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It’s just a film it is not a real film, but it is not a real thing.

The clothes worn by stars when filming the movie, have lots of people searching the globe to find the design. Movies offer sewers lots of fashion ideas and just one keyhole blouse could make a impact.

Finding the pattern needed to make Ellen Griswold’s the Christmas Vacation isn’t that difficult. You can search on eBay or visit sewingpatterns.com or visit your local store for sewing supplies. This is a very popular top and patterns are readily all over the place.

To learn more about how to find the pattern for the famous blouse, the article. It’s full of information you need to be sure that you own or create a similar one.

Ellen Griswold Blouse in Christmas Vacation

If you haven’t noticed that it’s true that the Ellen Griswold Christmas blouse is extremely popular. There are seamstresses who receive numerous requests to replicate the dress as closely they can. But the keyhole isn’t the main feature of this blouse.

The thing that made the garment work is the broach. The broach was the ideal fit to the frills of lace that surrounded the keyholes. The broach was the main highlight of the design.

The lace is a unique contribution to the overall look, however the blouse would be a standard keyhole blouse without the broach. When Mrs. Griswold put that blouse and brooch, it added an air of sophistication the family she was married into did not have.

She stood out from the others in the family trying to make their status more prestigious by looking classy. The brooch and blouse did the job very well.

Where to Buy Ellen Griswold Christmas Blouse