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Do you need to know the dimensions of a full XL bed? It all comes down to individual factors like sleeping position, body type, pain tolerance, and budget.Don’t fret! It’s as easy to measure a mattress as counting to three.In just two simple steps, you’ll learn how to accurately measure a mattress with the help of this article.

Full, queen, king, California king, twin, and full XL mattresses are all available.

All sizes have standard measurements, but it’s important to keep in mind that some manufacturers’ specifications may vary slightly.

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A full XL mattress – who is this size for?

When it comes to mattresses for two people, full XL sizes are the smallest available. It may be diminutive in size, but that in no way suggests it is uncomfortable. Two average-sized people can share a full XL bed comfortably. Each sleeper will have 27 inches of space to spread out on the mattress thanks to its generous 54-inch width. One person needs no more than this amount of space to sleep comfortably.

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For those who want even more room to stretch out at night, a full XL mattress is the way to go. It’s a problem for those who are stocky and for those who spend a lot of time in bed (for reasons like telecommuting). The extra length and width of a full XL bed mean you can store everything you need there. Children and teenagers over the age of 12 also benefit from sleeping on a full XL mattress. This design gives you a ton of open space, which equates to luxury.

What are the advantages of a full XL mattress?

If you’re a couple with a small bedroom and no extra room in the budget for a king or queen size bed, a full XL will do just fine. It’s a simple design that provides adequate support for two people to get some shut-eye. It’s also useful for making a quiet, secluded bedroom out of a smaller area. A full XL mattress is preferable to a sofa bed, which can be awkward for a couple. Most people prefer the uniformity of a single mattress to the comfort of a double. Optional extras for a full XL mattress include specialized slats and protective cases.

A full XL mattress – what are the flaws?

One potential drawback of full XL mattresses is their diminutive dimensions. When bedroom space is limited, this feature becomes useful. It could be too tight for two heavier people to sleep comfortably in the bed. The ease with which one can sleep is diminished or eliminated altogether. Buying a bigger bed and mattress could be the best option here.

What is the cost of a full XL mattress?

Mattresses can be found at a wide range of price points. Variables like the model’s type, material, extras, and manufacturer all play a role in determining its final cost. A full XL bed can be found in any price range. Remember that the higher the price tag, the higher the quality of the components. You shouldn’t skimp on this product because it’s so important to your health.

Where to buy a full XL mattress?

Both traditional stores and online marketplaces stock XL full mattresses. Pay equal attention to traditional mattress stores and furniture centers during your search. It’s crucial to try out a potential purchase before committing to it. If you don’t have access to this information, you can always read up on the experiences of others who have purchased the same model. You can check out the item in person before committing to an online purchase. In this way, you’ll have a better shot at locating the perfect bed. Don’t forget that you can always return your purchase.

What full XL mattresses are offered by manufacturers?

The full XL size of a mattress is considered the norm. This is why it is the most common mattress size. The specific material relies on personal taste.

When shopping for a double bed, a pocket sprung mattress is a common choice. Each spring is pressed one at a time, as it is stored in its own secret compartment. As a result, you won’t be too disturbed if your partner decides to switch positions during the night. Because of this, you can rest easy all night long.

There are foam models available on the market as well. Full XL thermoelastic foam mattresses are highly sought after because of how well they conform to the body. This is a sufficient backup plan. Those who experience chronic pain in their joints or back will benefit greatly from this.

A latex full XL mattress is a good option if you have dust mite allergies. Allergy sufferers can benefit greatly from its antibacterial and antifungal properties. A full XL mattress made of foam or pocket springs is a better option if you have an allergy to latex.

How Long Is A Full XL Mattress?

What exactly is the length of a full XL bed?

A full XL mattress is 54 inches wide and 80 inches long, or 5 inches longer in length than a standard full mattress.

Taller people who sleep alone will appreciate the additional space for their legs.

In addition, a full XL mattress could be an excellent option for a spare bed in a guest room.

Here are two simple ways to determine the right size mattress for your room.

Step #1. Strip it all off

To get the correct measurements of your mattress, you must first take off the sheet, protector, and cover.

Keep it if you want to make a fitted sheet or comforter that will fit over the mattress topper and the mattress.

Take two separate measurements: one without the mattress pad and one with it.

Keep in mind that a snug-fitting sheet requires a certain height of bed with the mattress topper.

Step #2. Start measuring

When your bed is empty, you can pull out the measuring tape.

Then, measure across the bed from left to right.

The width and length of a bed are measured along its longest and narrowest sides, respectively.

However, what if the perimeter or sides of your mattress are rounded?

In that case, the following will allow you to obtain precise measurements:

The width is calculated by finding the widest part and then measuring the distance from that point.

To determine the height, start at the base of the object.

Make sure your mattress is level and in place before taking any of these measurements.

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Things To Consider In Choosing The Best Full XL Mattress For You

One of the most important factors in having a restful night’s sleep is having a mattress that is the right size for you.

But if you think about what helps you fall asleep, you can get closer to your ultimate goal of comfort and relaxation.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you shop for a new bed.

Factor #1. Sleeping position

Depending on how you like to sleep, your mattress needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Back and body pain can be caused by sleeping on a mattress that does not provide adequate support for your preferred sleeping position.

If you sleep on your back, you should get a firm mattress to help keep your spine in its natural alignment while you sleep.

If you sleep on your side, your shoulders and hips need a mattress that is both soft and supportive to alleviate the pressure that you feel when you lie in this position.

If you are a combination sleeper who shifts positions frequently throughout the night, you need to ensure that you are not disturbed by your shifting positions.

A mattress with a medium level of firmness would be ideal for you.

Factor #2. Body type

The level of support you require from a mattress is also affected by your body type.

Lighter sleepers are more likely to opt for a medium-firm mattress than their heavier counterparts.

A firmer mattress is recommended for people whose weight is over 230 pounds.

The size of the mattress is an important factor to think about. A longer bed is necessary for those who are taller than average.

Are you a person of larger stature who has had trouble finding a mattress that suits them?

Your bed and mattress are long overdue for an upgrade.

Factor #3. Pain

Mattresses that don’t properly support their sleepers can cause morning neck and back pain.

A good mattress will help keep your spine in a neutral position while it supports your body.

Sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t properly support your body and back will only make the pain worse.

According to credible studies, individuals who sleep on medium-firm mattresses report the greatest improvement in sleep quality.

Factor #4. Price

The price of a brand-new mattress can range widely due to factors such as its construction materials, its location of manufacture, its type, and its brand.

Mattresses of good quality can be found for less than $1,000.

While price isn’t always a reliable indicator of a mattress’ quality, aiming for somewhere between $600 and $1,100 is a good place to start.

Is a cheaper option what you’re after?

Prices in the range of $300 to $600 are still available and are thought to be fair for the area.

While a fancy bed and mattress aren’t strictly required for a good night’s sleep, a sloppy bed certainly is.

Keep in mind that you should expect your mattress to last for at least ten years.

Top 6: Best Full XL Mattresses

1. The Chill Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

The Brooklyn Bedding Company produces the full xl size Chill memory foam mattress. This is a fantastic starter mattress if you’re looking for a memory foam one. This mattress is ideal for those who want to save money without sacrificing quality sleep because the base model costs just $249. There is a wide range of mattress depths to choose from. While a 6′′ option would be fine for kids or a bed that only sees light occasional use, we recommend an 8′′ option for couples, adults, or heavier individuals.

All of the Wanderlust’s framework is made of foam. The base is made of high-density support foam, and the top is made of memory foam for extra comfort. Unlike traditional coil or innerspring mattresses, memory foam actually “cradles” the sleeper. Although many buyers praise memory foam’s comfort, newcomers should know that the material can take some getting used to.

2. Luxury Gel Foam Mattress w/ Organic Cotton Cover by Mattress Insider

Mattress Insider’s Luxury Gel Foam Mattress is a high-quality memory foam option. This mattress is a fantastic pick if you prefer the special texture of memory foam. Mattress Insider’s most sought-after memory foam mattress is now offered in a tiny monarch size, and just about any custom size you can think of. Flipping the mattress or rearranging the memory foam layers allows users to customize the mattress to their preferred level of firmness. The cooling gel foam in the mattress works to maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep, even in the hottest summer months. Last but not least, Mattress Insider has included an organic cotton cover, making for a remarkably plush and environmentally friendly place to get some shut-eye. The Luxury Gel foam mattress comes in both a traditional full xl size and a rounded corner option, making it suitable for a wide variety of bed frames.

3. The Sedona Luxury Hybrid Mattress – By Brooklyn Bedding

The Brooklyn Bedding name has been synonymous with quality mattresses since its inception in 1995. They just came out with their latest and greatest luxury mattress, called “the Sedona,” and made it in all sorts of weird and wonderful sizes, full xl included. The Sedona uses both coils and foam in its construction, making it a hybrid mattress. Customers benefit from the pressure relief and comfort features typically associated with foam mattresses in addition to the support and comfort features typically associated with traditional innerspring mattresses. This is the best option if you plan to sleep on the mattress night after night and want a high-quality, long-lasting mattress.

4. The Natural Escape Mattress – By My Green Mattress

The Natural Escape is one of the few full xl-sized latex mattresses on the market. This bed is great if you want to sleep in a more natural environment. My Green Mattress has been around for a while, and they’ve made it their mission to make mattresses without any harmful chemicals. This mattress has been independently tested for chemical emissions and found to be in compliance with Greenguard Gold standards. This mattress’s organic cover, latex core, and high-grade support foam ensure that it will be soft, supportive, and healthy for your sleep. Customers can try out the mattress risk-free thanks to My Green Mattress’s free trial and shipping. This is the best full xl size latex mattress you can buy.


Customers who experience back pain or need a mattress with extra support will benefit greatly from the park meadow model. It’s also an excellent option for those who favor the feel of a spring mattress to that of an all-foam one. Mattress Insider is the go-to place for oddly shaped and sized mattresses. Since 2008, they’ve been making mattresses, and in that time they’ve satisfied over 70,000 customers. Their fast responses and pleasant employees have earned them praise from satisfied customers. Mattress Insider is where we got the mattresses for our RV, so you know we’d recommend anything they sell. Their full xl mattress is 53 inches wide and 80 inches long; however, it is still classified as a full xl mattress and will fit your full xl bed.

6. The Kiwi Mattress – By My Green Mattress

Crib mattresses and other mattresses for children are where My Green Mattress first made its name in the industry. This mattress is offered in a full xl size and constructed entirely from natural materials. Your children will get an unrivaled night’s sleep on this mattress thanks to its special size and high standard of construction.

What are the different types of full xl mattresses?

There’s a wide range of quality and feel to choose from when shopping for a full xl mattress. Customers can still find a mattress that works for them in terms of comfort and preferred materials, despite the individualized dimensions.

  • Full XL Hybrid: The term “hybrid mattress” is just a fancier way of saying that it has both foam and innersprings. This provides the usual springiness and support of a mattress, as well as the pressure relief and softness of a foam one. The vast majority of sleepers who do not have unique sleeping requirements would benefit from hybrid mattresses.
  • Full-size mattresses made of latex are often considered the “greenest” option. Latex is poured from the sap of the rubber tree and processed without the use of toxic chemicals or artificial additives. It’s worth noting that many of the chemicals traditionally used on mattresses (like Flame Retardant sprays) are no longer used due to stringent regulations regarding their use.
  • Full XL Memory Foam Mattress: Memory foam mattresses have recently become very popular. The unique pressure relief and cradling properties of the material originally developed for NASA led to its use in mattresses. Some people really enjoy the feel of memory foam, while others find it unpleasant. It’s important to note that sleeping on a memory foam mattress feels very different from sleeping on a traditional spring mattress if you’ve never tried one before.

The Takeaway

Finally, the end! You’ve learned the dimensions of a full XL mattress and what to look for in a bed of this size.

I understand how overwhelming it can be to sort through all the available mattress sizes and types.

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However, looking into alternatives to standard mattress sizes like the full XL may have some benefits.

Always check the manufacturer’s return and warranty policies before making a purchase, and only buy from reputable brands.

I trust that your questions have been addressed by this data.

Always keep in mind that a quality mattress is essential for a restful night’s sleep.