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Do you need to know how to put a bassinet mattress on a higher surface? The procedure is straightforward, and you’ll pick up the specifics as you read.

The most difficult part of the day for parents of a young child is likely bedtime. If your infant also has acid reflux, the situation is likely to worsen.

Symptoms often prevent them from getting a good night’s rest.

When the infant is lying flat on the mattress, there is a greater chance that acid will splash up into the esophagus.

And in doing so, causing your sweet baby some discomfort.

Fortunately, you may find relief by placing your baby on an elevated bassinet mattress.

Do You Even Need to Buy a Bassinet Mattress?

Most bassinets come with mattresses, so you won’t have to go out and buy one separately. You might compare it to your own mattress and realize that yours is much thinner and softer than theirs. These mattresses, however, are made to be completely safe for your infant.

U.S. safe sleep guidelines from the Consumer Product Safety Commission emphasize the importance of strictly adhering to the bassinet’s manual. The mattress that came with your bassinet should be used for this purpose.

However, there are times when it makes more sense to purchase a standalone unit.

How to Safely Elevate a Crib Mattress (2 ways) - Dad Fixes Everything

When Should I Buy a Bassinet Mattress?

Although the mattress that came with your bassinet is the best option in most cases, there are times when you may want to switch things up. There should be only one, firm mattress in the bassinet; don’t buy extra padding to stack for comfort.

Perhaps you have a great bassinet from a previous baby, but the mattress is no longer suitable for use. If that’s the case, it might be more cost-effective for your family to simply replace the bassinet rather than buy a brand new one.

If your current bassinet mattress meets any of these criteria, you may want to consider replacing it.

  • Broken or distorted.
  • Stale and used up.
  • soiled from constant exposure to spit up or diaper leaks.
  • Previous child ownership.

Your baby’s bassinet mattress may be unsafe if any of these things happen to it. The following are some of the dangers that can result from utilizing a dirty, worn, or damaged bassinet mattress.

Condition Risks
deformed or damaged The bassinet may not be the right size for the mattress. Babies should only sleep on a completely flat surface with no significant space between the mattress and the bassinet.
Worn out A worn mattress may no longer provide the necessary support for your infant. There is the potential for suffocation.
Previously used or soiled by another child The bacteria on a used or dirty bassinet mattress can cause serious health problems for your baby.Staph aureusor E. coli.

Elevating A Bassinet Mattress For Comfort

As was previously mentioned, elevating your baby’s bassinet mattress may help reduce the likelihood of acid reflux.

Because sleeping on an incline can alleviate acid reflux symptoms.

This is seen as a miracle cure by some parents.

You can rest easier if you put the baby to sleep at an angle.

It’s also been linked to helping with things like the common cold and colic.

Many pediatricians and general practitioners still recommend it, despite growing evidence to the contrary.

In some cases, doctors recommend a slightly inclined sleeping position for the infant.

You can consult a medical professional if you are on the fence about whether or not you should try this.

Find out if this is something they would support.

However, most physicians will tell you to use a rolled blanket or pillows to accomplish the task. But how?

Check out the simple instructions below.

Easy Steps To Elevate A Bassinet Mattress

The heads of babies should not be propped up with soft objects like pillows, as this can cause suffocation, as stated by experts.

Alternatively, you can have your baby sleep better in the bassinet by raising the head.

The baby’s head can be lifted while he or she remains on their back if you do this.

A bassinet mattress must be raised, but how?

You can help your baby get a better night’s rest by following these instructions to raise his bassinet mattress.

Easy Ways to Elevate a Bassinet Mattress - Krostrade

Step #1. Taking the mattress out

Put the mattress in a different room by removing it from the bassinet.

Step #2. Folding a towel

Towels should be folded in half and rolled up tightly.

It wouldn’t make much difference if you used receiving blankets instead.

Step #3. Positioning the towel

Cover the top of the baby bassinet with the receiving blankets or a towel.

Place it where the baby’s head will be when it’s lying down.

Step #4. Filling the gap

The bassinet mattress must be replaced.

To accomplish this, push the bed up against the side of the bassinet.

Warning: A baby should never sleep on his stomach.

Babies may sleep better in that position, but it increases their risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

If your baby still has trouble falling asleep after being placed in an inclined position, you should talk to your pediatrician.

When And Why Do You Need To Elevate Your Bassinet Mattress?

Putting your baby in an inclined or elevated position will help the fluid drain from his or her face and head.

When we have an injured or painful leg or foot, we often raise it to alleviate the pain and swelling.

Better blood flow is another possible benefit of this procedure.

The same piece of advice is often given to new parents.

The majority of pediatricians recommend a slightly inclined sleeping position for your baby to help with:

  • Otitis externa
  • Reflux
  • A typical cold
  • Various Congestion

Most pediatricians recommend a range of 15 degrees to 30 degrees for babies’ inclined sleeping positions.

I should note, however, that there is some evidence to the contrary.

Experts are divided on whether or not propping up a baby’s head while they sleep can help with the aforementioned conditions.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is one organization that is against this proposal.

In addition, many people warn against using sleep wedges or rock and plays because of the dangers associated with sleeping at an angle.

That’s why I’ve stressed throughout this article how critical it is to get your doctor’s or pediatrician’s OK first.

Some Alternatives To Elevated Sleeping

Since many people are opposed to sleeping at an angle, you could look into other options.

Alternative #1. Other sleeping positions

Although there are specialized sleep positions for babies that claim to alleviate reflux symptoms, the back remains the safest option.

Alternative #2. Tummy time

If you’re only using the propped-up position to avoid a flat head, you have nothing to worry about.

Keep in mind that you will require a lot of time on your tummy.

Choosing the Right Bassinet Mattress

Your baby’s safety should be your top priority when selecting a mattress for the bassinet. Babies should have a snug and firm place to sleep at first. This guideline is applicable both while your baby is in a bassinet and after you have transitioned them to a crib. Be sure to use a sheet that fits your bassinet properly, and don’t stuff any pillows or blankets in there.

If you’re looking into buying a bassinet mattress, here are some things to think about.


It’s crucial that a baby’s bassinet mattress fits the bassinet snugly. There shouldn’t be more than a two-finger space between the sides of the bassinet and the mattress, as recommended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

To make sure your bassinet fits snugly, measure its interior. This also implies that you should think about the form of your bassinet. There are both rounded and rectangular shapes.


Your baby’s bassinet mattress should be firm just like their crib mattress. Most parents want their infant to be as comfortable as possible, but soft bedding can smother them in their sleep if it covers their mouth and nose. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) says that.A Helpful Sleeping GuideAs a preventative measure against SIDS, a firm sleeping surface is recommended for infants.


The health and safety of your baby depend on the quality of the mattress you put in their bassinet or crib. Low chemical emissions are guaranteed with a Greenguard Gold Certified alternative. Some bassinet mattresses are made to be airy, while others have a waterproof outer layer for convenience when cleaning. Avoid soft memory foam mattresses, even though a high density foam mattress is a safe option.

Top 6 Bassinet Mattresses

Colgate Mattress Bassinet Cradle Mattress

If you’re looking for a high-quality bassinet mattress, look no further than the Colgate Mattress Bassinet Cradle Mattress. This crib mattress with rounded corners is safe for your newborn baby because it is waterproof and contains no harmful chemicals.

Assuming it fits your bassinet, you can rest easy knowing your baby is sleeping on a sturdy, flat surface. Users of the Fisher-Price rocking bassinet and the Delta Children’s bassinet have reported that this item fits both perfectly.

Greenguard Gold Certification ensures that your child’s mattress contains no hazardous substances while they sleep. The included waterproof cover makes cleanup a breeze; all you need is a damp cloth and some mild soap.

If you want to use a mattress that wasn’t included with your bassinet, you’ll need to give some thought to how to get it the right size. Some customers have complained that their Graco or Dream on Me bassinets do not work with this adapter.

HALO DreamWeave BassiNest Replacement Pad

If you already own a used HALO BassiNest but would rather not buy a whole new bassinet, you can always just get a new mattress for it. A HALO Bassinest Replacement Pad is available and is a perfect fit.

The materials used to create the DreamWeave mattress pad are safe, breathable, and hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin. It is Greenguard Certified and does not contain any foam or latex, so you know it is safe for your baby to sleep on.

This pad can also be easily cleaned. The cover can be taken off and washed in the washing machine, while the liner can be cleaned in the shower. And it’s not too thick, so infants can sleep comfortably without getting too hot.

This one is only tested and guaranteed to fit in the HALO BassiNest; if you have a different bassinet, it will not work. Please note that this product is designed to replace your existing mattress and not as a cushion.

Inclining the Bassinet - Babywise Mom

Co Storage Bassinet and Cradle Mattress

Many parents swear by the Co. Storage Bassinet and Cradle Mattress, which was made specifically for use with the Moses Basket. Even though it’s intended for the Moses Basket, if you already own a Graco DuoGlider and need a new pad, this one should be a good fit.

This mattress is made from organic cotton foam and features a breathable cover and two waterproof sheets. The convenience of the waterproof sheets will aid in keeping it clean, which is good for your baby’s health.

Even though it’s made of foam and is on the softer side, this mattress is still thin and firm enough to help keep your baby safe. Your baby will feel safe and secure on these waterproof sheets. If you have a portable bassinet, this is a great option for trips.

Always double-check the bassinet’s measurements to make sure it’s an appropriate fit for your baby. You shouldn’t use it if your fingers can fit between any of the cracks.

It’s A Wrap!

There have been concerns raised about the safety of putting a sleeping baby in an inclined position.

Babies with congestion, colic, and reflux may benefit from this, according to some.

This treatment, however, has been called into question by recent studies.

The wisest course of action is to seek medical attention.

If he gives his blessing, then you can try having your baby sleep in an elevated position.

This is a must-read for anyone who wants a spotless memory foam mattress before I sign off.

In any case, that’s how you put a mattress on a bassinet higher.

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Helen Skeates

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