Getting Rid Of Baby Poop On Cloth Furniture

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Helen Skeates
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Some potential dangers in a home with young children are beyond your control. How to remove baby feces from a fabric recliner is an unique risk.

The solution, fortunately, may be found online. This article will provide methods for removing baby feces from fabric furniture without damaging the fabric.

How to Remove Poop from Cloth Furniture

To solve a problem, one must first determine where it is coming from. It’s important to clean up any messes caused by droppings, but scrubbing them away will just make things worse and may harm the surface beneath. A damp cloth can be useful here.

When the wet cloth is no longer needed, switch to a dry one and blot the area until it is dry. It’s important to avoid scrubbing or rubbing too vigorously, as this might really do more harm than good. You should wait at least 24 hours to re-attach anything to your piece after letting it air out.

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How to Get Poop Out of Carpet

Since feces can be ground into the fibers of carpets and other fabrics if the cleaner isn’t attentive, carpets are possibly the worst area for unexpected blowouts and poop stains. The fibers are effectively adhered to the floor and will not come up without some effort. Furthermore, bar stools left out in the open risk becoming smudged by passing customers.

Parents should first pick up the excrement with a paper towel and dispose of it in the trash. After they have cleaned up as much as possible, they should wipe the area to get rid of any remaining feces.

Cameron recommends combining a quarter cup of cold water and two tablespoons of laundry detergent with enzymes in a basin. Effectiveness of enzyme cleaners for removing animal odors and stains has been demonstrated. It is recommended to read the cleaner’s instructions and test a small area of the carpet for discoloration before using the cleaner on the entire carpet. Dab the stain with a cloth that has been dampened with the solution. Dab the area again and again until it is clean, then twist the cloth and wash it. Let it dry naturally.

As a means of disinfection, isopropyl alcohol can be blotted over the affected region. The nap, the carpet’s elevated “fuzzy” section, might get matted down and look flat at times. Cameron advises, “After the carpet is dry, a thorough vacuuming will restore the nap to its former shape.” The nap of the carpet can be brought back with this.

Of course, severe diarrhea can cause problems with feces stains that might be impossible to clean up even with these methods. They may necessitate the services of a professional, the rental of a carpet steam cleaning, the destruction of one’s home and the subsequent salting of its ashes and the beginning of a new life in a far-off location.

How to Get Get Poop Stains Out of Clothes

Garments and linens soiled with feces should be prewashed and rinsed before being put in the washing machine. A work sink or slop sink is best for this purpose, although any sink will do. Stools can be washed away with cold water straight from the tap. For effective waste removal, water should be poured through the fabric from the side opposite the stuck waste. It is possible for solids to be dislodged by the water pressure alone.

According to Jennifer Collado, a veteran cleaner from Pro Housekeepers, “two scoops of Oxiclean or equivalent laundry detergent with enzymes” is all that’s needed to get clothes clean after a few hours of soaking in hot water. Clothes should be drained, squeezed to remove extra water, and then placed in the washing machine. Two cups of white vinegar or three-quarters of a cup of chlorine, used in conjunction with the HOT/HOT setting, can effectively kill any bacteria in your water. You can also continue washing in the sink with one gallon of hot water.

How to Remove Poop Stains from Floors

Hard surfaces, such as tile or linoleum, don’t necessitate as much pre-cleaning, but they offer their own set of challenges when it comes to removing poop stains. Lily Cameron, London’s Fantastic Services’ resident cleaning expert, suggests taking a plastic bag and all cleaning supplies directly to the poo instead of dragging them around the home. Any situation involving a toilet should also include a supply of disposable latex or nitrile gloves.

Put on gloves, and then use dry paper towels to pick up as much feces as you can from the floor, as directed by Cameron. Towels have to be rolled up neatly and placed in a plastic bag. An old paper plate can be used as a scraper without damaging the surface, as it is sturdy enough to lift off even the heaviest debris.

Wet paper towels or wipes can finish the job after the initial round of excrement scooping. The next step, as suggested by Cameron, is to “generously apply a disinfectant over the damaged zone.” Wait at least five minutes before proceeding. Sometimes five minutes is all that’s needed, so it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Prevent Stains on a Recliner

Do not let your youngster sit in the recliner while it is still damp. To clean the side of the chair where he or she typically sits, dribble some water into a cloth and wipe away any feces, then blot dry with a fresh towel.

Check the area around your couch for any stray feces. In the unfortunate event that you discover a poop streak on your floor, blot it up with a clean cloth and disinfect any other surfaces that came into contact with the poop.

Put up gates or some other kind of barrier in front of your furniture if you can, so that it can’t be easily accessed by anyone on the ground. If your home has stairs, a gate is a must.

Every two or three months, you should change the cover on your chair so it’s always clean and ready for the next time the baby comes to visit.

We Tested the Best Upholstery Cleaners to Spruce Up Your Favorite Pieces

Best Overall: Bissell SpotBot Pet Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner

That Which We Appreciate

  • Options for both hands-on and hands-off cleaning
  • a hose that cleans itself
  • It has several appendages.

Here’s What We Dislike

  • It can only clean one area at a time.
  • It is more challenging to utilize on vertical furniture surfaces.

If you’re a buyer, what feedback do you have? Over ninety-one percent of the more than 4,100 reviewers on Amazon gave this product four or five stars.

Stubborn stains are an annoyance that may require multiple treatments and a lot of elbow grease to remove. When it comes to removing stains, the Bissell SpotBot Pet is your best bet for doing it with as little time and effort as possible. Our at-home tester used this carpet and upholstery cleaner to get rid of stains caused by salsa, crayons, and pet accidents. Our furniture testers gave the appliance a perfect score of 5 stars because of how well it worked and how simple it was to operate.

This version of the Bissell SpotBot, like the others in the range, has both automatic and manual cleaning modes. Our experimenter found that the manual mode and the supplied tough stain tool worked well for cleaning soiled couch cushions (which is conveniently stored on the SpotBot, along with the hose). The trigger made it simple to discharge the cleaner on demand. It took some extra effort to prevent the cleaning solution from running down the back of the couch when working on a vertical surface. They eventually figured out that it was simpler to apply a tiny bit of solution at a time and work it into the upholstery with the cleaning instrument than to soak a larger area completely.

The hands-free cleaning capability of the Bissell SpotBot Pet in automated mode impressed our tester. The carpet fibers are agitated with the help of a motorized, revolving brush, which also dispenses cleaning solution from an on-board tank at variable speeds. Our tester was pleased to find that the stain was vanished after the SpotBot’s six-minute deep clean cycle. The testing report’s lone caveat is that this machine can only clean areas with a diameter of 5 to 6 inches at a time. It comes with a hose that cleans itself and a number of useful attachments, but other than that, it’s a simple and effective machine that’s great for both experienced stain fighters and those who have never used one before.

Machine, 28.6 x 7.1 x 11.6, 12.5 lb, 30 ounce capacity, 16-foot cord, no heat time, no run time, floor and upholstery types.

Best Budget: Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner, FH11300PC

That Which We Appreciate

  • a hose extension that is five feet in length
  • a hose that cleans itself
  • Good agitation can be achieved with a handheld cleaning tool.

Here’s What We Dislike

  • Unfortunately, there is not a water heater on board.
  • It doesn’t have a steam function.

Upholstery cleaners might cost hundreds of dollars, but you can get the same results with less money. Unlike other carpet cleaners, the Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner doesn’t require a slew of accessories to clean individual stains or scuff marks on your furniture and carpets. There is a portable tool for various cleaning tasks, as well as a rubber nub tool for deeper cleaning and agitating.

We gave this upholstery cleaner a 4-star rating since it was so excellent at removing and lifting stains during our tests. Some of the stickier items did leave a faint mark, but we think that with a little more effort, the stains may be entirely removed. We like that the soiled or stained cushions can be simply scrubbed with the handheld cleaning tool, and the 5-foot cleaning hose gives you plenty of reach. There is a port on the back of the machine to flush the hose, so you can put it away without worrying about any bacteria or mold forming in it.

Using a low-priced upholstery cleaner does come with certain compromises. The unit can’t clean tile floors or other hard surfaces with steam because there is no onboard water heater. Because of this, it can’t clean as many surfaces as our other recommended upholstery cleaners can. And while the Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner does clean carpet as well as furniture, it lacks the ability to clean large areas of either one without a lot of manual effort on your part. Still, it’s a good single solution for removing stains and spills on soft surfaces in your home.

If you’re looking for an affordable upholstery cleaning, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. There isn’t a steam option for cleaning hard floors because there isn’t a built-in water heater. This limits its usefulness in comparison to some of our other recommended all-purpose upholstery cleaners. Although the Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is effective on both carpet and upholstery, it requires a lot of physical labor to clean large areas. Nonetheless, it is an effective one-step method for cleaning most household spills and stains off fabric surfaces.

Best Splurge: Karcher SC 3 EasyFix 1-Speed Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

That Which We Appreciate

  • Quickly becomes hot
  • Strong steam production
  • Applicable on both hard and soft surfaces

Here’s What We Dislike

  • The hose gets hot and may leak.
  • It does not work as well on tile.

While a simple upholstery cleaner may be all you need, a high-end steam cleaner can handle a wide range of household cleaning tasks with ease. The Karcher SC 3 EasyFix Steam Cleaner performed exceptionally well during our tests in The Lab. The adaptability, portability, and silence of operation were all major factors in its high rating. Our tester gave this steam cleaner a 4.5 out of 5 stars for ease of setup due to its simplicity. However, the last steps of the quick start instructions were a bit unclear. However, the machine’s heater is so powerful that steam can be produced within 40 seconds of turning it on.

When put through our ketchup and soil tests, the Karcher SC 3 EasyFix performed admirably as an upholstery cleaner. This model’s steam production wowed the testers. Ketchup was the more stubborn of the two stains, but with this much steam power and the help of a brush and microfiber cloth, it was gone in just two minutes. Our pilot said the steam worked well to loosen the encrusted discoloration. Based on our testing, we believe this steam cleaner is effective on stubborn, long-forgotten messes. The brush helped to loosen embedded grime, and the microfiber cloth was quite useful for picking up spills. While it was designed for hard surfaces, this cleaner only garnered 3.5 stars because it left behind some residual soy sauce on tile after being used. However, our reviewer was certain that the machine would consistently perform well in its task of cleaning stains from upholstered furniture.

This steam cleaner has a kid lock, which is a great added safety feature. The hose got warm and leaked a bit while in use. In light of this, we gave the Karcher SC 3 EasyFix a 4-star rating for ease of use, down from a 5-star rating.

Floors, appliances, tiles, grout, glass, metal, plastic, fabric, and upholstery are all suitable for use with this machine, which has the following specifications: Type: Machine; Dimensions: 10.5 x 9.3 x 15.5 inches; Weight: 9 pounds; Capacity: 33.8 ounces; Cord Length: 13 feet; Heat Time: 40 seconds; Run Time: Not Specified.

How to Remove Baby Stains from Clothes with Vanish

Best Spray: Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover

That Which We Appreciate

  • Budget-friendly
  • No risk to dyes or colors
  • That’s right, no need to wash it off!

Here’s What We Dislike

  • Those stains that have already set in won’t be helped by this method.
  • Possibility of multiple applications being needed.

Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover is the best option if you prefer using a spray to eliminate stains on your favorite goods rather than an appliance. Our research shows that this low-cost cleaner is one of the few you’ll ever need to get rid of any type of stain. Our in-home tester has bought the stain-removing spray multiple times since he finds it so effective. Nonetheless, our tester used it on everything from couch upholstery to drapes during the course of the month-long test and many years of personal use. It’s effective on a wide variety of stains, including coffee, grease, makeup, and wine, so you won’t need to stock your cleaning supply closet with a dozen different products. It may take multiple applications of Folex to completely remove a stain, but considering how inexpensive and user-friendly the product is, this is not a deal breaker by any means.

The formula is also safe for use on colorfast materials. Though it is recommended to perform a spot test before using a cleaning spray on new upholstery, our tester declared, “It is the only cleaner I trust on any new or precious upholstered furniture and rugs.” Although the spray performs admirably, it does not contain enzymes that specifically target the proteins that cause pet stains, such as urine. Use a stain remover or upholstery cleaner designed for use with pets if you need to clean up after your pet.

Surface Type: Carpet and Fabric; Type: Spray; Dimensions: 3.25 x 3.25 x 10.5 inches; Weight: 2.15 pounds; Capacity: 32 ounces; Cord Length: Not Applicable; Heat Time: Not Applicable; Run Time: Not Applicable; Overall Product Dimensions: 3.25 x 3.25 x 10.5 inches

Best Handheld: Bissell 2837 Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush

That Which We Appreciate

  • Untethered creation
  • Chargeable battery
  • Great for cleaning up after pets

Here’s What We Dislike

  • Miniature water reservoir
  • Weak battery performance.

A handheld upholstery cleaner is convenient for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, including furniture, pet beds, automobile upholstery, and more, as it is both lightweight and compact. In particular, the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush is unrivaled. Its design and functionality are top-notch. This upholstery cleaner, which looks like a handheld vacuum, employs a motorized brush to agitate contaminated surfaces, removing dirt and stains from carpet and upholstery fibers. When compared to portable or full-size upholstery cleaners, the 8-ounce tank is very modest. Nonetheless, it contributes to its small weight (only 4.4 pounds), making it competitive with other similarly featured devices. Sofas, staircases, and car seats can all be cleaned without the hassle of dealing with attachments and hoses thanks to the integrated handle. Because to its cordless design, the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush can be used wherever accidents happen.

The one attachment is a fixed pet brush with rubber bristles for grabbing pet hair, which is ideal for one of its main functions: cleaning up after pets. The vacuum does not come with any additional attachments that would allow you to reach into tight spaces or under low furniture or vehicle seats. However, it is still a convenient and efficient solution for cleaning up spills on the go.

Surface Type: Carpet and Upholstery Weight: 4.4 ounces Dimensions: 8.5 x 16.46 x 5.67 inches Cord Length: Cordless Capacity: 8 ounces Heat Time: Not Applicable Run Time: 20 minutes Type: Machine

Best Steam Cleaner: Bissell Little Green Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

That Which We Appreciate

  • Conveniently sized for transport and storage minimalism
  • Non-noisy in operation.
  • An enormous water storage facility

Here’s What We Dislike

  • Assembled in one piece only.
  • Not made for use on tile or concrete floors.

Among the many available options, the Bissell Little Green Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner stands out as a top pick. It’s light, at around 10 pounds, and simple to transport; meanwhile, it takes up little room on a shelf or in a closet. The product’s practicality truly shone through when we used it to remove sauce and soil stains from couch cushions. The fact that it has a carry strap and is simple to move around means that it gets full marks for portability. Unlike with other steam cleaners we tried, we didn’t have to fiddle around with settings or switch out attachments. It first appeared like the Bissell Little Green was just spreading the dirt about instead of cleaning it off the cushion. However, the mess was gone after only a minute and 15 seconds, impressing our tester.

It took around two minutes of steaming and some manual scraping for this upholstery cleaner to remove a stubborn ketchup stain. For this reason, our tester rated the entire cleaning experience at 3.5 out of 5. Although it may take some extra time and effort to pre-treat stubborn stains before cleaning upholstery with this product, the final result is clean upholstery that takes up very little space.

Now, the initial setup of the appliance took a little longer than planned, but that was in part because the tester poured water into the incorrect reservoir. Our only complaint is that it took about 13 minutes for the machine to heat up, but the instructions could be more straightforward. This upholstery cleaner is intended for cleaning soft surfaces exclusively, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a multi-purpose steam and upholstery cleaner. That steam cleaner is not a multi-purpose model designed for use on both hard and soft surfaces. Because of that, and the fact that it comes with just one attachment, we gave it a three out of five stars for adaptability.

Upholstery and carpet are suitable for use with this machine, which has the following specifications: Type: Machine; Dimensions: 17.25 x 8.25 x 12.5 inches; Weight: 9.65 pounds; Capacity: 48 ounces; Cord Length: 15 feet; Heat Time: Not Specified; Run Time: Not Specified;

Best for Leather: Weiman 3 in 1 Deep Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Cream

That Which We Appreciate

  • No discoloration to polished leather
  • Avoids the need for polishing
  • There are additional sprays and wipes available.

Here’s What We Dislike

  • Those with suede, nubuck, or unfinished leather should stay away.
  • Admittedly pricey

Although leather is less likely to become soiled, stained, or dull and cracked than fabric upholstery, it still can. However, the moisture content of steam cleansers and most spray solutions is too high for leather. Use Weiman Deep Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Cream to maintain the quality and look of your leather goods. This product is simple to use and effective because it does not require buffing or rinsing. (This frees up some of your time and energy to focus on other matters!)

However, the cream does more than just speed up the cleaning process; it also uses natural oils to repair and restore the look of leather. There will be no change in surface color or appearance of the wood or upholstery when this is done. It can be used without worry on smooth leather but should be avoided on suede, nubuck, and rawhide. While we didn’t put this selection through its paces at home or at The Lab, we applaud its versatility thanks to its applicability to footwear, handbags, and automobile upholstery. If you want a more convenient alternative to the cream, Weiman also sells leather conditioning wipes and sprays.

Cream Type; 7.87 x 3.54 x 2.64 Inches; 8 Ounces; No Cord; No Heat; No Run Time; Leather Surface; No Cord Length; No Heat; No Run Time; No Amount

Best Multipurpose: BLACK+DECKER HSMC1361SGP 7-in-1 3-Speed Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

That Which We Appreciate

  • Adaptable to both tabletop and portable use
  • Rapidly warms up liquids in seconds
  • Appendage for use with Steam Gloves

Here’s What We Dislike

  • No Means of Agitation
  • Water leaked from some attachments.

When you buy a multipurpose appliance, you can save money and time by using it for a variety of different cleaning jobs around the house. In our lab tests, the BLACK+DECKER Multipurpose Steam Cleaner received top marks for its portability and adaptability because to its numerous useful features and attachments. Our reviewer found that the SteamGlove attachment was the most helpful when using the product to remove stains from an upholstered cushion, and the tool can be used in both the upright, mop-style and portable configurations.

The product was evaluated on both hard and soft surfaces to ensure its versatility. It was rated 4 stars for its overall efficiency as a cleaner. There was some spilling on a discolored pillow, but the handheld version was simple and straightforward to operate. Ketchup took exactly one minute to loosen, while soil took exactly one minute and thirty seconds. Nonetheless, our inspector saw what looked like persistent dirt discoloration on the seat cushion. It’s worth noting that we tried a variety of attachments when testing this cleaner and—compared to others—the SteamGlove didn’t leak as much. It also made cleanup of spills of dirt and sauce on the cushion simpler.

Now that we know the product works on both hard and soft surfaces, we can put it through its paces in a series of tests. For its overall efficiency as a cleaner, it was rated as a 4. While leakage was an issue on a stained cushion, the handheld version was intuitive and user-friendly. Ketchup took one minute and soil took one minute and thirty seconds to loosen. Even so, our inspector saw some residual dirt discoloration on the seat cushion. It’s worth mentioning that, among the attachments we attempted when testing this cleaner, the SteamGlove was the least prone to leaking. It was also easier to clean up spills of sauce and dirt off the cushion.

How We Tested the Upholstery Cleaners

We invested two days of testing at The Lab in Industry City, Brooklyn, to locate the best upholstery cleaners for you. Over the course of several months, we also put a number of other models through their paces in our own homes, in addition to conducting extensive research into their features, specifications, and verified user reviews. First, we unpacked and set up each cleaner in The Lab, timing how long it took before we could use it. We made a note of how simple or complicated the directions were. Then, we tested how well each model performed on a tile floor and an upholstered couch, avoiding the trap of conducting incompatible surface tests. We gave each model a pillow with a caked-on ketchup stain and a soil stain and asked them to remove it. We graded the cleaner’s adaptability, usefulness, and portability after using it to remove a stain and keeping track of how many passes it took.

Are you able to move around with it easily? Can it be used for a variety of housekeeping chores? We went ahead and tackled each of these concerns so you wouldn’t have to. Finally, we assigned a quality-of-noise score to each model. At home, testers were given scenarios like salsa spills and crayon stains to evaluate how well the products held up. After much testing and research, we have narrowed the field to these top 8 cleaners.

What to Look for in an Upholstery Cleaner


Although they all accomplish the same goal, different types of upholstery cleaners use different techniques to get the job done. Handheld appliances are the most prevalent type of upholstery cleaner and are used mostly for spot cleaning furniture and carpets. Some types even heat the water for more effective cleaning, and they typically have separate tanks for clean and dirty water. When you first set up your machine, you can usually add a cleaning solution to the water tank.

An alternative to the rotary scrubber is the upright vacuum cleaner. These units are much bulkier and would necessitate a bigger room for storage. Carpet cleaners can be either handheld or upright, and some fall into the category of steam cleaners or upholstery cleaners. The names of cleaning products typically indicate the surfaces and methods with which they work best, but it is important to read the product’s specs to see whether or not it may be used in other areas of the home.

Steam cleaners are the most eco-friendly option because they simply use water and no cleaning concentrate. Many picks are suitable for use on both soft and hard surfaces, including as tile, glass, and plastic, because to the steam they generate. However, they are typically harder to set up and operate than handheld upholstery cleaners. The hose or its attachments may get warm to the touch and even drip water sometimes.

You can use a spray, wipe, or lotion as an alternative to an appliance. You’ll have to put in more work to utilize these solutions, but they could save you money in the long run if you’re only treating tiny areas of your home or a specialty fabric like leather. You’ll need to put in a little bit more effort, though. Additionally, there are steam mops that, when combined with the appropriate accessories, may be used to clean upholstery as well as hard floors.

How To Get Baby Poop Out Of Carpet, Clothes, And Furniture

Compatible Surfaces

It’s important to be sure that the upholstery cleaner you choose is safe for the fabric you intend to clean before using it. Most steam cleaners are safe for use on both carpets and hard floors. However, upholstery cleaners that don’t use steam are better suited for use on carpet or fabric and may cause damage to leather or other delicate materials.

Make sure the formula of any upholstery cleaning spray you consider buying is safe for use on furniture. To minimize discoloration or other unintended consequences, it is recommended to first check the care label and then test the spray on a small, inconspicuous part of the fabric. Lauren Bowen, Two Maids & A Mop’s Director of Franchise Operations, notes that “upholstered objects often have a code system.” When sprucing up an area, this system typically specifies what kind of cleaning product should be used. She continues, “It is always a good idea to thoroughly study the directions and spot test the component you’re cleaning.” An alternative to testing a product on the actual furniture is to use a fabric swatch as a test subject.

Included Attachments

An upholstery cleaner’s efficiency and versatility can be improved with the addition of suitable attachments. Both portable and stationary upholstery cleaners typically come with a sprayer or brush attachment for working on stubborn stains. Fabric steamers, brushes, and microfiber bonnets or cleaning pads that may soak up stains from your furniture are just some of the attachments that typically come with steam cleaners.


How do you clean upholstered furniture?

To keep the dust to a minimum and for regular cleaning, vacuum the upholstery, being sure to get in between the cushions and between the sections. Use a spray for addressing small stains or spills immediately away, or a handheld or upright appliance with a portable attachment for treating individual spots.

First, use a clean cloth to absorb any excess moisture after spraying. Blot (or scrape gently, if necessary) the stain until it is gone, and then add a tiny amount of the cleanser and finish removing the stain in the same manner. It is important to allow upholstery to dry completely and out of direct sunlight after cleaning with any method.

How often should you clean upholstery?

Vacuuming once a week is advised in order to keep the carpet clean and free of dust, crumbs, hair, and other debris. However, spot treatments should be used as quickly as possible to remove stains and discolouration from isolated areas, or to neutralize the effects of liquid spills.

Deep cleaning your upholstery once or twice a year with a steam cleaner or professional service is sufficient.

Are there any types of fabric that shouldn’t be cleaned with an upholstery cleaner?

Careful consideration should be given to the cleaning materials you use on leather, suede, velvet, or microfiber furniture. Discoloration or a change in the feel of the material could result from using a liquid recipe including acetone or bleach.

Tags on American-made furniture should indicate whether it is recommended to use cleaning solutions containing the letters W, S, W-S, or X. If you see a W, that signifies you should only clean with products that involve water. When the S symbol appears, it indicates that a solvent other than water can be employed. W-S indicates water-based solvents, whereas an X means to steer clear of any DIY cleaning methods in favor of hiring a specialist. Before applying a cleaner on a wide area, it is always best to test a tiny area in an inconspicuous place first.

Can you use an upholstery cleaner on other surfaces or fabrics?

Although it varies from product to product, many upholstery cleaners are versatile enough to be used on a number of different surfaces. Carpets, drapes, and even hard floors can be cleaned with the correct machine; examples include steam cleaners, upright appliances, and others.

It is not uncommon for multi-surface liquid solutions to be effective on carpets, curtains, upholstery, car seats, and strollers. Before you use a product to clean a surface, make sure you know what it’s supposed to be used for.

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