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Planning a move across international borders can be challenging and expensive if not done properly. How can I send a sofa to Germany? is the topic at hand today.

Numerous “moving elements” must be coordinated for a successful door-to-door move. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving a complete family, simply a few members of that family, a few pieces of musical equipment, a few pieces of sports gear, or a few suitcases.

Before we discuss delivery, let’s determine what sets a loveseat apart from a sofa.

What is a loveseat?

Loveseats have been a favorite place for couples to spend time together since the 17th century.

Loveseats are often designed to comfortably accommodate two persons despite their compact size. To that end, it’s a fantastic option for a couple looking to spend some quality time together. The term “loveseat” is often used interchangeably with other terms for similar seating arrangements.

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An S-shaped couch, for instance, is designed so that its users can face one other while seated. Two-seater sofas, or even just a two-cushioned wooden bench, are the most common type of sofa. You have probably seen a loveseat like this at the home of a friend or relative.

What is a sofa?

The term “couch” is commonly used to refer to any upholstered bench or seat that features armrests and a back for added comfort. This is the most frequent term used nowadays to describe the soft pieces of furniture seen in our living rooms.

Let’s talk about the logistics of sending a couch to Germany.

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the world, finding a reliable logistics firm is essential.

When transporting furniture over foreign borders, extreme caution must be exercised. Shipping fragile items like lights, plates, and electrical appliances is risky business.

You wouldn’t want to start your new life in a foreign country by discovering that your furniture was damaged during transport, would you? Now let’s get down to brass tacks and figure out how to get a loveseat to Germany.

Should I pack my own belongings?

Moving costs can be reduced significantly by disassembling and packing your own furniture rather of using a professional moving company. Self-packing might save you as much as fifty percent on shipping costs. Just be careful to pick sturdy boxes and packing supplies. Make sure your furniture is properly packed in boxes.

Make a packing list.

Once you’ve gathered all of your packing supplies, it’s time to establish a strategy. We offer the following suggestions to help guide your strategy development.

Inspect your loveseat

If you have young children or pets, you undoubtedly check your couch frequently for signs of wear and tear. Each item needs to be inspected for damage, and photos of any flaws should be taken.

That way, if anything gets bumped in transit then you can prove it and claim on insurance. You should also be inspecting your most delicate pieces of furniture and deciding whether they need professional packing.

Pick your packaging materials carefully

If anything gets scratched up during shipping, you’ll have proof to provide to the insurance company. Check the condition of your most fragile furniture and see if you need to hire a professional packaging service.

Get everything down on paper, and then add a few more items just in case.

Acquire some strong buddies

Get some muscle-bound mates to help you out. When compared to the cost of hiring packers, this method often yields significant savings. Don’t leave asking them until the last minute. Set the date(s) for packing and let your buddies know.

Post Office or other commercial delivery services

When you can get by with just sending a few boxes because you’re not packing much. It is possible to use the postal service or a private delivery service if you have a lot of boxes, cartons, or suitcases to ship. There are the standard size and weight limits for the shipping containers.

The package, whose maximum allowable weight is 30 kilograms, will be of a size and shape decided by the delivery service. The delivery time inside Europe can be up to 7 days. Express shipment is an option if you need to relocate urgently.

Overland transport of large loads

Most people who need a door-to-door service choose to hire a moving van or truck. when crossing international borders or traveling across the country. The volume of cargo being transported should be taken into account while choosing a vehicle.

Larger trucks make quick work of hauling household goods like refrigerators, couches, and beds, as well as the moving and storage boxes within.

Best Ready To Ship Furniture 2022

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Furniture?

It’s not easy to estimate how much you’ll need to spend on furniture shipping, but if you’re prepared with all the information you need, you’ll be enjoying movie evenings on your new sectional sofa in no time. The pick-up location, the delivery location (international information provided), and the dimensions and weight of the furniture are the initial pieces of information needed.

White-glove care, specialist packing, and disassembly and assembly services are some of the options you may encounter when you arrange the finer points of your move. The total of these components is your final cost. It stands to reason that white-glove pickup and delivery of a large, heavy item (like a refrigerator) would cost more than curbside delivery of a smaller, lighter piece of furniture.

Cross-country Shipping

Professional movers would consider your relocation a long distance if it exceeds 400 miles. It is important to remember this when requesting price quotations for transporting furniture. The price per item increases to $300-$800 for cross-country transport. You’ll also require shipping insurance, which is not included here. Adequate covering normally increases shipping prices by around 1%.

International Shipping

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare overseas shipping, including researching and interviewing numerous shipping companies who have solid track records with customs and furniture packing tailored to your chosen mode of transport (air or sea).

Due to factors such as the cost of labor in the destination country, estimating the total cost of international shipping is difficult. However, you should plan on spending anything between $1,000 and $4,500. This cost is an estimate for shipping goods by sea from port to port. The cost is significantly higher when air freight is included.

Cost Breakdown for Furniture Shipping

Long-distance moves are similar to international moves in several ways, but also very different. Both require precise measurements and addresses, but international shipment also requires additional steps like duty costs and customs forms.

Cross Country Furniture Shipping Costs

Take a look at some real-world instances of the New York to California shipping costs if you’re curious about how long-distance moves are priced.

International Shipping Costs

There is a wide range of costs associated with shipping internationally, so it is best to discuss the specifics of your move with a representative. Keep in mind that the average price tag is somewhere between $2,000 and $7,000 They’ll sit down with you and discuss all the relocation possibilities, such as

  • Shipping options through air or sea
  • Choices for Getting and Bringing In Furnishings
  • Uniquely Designed Packaging
  • Information monitoring
  • Regulatory paperwork for international trade
  • Insurance
  • Payment of Taxes, Fees, and Duties

What Factors Influence the Cost to Ship Furniture?

You probably already know that your total shipping charges will be determined by factors like the distance of your relocation, the size of your furniture, and any other moving services you require.

Shipping Furniture as Freight (Less-Than-Truckload)

Shipping furniture internationally as freight is often the most cost-effective method, but it also comes with a higher-than-average risk of damage.

Because your furniture won’t fill a full truck, it will be included in a larger shipment (referred to as Less-Than-Truckload, or LTL) if you opt for freight shipping (LTL). Unfortunately, LTL shipments are more likely to sustain damage because they are transferred from truck to truck multiple times along the route. Another possibility is that assistance will end at the sidewalk. The remainder of the shipping details are up to you. How to get the bedroom set that was delivered upstairs and set up, for instance.

International Freight Shipping

Whether you’re moving internationally, sea-freight shipping is probably your only option for transporting furniture, but you should still check with your moving company to see if air freight can be arranged at a reasonable price. Remember that you’ll have to box your furniture so that it can resist the bumps and jostles of an ocean cruise.

Once the furniture arrives at its destination, additional packing may be required, depending on its condition. The furniture may require special packaging, such as extra bubble wrap to protect it during transit, or may need to be uncrated and repackaged so that it can be loaded onto a delivery truck.

Independent Furniture Shipping Carriers

Because your furniture won’t be mixed in with other deliveries, the likelihood of repeated truck transfers is reduced when you go with an independent carrier. Independent carriers are an alternative because they are usually less expensive and go the extra mile to satisfy their clients.

White-Glove or In-Home Furniture Delivery

If you’d like to take every precaution necessary to protect your valuable furniture, then white-glove delivery is the way to go. If you want to give your great-china grandmother’s cabinet the attention and security it deserves, this is a fantastic choice. This service includes pick-up and delivery to your door, as well as the use of blankets and other packing materials, as well as the assistance of professional movers for unloading and arranging your furniture.

Peak Season and Furniture Shipping Rates

When considering a relocation, most people consider how it would affect their work, vacation, and school plans. So, in the United States, movers often charge more during the summer. August, September, January, and February are the busiest months for foreign relocations. Therefore, during these times, costs for things like packing, unpacking, and insurance are higher.

FAQs About Cross Country and International Furniture Shipping

Should I pay for furniture shipping?

To export furniture or buy new when relocating long distance or internationally is a difficult choice. To begin, look at the shipping rates offered by a few different reliable companies. The next step is to decide if the proposed prices are in line with your personal valuation of the pieces of furniture. Whether it’s an item with sentimental value or a unique find from the internet, making a decision can be challenging. The decision, however, becomes less difficult if you realize that your beloved couch is not worth the expense of shipping and handling.

How do I find a reputable furniture shipper?

If you’re looking for a reliable furniture shipper, asking around for recommendations from friends and family is a smart place to start, but if that doesn’t pan out, you can always do an online search for “long-distance” or “international” furniture movers to get started. Next, you should check out their web ratings, learn what services they offer, and see whether their prices are within your price range. Checking their reputation with the BBB is another option.

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What should I consider when I ship furniture?

You need to think about the time and effort needed to get your furniture ready for shipping. You should start cleaning it for packaging after discussing the specifics with your transporter. You can either vacuum or steam clean it, but you need to let it dry entirely before moving day. In case you need to file a claim after furniture is delivered to you, it is a good idea to snap numerous photographs of the pieces from various angles before they are packed up and shipped. Finally, if you have the ability to disassemble the furniture before transporting it, do so to protect it from possible harm.


So, to sum up: moving a sofa to Germany is a pain. On the other hand, this is a very simple job. Although it is less difficult if you have a plan. If you were wondering how to transport a loveseat to Germany, maybe this has helped.