Where Can I Buy Harley Davidson Fabric By The Yard?

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Like Rolls Royce, the word Harley Davidson sparks vivid imagery within your head whenever you hear the name. The reason is that it is because the Harley Davidson motorcycle has been thought of as the best brand for a long time.

Where can I purchase Harley Davidson fabric by the yard? If you search the web and you’ll see certain Harley Davidson designs are readily accessible. Another good option to buy the fabric you need is eBay. There are numerous sellers selling off their inventory.

For more information on the best places that offer Harley Davidson fabric just continue to read the article. It’s full of details you need to obtain the fabric you desire constantly.

Harley Davidson Quilt Fabric


The positive side is that you can locate Harley Davidson fabric if you look for it long enough. Amazon,eBay, and Etsy all seem to come in different dimensions and shapes. So it is possible to make a nice quilt using their themes.

The majority of Harley Davidson items you will discover will be available in large dimensions, or even according to the price per yard requirement. Harley Davidson takes licensing very seriously, so it’s not always affordable or easy to find the items you want.

The fabric you choose will be based on the style you would like your quilt to look. There’s a variety of Harley Davidson motorcycles, flames, and other items that are available at the various outlets.

Etsy has some half yard of fabric that retails for about $5 per half yard. You can get some bargains when you look hard enough. The local fabric or sewing stores might have some available to take a look at. They may also be able to help you find the items if they are out of stock.

Harley Davidson Fleece Fabric by The Yard


If you are looking for fleece that has any connection to Harley Davidson, you can test the online Fabric StoreBut their selection is restricted and costs around $4.95 for a yard. The Fabric.com store offers a larger assortment, with some featuring motorcycles, which can assist you in finishing the sewing task.

ThisAmazon link there is a different material and style that isn’t the same as the one listed above. It might be of aid to you. You are likely to enjoy the best customer service and delivery.

Unfortunately, the majority of the offerings at a lot of these fabric stores are mostly logos, patches bandanas, bandanas, etc. To find real Harley Davidson fabric is not an easy task.

We conducted a search on their store our results did not look very good. We’re not going to repeat our mistakes, the best bet in finding the fabric that you’re seeking is to go to the stores which have already been mentioned or at your local fabric shops.

Harley Davidson is not very accommodating to people who make use of their logos etc. without the proper authorization.

Harley Davidson Cotton Fabric


The same is true for this particular section too. There’s not a lot available of Harley Davidson fabric, even cotton, outside of the mentioned stores.

There is a Harley Davidson store that does sell clothes made of cotton, but they do not offer cotton fabric that could be transformed into special clothing products. The most effective thing Alibaba could do is to sell the throw blanket made of cotton for approximately $8-10 for a blanket but they require at least 1000 pieces of sale.

We also went to Walmart but they did not have anything significant to provide anyone. Fabric.com offers a wide range, like Amazon however, none of the national fabric stores has it.

The only other source we’d recommend is the local fabric shops that don’t have an impressive online presence. We are unable to provide a cost since their prices likely differ according to the location they are located in and also if their supply exceeds the demand.

The Reason For This Difficulty


A major reason behind the difficulties in finding outlets that sell Harley Davidson fabric is that they are believed to be very strict with the protection of their trademarks and emblems.

This is the case for all large companies that are famous. Restaurants such as McDonald’s and entertainment companies such as Disney are well-known for being as shrewd about their image as Harley Davidson is.

This linkThe discussion dates back to several years ago, however the debate is just as current as it was ten years ago. After you click, you arrive at page one the first post will remind anyone that when you use these logos, symbols, and images, you should include an acknowledgment to ensure you’re treading in the right direction.

If you do not intend to sell your products and you do not sell them, you are safe and not face problems. As of now, the web isn’t packed with ads or results from an array of businesses.

Some Final Words

People are enthralled by Harley Davidson so it stands to reason that they’d prefer to create their own bedding or clothing products with their Harley Davidson name, images, and the like. It’s a great idea, but in reality that it’s not an easy task to accomplish.

One member of the sewing forum finally requested help since she’d searched for years to locate Harley Davidson fabric by the yard for a long time. We looked over every link she sent in the thread and found that either the company was no longer in business or didn’t stock the items.

The best bet is to be one of the few stores we could find that actually carried Harley Davidson fabric. Even though the fabric isn’t available per yard generally you can sew the pieces together to create fascinating products as long as don’t try to sell them in public spaces.

The disclaimer you require must state ‘for private use only. If it does, then you could have security against Harley Davidson and its legal actions.



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