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Purchasing a bassinet for your newborn is a joyous occasion. When faced with so many possibilities, however, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

When it comes to baby bassinets, Fisher-Price offers some of the best options, and we’re here to tell you all about them and compare 4 of the best to make your choice a little bit easier.

Why Are Fisher Price Products So Famous?

Fisher-Price is an American toy company that has been around since the 1930s and specializes in educational products for toddlers and preschoolers. Its longevity has made it a household name, and many parents have come to rely on the company’s line of toys for their kids.

Bassinets, chairs, and swings are just some of the larger children’s items that Fisher-Price produces.

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Only $78.10 Shipped (Regularly $150)

What Makes a Bassinet Better Than a Crib or Pack and Play?

Whether a bassinet is preferable to a crib or pack n’ play is a matter of personal preference. A pack and play with a mattress is a great choice if you want to send your child to stay with grandparents or another member of the family who does not live with you.

A bassinet, on the other hand, is a portable option that can be moved around the house, into the garden, and even taken with you when you go to sleep.

When living space is limited, a bassinet is the best option because it requires much less floor area than a pack and play. Keep in mind that most manufacturers only recommend using a bassinet for infants up to 5 or 6 months of age, while a pack and play can be used for much longer.

How to Choose a Baby Bassinet?

Different parents will consider various items to be “the ultimate bassinet.” However, here are a few things to think about before making your final bassinet purchase.

  • Portability Pick a bassinet that doesn’t take up too much room when not in use so that it can be easily transported if you plan to spend many nights away from home.
  • Extras Think about what features you’d like to see in your bassinet. There are bassinets on the market that feature a mobile, additional toys, mirrors, vibration settings, nightlights, and music.
  • Height If you plan on putting the bassinet next to your bed so that the baby can “co-sleep,” you should give some thought to how high or low you’ll need it to be. If you’ve recently had a c-section, you may find that a shallower bassinet is more convenient.
  • Materials – compare the safety features of various bassinets. A firmer mattress, for instance, offers a more secure sleeping surface for your baby, while mesh sides make the space more breathable.

When looking for a bassinet, parents should look no further than Fisher Price. With such a wide variety, you’re bound to find something you’ll adore and know will last.

Staying Safe With Your Bassinet

All bassinets will include safety instructions that specify when the bassinet should no longer be used due to the baby’s development. Most manufacturers suggest using a bassinet for infants weighing between 15-20 lbs. for the first 5-6 months of life.

When your infant reaches the developmental milestones of rolling over, sitting up, and moving around unassisted, it is time to upgrade from the bassinet to a crib.

Baby bassinets come with important safety instructions that should never be ignored.

Complete Reviews of the Best Fisher-Price Bassinets

Best Rated Fisher Price Bassinet

The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet creates a gentle rocking motion that can be initiated by either you or your baby, helping to lull him or her to sleep. There is a lock that can be used to keep the bassinet from rocking and the mattress in place.

This Fisher-Price bassinet stands out from the crowd with its two different lighting options. Relax with either a nightlight or a soothing projection of stars on the ceiling. The lamp can be detached from the bassinet and used as a standalone comforter elsewhere.

The Fisher-Price rocking bassinet not only provides a flat, secure surface for your baby to sleep on, but also a soothing overhead mobile to entertain them as they nod off.

Underneath the bassinet is a small shelf where you can keep diapers, muslin cloths, and anything else you’ll need for nighttime feedings.

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet - Falling Leaves | Babies R Us Canada

The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet has a lot of features that I really like.

  • A timer that can be set for up to 30 minutes of soothing music and sounds.
  • The useful shelf to store personal items for the evening.
  • When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, you can turn on the gentle rocking motion.

Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Drawbacks

  • The light and music box adds some extra bulk to the bassinet, making it more difficult to place and remove the baby.

In What Way Do Parents Respond?

I purchased this bassinet to replace an Arms Reach co-sleeper, and it has been a great purchase for our family.

Best Portable Bassinet

This bassinet from Fisher-Price is a convenient and lightweight option. It’s a cozy little pod that can be used inside or outside for napping and playing with baby.

Your baby will be shielded from the sun (UPF 20) and insects with the Fisher-Price On The Go Baby Dome’s double-sided canopy, which meets in the middle.

There are two toys that can be removed from the bassinet and used both inside the dome and on the floor for tummy time, where they will help develop motor skills and dexterity.

This lightweight and easily transportable playard is perfect for outdoor play and naptimes with your little one. This Fisher-Price bassinet collapses and has carrying handles, making it ideal for trips to see relatives and other destinations.

You can find a shade that suits your style among the many that are offered.

The Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome has many features that I enjoy.

  • The product has more room than it appears to have, perfect for your infant’s playtime.
  • A portable bassinet ideal for families who enjoy the great outdoors.
  • It can be used as a substitute for a bulky pack and play.

Fisher Price On the Go Baby Dome Drawbacks

  • Only one side of the dome can be lowered to accommodate a sleeping infant; the other remains raised at all times.

What Do the Mothers and Fathers Have to Say?

The beach was our destination. It’s high enough off the ground that sand won’t be able to enter. The airflow is great thanks to the mesh on the side panels. And the top cover keeps the sun from shining in. Listen to me, and buy this.

Best Multi-Use Foldable Bassinet

You can rock your baby to sleep in the Fisher-Price Rock Bassinet, or you can lock the feet into a stationary position to prevent the bassinet from rocking.

This bassinet features a mirror on the inside of one of the side panels, as well as a soft owl rattle toy that can be used either inside or outside the bassinet for entertainment purposes.

This Fisher-Price bassinet can be easily moved around the house and packed up for a trip because it is lightweight and folds flat.

Features that make the Fisher-Price Rock with Me Bassinet a good buy for me

  • The bassinet can be rocked and pushed with minimal effort.
  • Your baby can play and learn with the included toys in the bassinet.
  • It works wonderfully as a bed as well as a place to play.

Cons of the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n’ Play Bassinet for Babies

  • It’s common for the mattress to shrink after being washed in a machine, resulting in gaps along the side.

What Do the Mothers and Fathers Have to Say?

This beautiful bassinet can be folded and unfolded to save space and set up in minutes.

Most Affordable and Vibrating Bassinet

A convenient and inexpensive option for parents is the Fisher-Price Stow and Go Bassinet.

If you’re traveling with your baby, the bassinet’s vibration setting can help put them to sleep with a comforting, home-like environment. Because of how easily it disassembles and folds up, this bassinet is ideal for taking on the road.

If your baby sleeps with his or her head close to the side during the night, you’ll be able to see him or her clearly thanks to the 360-degree mesh sides.

The machine-washable mattress included with the bassinet is firm enough to keep your baby safe while they sleep.

In my opinion, the best feature of the Fisher-Price Stow n Go Bassinet is

  • The convenient bags for stowing away belongings while away from home for the night. It’s convenient for taking along on trips.
  • A 360-degree perspective of your dozing infant in their bassinet.
  • The minimalist layout.

Flaws in Fisher-Price’s “Stow n Go” Bassinet

  • C-section mothers may find it too deep to be comfortable using.

What Do the Mothers and Fathers Have to Say?

It’s a high-quality, no-frills bassinet that won’t break the bank. Extremely satisfied with the purchase.

Fisher-Price has a wide selection of bassinets that meet parents’ needs for convenience, portability, and comfort.

You can find something that works for both you and your baby in the wide variety of options available.

Steps on How to Clean Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

First, take apart what can be taken apart, and wash them in the washing machine using cold water and a mild detergent (but no bleach).

The next step is to hang the bassinet pieces outside to dry.

Sun-dry the parts before proceeding to step 3.

Steps on How to Disassemble my Bugaboo Fox Bassinet Mattress

You’ll need a flat-head and a Phillips-head screwdriver in addition to your bare hands.

The first step is to place the bassinet on the ground with the wheels pointing upward so that it is horizontal. Then, gather all the screws on one side of the frame of your Bugaboo Fox Bassinet, and place them into place with the other pieces or through the preexisting holes.

Second, using a flat-headed screwdriver, unscrew each of these screws from its socket. Set them aside for the time being so that you don’t misplace any of them when you disassemble the baby bedding. After disassembling your baby’s bedding, you might find that you have some extra screws lying around.

Third, carefully raise the frame of your Fox bassinet to discover its connection to the bottom. It’s important to be able to see the screws or other fasteners, like plastic clips, that hold the various parts together.

Remove all screws from one side of the bugaboo fox bassinet’s frame, and then separate the frame from the rest of the bassinet by unscrewing the connections or sliding the pieces out from under the other.

Fifth, remove the remaining hardware by unscrewing at least two more screws from the metal bar that joins the frame’s left and right sides. After taking these last screws out, you should be able to fully detach the frame of the bugaboo fox bassinet from its base.

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Steps on How to clean my bugaboo Fox 2 bassinet

First, wipe down the bassinet of the bugaboo Fox with a soft cloth and some mild soap. It’s important to thoroughly remove all traces of soap before proceeding. Get the frame completely dry. Hair and fur can get caught in the moving parts of a vehicle and require the use of a vacuum cleaner to be extracted.

Step 2: Wash the fabric pieces in a shampoo and water solution, just like you would with your own laundry: pour one part of shampoo into a bowl of warm water, soak the fabric pieces in it until they are clean, and then rinse them thoroughly under running tap water until there is no more foam left on their surface.

Step 3: Add a small amount of laundry detergent, such as “Tide,” to fabric parts and gently rub them together for better cleaning results. Fabric pieces should be rinsed thoroughly under running water until there is no trace of foam left on them.

Step 4: Air out the frame, preferably by hanging it or leaning it against a wall for as long as you can (this will prevent any additional moisture from accumulating inside the frame). To hasten the drying process of the frame, a hair blower or similar device can be used.

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