Fixing A Natuzzi Swivel Chair Cable

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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Natuzzi is a well-known manufacturer of high-priced reclining sofas and chairs. They are notoriously difficult to repair due to their complex design (many moving parts and cables). If the cable on your Natuzzi swivel chair keeps getting caught, we’ll show you how to fix it.

What is a Natuzzi Swivel Recliner Chair?

Like standard recliners, Natuzzi swivel recliner chairs can be adjusted in height and back support, and they come with their own remote controls.

The most obvious distinction is that, unlike most dining chairs, this design places the seat at a right angle to the body. Since you don’t have to slide over or push backwards to move around while seated, you’ll have more freedom of movement.

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How to Prevent Wear and Tear on Natuzzi Recliner Cable on Swivel Chair

Tip 1. Clean the area around the cable on a regular basis – this will help to keep dirt and debris from getting caught in between your cables.

Second piece of advice: if you sit in a recliner for long periods of time, try to avoid keeping your knees propped up against the back of the chair.

The third piece of advice is to document the current state of the system by taking pictures or making notes before replacing any parts.

Fixing the cable on a Natuzzi swivel chair, which has many moving parts like springs, pulleys, etc., requires careful consideration of how moving one part could affect the operation of the others.

Tip #4: Thread the wire through a hole at both ends to make it easier to reattach it.

The fifth piece of advice is to check that no wires are loose or touching each other, as this could cause a short circuit and an electric shock. Not the way to fix the cable on a Natuzzi swivel recliner!

Tip #6: Before installing the wires, cover them with fresh tape and, if you have any thin foam on hand, stuff it around the wires to keep them from moving and to relieve pressure on your fingers as you push the wires into place. Incorrect execution of these procedures could have disastrous consequences.

Steps on Fixing Natuzzi Swivel Recliner Chair Cable

The first thing you’ll need is a wire cutter, needle-nose pliers, and a Natuzzi swivel recliner chair. Taking the footrest off the chair’s base is the first step. This could prove challenging at first, as often the two parts are joined by a screw or bolt that runs through a hole in both of them.

Second, your chair’s screws can be adjusted by loosening and tightening them through an Allen keyhole. Most models have two bolts holding down each side; identify the ones with the holes first. Once you’ve located the bolts, you can remove them and lift the footrest off its base.

Step 3: Now that you can see where the side panel attaches to the frame of the seat and back, you can unscrew the screws holding it in place. For this step, you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver; if you’re not familiar with this type, don’t worry; any screwdriver will do.

You can find them in any hardware store or on the internet, so it’s not hard to get one before continuing the repair work. Put everything aside once it’s been loosened so you can examine the internal connections.

Many of the rods may only partially thread through the holes, so be patient and continue doing what needs to be done until things begin to loosen up. Take note of how the backrest adjusts vertically with respect to the seat.

The next step is to take out all these bolts, which will free up the space between them and make that adjusting lever usable. Remove locks by carefully pushing on the levers where they attach on both sides of the frame; parts may fall out if you’re not careful.

Last but not least, tighten the screws holding the parts together to ensure that turning the handles is smooth and effortless once more.

How to Care for Natuzzi Swivel Recliner Chair

Vacuum the upholstery of your Natuzzi swivel recliner on a regular basis to keep it in good condition. Make sure all the dust is gone by vacuuming in both directions (forward and backward) and then from side to side, especially along any seams. Between thorough cleanings, this will help keep things looking nice.

How to Vacuum a Natuzzi Swivel Recliner Chair

Cleaning a Natuzzi swivel recliner chair entails using an attachment on the vacuum to get into the crevices of the upholstery and other surfaces. If any stubborn stains persist after vacuuming, try removing them by hand or with a long-handled brush.

10 Best Swivel Recliner Chairs 2022

The Alpha – GFA White Leather Swivel Recliner Chair & Footstool With Chrome

(Best high end chair)

GFA Leather Swivel Recliner Chair & Footstool In White With Chrome

This swivel recliner chair is available on Amazon (see price)

The Alpha swivel chair and footstool are a stylish and comfortable set. This chair is great for any room and comes in your choice of three different finishes. This swivel recliner chair is both comfortable and fashionable, thanks to its curved upholstery and chrome star base.


  • The gas and spring recline mechanism in this chair allows for a very smooth tilt operation, guaranteeing your comfort at all times.
  • The distinctive chrome star-shaped legs are a design highlight of this chair.
  • Tile footstool that can be adjusted to accommodate your feet and legs in a variety of positions.
  • White, conker brown, and white are the three available colors/finishes.
  • Features a genuine leather-like finish.


  • The high cost is the chair’s only drawback. There are comparable alternatives that are more reasonably priced.

GFA Premium Jersey Leather Match Swivel Recliner Chair

The Jersey swivel recliner chair provides unmatched comfort and is simple to position however you like. The supple, high-quality leather is expertly upholstered and is offered in a choice of three natural hues.


  • This swivel chair is sure to be a focal point of any room thanks to its chic round base in warm oak honey.
  • The padded armrests and headrest make for a relaxing and supportive seat.
  • Easily adjustable recline mechanism. as a result, you can finally relax and enjoy some downtime in comfort.
  • This chair’s soft leather upholstery is one of its best features.


  • This lovely soft leather swivel chair has nothing wrong with it other than the price. It’s possible to find cheaper options, but ask yourself if they’re just as good.

The Mars – Genuine Chestnut Leather Recliner Swivel Chair & Matching Footstool

The Mars swivel chair is a modern recliner upholstered in luxurious faux leather. The Mars’s patent recline mechanism and rolling head rest are two of its most appealing features.


  • The Mars Swivel Recliner is a long-lasting addition to any home because of its sturdy construction.
  • It has a flexible tension-adjustable recline that allows for a wide variety of comfortable positions.Back support along with a cushioned and comfortable headrest.
  • The rolling headrest adjusts forward with the chair’s recline to ensure that you are always properly supported.
  • It has a finish that looks and feels great: genuine Italian leather in a deep chestnut tone.
  • The chair’s spacious footstool is ideal for putting up your feet and relaxing at the end of a long day.
  • Only the arms need to be fitted with the included tool, so assembly time is minimal.


  • The seat is quite deep, so those who are shorter in stature may feel a little cramped.

Replacement Recliner D Pulley/Parachute Handle & Cable Set |Only $19

The Hereford – Genuine Top Grain Leather Swivel Recliner Chair

The Hereford swivel recliner is a large, supportive chair with a swivel mechanism. This beautiful chair comes in two classic colors, cream and saddle brown leather, and features a cherry finish on its circular base.


  • This chair is offered in a choice of three fashionable colors: cream, saddle brown, and pearl.
  • With its long, high back, this chair will provide excellent support for your shoulders, neck, and head.
  • The rounded shape of the footstool seems made for your limbs.
  • The leather upholstery is so plush that you practically melt into it.
  • When you sit in this chair, you’ll get the sense that it’s built to last.
  • Chair and footstool bases of the same fashionable color.


  • Assembly time may be longer compared to similar products on the market.

Sorento Fabric Swivel Recliner Chair with Foot stool

The Sorento fabric swivel recliner is a high-quality Swivel Recliner Chair that meets or exceeds all industry standards for design, construction, materials, and safety.


  • Under the front of the seat cushion, a ball tensioner is installed. The great thing is that the tensioner can be adjusted so that the chair reclines with either a light or strong push.
  • Beautiful, high-back seating option; guaranteed to put you at ease.
  • The ability to swivel 360 degrees eliminates the need to repeatedly stand up and sit down in order to converse with nearby people.
  • Four lovely color options (grey, cream, brown, and pumice) are available on the sumptuous linen fabric material.
  • Each chair and stool is equipped with a beautiful star-shaped wooden base. The fabric is a nice complement to the wood, and the two together look great.


  • It may take some time and two people to set up.

Morris Living Naples Chocolate Memory Foam Swivel Recliner Chair

The Naples swivel recliner chair is outfitted with an exceptionally cozy padded Foam that sticks in your mind seat cushion that contours to your body’s unique shape, providing the optimal level of comfort and support for your lower back and legs.


  • The seat conforms to your temperature because memory foam is made of polyurethane and additives. Memory foam swivel recliners are warmer than non-foam versions. So, this chair will provide you with constant comfort and warmth.
  • Chairs upholstered in memory foam are highly regarded hypoallergenic Those who suffer from hay fever or other allergies will appreciate how the foam makes the cushions impervious to allergens and dust mites.
  • There will be no aches or pains when you recline because this chair provides excellent back support and cradles your body in comfort.
  • Excellent chair at a steal of a price.
  • The covered chair and footstool base is a distinctive and appealing detail.

Dimensions (in inches): 107 tall, 74 wide, 45 high at the back (where the extra padding bump is), and a bit narrower in the middle. The seat depth is 50 centimeters, and the width is 48 centimeters.


  • Some people may need two hands to assemble.

Julian Bowen Malmo Easy Care Faux Leather Swivel Recliner Chair

The Malmo reclining swivel chair and stool have a walnut-colored laminated base and are upholstered in supple faux leather. You will find this chair to be the pinnacle of relaxation and ease.


  • You can relax your arms in comfort on the flat armrests.
  • Lovely, supple faux leather in black and brown hues to match any decor.
  • laminated walnut-colored bases are visually appealing.
  • Can be put together quickly and easily.


  • The reclining mechanism could use some improvement.

Homcom Faux Leather Massage Recliner Chair Easy Sofa Armchair Beauty Couch Bed with Cream Footstool

You can relax and unwind in comfort with the help of this therapeutic massage swivel recliner chair. This chair’s plush PU leather construction makes it a cozy place to relax.


  • Includes a footstool that can be heated to your preferred temperature for added relaxation and relief from aching muscles and joints.
  • The chair’s built-in side pockets are a fantastic addition, allowing you to keep your remote, phone, or other items within easy reach without having to get up.
  • The chair’s head rest and lower back lumbar area are equipped with extra padded cushions to ensure your comfort and support.
  • Reclining chair with a simple side lever that operates a tilt mechanism.


  • The heat and massage feature is somewhat noisy when in use.

HOMCOM Executive High Back Swivel Recliner Armchair with Footrest

This stylish and supportive high-back swivel recliner with an ottoman footstool is the ideal way to unwind at the end of a long day.


  • When seated, the metal frame of the chair provides a satisfying sense of stability and support that is reassuring when lounging back.
  • As far as low-cost reclining chairs go, this one is a steal.
  • PVC coating that lasts and can be easily cleaned.
  • Includes a soft cushion for your head.


  • The back of the chair has screws that screw in fine, but it takes a lot of effort to get them all the way in.

HOMCOM Adjustable High Back Executive Swivel Reclining Armchair with Footrest

This modern high back swivel recliner chair is covered in a grey synthetic leather that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.


  • This chair’s synthetic leather upholstery is both fashionable and extremely low maintenance.
  • Extra padding at the back of the head provides comfort and stability.
  • The assembly time for this recliner is estimated to be between 10 and 15 minutes.
  • Excellent cost-effectiveness.


  • It takes a while to fully recline the chair.

What different types of leather are available for swivel recliner chairs?

Knowing what you’re getting for your money when it comes to the leather used in your swivel recliner chair can be a bit of a challenge.

Faux Leather

Real leather can easily be mistaken for fake leather or bonded leather.

Bicast leather, bonded leather, and PU faux leather fabric are all examples of faux leather.

Faux leather, also known as PU (polyurethane) leather, is an affordable alternative to genuine leather that looks and feels the same. Since no animals were hurt in the making of this product, it is favored by many.

Some people prefer faux leather because of its consistent color and texture, its resistance to fading, and its antimicrobial qualities.

Spun leather is a by-product of the leather industry formed by laminating split leather with a vinyl or polyethylene top layer for reinforcement. By embossing a grain pattern into it, it takes on a leatherier appearance. When compared to top-grain leather, bicast leather is slightly more rigid but has a more uniform feel to the touch.


  • A reasonable price range is available.
  • Looks and feels like high-quality leather.
  • If properly maintained, it will last for a long time.


  • It won’t last as long as real leather will.
  • Avoid using leather patina, a protective coating and the patina of age that only comes from using genuine leather over time.

Bonded leather often looks and smells like real leather, making it difficult for the untrained eye or nose to tell the two apart. Animal hides of varying sizes and shapes are the raw material for making leather. There are a lot of scraps and little bits left over after they are used.

Mulch is produced by grinding together all of these tiny scraps and binding them with polyurethane Bonded leather is created in this way.


  • Profoundly sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Simple to maintain and clean.
  • It’s not as good at keeping things warm as genuine leather.
  • Low impact on the natural world. Nonley Sofa Recliner Cables, 2 Pack Couch Release Cables Recliner Replacement Parts D Ring Couch Recliner Pull Handle, Hook Exposed Cable with S Tip for Sofa, Black : Home & Kitchen

Differences between Fabric and Leather Swivel Recliner Chairs

Benefits of having a fabric chair

  • Assembled from Fabric typically offer superior comfort to leather seating.
  • Fabric is more comfortable to sit on than leather because it is warmer.
  • Unlike a leather chair, it won’t be damaged if scratched.
  • Fabric chairs offer better value than their leather counterparts.
  • There is no need to “break in” a fabric chair like there would be with a leather one.

Benefits of having a leather chair

  • People with allergies will benefit more from a leather recliner than a fabric one because dirt and dust mites don’t get trapped as easily in leather.
  • Leather, if properly cared for, can last for generations.
  • The sleek, modern look of a leather chair is unmistakable.
  • Extremely simple to clean.

Benefits of Swivel Recliner Chairs

  • The chair’s ability to swivel saves you the trouble of turning around without leaving your seat. If you have been having trouble with reduced mobility, or you may have trouble turning in your seat to face other people in the room.
  • You can rest your feet and legs comfortably on the built-in footrests of many swivel recliners.
  • The chair’s tilt mechanism allows you to relax in a relaxing position of your choosing.
  • It’s hard to find a better combination of form and function than a swivel recliner chair.


That concludes our list of the top 10 swivel recliners. We hope you’ve found the perfect chair for you here, whether you’re in the market for something inexpensive, something with a massage feature, or something truly luxurious.

The swivel recliner chair is a great investment for any home because it can be used in a variety of settings, it looks good, and it doesn’t break the bank.

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