How Long Is A Paper Towel Roll? All You Need To Know!

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Paper towel rolls are the primary component of many of our favorite board games, such as the mummy game and the pull-out game. As well as these uses, we put it to use in the kitchen for cleaning up spills and cleaning up after ourselves as well as in the art studio. One page won’t be enough to list everything. However, have you ever stopped to consider how long a roll of paper towels is? Unless you’re bored or just naturally curious about anything, I doubt it. Fortunately, this is exactly what we’ll be covering today. If you want to find the answer, you’ll have to keep reading.

Reasons Why You Should Use It….

Inquiring minds want to know, and that’s just fine. Our belief is that you aren’t abnormal. You can use this information to figure out how much you’ve used and when it’s time to buy a new one. You have to admit that’s quite great. But first, let us explain why paper towel rolls are a good idea in the first place. Let’s put the paper towel roll to the test and see if it’s any better than a hanky or a cloth.

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  • This is more hygienic than using a hanky. As a result, when you wipe your hands with a hanky instead of soap and water, you’re spreading the bacteria. And each time you use it, you’re spreading the germs even further. You can toss it in the garbage after drying, wiping, or anything else you need to do with it.
  • Absorbency makes it ideal for drying damp surfaces and portions of the body.
  • By absorbing extra oil from food, it aids in the fight against bad cholesterol.
  • When compared to hankies or towels, it’s a lot less expensive. It’s also small and light, making it easy to store in a bag.
  • Rather than carrying about a hanky when it’s dirty, this is an ideal alternative for people with runny noses. To top it all off, there’s the trouble of washing your hands to eliminate the dirt and bacteria from the hanky.
  • The natural materials and lack of artificial additives make it an excellent substitute for coffee filters.
  • This is also a great tool for cleaning windows, mirrors, glass tables, and other similar surfaces.
  • With this, you don’t have to touch the nasty contaminant directly with your hands.
  • When it comes to dusting furniture and tools, this is an ideal companion.
  • Remove your make-up and wipe away sweat with this.

Paper towel square size

11 inches by 11 inches square is the standard size of a paper towel. Extra-large paper towels allow for a wide range of sizes. Packages of up to eight rolls are available in one-roll, two-roll, and four-roll bundles. 2-ply material can be stored on most rolls for up to 100 sheets.

Paper towel size for different different brands

Although the height of paper towels in Australia is generally the same, the lengths vary. Because I can obtain twice as much product in the same amount of packaging when I buy double-length rolls, this is my preferred option.

Amazon also carries paper towels encased in plastic. Since this paper packaging can be recycled, it reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment.

What to look for when buying paper towel

Paper towels that are designed to last longer can be found, albeit they tend to be more expensive. The less expensive brands are more likely to tear and leak.

Towels made with Viva reusable materials are thicker and last up to ten times as long as conventional paper towels. Unlike paper towels or cloths, they may be washed and reused. To be environmentally beneficial, they can be used 10 times longer than a regular paper towel, however they must finally be thrown away.

These are thicker, longer lasting paper towel

Keep reading for some alternatives to paper towels if you’re looking for something that will last a long time.

Select-A-Size paper towels

You may tear off precisely the number of towels that you need with the Select-A-Size towels from Bounty. This means that you may cut a 5-inch piece or a 15-inch piece from the same piece of wood. As a result, you’ll be able to get more work done with less waste.

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There are 74 sheets per roll and they are 2 ply. They are packaged in eight-roll cases. If you’re anything like me, and you spill your coffee on a regular basis, or if you have children, they will come in handy when cleaning up messes. Even if you’ve got a lot to clean up, they’ll be able to handle it.

Their quilting makes it easier for them to mop up spills. With the single plus, you’ll get 50% more sheets than with the ordinary roll. Inches wide and long, the sheet measures 11 by 5-15/16 inches.


How many inches is a paper towel?

In a paper towel roll that is 11 inches tall, the inner cardboard tube is 1.5 inches in diameter. The roll’s width is 2 inches, and the thickness of each paper towel is 0.015 inch.

How long are the cut paper napkins?

The package includes eight rolls of three Bounty SelectASize white paper towels. The number of sheets on a triple roll is 200 times greater than on a single roll. Bounty has a speedier selection than the major consumer brand. Property. The product’s measurements (L x W x H) are 12.36 x 24.72 x 11.02 inches (inches).

What is the circumference of a paper towel?

A roll of toilet paper has a diameter of 15 cm and a diameter of 0.5 mm thick.

How long is a paper towel?

2 layers of cloth on a single piece of material. Rolls typically hold 100 sheets. The diameter of the roll is 27.8 m.

How much does a roll of paper towels weigh?

10 oz. paper towel roll Blotting paper on a roll.

Question: What’s the difference between Quick Size and Choose Size?

Answer: When printing in our fast format, you’ll get 11 “x 5.7” pages per sheet instead of 11 “x 5.9” sheets.

How tall is a sheet of paper?

Dimensions of Paper Sizes in the United States Height x Width (mm) Height x Width (in) Postal stationery in the size of an A4 sheet of paper. 5.5 x 8.5 in Letter Format 216 x 279 mm A legal paper size of 8.5 by 11.0 inches (216 by 356 millimeters) An 8 x 5 x 14.0-inch rectangle 127 x 203 mm for Junior Legal Inches: 5×8.

How wide is the paper?

Letter size or US Letter size are both terms used to describe the standard paper size in the United States and Canada. It is 11 inches in length by 8 1/2 inches in width. Legal, or even US legal, refers to the other standard paper size in the United States. It is similarly 8 inches broad, however it measures 14 inches in length. 800 ft, TAD High Capacity Paper Towel rolls, 10" x 800' Roll, White, 6 Rolls : Health & Household

What’s the prize, choose a size?

For large or little spills, use Bounty SelectASize multipurpose sheets. Use only the amount of paper you actually need to save on landfill waste. When it comes to removing common grime, only one sheet of Bounty paper towels is enough.


Kitchen, bedrooms, bags, toilets, these all need paper towel rolls. Aside from that, it is a good companion during your trip to keep yourself and your belongings clean. We know that you’ve been curious about how long is a paper towel roll, and we hope that after reading this, you can sleep better now that you know the answer. You can use this information in calculating your expenses and estimate your weekly consumption to prevent running out of it.



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