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When fully inflated, how long does an air mattress last? The use of air mattresses is on the rise.

Typically, this would be pumped only orally.

However, this is often fruitless.

Any air mattress can be inflated using only your mouth, but there are easier methods.

We’ll get into that after this.

How long it takes to blow up an air mattress is a function of the method by which you choose to do so.

Because of this, we have included a variety of solutions in this post.

Air Mattress Pros

Custom Firmness

Adjustable firmness is a major perk of air beds, particularly when they are used as the primary bed in a home. The level of firmness or leniency is entirely up to you. The surface can be made firmer by adding air, or softer by releasing some. Due to individual preferences, this is especially useful when hosting overnight guests.

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Back Pain

People with back problems or other types of body or joint pains can benefit greatly from an inflatable one because of the fact that the firmness can be adjusted to suit individual needs. Having the option to quickly add air for a firmer surface at the touch of a button means better pain relief and body contouring on nights when the bed is too soft. If the bed is too hard one night, you can easily make it softer by deflating a small amount with the touch of a button.

Sharing a Bed

However, if you or your partner prefer one side to be firmer than the other, you can do so on almost any full-size and larger mattress because of the presence of two inner chambers. Put an end to arguments over how firm or soft it should be and set it to your personal preference.


They don’t have the same off-gassing problems that new memory foam mattresses do because of the PVC used in their construction.

No Sagging

Sagging occurs when the surface gradually gives way over time, leaving a crater-like impression where the person sleeps. If your furniture is sagging, it’s probably time to start shopping for a new one. After years of use, a standard full-size memory foam mattress or some innerspring versions will sag, but with an air bed, you can simply add more air to fix the problem.

Increased Durability

PVC’s durability and anti-sagging properties make it far more long-lasting than springs, latex, or foam. In comparison to an air bed’s potential lifespan of 15 years, a standard latex or spring mattress’ lifespan is only 7–10 years. If you have an air mattress with a built-in pump, the pump will likely give out first, but it’s cheap and easy to replace.

Rapid Inflation

An air bed can be inflated to its full size in a matter of minutes; for instance, a raised twin size can be inflated to its full size in about 5 minutes, depending on the quality of the pump. It takes about 3 minutes to inflate a non-raised, slightly smaller camping mattress.

Low Price

The prices of well-known brands like Coleman and Intex have dropped significantly. A twin air mattress, for instance, can be purchased online for as little as $30, while a twin memory foam mattress of comparable quality can easily cost $300.

Many Uses

An inflatable mattress, depending on its size, can be used either indoors or outdoors. A twin size low profile option, for instance, can be folded up and stored away for use on camping trips, or it can be set up on the living room floor as a guest bed for unexpected visitors. On long car trips, some passengers even lay them across the back seat for a more restful night’s sleep than their actual car seats provide.

Air Mattress Cons

Lengthy Assembly

A larger inflatable mattress designed for permanent or fixed usage can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to set up and may require two people. Once it’s put together, though, all you’ll have to decide is whether to pump more or less air through it, depending on your tastes.

Noisy Pump

Some consumers have experienced noise from their pumps, but this is more common in cheaper models. Pumps are rarely used because they can only be used to inflate or deflate something.

Replacing Pumps

Due to its mechanical make-up and dependence on the internal pump, having it serviced under warranty or at your own expense is essential in the event of malfunction. A new external pump for your air mattress can be purchased for around $15 on sites like Amazon.

Shorter Warranty

PVC bed structures and pumps typically have shorter warranties than latex and innerspring, so you may have to pay for repairs if they become necessary. However, the cost of a new one is usually the same as a repair is today, so it’s better to look for a new replacement than to put money toward a repair.

3 Ways to Inflate an Air Mattress - wikiHow

4 Methods To Inflate An Air Mattress

When fully inflated, how long does an air mattress last? To what extent is debatable.

There are other methods besides using your lungs to inflate an air mattress.

All of these options are less difficult and more hassle-free.

Method #1. Without electricity

Do you know that it is possible to inflate a mattress without using electricity or a built-in pump?

Here’s what you should do:

  • Put the air bed on a level surface. Be sure there are no sharp objects within reach that could damage it.
  • To begin, release the air pressure. Its sideways placement is the norm. The air hose should be firmly inserted into the opening.
  • Hand-pump it
  • When the air mattress has reached its desired firmness, you can disconnect the pump from the air valve.

Method #2. Using the built-in pump

Consider how much less work you’ll have to do if your mattress already has a built-in pump installed. Like turning on a light when you want it off.

The time investment for this strategy is minimal at best.

This is not a skill that can be learned step by step. You just need to get used to the button layouts.

Typically, you can either deflate or inflate the air mattress.

The firmness can often be adjusted on air mattresses that come with their own built-in pumps. In addition, some models include features that allow you to keep the air in the mattress throughout the night.

If you want to make sure you’re using your air mattress properly, just read the instructions that came with it.

In general though, the easiest part of setting up an air mattress with a built-in pump is the initial inflation.

Method #3. Using an external manual pump

You can also use an external pump to inflate your air mattress.

However, it would be easier if you had some knowledge beforehand so that you could fill it quickly with minimal effort.

In this method, inflating your air mattress will be different depending on the type of pump you use.

There are a variety of manual pumps to choose from. Some look like bellows, while others are reminiscent of bicycle pumps.

Learning the pump’s internals is the first step. Most pumps will have an instruction manual to help you get started.

Typically, the company that makes air mattresses also makes the pump that goes with it.

That being said, a pump for your air mattress shouldn’t be too hard to come by.

A manual pump can be more convenient for some people because they don’t have to worry about plugging it in or replacing the batteries.

It will take more time and energy, but this method is much quicker than using your lungs alone to inflate the air mattress.

Method #4. Using external electric pumps

Compared to the old-fashioned hand pumps, this is an improvement. This method falls somewhere in between the two extremes, with a built-in pump remaining the most convenient option.

Because they require a battery or a power cord to operate, these pumps tend to be bulky.

This is why an internal pump is preferable.

Manuals are also available for electric pumps. Additionally, they typically feature a switch that must be flipped to initiate inflation.

The connections usually cause problems.

They don’t always line up with the air valve, so you’ll have to wait patiently while you sit on the connection.

How Long It Takes To Inflate An Air Mattress

You may be wondering, “Now that I know how to inflate my mattress, how do I keep them from deflating?”

Some people might have trouble continually pumping up their air mattress. The following are measures to take care of the issue:

  • Before you blow it up, make sure the air mattress is completely inspected.
  • Relax the air mattress’s material.
  • Set it to the desired temperature and leave it there. This is because, as the temperature of the room fluctuates, air mattresses will gradually lose some of their air.
  • Avoid putting too much stress on it.
  • Ventilate the space every night.

Click here if you want to know how long you should let your air mattress stay inflated.

If you want to know how to blow up an air mattress or find out more about it, read this article.

But that’s it; I’m out of here.

3 Ways to Inflate an Air Mattress - wikiHow

Do’s & Don’ts for Air Mattresses

It’s A Wrap!

When fully inflated, how long does an air mattress last?

To answer your question quickly: It would take about an hour to fill the mattress using only human power.

However, it would take a large group of people taking turns to blow up an air mattress.

However, if your air mattress just needs more air, that’s a quick and easy fix that can be finished in minutes.

Inflating an air mattress takes only a few minutes if you use a battery-operated or electric pump.

The deflation time for air mattresses inflated in this manner is also increased.