

Coffee tables, bar height tables, and formal dining tables are all possible components of such sets. After a long day at work, resting your feet and legs on an ottoman or footrest is just what you need. They enhance the delivery of blood and oxygen to the lower extremities. Some patio furniture sets include an umbrella or canopy to protect its occupants from the elements.


Patio chairs need to be stored correctly to prevent fading and damage from the sun, rain, wind, and snow. It is recommended to purchase patio chair covers to shield the chairs from the elements if they will be left out on the patio during the warmer months. Folding chairs are more convenient to store away from the elements, such as in a shed or leaning against the side of the house. This quality also facilitates stowage during the harsh winter months.

Anyone who lives in a region that regularly experiences subzero temperatures and heavy snowfall should take the time to winterize their outdoor furniture. Covering patio furniture and putting it away for the winter prevents it from getting snowed on or damaged by the frequent freezing and thawing that occurs in the early and late winter.

The Best Patio Chairs of 2022

To help you find the best patio chairs for relaxing in nature, we’ve chosen the following options based on chair type, material, ergonomic design, overall effectiveness, and the other crucial shopping factors mentioned above.

PAMAPIC 5 Pieces Wicker Patio Furniture Set

There are two club chairs in this patio set, each with a pair of back pillows and seat cushions filled with soft sponge. Strong stainless steel frames are covered in plastic resin wicker to make seats that can withstand weights of up to 250 pounds. Despite not being a natural material, the plastic resin wicker serves to effectively protect the steel frame from the elements.

The set also features an accompanying coffee table and two ottomans, each with its own sponge-padded cushion for comfort while resting weary legs and feet. The coffee table is shelf-less, but its top is solid and covered in plastic resin wicker. The chair’s dimensions of 28 by 27 by 30 inches work in tandem with the ottoman’s dimensions of 24 by 22 by 11 inches to make for easy stowing.


  • includes two club chairs, one ottoman table, and one coffee table
  • Steel construction ensures durability.
  • Wicker made of watertight plastic
  • Use it inside or out; it’s weatherproof!


  • The stuffing of cushions is not replaceable.

Devoko 3 Pieces PE Rattan Wicker Chairs with Table

This three-piece set of Devoko patio furniture is an excellent example of the fact that furnishing a pleasant outdoor space need not break the bank. Cushions on the two club chairs measure about 2 inches thick and are made of soft sponge. The cushion covers can be removed for cleaning as part of the chairs’ annual upkeep to keep them looking like new for years to come.

The club chairs are water-resistant thanks to their sturdy steel frames and plastic resin wicker. The weight capacity of each chair is 330 pounds, and its dimensions are 21.5 by 19.5 by 33.5 inches. A small tea table with a tempered glass top and dimensions of 16 by 16 by 18 inches is also included in the set.


  • Included are a pair of club chairs and a small table.
  • Steel construction ensures durability.
  • Wicker made of a watertight resin plastic
  • Soft cushions filled with sponges
  • These cushions have detachable inserts.


  • The furniture is too small for people of larger stature.

Devoko Patio Chaise Lounge Set

It’s more enjoyable to lounge with a friend. If you and a friend or family member want to relax and spend time together, the Devoko Patio Chaise Lounge Chair Set is an excellent option. The powder-coated steel frames of the Devoko set are built to last, and the two matching lounge chairs are topped with fashionable beige cushions filled with sponge.

The lounge chairs’ gently rounded backrests can be reclined to an almost horizontal position, or adjusted to a sitting position. The total length and width of the chairs when reclined are 77 and 24 inches, respectively. The black polyethylene seat and backrest are woven to look like rattan but can withstand the elements. A foldable square table is included to accommodate meals and drinks.


  • There are two chairs and a table included in the set.
  • A sturdy steel frame with a powder coating
  • Cushions made of sponge that can withstand the elements
  • Multiple recline angles
  • Holds as much as 300 lbs.


  • Heavier than other chaise lounges

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair Recliners

This pair of Best Choice Products zero-gravity chairs is ideal for relieving muscle tension and improving posture. The chairs can be easily folded and transported in a car, stashed away for the winter, or relocated to a different location on the patio. Each chair can support up to 250 pounds, and they come with a detachable tray that has space for two drinks, a phone, and a tablet.

The gravity chairs are able to open in a smooth motion, lifting the legs and extending the back into an ergonomic position that relaxes the entire body and gives one the sensation of floating, or “zero gravity.” The chair’s fabric is stretchy, UV-resistant Textilene, and it comes with a detachable, padded headrest for added convenience and support.


  • Affordably priced 2-pack
  • Slim and collapsible
  • Strong steel construction
  • Sun-proof cloth
  • Each chair has its own individual cup holder, headrest, phone holder, and tablet holder.


  • Compared to other chairs, it’s quite hefty.

TITIMO 5-Piece Outdoor Furniture Dining Set

Patio chairs in general are made for lounging, reading, sunbathing, and comfort, but dining patio chairs are made to provide a more formal, ergonomic setting for outdoor meals. This set features a square table and four matching chairs, all of which are crafted from sturdy cast aluminum and shaped to resemble beautiful blossoming flowers.

Cast aluminum construction ensures that the furniture won’t rust. Each chair is 27 by 27 by 36 inches in size, and the table can hold up to 350 pounds between them. The built-in umbrella hole in the table’s middle allows you to use an umbrella to block the sun or provide shelter from the rain.


  • A dining table and chairs for four are included.
  • Beautiful traditional latticework
  • Aluminum construction that resists rust
  • Both the chairs and the table are rated to hold up to 350 pounds.
  • Complete set of assembly hardware is provided.


  • No pillows are included.

How We Chose the Best Patio Chairs

The right patio chairs can double as extra seating inside when the weather cools down. If you’re serious about upgrading your patio set, the products we’ve highlighted here offer some of the best options out there.

The featured chairs typically have steel frames, as this material is both durable and corrosion-resistant; they can also support up to 250 pounds per chair. Our top picks are also extremely long-lasting because they are resistant to water and ultraviolet light—two common summertime hazards. You can avoid going furniture shopping for the cushions and side tables that come with some of these sets.

More opulence, please! Cup holders, device holders, headrests, and foldability are just a few of the convenient features included with many of our top picks. Finally, some of the top picks are reclinable, so you can get some extra relaxation and support for your back while you’re outside.

Hampton Bay Park Meadows Off-White Wicker Outdoor Patio Swivel Rocking  Lounge Chair with Sunbrella Henna Red Cushions H129-01510100 - The Home  Depot


Read on for some frequently asked questions and answers about patio chairs and keeping them in good condition.

Q. What are the most durable patio chairs?

Metals like aluminum, wrought iron, and stainless steel make for the most long-lasting patio chairs. Water doesn’t damage aluminum nearly as much as stainless steel or wrought iron, but it isn’t as strong of a material. Wrought iron, while stronger than aluminum or stainless steel, is not as resistant to corrosion. The advantages of both are present in stainless steel, albeit to a lesser extent; therefore, any of the three could be considered the most durable, with an average lifespan of about 20 years.

Q. What is a zero gravity chair? 

Recliners known as “zero-gravity chairs” are designed to counteract the effects of gravity by distributing the user’s weight in a neutral, comfortable position. This results in the muscles relaxing and the spine returning to its natural, relaxed position.

Q. How do you maintain patio furniture?

Wiping down outdoor furniture before and after use and storing it under a cover when it’s not in use are the only maintenance tasks that need doing during the warmer months. The chairs should also be covered during the winter months, but during this time they should be stored in a basement, shed, or garage away from the elements (especially snow).

Our Verdict

The PAMAPIC patio chairs are our top choice for patios, decks, and even indoor spaces due to their convenient built-in storage features, reasonable prices, and long-lasting stainless steel frames. The Devoko set is an excellent low-cost substitute with similar setup, weather-resistant construction, and compact design, making it suitable for smaller outdoor spaces.

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