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Have you grown weary of the uninteresting appearance of your Walmart swivel chair? If so, there’s a simple answer we can offer. Follow these easy steps to create a custom slipcover for a swivel chair from Walmart.

Fabric, scissors, and a sewing machine are required for this undertaking. This guide’s short time commitment is its best feature.

How do you Recover an Office Chair?

Fabric is suitable for recovering an office chair. This tutorial will show you how to do it in five easy steps using only a pair of scissors, a sewing machine, and some fabric. The best part about this guide is that you can complete it in no more than 30 minutes.

First, remove the existing seat cover’s headrests and armrests so that you can use them as templates for the new fabric patches.

In Step 2, you will cut out a piece of fabric for the front edge of each side; these pieces should be two inches longer than where you want them to end up on your existing seat covers after they are sewn down around edges.

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Third, place a freshly cut piece on top and sew around all four sides.

In Step 4, you’ll finish the seat cover’s front edges by repeating Steps 2 and 3.

The fifth step is to lay your finished product over a chair to check the fit before you glue or tack it down; you may need to make adjustments at this point. If you want to ensure that the seams at the back of the garment do not fray over time, you can use hot glue to create an “X” across the area where the two seams meet.

How do I fix my Office Chair From Peeling?

Duct tape is the most effective method. Unwind and peel off more than half of the paper backing from each strip until only the adhesive is left. Wrap it around the arm rests and secure it by pressing the individual pieces firmly against each other; try to be as neat as possible, but don’t wrap it too tightly or you risk ripping the fabric.

To avoid blocking the air vents on either side of your armrests, turn up one edge of a strip and tuck it underneath; repeat with the remaining five strips. If necessary, use additional duct tape to reach the vents.

What Type of Fabric is Used for Office Chairs?

Fabric is commonly used to upholster office chairs. Fabric options range from wool and acrylic to more expensive materials depending on your budget for the chair. Leather is frequently used in higher-end products as well.

Is Fabric or Leather Better for Office Chair?

While both fabric and leather have their advantages, fabric is the more common choice for office chairs. The addition of a cushion to a chair, rather than just fabric, is preferred by some users.

How do you Prevent Static Electricity on my Conference Room Table?

To lessen or prevent this issue altogether, you should place an anti-static mat or pad underneath it. In addition, there are plenty of mats to choose from, making them reasonably priced.

Steps on Covering a Walmart Swivel Chair

First, determine the exact length of fabric you’ll need. Take accurate measurements of the height, width, and depth required. Use the scissors to snip off a square of the material to that size.

Step 2: Overlap one side of the fabric by half an inch (this will make sewing easier) and fold it over. Join this raw edge with a seam, then turn it right side out by pulling it through the notches you left in the corner.

Step 3: Turn your Walmart swivel chair over so that the seat is facing upwards toward the ceiling or sky (the top rim should be pointing away from the ground), insert one hand into the opening at the front of the chair’s bottom where the neck and backrest meet, grab the underside seam, and pull both sides of the material up over the backrest.

Fourth, holding one edge in each hand, lift the fabric so that there is an overlap of at least two inches, making sure the seam runs parallel to and along the top rim of the chair. This should be done by grabbing an overlapping piece on the right with your thumb.

To ensure that all four corners are tucked safely under the backrest, repeat the process on the other side and, if necessary, grab the underside seams again to adjust the amount of overlap.

Should I get an Office Chair or Gaming Chair?

The best way to choose a chair, whether for work or play, is to think about what you’ll be doing in that chair first. Working at a desk with a computer may be the best solution if you spend long periods of time sitting and require excellent back support and lumbar support.

But if you use a laptop for web search engine optimization strategy in your living room or other places like cafes, where you sometimes sit on a bed while watching TV but not every day, then the type of chairs you need will vary.

How can I Remove Stains From my Walmart Swivel Chair?

People have tried a variety of methods for cleaning the stains out of their Walmart Swivel Chair. Using an enzyme-containing cleaner is the first and most widely recommended method.

Stains can be removed with detergents containing enzymes, which dissolve the stain’s organic matter into water.

If you clean your chair once every two weeks, you can keep up with the dirt and prevent stains from setting in.

Bleach has also been used successfully to remove stains (especially oily or greasy ones). Applying pure chlorine bleach directly to the stained area and waiting ten minutes before wiping it clean is all that’s required.

6 Best Office Chair Covers for Everyday Use

Best Office Chair Covers: 6 Top Picks

#1 CAVEEN Stretch Velvet Office Chair Cover

If you want the best covers for your office chairs, look no further than CAVEEN. This cover is designed to be as hassle-free as possible by combining the back and seat into a single piece.

The CAVEEN cover for your office chair is made from a tight and firm fabric that will give your chair a luxurious feel to the touch. Because of its high extensibility, setting it up is a breeze.

The cover is easily modified to accommodate seat heights between 27.6 and 31.5 inches.

The seat and back width must also be between 17.7 and 22.8 inches for the cover to fit properly, and the length of the seat must also be between 17.7 and 22.8 inches for the cover to fit properly.

Be aware that the maximum allowable width of a chair seat is 23.7 inches.

There are ten variations of the cover with no decoration, and five variations with velvet. You can find it in a variety of colors, including black, red, blue, and even a coffee color, making it easy to find a cover that complements your decor and sense of style.

The product’s two zippers were a big hit with buyers, and some of them even suggested adding straps to make the seat more secure.

Customers have noted that it never gets too hot to sit on, despite its plush construction. The CAVEEN chair cover is an excellent choice if you spend a lot of time sitting.


  • Reusable
  • Supple as velvet
  • Free from wrinkles
  • Washable in a machine using a delicate cycle and cold water
  • The cover shields the chair from mud and pet claws.


  • Not watertight
  • The fabric shifts slightly, but it can be secured with the provided ties.
  • In some cases, the actual color may differ from the stock photo.
  • a limited palette to work with

Cover for Computer Chairs by CAVEEN, Fits Most Cover for the Boss’s Chair, Minimalist Big and Tall with a High Back (Chair Not Included) Massive Black

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Swivel Chair Options That Fit Every Budget

#2 Smiry Stretch Jacquard Desk Chair Cover

When a new product is released by Smiry, the first thing that people will notice is how well it fits in with current office design trends.

These stretch jacquard covers are not only a throwback in design but also extremely durable and resistant to fading.

92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex make up the cover. Chairs in the office, the dining room, the kitchen, at the bar, and elsewhere can all benefit from a cover made from this stretchy material.

The cover is held in place in a matter of seconds by the elastic edges of the durable fabric. The blend of spandex and polyester also gives it a softer feel than its competitors.

It is suitable for seats with 18–22-inch length cushions, 18–22-inch width cushions, and 1.3–2.5-inch height cushions.

Beige, black, burgundy, camel, chocolate, dark grey, grey, navy blue, ocean blue, olive green, and peacock green are just some of the colors offered for this chair.

The majority of buyers find that it effectively prevents spills, but some have complained that it slips off the chair too easily.


  • The ability to be machine washed
  • The elastic band gives it a nonslip quality.
  • Brings new life to a worn out chair
  • Guard your chairs against dings, stains, and mishaps.
  • Helps prevent stains on your favorite office chair
  • This luxuriously smooth item is made from a blend of spandex and polyester.


  • Lacking water resistance
  • Comes undone if not secured
  • Not amenable to bleaching

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#3 Jinzio Computer Office Chair Cover

If you want to keep your office chair clean and free of dust and dirt, look no further than Jinzio.

Its exceptional durability is the result of a proprietary blend of polyester and spandex. Tears, tattered edges, and rips are all hidden by the chic and attractive fabric.

The polyester and spandex used to make this chair cover by Jinzio give it superior tensile strength to regular fabric. The cover stays put thanks to the elastic around the edges.

In addition, the cover will fit your chair perfectly if its back width is between 13.7 and 17.7 inches and its seat length is also between 13.7 and 17.7 inches.

If you’re looking for a chair, you should know that the maximum width it can accommodate is 17.7 inches.

Brown, black, burgundy, camel, chocolate, coffee, cream, dull black, silver grey, fuchsia, strong blue, grass-green, and khaki are just some of the colors you can choose from.

The majority of buyers think the colors and designs are perfect. It appears to be a good fit for them.


  • Strong material
  • Simple to put on because of the elastic edging
  • Choice of many new and exciting hues
  • Allows washing in a machine


  • No water resistance
  • The top corners are extremely square, which makes the whole thing look off.
  • Avoid slipping by tucking it in snugly.

#4 SARAFLORA Stretch Washable Computer Chair Slipcovers

Saraflora’s covers are durable because they are constructed from high-quality polyester and spandex.

When you spend all day in the office, you won’t have to worry about getting sweaty thanks to the fabric’s superior softness, comfort, breathability, and skin-friendliness.

Saraflora uses polyester (90%) and spandex ( 10%) to make their office chair covers.

The cover is easily modified to accommodate seat heights between 27.5 and 31.4 inches.

The seat and back width must also be between 17.7 and 22.8 inches for the cover to fit properly, and the length of the seat must also be between 17.7 and 22.8 inches for the cover to fit properly.

Black, brown, burgundy, khaki, lilac, ivory dark pink, purple, red, sapphire, silver grey, teal, pink, and white are just some of the colors it comes in.

Zippers on either side of the cover’s back make installation a breeze for customers. Bear in mind that color may vary slightly from what is depicted in pictures.


  • You can pick from many different color options.
  • The covers can be washed in the washing machine with cold water and dried quickly.
  • Anti-wrinkle properties
  • The zippers on both sides facilitate assembly and give it a more polished appearance.


  • You can’t dry clean this

#5 Turquoize Chair Covers

When we need slipcovers for office chairs that prioritize comfort and durability over style, we think of turquoise. These covers for office chairs are both practical and fashionable. As an added bonus, this cover will help you save money by extending the life of your chair.

The best office chair cover is a turquoise color made out of a polyester/spandex blend that is 85% polyester and 15% spandex and has a small checks jacquard pattern. We love this material because it’s so comfortable and versatile.

Any chair with these features will fit:

  • Between 22.8 and 27 inches in back height.
  • Between 16.5 and 21.7 inches across the back
  • Length of the seat, from 16.5 to 21.7 inches
  • Between 14.9 and 16.6 inches in width for the seat.

In general, it’s designed for a more compact chair.

It comes in a wide range of colors, from black to biscotti to beige. The range of colors includes burgundy, charcoal, gray, brown, navy, dusty blue, khaki, dove gray, sapphire, off-white, taupe, and deep teal.

The majority of buyers appreciate the material’s elasticity, longevity, and machine-washability. Keep in mind, though, that stock photos don’t always reflect reality. In fact, many shoppers experienced problems with the chair’s color, so tread carefully.


  • You can choose from three different sizes.
  • Several color choices are available.
  • The chair’s back has zippers on both sides for convenience.
  • Extra set of two armrest covers that match the rest of the set


  • Discordant hue compared to the stock photo.

#6 Loghot Comfortable Soft Chair Covers

No zippers on this loghot office chair cover. Therefore, there is no requirement for alterations or fittings.

There are two separate covers in this set; one fits the chair back, and the other fits the cushion. These chair covers are made to fit most standard office chairs and are so well made that their superior quality can be seen from far away.

Polymer and spandex are a winning material combination because of their longevity and flexibility.

Fits chairs with the following features:

  • Between 13.39 and 16.14 inches in back height
  • The range of 14.57-18.11 inches in back width
  • From 16.54 to 20.08 inches of seat-to-floor height
  • The range of 17.72 to 20.87 inches in seat width.

This may not be the best choice if you’re hoping to have a wide range of customizable color options. For the time being, you can only get it in black.

The majority of buyers agree, however, that the cover is very comfortable, and they also praise the cover’s longevity and low price.


  • Separated layout
  • It’s easy and quick to set up.
  • Durable
  • Simple to clean


  • Seating too large for the space

Buying Guide: How to Select the Best Office Chair?

Size, color, and material options should all be thought through before a purchase is made. Care must be taken when washing the best office chair covers. It needs to be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle.

The material we go with ought to be stretchy, wrinkle-free, non-slip, and simple to set up.

Pick a shade that coordinates well with the rest of your office decor.

The difficulty of finding a cover that fits your office chair properly is another reason to give careful thought to your needs before making a purchase.

Make sure it offers the level of comfort you require by inspecting the quality of the materials used.

If you want to make sure you buy what you need, reading reviews from satisfied customers is a great place to start.

Swivel Barrel Accent Chair – Cozy Boucle Fabric


Do chair covers prevent liquid from going through to the seat?

Fabrics used for chair covers are not nearly thick enough to prevent seepage of liquid.

How do chair covers hold up against cats scratching and kneading?

Usually, the covers aren’t paper-thin. Put a piece of foam under the cover before you install it if you’re still worried about your cat scratching through the cover and damaging the chair.

Is the cover secured underneath the seat with ties?

The covers are held in place solely by the elastic and have no ties. You should get a big one that won’t break easily.


The best chair cover for you is the one that works best with your existing chairs and the style you’re going for.

With this list, locating the best covers for your office chairs should be a breeze.

When it comes to features and how simple they are to set up, all of these products are exceptional. They are also easy to clean, so accidents like spilling coffee or dropping food won’t ruin your seat.

What’s more, the covers are low-maintenance and will greatly increase the longevity of your chairs.