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A cloud-like slumber is what you’re after. It’s possible that the Puffy mattress could be right for you. All-foam mattress in a box contains a gel memory foam and high-density poly foam mix that provides the right amount of support and pressure relief.

I was curious to discover if memory foam’s reputation for deep body contouring and sinkage made it feel like I was floating — and sleeping — on top of the clouds. How did I find out? I put the mattress through a series of tests.

Continue reading to learn more about the Puffy’s construction, firmness, motion isolation, and other features! Afterwards, I’ll compare the original Puffy to models from the brand’s Lux and Royal lines, along with the Nectar and Purple mattresses, which are some of its primary rivals.

How Long Does A Puffy Mattress Last: What To Expect

A Puffy mattress can last up to eight years, which is the average lifespan of a memory foam bed. Depending on how the mattress is used and cared for, it could even last ten years or more. Recall that Puffy offers a lifetime warranty on their beds, which indicates that they are certain of their goods’ quality.

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In addition, the main support of the Puffy mattress is a 6-inch layer of high-density foam. Foam beds should utilize high-density foam since it is more durable and does not sag as rapidly as low-density foam. The following are the factors that influence how long a mattress lasts, in order to help you get the most out of your Puffy mattress:

Mattress construction and materials

With its five layers of high-quality materials, the Puffy mattress is built to last. It’s even manufactured in the United States, so the corporation adheres to the country’s production standards. To learn more about the product dimensions, such as how much does a Puffy Lux mattress weigh, we’ve published a separate review that covers all Puffy mattresses.


A mattress that is made with the greatest materials will still last a long time if it is used properly. Avoid doing things like bouncing on the bed because that will rapidly wear it out. As an additional layer of protection, you can also consider utilizing a mattress pad or topper with your Puffy mattress.


Ensure that you keep your Puffy mattress clean because spills and dust build-up can cause the materials to disintegrate faster. However, maintenance should be easy since Puffy uses a stain-resistant cover and other practices such as flipping and rotating are not necessary. You may learn how to turn a Puffy mattress by reading on.

Can You Flip A Puffy Mattress?

Ensure that you keep your Puffy mattress clean because spills and dust build-up can cause the materials to disintegrate faster. However, maintenance should be easy since Puffy uses a stain-resistant cover and other practices such as flipping and rotating are not necessary. You may learn how to turn a Puffy mattress by reading on.

How is Motion Transfer on the Puffy Mattress?

IFrameKeep your Puffy mattress free of spills and dust to avoid premature degradation of the materials. In terms of upkeep, Puffy should be simple because to the stain-resistant cover and the lack of the need for techniques like flipping and rotating. Flipping a Puffy mattress is a simple process that you can learn about here.

Puffy Mattress Reviews: Customers Honest Feedback (2022)

My bowling ball can be seen here sinking into the mattress. The Puffy is a fantastic choice for those who need a good amount of support and relaxation from stress.

Does the Puffy Mattress Sleep Hot?

IFrameThe video below was made with my infrared camera to show how the mattress retains heat. Given its design, I thought this mattress handled heat quite well. Other mattresses, such as the Purple, may not adapt as well if you’re concerned about overheating while sleeping.

My Puffy  Mattress Recommendation

A conforming, soft mattress, the Puffy should appeal to those who like a softer feel and preferable conforming foam. It’s competitively priced at $850 for a queen size after the $300 reduction. I was blown away by how well it molds to your body and relieves pressure while remaining comfortable to sit on.

The 2020 Puffy Mattress Update

Since the introduction of this mattress in 2017 there have been literally dozens of new competitors in the online bed in a box market. Even while each of these has its own distinct characteristics, there is something special about the Puffy.

If you’re a side sleeper, the Puffy mattress should definitely be on your shortlist because it should fully alleviate pain in your shoulders and hips. It’s definitely worth a try because the Puffy is so convenient.

How Much Does a Puffy Mattress Cost?

This is a little more expensive than the average foam mattress in our ranking, at $1,249. As a result, if you’re willing to wait for a mattress sale, you may get a better deal. For a limited time, Puffy will throw in a free set of sheets and pillows with your new mattress purchase.

How Does Puffy Compare To Other Mattresses?

Make you want to do some price comparisons? Check out how Puffy stacks up against some of the other big players.

Puffy Vs Purple

The comfort layers are where the Puffy and Purple Original mattresses diverge in terms of construction. Purple has a gel grid over a foam transition layer, whereas Puffy has memory foam on top of a more responsive transition layer. While the Purple is squishy and supportive at the same time, the Puffy is a little more balanced foam-like in its texture.

Also, we observed a difference in the hardness of the beds. Although the firmness of a mattress will vary greatly depending on the weight of the person using it, we found that the Purple provided more pressure alleviation than the Puffy did. Keep in mind that lighter and medium-weight sleepers may like the Purple’s firmer feel because the gel grid won’t be able to fully collapse under their weight.

Choosing between these two mattresses is going to come down to personal preference due to their similar pricing and similar quality. Side sleepers who are light to medium in weight and who prefer a foam mattress can consider the Puffy. Purple is a better choice for folks who require extra support, and it should also work better for people who are heavier and like to sleep on their side.

Puffy Vs Casper

Both the Puffy and Casper mattresses have three layers of foam, with the top two layers being memory foam. At first glance, they look very similar. The biggest distinction between Casper and Puffy is the Zoned Support mechanism, which is only found in Casper. When individuals sleep on their backs or stomachs, the Casper is firmer and more supportive, and when they sleep on their sides, it is more pressure-relieving. When sleeping on the Puffy, no matter what position you’re in, you’ll experience more consistency.

The Puffy and Casper mattresses also have a few minor distinctions in feel. The memory foam on top of the Puffy gives it a sluggish feel. As a result, the Casper mattress is more responsive and bouncy than the Puffy mattress.

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Who should buy one of these mattresses and who should buy the other, given the similarity in price? Light to medium-weight side sleepers, and those who want the classic memory foam sensation, should choose for the Puffy. Combo and back sleepers who need greater lumbar support and those who like a more balanced foam feel will be better served by the Casper mattress.


Is this article useful to you? According to their lifetime warranty, a Puffy mattress can last anywhere from 8 to 10 years. In order to preserve the longevity of your bed, proper use and care must be taken.

Do you want to know when you can expect to get your Puffy mattress? What to expect once you place an order is detailed in a different post.