Life Expectancy: How Long Will My Sewing Machine Last?

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It’s a question that is common to ask. When someone purchases a tool or machine that is electronic one of the initial questions they will ask is how long it will last. This is a valid inquiry since everyone wants to ensure that they are getting the most value out of the purchase.

How how long will my machine last? If you take care of your storage and maintenance and a careful approach to usage, you can expect that your sewing equipment to last more than five years. Certain computerized models can last for up to 25 years if fortunate enough.

For more information about the life span of your sewing machine go on to read our post. It will assist you in determining the time to invest in a new machine.

Average Sewing Machine Life Expectancy


The lifespan of sewing machines is generally reduced due to the fact that there are many low-cost models available that are available. These machines that aren’t long-lasting aren’t designed to last however they are built to fail which means you’ll have to purchase a new one in a short time.

On average, that your equipment will last around 5 years. However, there’s a caveat to this estimate. The majority of top-quality sewing machines are designed to last for a long duration.

Do not let the typical life expectancy deter you from investing your money in the most durable and robust sewing machine. Some models on computers are last for 25 years, which could increase the lifespan by a bit. But, the changes to software could reduce the lifespan.

Of course, as every sewing machine is unique, there will be treasures almost everywhere. Many vintage machines are working well after forty years of usage. It is therefore the chance of luck that makes your own sewing machine lasts for a long period of time, or even over the expiration date of the warranty date.

How Long Does a Bernina Last?


Like many companies, Bernina doesn’t like to set a time limit on the longevity that their machines. Although their sewing machines are precision-tuned and built to last, however, they are aware that it is possible to get an issue and put it into quality control.

The lemon won’t be on the market for long. Bernina invests lots of effort to ensure their machines last for a long duration. They are aware of the fact that word of mouth could ruin their business if they begin making sewing machines that would break easily.

The most accurate figure we’ve found up to this point has been that the one Bernina model known as the 530-2 record has been around for 50 years. To give you an idea of what to expect, look at the lifespan of computer-controlled sewing machines between 5 and 25 years, then multiply the time for Bernina. The sewing machines are constructed to last for a long time.

Sewing Machine Depreciation Rate

It is important to be aware of the struggles and difficulties that depreciation can bring. If you purchase a brand new vehicle as soon as you take it off the dealership, its worth is reduced by hundreds of dollars.

Sewing machines are no exception and as time goes by, their value diminishes increasing and decreasing. One of the figures that have been discussed is that the depreciation percentage for sewing machines is 15 percent.

There’s a complex formula used to determine the worth of your sewing machine. It is as follows:

  • The first step Add the purchase price as well as the total amount you paid for fees all in one go.
  • Step 2. Find out how long the machine can last.
  • Step 3. You now need to figure out the price the machine will be sold for once its life is about to expire.
  • Step 4. The fourth step is subtracting the figure of step 3 of step one’s figures. This is your base depreciable.
  • 5. – Now divide the figure that you received from step 4 with the number that you calculated at step 2. This figure will give you an annual depreciation amount.
  • 6. – Lastly, multiply the 5th step’s results by the number of years that you have been using the machine. You should have your sewing machine’s depreciation cost.

It will take some time, and you could save time by contacting a reliable and reliable sewing machine repairman to find the correct figure.

Do Sewing Machine Feed Dogs Wear Out?


In a sense, they are. When Singer tried to reduce their manufacturing costs and reduce their costs, they decided that rubber would be a great coating for feeding dogs. It was believed at the time that rubber would shield the fabric more and would not cause marks on it.

It was a great idea until the oil from the sewing machine began to get into the feed dogs with rubber. The rubber did not just wear out, but also became soft, and began to break down.

One manufacturer was using plastic to make gears. These plastic parts will eventually become worn out if manufactured using white. The replacement gears in black seem to be able to withstand the rigors of their job and are extremely durable and reliable.

For a hint to tell if the plastic gears are going to break and wear out and break, they change from white to yellowish-brown. Metal feed dogs don’t appear to wear down as fabrics are not as tough on the gears. Age doesn’t appear to weaken them as plastic does.

If you regularly perform checks on the sewing machine make sure to inspect your feed dogs and give them a bit of tender treatment. This will make them remain longer. Metal feed dogs will get worn out, but it can take a long time for the process to occur.

One last word One final word, one of the biggest opponents of plastic gears regardless of color is grease and oil. Removing these two components from the gears’ plastics will make them last longer.

Does Sewing Machine Oil Go Bad


This is a crucial issue because bad oil can affect how long the machine you use to sew will last you. It could reduce the lifespan of the machine and you should be aware of some guidelines to ensure the oil in your sewing machine is always in good condition.

1. Oil is essential to the life of your sewing machine’s duration

It is essential to add oil because it’s the lubricant that allows the metal parts of your machine to work properly. The oil helps to prevent the parts from becoming overheated and damaged.

2. The warning signs of oil that are not working

The great thing lies in the fact that your sewing machine oil can inform you of when it is not recommended to be applied to the sewing machines. Here are a few tips:

  • It changes to a dark, murky color.
  • A cloudy appearance.
  • It won’t smell like oil or taste that good.
  • There is a great deal of sediment in the container.
  • It will be apparent that the formation of sludge or has already formed.
  • The consistency of the product will differ.
  • Your sewing machine will begin to complain and will make lots of noise.

3. Sewing machine oil doesn’t last forever.

In reality, you could be fortunate if your machine lasts for five years. The way you store it can affect the life expectancy of the oil used in sewing machines. It shouldn’t be stored in cold areas or exposed to sunlight.

Condensation or water can affect the oil supply. Keep your oil in fresh containers and don’t reuse the oil canisters that are dirty, which contained different kinds of oil. The good thing is the fact that synthetic oil may last for longer than five years. However, again only if stored in a proper manner.

Natural oils also aren’t able to last forever. They will oxidize and then evaporate onto you even when you’re not taking care of them. Mineral oils might not last five years when they are stored correctly. Find out more about how long the oil in your sewing machine lasts here.

How to Increase Sewing Machine Lifespan

There is a way to exceed the lifespan of any sewing device. If you take the right maintenance, you can use the same sewing machine for the remainder of the time. It’s not a lot of effort or work to keep up your costly sewing machine. The time you spend on it will pay back in the end for you.

These are suggestions to keep your machine sewing machine in operation for a long time:

    • First and foremost, you must clean your computer regularly. A machine that is not clean will not last long.
    • Second It is essential to make sure that your sewing machine is lubricated using the right oil. The oil you use will not work. It is best to use the oil specifically designed specifically for your specific sewing machine as well as sewing machine oils.
    • Third every year, you should bring your sewing machine to a repairman to have a tune-up, clean or regular maintenance. It is a good idea for cars and is also a good option for your sewing device.

(repairmen Repairmen can discover small problems that cause a sewing machine to cease working. These small niggles can help you save a significant amount of cost on repairs. )

    • Fourth If a piece is damaged and needs to be replaced, don’t use low-quality parts. Make sure you spend the extra cash and replace it with top-quality parts that will last for a long time.
    • Fifth Be sure that you have the correct needle on your machine. If you use the wrong needle, it could cause a number of issues.
    • Last but not least ensure that you’re using the correct size of the bobbin. Some people do this and can damage your sewing machine if you are not aware of it before it gets too late.

A Word About Computerized Sewing Machines

It was mentioned that computers that sew are able to last for a considerable time duration. But there are some limitations that must be considered to make sure you don’t have an unrealistic expectations.

Computerized sewing machines are often fragile due to the fact that their components aren’t made of particularly robust materials that will last. These are the points you need to take note of

    • 1. There is no way to repair different components on the motherboard. If it gets damaged and you need to replace the entire board. It is not possible of taking the motherboard apart and replace the defective components.
    • 2. One of the issues computer circuit boards has is that they degrade with time, even when they’re not being utilized. The inside parts can get corroded and tarnished, making them inaccessible over the course of the course.
    • 3. Sewing machine companies don’t have many circuit boards available. The reason is explained in the second paragraph. If they had stockpiled lots of them, when they needed them they would have been degraded and useless to anyone.
    • 4. If you purchase a costly machine thinking it will last between 20 and 25 years, think twice. Even if you just use the machine every week, the circuit boards will get tarnished and become corroded, etc. After a few years, the boards will become useless and you’ll need to purchase a new one.
    • 5. Technology is constantly evolving and it’s a process to improve various items such as circuit boards for sewing machines. The software might change and the circuit boards might not be in stock after several years.

Some Final Words

As with buying a car when you take your test drive, you’re still wishing you didn’t buy the wrong car. These cars with problems fail from the moment they’ve left the lot and put it on your driveway.

The majority of sewing machines are extremely reliable machines that will last for years and. It is possible to find the wrong one, however, these instances are rare since the majority of sewing machine manufacturers do their own research and install top-quality components inside.

This effort, on the part of manufacturers, can help to ensure that sewing machines last past the typical lifespan of five years. You can make your sewing machines last longer by doing your part. Cleaning and maintenance routines help to extend the lifespan and ensure that machines last for a long time.

Also, make sure to check your machine annually in the shop for repairs. Maintaining your machine is the best way to defeat the odds and ensure that your sewing machine is running until your daughter is in need of it.



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