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Home furnishings and decorative items can be found at Pottery Barn. They sell a wide range of items, including household furnishings. The Pottery Barn Wooden Swivel Chair is one of the products offered.

This chair’s base swivels a full 360 degrees, making it incredibly versatile. These chairs are great, but they can sometimes get stuck and stop spinning. This article will explain how to restore functionality to a wooden swivel chair purchased from Pottery Barn.

All You Need To Know About Swivel Chairs

Is the concept of a swivel chair familiar to you? The best answer to your question and a wealth of information about swivel chairs can be found in this article.


A swivel chair is one in which the user can change their body orientation without getting up from the seat. Chairs that swivel and have wheels at the base are convenient because they let you move around your desk without getting out of your seat.

This design is ubiquitous in today’s workplaces and goes by the name “office chair.” The seat height of most office swivel chairs can be adjusted with a gas lift, just like computer chairs.

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Where to use it?

Living room

We can all agree that a swivel chair in the living room is a fantastic addition. A swivel chair is an excellent option for a living room chair because it allows for more than one conversation area and has a variety of silhouettes that are just as stylish and inviting as an armchair.

Traditional living rooms with a casual, rustic vibe can benefit from the addition of linen-skirted swivel chairs. Swivel leather armchairs are a must-have for any man cave. In open-concept living rooms, swivel chairs are useful because you can easily pivot to face the action.


Any bedroom would benefit from having a swivel chair. Put one in a cozy nook by the window for some quiet reading time.

Put two swivel chairs in a larger bedroom set up and you’ve got the perfect spot for him and her to curl up with a book after the kids are in bed. The bedroom vanity or desk can benefit from a pair of swivel slipper chairs.


It’s no wonder that swivel chairs are so commonplace in workplaces; their versatility makes them ideal for switching easily between tasks.


These days, swivel chairs aren’t limited to indoor use. We would be negligent if we didn’t mention the beautiful outdoor swivels we’ve seen. Picture yourself relaxing in a cushioned rattan swivel on your front porch with a cup of coffee in the morning (or a glass of wine in the evening).

Steps on Fixing Pottery Barn Wooden Swivel Chair

Step One: Remove the four screws that hold the seat to the frame of the chair. If there are problems with the swivel, you can remove them in this way.

While most products use Phillips heads for the screw that secures the lid, flatheads are more common for the rest of the screws. Turn the screw counterclockwise with a flathead if you don’t have a Phillips’ head.

If you unscrew these, don’t just drop the screws on the floor; instead, put them in your pocket or some other safe place.

Step Two: Gently push on the edge of the chair and twist your body to test how well it swivels.

Put one hand under the stuck part and pull up gently with some force using the other if you encounter any resistance when pushing on the chair. The swivel mechanism ought to be fully operational once more.

The Third Step: You need to reconnect the chair’s foot and seat to the base from Pottery Barn.

These screws need to be attached securely, so make sure you use a Phillips screwdriver to screw them in by hand.

As a final step, Put your chair’s swivel base back together again.

The screws can be tightened by hand using a Phillips screwdriver.

Phase Five: Just one more! Just put the arm back on the chair, and you’re good to go.

To loosen something using a Phillips screwdriver, position the tool under it, then pull up firmly while turning the screwdriver counterclockwise. Fingers could be useful here as well.

Step Six: When the arm is free, you can unscrew it from the chair’s base.

To remove them, simply use a Phillips screwdriver and manually twist them out. If you tighten these screws too much, your arms will no longer be able to swivel.

Seventh Step: Unscrew the arm from under the chair using a Phillips screwdriver, and pull it out.

Put the end of the wrench into the nut or bolt, and then turn it with your other hand to loosen it.

How to Clean Pottery Barn Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture is an artistic creation. Wood naturally deteriorates over time because it is an organic material. The most common method of cleaning wood furniture is dependent on the type of wood finish it has:

First, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down the surface.

Second, use a solution of a few drops of dish soap or lemon juice in water.

Apply oil or wax to the wood for a natural sheen (third step).

Fourth, if it is not complete, wash it with soap and water.

How do you Adjust a Pottery Barn Swivel Desk Chair?

Remove the bolts and screws after they have been loosened. Your chair will feel less stiff after doing this, making it simpler to relocate. Once you’ve gotten them apart, you can turn them one at a time to reduce how tightly they’re welded.

Don’t use tools or force them if they don’t separate easily. Reassemble by placing pieces back together and tightening bolts into holes until the desired amount of play is achieved. The solution is as simple as that!

How do you Finish Pottery Barn Swivel Chair?

The Pottery Barn Swivel Chair is a stylish piece of furniture that can be swiveled around in all directions. Before applying any kind of finish to this chair, you should determine how the furniture was previously finished.

The first step is to apply a stain or paint of your choosing to the unfinished wood.

Second, you can bring out the wood’s natural sheen by waxing or oiling it.

The third step is to use an abrasive cleaner to remove any protective finishes or furniture polishes. Finished wood shouldn’t need any additional finishing products, but if it does, you can always start over.

How do you Adjust the Height of a Swivel Chair?

Finding out how the mechanism of a swivel chair was initially set is the first step toward finding out how to change the height of the chair.

This method is used for #1 chairs that have metal screws in one corner of the seat frame that can be tightened or loosened by turning the screw clockwise or counterclockwise. Prior to beginning, loosen all screws until they can be removed without touching the frame.

You can raise your back to its maximum height by adjusting the screws further. Once you’re done, tighten the screws in all four corners again, and give the chair another try. If the aforementioned measures are still insufficient, repeat them until the desired height is reached.

Use this approach no. 2 for chairs that have wooden legs rather than a metal frame. If your chair is held together by staples or nails, loosen the screws and pull them out.

Take a pry bar and pry up on the wood until you can separate the legs from the seat and pull them apart gently with one hand. To reattach at least four corners (or more if desired), wiggle out however much of the leg is still attached, tap it back into position until it’s even with the other legs, and repeat as necessary.

Third, if your frame is held together without metal screws but instead by nuts and bolts threaded into holes located close to each corner, tighten these fasteners in the same order as described above.

To fix chairs with only two screws, you can loosen the screws on one side with a pry bar and then reattach them from the underside.

Five, in the same order as described above, tighten the nuts on the bolts that go through the holes near each chair’s corners.

If your chair has metal plates or glides attached to the legs, you may need to remove the screws holding the plates or glides in place before you can pull the chair apart (see #6). Most furniture fasteners can be removed with an Allen wrench; however, if the piece is painted together, the paint will need to be stripped.

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Top Wooden Office Chairs

 #1  OSP 108ES-3 Wooden Office Chair

THE REASONS WE APPRECIATE ITThis wooden chair has a traditional look, but its height and tilt can be adjusted to fit your needs. This model is ideal for long periods of time at the office due to its comfortable ergonomics and airy slatted back.


  • Superior breathability
  • Quality stuffing
  • Alterable in both height and angle


  • Casters have limited mobility.

The OSP 108ES-3 wooden office chair is a great option for people who want a traditional and comfortable seat in their office, study, or workspace. This espresso-finished banker’s chair offers ventilation and back support for those long days at the office. The black vinyl upholstery on the padded seat is durable and easy to clean. The casters are not the silkiest, but they are well made and won’t damage your carpet.

This chair’s sturdy five-legged base will make you feel safe and supported while working. The seat height of the OSP 108ES-3 office chair is easily adjusted within a range of five inches using the chair’s convenient pneumatic control handle. This chair can be adjusted in height, and it also rocks back and forth; when you’re ready to get back to work, you can lock the seat in place with the tilt handle.

 #2  Boss B9545-BY Wooden Office Chair

FAVORABLE REASONS FOR LIKING ITThis beautiful wooden chair is perfect for the home office or library thanks to its supportive seat and easy-rolling wheels. This chair is built to last thanks to its solid wooden frame and brass accents.


  • Classy style
  • Comfortable chair
  • Easy construction


  • Simply put, there is no means of adjusting the height

The Boss B9545-BY is a great option for homeowners in search of a sophisticated chair for their study or library. This wooden chair can be assembled in a matter of minutes and is lightweight enough to be moved around while seated or when additional chairs are needed. The vinyl covering on the seat and back allows for air circulation, and the brass accents that were painstakingly applied by hand will not come loose after several hours of use. The seat is short enough to fit under most desks, but it cannot be adjusted in height or tilt.

The Boss B9545-BY office chair is both fashionable and sturdy, with a supportive, padded back and matching armrests. The no-sag springs in the vinyl seat provide a comfortable sitting experience for users up to 275 pounds. Finally, the brass-finished swivel casters will keep you mobile as you switch between jobs. They rotate a full 360 degrees.

 #3  Boss B905DW-SG Wooden Office Chair

As to why we enjoy it so much:Fabric upholstery and a contoured design combine to make this a comfortable and supportive workplace chair. This chair can withstand daily use in the office thanks to its sturdy wooden frame and easy-rolling casters.


  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Fabric with air holes
  • Ergonomic shape


  • Poor quality seat springs

If you’re a working professional looking to upgrade your working environment, look no further than the Boss B905DW-SG. This sturdy and comfortable wooden chair can be assembled in just 20 to 30 minutes with common household tools. The linen fabric also helps to keep people cool even after long periods of sitting. While the springs in the seat could be more comfortable, the padding will help you ignore them while you read or write.

The Boss B905DW-SG has ergonomic contours to help mitigate the effects of extended deskwork, in addition to being easy to assemble and made of soft fabric. To further facilitate appropriate positioning of the knees and hips, this chair offers both pneumatic height adjustment and a tilt tension control. Arm and shoulder strain can be avoided thanks to the armrests’ padding and upholstery. Finally, the brass casters are antique-looking but roll easily and smoothly over carpet.

 #4  South Shore 100275 Wooden Office Chair

THE REASONS WE APPRECIATE ITThis minimalist but practical chair is made from transparent plastic, making it a great fit for any relaxed office or study space. This model is ideal for reading or brainstorming thanks to its lightweight and uncluttered design that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or support.


  • Exceptionally fashionable
  • Versitle
  • Adaptable to many settings


  • No filler

The South Shore 100275 is a wooden-legged, plastic-upholstered office chair with a classic mid-century design. This chair requires no tools for assembly and can be moved effortlessly across your workspace thanks to its lightweight construction. The chair’s back is transparent, so it can easily complement or match modern decor. Although there is no padding, the chair’s ergonomic design ensures that you won’t experience any discomfort while reading, writing, or watching television.

The South Shore 100275 desk chair has a plastic back and seat, so you can eat or paint in comfort without worrying about spills. This chair can be quickly put away because of its compact size and lack of an armrest. Finally, the plastic seat’s open design allows you to easily add a pillow or blanket that complements the decor of your work or study space.

 #5  Flash Furniture 802-BRN-GG Wooden Office Chair

WHAT WE Like About It This sophisticated and well-cushioned chair has plush microfiber upholstery and a spring-supported seat to keep you in complete ease at work or at leisure. Stability and support throughout the workday are ensured by the steel base and sturdy wooden armrests.


  • Excellent gentleness
  • Awesome cushioning
  • Credible presentation


  • The lackluster back support

The Flash Furniture 802-BRN-GG office chair has a sleek, modern look that would look great in any business or home office. The back, seat, and armrests of this chair are upholstered in comfortable microfiber suede, and the high-density foam padding underneath will not flatten or compress over time. Although the lumbar support could be better, the ergonomic design of this high-back chair still promotes good posture.

The Flash Furniture 802-BRN-GG features plush upholstery, strategically placed armrests, and a spring-loaded seat to ensure the user’s comfort while working or meeting with clients. When you need to move around the office or switch between devices, you can feel safe thanks to the sturdy wooden base and dual caster wheels. Finally, the pneumatic lift and tilt tension mechanism will help you maintain healthy hip and knee alignment throughout the day.

 #6  Serta 43506 Wooden Office Chair

THIS IS WHAT Makes It Appealing to Us This chair’s thick padding and ergonomic shape will help you focus on your work or leisurely online game without feeling fatigued. This model’s expert styling and sturdy construction make it a top pick.


  • Extra thick cushioning
  • Comfortable back support
  • Wonderful for those who are considerably larger in stature.


  • Not a lot of reclining space

If you’re a big and tall person in need of a supportive chair for the office or your PC gaming setup, look no further than the Serta 43506. Bonded leather’s sleek design and breathability make it ideal for long periods of use, while the padding ensures users are always well-supported. The adjustable lumbar support helps you maintain good posture even when you’re in a post-lunch slouch. Users won’t be able to take a nap thanks to the recline feature, but it’s perfect for taking a short break.

The Serta 4350 office chair is not only comfortable because of its plush padding and supple bonded leather, but also because of its numerous adjustment options. You can adjust the height of your chair by as much as 3.5 inches, and the waterfall design will help distribute your weight evenly across your legs and hips. The chair’s scuff-resistant foot pads and 60mm casters make it ideal for use in a busy office setting without damaging the wood’s finish.

Beginners’ Guide to Wooden Office Chairs

What Are Wooden Office Chairs?

Wooden office chairs, in the broadest sense, are any type of wooden desk chairs made with the intention of being used in an office or home office. They can be painted, stained, or left unfinished, or finished in upholstery or polished wood. You can adjust the backrest angle and swivel in some wooden office chairs.

Wooden Office Chairs vs Office Chairs

Hardwoods like cherry, walnut, or oak, as well as softwoods like pine, maple, and African hardwoods are the most common materials for making wooden office chairs. Some fashionable home office and desk chairs have a clear coat varnish finish, while others have a darker stain. They can be made to look either conventional or modern. A curved seat is a standard feature on wooden office chairs. A wooden chair can be incredibly supportive, making it ideal for long hours of work or gaming.

Wooden chairs can be a stylish upgrade from the typical Herman Miller swivel chair knockoff or a more plastic-looking affordable desk chair without sacrificing comfort. The ergonomic design of a wooden office chair can match or even outdo the comfort of other chair materials.

How Wooden Office Chairs Work

Wooden office chairs and executive chairs often have wooden frames with the option of adding padded seats, a second wooden base, or metal legs for added support. One-piece wooden chairs are some of the most aesthetically pleasing options for desks.

Investing in high-quality, real wood office chairs can improve the overall feel and look of your office space. Repetitive stress injuries can be prevented with the help of an ergonomic chair design, whether you’re at a desk or in a meeting.

Why Should You Buy a (New) Office Chair?

Is it true that you have trouble sitting in your office chair for extended periods of time? Maybe you just don’t like how the office chairs look in your room. Perhaps you now spend all day at your computer and want to invest in a proper ergonomic desk chair for your needs.

Consider a new office chair for some of the above-mentioned uses. Also, features like height-adjustability and lumbar support are now common in even the lowest-priced office chairs. You can get a chair for the office that has a real wood frame and a padded seat. The best wooden desk chairs typically have a wide variety of upholstery choices, color palettes, and wood finishes from which to choose.

Some newly released chairs for the workplace skillfully combine modern design with traditional, high-quality materials. They can resemble traditional mid-century modern desk chairs, or they can be more modern in appearance and function, such as by including pneumatic height adjustment. A set of matching chairs is an option when redecorating a home office or shared workspace. Wooden office chairs are a great option for a set because they can support a lot of weight while still being easy to build. A wooden chair with brightly colored paint can liven up an otherwise dull office.

Is a Wooden Office Chair Worth Buying?

If you want to improve the look and feel of your office, workspace, or conference room, this is the chair for you. A wooden office chair without wheels might be the finishing touch to your modern, minimalist office’s wood desk and shelving. These chairs are available in a number of different wood finishes, as well as black and neutral colors. Unlike a typical gaming chair on casters, a wooden office chair can be found in a compact size that takes up less room in a home office.

High-quality wooden office chairs may also be more suitable for people who are particularly large or tall. Executive chairs made of wood may support more weight than chairs with wheels and a height adjustment. Some of the best wooden office chairs feature durable weight capacities and genuine leather cushions and armrests.

Wooden office chairs may be the perfect fit for your needs if you’re in the market for a stylish chair for your home office or a mid-century desk chair to complement your minimalist desk.

Why a Wooden Office Chair May Not Be For You

Why can’t we have ergonomic wooden office chairs? You might be hesitant to invest in a wooden task chair because of worries about its lack of lumbar adjustment and flip-up arms. However, there is a wide variety of wooden office chairs available, each with its own set of pros and cons.

You might also prefer mesh office chairs to those upholstered in faux leather or real leather, which trap body heat. You can find fashionable wooden office chairs with up-to-date details like a wooden frame and mesh backing. These narrow chairs are made of natural cane and can be lightweight enough to help you stay cool while you work.

Although wooden chairs with greater weight and thickness are less mobile than those with wheels or dual-wheel casters, they provide a more substantial feel and a more luxurious, beautiful aesthetic. Wooden office chairs are also available with swivel bases that go all the way around and carpet casters that have two wheels.

How Long Will a Wooden Office Chair Last?

An office chair built with solid wood should serve you well for decades. The longevity of a high-quality contemporary desk chair or wooden executive office chair is on par with that of traditional desk chairs that have been in use for over seventy years. It’s possible to find a desk chair from the 1950s that’s in pristine condition, and a similarly constructed chair today should last just as long with proper care.

Water and sunlight can quickly destroy a wooden chair, so taking preventative measures is essential. Use a wood or paint protectant to preserve the finish, keep the executive office chair out of direct sunlight, and store it in a cool, dry place if you plan to keep it for an extended period of time.

While most office chairs last for about eight years, low-priced models tend to wear out sooner. However, if cared for properly, high-quality wooden office chairs can last for decades.

The moving parts on an office chair, such as the lumbar support, the height adjustment, or the dual-wheel carpet casters, will wear out before the frame itself. Padded armrests and flip-up arms usually get worn out before the seats themselves.

Wood may be considered a perishable material, but in a dry enough environment or with the right treatments, it can last for centuries.

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How to Choose a Wooden Office Chair

Choose a new desk or office chair with longevity, comfort, and good looks in mind. Check the chair’s weight limit to make sure it will support your weight as well as that of any coworkers who might sit in it. Next, think about how the design affects your ability to perform your job duties without experiencing any discomfort. The appearance of an office chair is also significant. Many people prefer a wooden office chair because it has a classic look that will never go out of style.

Key Features of a Wooden Office Chair

Some of the most crucial qualities of a good wooden office chair are as follows.

What’s The Best Shape for a Wooden Office Chair?

The seating position and long-term comfort of a chair are largely determined by its shape. A good ergonomic chair for the office should encourage a healthy, unforced stance while you work. The layout of your desk and available space will also play a role in determining the ideal chair’s form.

What Materials Are Used to Make a Wooden Office Chair?

The load-bearing strength and durability of various types of wood vary depending on their hardness, grain, and pliability. The chair’s wood species will typically be listed in the product description or details.

Are Wooden Office Chairs Available in Different Colors?

What are the most well-liked color schemes? A wooden chair can have many different finishes, including painted or unpainted. Fruitwood finishes, like American cherry with a slightly redder, darker stain, are very fashionable right now. You might also like a blonde wood finish if it goes with the rest of your office’s furniture and decor.

Do Wooden Office Chairs Offer Adjustability?

Tilt controls, lumbar supports, and pneumatic seat-height adjustments are not unique to brass bass office chairs or gaming chairs, but they are available on some wood office chairs. These characteristics are also helpful in finding the ideal chair for computer programmers.

Office Space Considerations

Can you tell me about the flooring in your office? Wooden office chairs with the appropriate legs or wheels for carpet, polished concrete, linoleum, or hardwood floors are all viable options. For use on carpeting, for instance, dual-wheel casters are preferable.


Should I get a desk chair with or without armrests?

Your personal preference and the nature of the work at hand may be deciding factors. The amount of room under your desk and the distance you typically sit from it can provide clues as to whether or not you would benefit from armrests.

What’s the most comfortable wooden desk chair?

Many modern wooden office chairs feature innovative ergonomic designs that are difficult to beat when it comes to sitting comfort. How you sit, how tall you are, and how much room you have around your desk are all factors that may influence your preference.

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

It all comes down to your specific needs and the layout of your office. An expensive chair for the office can send unmistakable signals of design and taste, in addition to being sturdy and reliable.

What type of chair is best for office work?

We advise going with a chair that gives you the freedom to adopt a healthy posture while seated. Cushion firmness, height of back support, and lumbar tension can all affect how comfortable someone is in a chair. Consider the height of your desk and the available space when making your chair selection.