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If you have your loveseat’s dimensions and want to sew a cover for it, you’ll need to calculate how many yards of fabric you’ll need.

Everything you need to know about a given fabric is included on either the bolt or the hangtag (in the case of a cylinder bolt): fiber content, width, and prewash status. The pattern repetition duration is also marked on the bolt or cylinder.

How many yards do I need for a loveseat slipcover?

For a length of sixty inches, about 6.5 yards, or for a width of forty-five inches, about 10 inches of cloth is sufficient. Four to six and a half yards in sixty-inch broad cloth, or nine to eleven yards in width of forty-five inches, are needed for a regular size.

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How can I determine how much clothing I need?

Take a metric measurement of the length and width of the couch or chair coil. It’s important to measure the width and height of the couch’s side panels. One yard of fabric measures around 36 inches, and two meters are needed to meet the width of 54 inches (after seam allowances are subtracted).

How many yards of fabric do you need to cover a loveseat?

For a two-cushion, six-foot sofa, the minimum amount of fabric required is twelve yards. If you want a seven-foot sofa, you’ll need to make room for fourteen yards. Add another 1.5 yards of fabric per cushion to your estimate. A seven-foot sofa with six cushions, for example, would require about twenty yards of fabric. If your loveseat has more than two cushions.

Figure out how much fabric you will need by using this formula:

  1. A material’s diameter is directly proportional to the square root of the number of pieces that fit across its breadth, rounded down to the nearest whole integer.
  2. Total width in parts equals required rows.

What’s the perfect slipcover fabric?

Fabrics like canvas, cotton duck, denim, and twill mixes are great alternatives to traditional slipcovers. They can withstand a lot of wear and tear and are simple to clean after being brought inside.

How do you measure a fabric for you to use in recovering furniture?

In the case of extra-wide items of furniture, the width should be considered in the same way that the length is. In the event of more than one chair, multiply the total number of chairs by 0.75 and divide the result by 2. The total number of yards for your chairs is now at your disposal.

How do you measure a yard of fabric?

When unrolled, the fabric will measure 36 inches, or 3 feet. A yard of fabric costs roughly this amount. No matter the size of the cloth, the yard is always 36 inches from the jungle border, and the bolt is the portion that holds everything together.

What to do with fabrics made of natural fiber?

You should expect some shrinkage if you purchase fabric or binding produced from natural fibers without first washing them. It’s prudent to add an extra 3 meters to the total length in case of a reduction. This cab can be used as a sofa cover or a particularly long or thick pair of sheets for any project that calls for a large quantity of textiles.

What are the best fabrics for sofas or loveseats?

Numerous fabrics and leathers are available for sofas. Different forms have different characteristics, such as durability, stain resistance, fashionability, and so forth. The effects of time and use on the condition of a sofa. Finding and understanding the available options is key to selecting high-quality, reasonably priced furniture.


Linen is a highly fashionable fabric, but because it wrinkles easily and stains easily, it should be reserved for adult-only spaces or low-traffic places.


Wool resists stains, fades well, and doesn’t pill easily. Merging wool with synthetic fiber extends the lifespan and makes spot cleaning simpler.


This fiber is exceptionally smooth and fine. A formal setting is recommended, and expert cleaning is required if it gets dirty.


If you’re looking for a fabric that won’t fade or pill, cotton is your best bet. However, it does not hold up well against wrinkles and soiling. Cotton’s durability and the ease of care it provides when blended with other materials make it an ideal choice for family clothing.


As far as fabrics go, this is up there with the longest and most cutting-edge ones. For families with kids and pets, it’s a must-have because it’s really simple to clean and seems to withstand the wear and tear of daily life.


To develop a taper that will last and not break, fracture, or fade, polyester is often blended with different fibers.


In addition to being extremely durable, this fiber also resists stains. When combined with other ingredients, it prevents this fiber from being damaged by light, crushing, and pilling.


This synthetic fiber was originally designed to resemble wool, and it has shown to be quite resilient against wear, rust, soil, and fading.

Buying Guide for Loveseat Covers

Why buy a loveseat cover?

You might think about purchasing a loveseat cover to shield the upholstery from dirt and wear and to add a pop of color or a calming neutral to your living space. A loveseat cover can be a great alternative to reupholstering or redecorating a whole room, saving you time, money, and effort.

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What should you look for in a loveseat cover?

  • Carefully consider how you’ll need to clean the cover. Is it recommended to be spot cleaned, dry cleaned, machine washed, or hand washed? Removable and replaceable covers that can be washed in the washing machine are the most convenient. These versions also typically have more durable materials and textiles, guaranteeing superior defense and extended use. Is your couch a favorite spot for your dog or child to jump up on and play? In that scenario, you may want to consider purchasing a watertight case.
  • Slipcovers can be either form-fitting or relaxed; it’s important to check that the one you’re considering works for you. In order to accommodate the widest range of loveseats, a cover that is both elastic and stretchy may be the ideal option. A slipcover for your loveseat will fit better if you take the time to measure it. Even if a slipcover for a two-seater couch, or a “loveseat,” existed, it might not be the right size for your couch.
  • Slipcovers for loveseats come in a wide variety of colors to suit your personal taste. Lighter hues and pastels are less prevalent than darker or more neutral tones, although they are not impossible to find. If you prefer something more decorative, you can also find a wide selection of patterned coverings. If you’re having problems finding a color that works with your home’s decor, don’t give up until you find the perfect tone. It is also possible to use models that can be reversed.

How do you find the right size?

You can choose the right size loveseat cover by following the measuring instructions included with most of them. Don’t skip over this important procedure! There isn’t a brand, fit design, or fabric type that doesn’t have this problem at some point. Fitting the cover properly will result in a snug, tailored appearance when applied to your loveseat.

Our Picks for the Best Loveseat Covers

Granbest 3-Piece Water-Repellent Loveseat Cover

Pros: Granbest’s Lycra polyester and spandex love seat cover is high quality. You can stretch it out, it’s thick and durable, and it’s soft. Loveseat covers of the medium size are typically between 56 and 70 inches in length, 20 and 27.5 inches in width, and 2 and 9 inches in depth. It’s available in both large and small dimensions, so it’s important to take a careful inventory of your current furnishings before making a purchase. This item from Granbest was developed specifically for loveseats that feature removable seat cushions. Water resistance is a desirable quality in a loveseat cover, especially if your household includes dogs and children.

One potential downside is that the couch and cushion covers aren’t completely watertight. If there is a spill, clean it up right away with a sponge or cloth.

The bottom line is that loveseat slipcovers that also include covers for the cushions are very rare. The cover is kept taut with an elastic band, making it ideal for a busy home. You can choose to have some fun with the different hues, or you can go with a neutral.

Easy-Going 1-Piece Loveseat Slipcover

This stretchable, well-fitting loveseat cover will protect your furniture from any direction. The fabric is of high quality polyester and spandex and features a beautiful jacquard design. It should be able to accommodate loveseats of varying dimensions, so long as you take your time measuring and consult the included directions. If you’re on a tight schedule, you’ll appreciate how quick and easy the installation process is: only approximately 10 minutes. In order to clean the cover, all you need is some mild detergent. Choose from a wide array of beautiful hues!

The Easy-Going loveseat cover isn’t watertight or water-resistant, so if you have kids or dogs, you might want to look elsewhere. It’s possible that the slipcover won’t provide a smooth, wrinkle-free fit.

The Easy-Going loveseat cover is highly recommended despite the fact that it is not waterproof. The wide range of colors available makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and furnish your home in a way that suits you best. It’s also a simple fix for the everyday abuse from your family and pets.

Real Velvet 3-Piece Loveseat Cover

The pluses of this slipcover for a loveseat are the high-quality, stretchy velvet fabric it is constructed from and the very soft and pleasant feel it provides. It’s sturdier and broader than standard sofas, giving your living room or den an appearance that’s all your own. With its elastic straps at the bottom, this cover is a breeze to put on, and it can be washed in the washing machine with cold water on a gentle cycle. In fact, you can even tumble dry it, however you shouldn’t bleach it. This cover is suitable for both leather and fabric loveseats and is a universal size.

NegativesOne potential drawback is the absence of content describing the nature of the material used. Despite claims that “one size fits most,” it’s likely that this particular cover won’t work with your couch.

The bottom line is that this velvet loveseat cover is a terrific option for you if you place a high value on aesthetics and tactile appeal. You can choose and choose from a wide range of colors. It protects your furniture from the elements and is simple to put on and remove for washing.

Easy-Going Sofa Reversible Loveseat Cover

This loveseat cover by Easy-Going has a reversible design, which is a definite plus. You can choose between two different color selections, and the slipcover’s lifespan can be increased by flipping it over sometimes. The outer elastic strap design of this reversible cover makes it easy to customize the fit to your loveseat. The plush microfiber fabric is constructed from one hundred percent polyester and features a quilted texture for added visual interest. The cover’s nonslip fit is guaranteed by two foam pipes that go into the armrest grooves on both sides of your loveseat.

The loveseat cover isn’t waterproof, despite the fact that it’s advertised as being ideal for households with kids and pets. In addition, you might discover that it doesn’t offer adequate coverage for your loveseat; this is something you can avoid by taking precise measurements ahead of time.

In Conclusive Terms: A Piece of Cake Covering your loveseat with Going’s reversible design is as easygoing and cozy as the name suggests. Keeping up with the cover also requires little effort. Simply throw it into the washing machine and you’ll be set to go.

HOTNIU Printed Loveseat Cover

This loveseat cover is a convenient way to disguise worn upholstery and inject new life into a living room, and it comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors. It’s flexible and simple to manipulate. The polyester-spandex material is stretchy enough to cover your couch completely. Tightly knit jacquard material provides a wrinkle-free, sophisticated look and is secured with an elastic bottom. The elastic at the bottom of the slipcover makes it a breeze to put on your sofa. Plus, it includes a free pillow case as an added bonus.

Some customers have complained that the product is overly elastic, allowing the old fabric to be visible.

This loveseat cover is a great alternative to the boring, worn look of old upholstery, and it comes in a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs. This high-quality cover also prevents additional damage and the need for costly reupholstering. This loveseat cover is not only easy to clean, but also inexpensive.

How to Keep Couch Covers in Place

1. Apply Rug Grip Strips

Before you put the sofa cover on, protect the seats with strips of rug grip. They function similarly to rug tacks in that they assist keep the cloth in place. Rug grips are frequently used on wooden floors to prevent carpets from slipping. While your couch isn’t a rug, these products can help prevent sliding on its cushions and cover.

2. Drape the Cover Over the Couch

Wrap the entire sofa in the couch cover. Adjust it so that it hangs straight down from both ends of the sofa. Stuff the loose ends of cloth under the couch’s armrests and along its back into the seams where the frame meets the cushions. Put as much pressure as you can muster on the fabric using a wooden spoon or spatula to really drive home those creases.

3. Use a Wooden Spoon to Remove Creases

Smooth the fabric toward the arms and back to get rid of any creases in the middle of the seat. Use the wooden spoon to press the loose ends into the folds.

4. Hold Fabric in Place with Sofa Cover Foam Sticks

When people sit and stand, the cloth that covers the couch might easily slide up from between the seat cushions. One option for dealing with this issue is to use specially made foam sticks for use as sofa covers. You can buy them over the internet. The friction between the cushion and the sofa cover is increased by these spherical foam tubes.

You can slip them into the spaces between the couch’s back and the cushions. Cutting foam pool noodles to the appropriate size and form could be another solution. Sofa tuckers can also be made by rolling up old magazines and securing the roll using elastic bands. The magazines should be pressed into the folds over the surplus cloth. Compress the tube till it enters the frame easily. You should always push down any magazines or foam tubes that are trying to poke out of the folds.

5. Tighten Drawstring Around Base

Your sofa cover might feature drawstring ties that can be wrapped over the couch’s armrests, its base, or even each individual leg. Tighten any drawstrings the couch cover might have. If the drawstrings aren’t meant to be seen, tie them securely and tuck them in to keep the entire cover in place.

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Things You Will Need

  • Your sofa cover might feature drawstring ties that can be wrapped over the couch’s armrests, its base, or even each individual leg. Tighten any drawstrings the couch cover might have. If the drawstrings aren’t meant to be seen, tie them securely and tuck them in to keep the entire cover in place.
  • There may be drawstring ties on the sofa cover that you may use to secure it around the armrests, the base of the sofa, or even each individual leg. Couch covers may feature drawstrings that should be pulled tight. If the drawstrings aren’t supposed to be displayed, tie them together firmly and tuck them inside the cover.
  • Knife or spatula made of wood
  • Sticks made of pool noodle foam or sofa cushions
  • Magazines
  • Rings made of rubber


Fabric requirements for a loveseat are the same whether you’re making a covering or the actual furniture. As a result, this is the total number of yards required to slipcover a loveseat.