How Much Does A Commercial Washer Cost? Buyers Guide & Reviews

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What’s the going rate for an industrial washer? Commercial washers from Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool range in price from $900 to $2,200, with the latter being the most expensive at $2,000 and the former two at $800 to $1,800.

You won’t need to buy any additional equipment because these washers are the best in the business.

Professional installation of these high-quality washers is included at no additional charge. When a corporation has a team of technicians, they’ll be responsible for both the repair and regular maintenance of the equipment. Because of this, residents and guests can better manage laundry rooms when they have sturdy machinery. Continue reading to learn even more!

How Much A Commercial Washer Cost?

Is a commercial washer expensive? A list of commercial washing machines and their pricing are provided below.

#1. Speed queen TR3000wn

When it came to washing and rinsing, the Speed Queen TR3000wn simply unmatched. A permanent press, regular, delicate & rinse, and bulky or spin are all included in this machine’s four cycles. The good news is that you can wash your clothes in hot, warm, or chilly water. An additional heated rinse or rinse and a disguised water level control are also included in the package.

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Fix this for rinsing and washing operations. What makes this machine astounding is the fantasy jingles as you start it, choose cycles, & end washing. It is best appreciated for its no hassle in washing, same as the top-load washer. It has concealed or flexible water levels, rapid cycles, excellent cleaning sound, and high durability. Set the machine so that it does a “hot” wash. Operate a spin/warm rinse several times to preheat the bath, clear the line, & load the laundry.

#2. Kenmore 41302

Rinsing and washing should be fixed. To add to the machine’s allure, it plays whimsical jingles as you turn it on, select a cycle, and complete the wash cycle. Like the top-load washer, this appliance is praised for its ease of use. It offers outstanding cleaning sound, fast cycles, adjustable or hidden water levels, and good durability. Set the washing machine to perform a “hot” cycle. To preheat the bath, clean the line, and load the laundry, run a spin/warm rinse multiple times.

#3. Maytag maxima XL

This fantastic washer gets the job done with a minimum amount of water. You can use hot or cold water to clean your clothes according to your preferences. It has a PowerWash cycle that mixes heated water with other cleaning tasks. One of its benefits is its resistance to stains. In addition, cold washing provides the same functionality as hot washing, but with additional energy savings. It has a fleet of four-point three huge vehicles that accomplish their work well. Clothes can be washed and dried overnight to ensure they are ready for the following day. Clothes will continue to be cleaned to the highest standards imaginable. So, treat this laundry set as a two-piece package, with a washer and dryer as the main components.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Laundry Business?

Laundry businesses can count on a steady stream of customers because of the universal desire to wash one’s clothes on a regular basis. Although the start-up costs may be substantial, starting your own small laundry business might cost $250,000 or close to $1,000,000 depending on its location, your equipment and financing choices, and how much of the operation you wish to own rather than rent or lease.

Building and Property Costs

If the building was not initially a laundromat, you may need to install new water pipes, electrical outlets, and sewage access to meet the new washing functions, which will raise the overall cost of construction. Laundry facilities typically cost between $200,000 and $500,000 to build, with repairs adding another $100,000 to the total. Laundry business acquisition expenses are simply based on the value of the business, which varies depending on the success and location of the firm.

Material and Personnel Costs

For a laundry business, you can either buy or lease equipment. Commercial washing and drying equipment costs between $150,000 and $450,000, depending on the sophistication of the equipment and the size of your laundromat. Unlike a laundromat, a dry cleaning service need courteous and competent employees in order to succeed. Make a list of the expenditures associated with hiring staff and include them in your budget. For example, laundry workers may be paid, whereas dry cleaners may be paid a salary.

Licensing and Regulatory Costs

Before opening their doors, owners of laundromats are required to get a slew of permits. Food vending machines in laundromats necessitate additional permits from the health department in addition to a normal business license and a water pollution control permit. However, the cost of a permit varies greatly from one county to the next.

Financing and Investment Costs

There are a variety of financing options available to entrepreneurs who want to establish their own laundry service, including a bank loan or investment from business partners. Because investors demand a partnership or partial management of the business in exchange for no interest payments, they initially cost less than loans, but your long-term profits fall with every partner you recruit.

Financing through a laundry equipment manufacturer is the most expensive choice since the manufacturers borrow money from a lender and then charge you an even higher interest rate on the loan they provide to you. Start-up costs should include the total cost of all interest payments.

Guide To The Commercial Washer Brands To Buy

It is true that a commercial washing machine may be used in the home to meet the laundry needs of any household. Laundry washers used in businesses need to be more powerful and capable in terms of capacity and productivity. This sort of washer is widely available from various industrial and commercial washing machine manufacturers.

High-capacity washing facilities are provided by industrial washers. One hundred forty kg of textiles can be cleaned in a single cycle. With these industrial washers, washing and other textile industry processes such as stone washing and more may be done more efficiently. The following are the top commercial washer manufacturers to consider:

#1. Whirlpool

Whirlpool Corporation is the only company in the world that specializes in fabric care applications. Dynamic immersion, heating technology, distinct water flow, unique washing technique, cyclone inner rib type of barrel, mixed filtration system, and more are some of the features of the washing machine. Know the price of a Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer.

#2. Speed queen

Speed Queen was renowned for its self-service laundry machines. – Commercial washing products have given this brand a household name around the world. It’s true that Speed Queen’s high-quality products are used in numerous commercial, community, and self-service laundries. Only the most reliable and creative commercial washers, dryers, and self-service laundry facilities are available to customers. Many clients choose Speed Queen because of their commitment and competence in the industry.

#3. Maytag

Maytag is one of America’s best-known and most popular appliance brands. Everywhere in America, it’s regarded as the best-known brand. For being one of the best-selling products in the industry, it has the maximum visibility. Dry and overnight cycles, as well as a steam wash, are included in the machine’s capabilities. Also included is a 10-year parts warranty. The machine is made of high-quality steel, which decreases the environmental impact and minimizes corrosion, making it more environmentally friendly. You can load and unload it in a matter of seconds thanks to its ergonomic design. In addition, it provides reliable protection against unexpected openings, as well as simplicity of loading and unloading. Also, see how to reset my Maytag washing machine.

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Top 10 Best Commercial Washing Machine to Buy

1. Speed Queen TR7000WN 26 Inch Top Load Washer

With a 3.2 cubic foot capacity with a robust agitator and engine, this is one of the most capable and powerful washers on the market. The greatest top-load washing machine has three additional characteristics. In addition, the temperature may be set in three different ways, and there is an inlet hose for filling it.

Then there’s the fact that it has an incredible built-in balance system. At the top of the washers, the clothes are stacked one on top of the other. Fast and consistent washing is the hallmark of Speed Queen washers. As a result, this Speed Queen top load washer provides the best possible laundry while also taking care of your clothing.

In order to protect your garments, the stainless steel tub has been designed to be sturdy and dependable.

Pre-programmed washing functions let you to wash your garments in four distinct ways, using four different settings. The auto-fill technology ensures that every load is washed with the correct amount of water. Both the tub and the agitator work together to provide a gentle wash that gets the entire volume of water into the fabric. Additionally, an Extra Rinse setting is provided for the washer’s convenience.


  • It includes a 1-horsepower engine for producing commercial-grade wash results.
  • Low noise/vibration ratios are ensured with heavy suspension.
  • A full-size agitator is essential for gently washing garments by moving water through them without harming them.
  • Water and energy are conserved when using the Eco Cycle.
  • Your garments got a fantastic wash thanks to the Perfect Wash method.
  • For each load, the auto-fill mechanism ensures that the same amount of water is used.
  • The wash tub of the gadget is built of stainless steel, ensuring long-term performance and resistance to corrosion.


  • Utilizes an agitator with a variable speed range
  • High-Performance for the Long Term
  • Large storage space
  • Superior quality, heavy-duty washer
  • Tube made of stainless steel.
  • Large 3.2 cubic feet of storage space
  • Durable, three-coat finish
  • Low Level of Noise
  • Installed in any location


  • There aren’t enough washing options.
  • Expensive
  • a lack of power

2. White Front Load Laundry Pair with WAT28400UC 24 Washer

Most customers who need a portable washer and dryer will be delighted with the Bosch 300 series washer and dryer. There are a lot of important features here, including a high spin speed and a quicker wash cycle. In addition, customers praise the company’s long-term dependability, customer service, and overall performance.

They appear to be well-built machines in the 300 Series washing machine and dryer. One of the most trusted brands of lightweight laundry machines is Bosch and one of their most reliable models.

The 1,400 RPM spin speed and quick cycles make this a stylish washing machine. In most cases, a faster spin rate means drier clothes, which means less time in the dryer. The spin speed can also be changed. As one of the few portable washers with a conventional washing cycle, it is also one of the most efficient. This saves a lot of time. Its 2.2 cubic foot tub is capable of handling the 15-pound weight. There’s no need to worry about the cleanliness.

Reason to buy

This is the best portable washing machine for anyone who doesn’t have enough room in their home for a regular-sized washer. However, its lesser size does not imply that it is less valuable.. An EcoSilence Engine and round sidewalls reduce vibrations, allowing it to run at a low volume.

Instead of stainless steel, the drum of the WTG86400UC dryer is built of an aluminum-zinc alloy, making it more durable and quieter than comparable dryers.


  • User options range from sensitive to heavy-duty with 15 cycles.
  • Instead of stainless steel, the dryer uses an aluminum-zinc alloy, making it quieter than others.
  • When compared to comparable washers, the Bosch’s SpeedPerfect option can save washing time by as much as 40%.
  • Bosch washing machines come with a one-year parts and labor warranty, which is industry standard.
  • Your clothes will be protected from overdrying and excessively high temperatures thanks to sensor-controlled drying.


  • Incredibly efficient washing.
  • Clean clothes in less time using the perfect speed option.
  • More environmentally friendly
  • In a quieter way
  • long-lasting
  • Your laundry is protected by sensors that monitor the temperature and moisture content of your garments.


  • A more recent model, such as the 500 series, has superior capabilities.

3. Speed Queen TR3000WN 26 Inch Top Load Washer

In addition to a 3.2 Cu Stainless Steel tank, this washing machine has a white 3.2 Cu stainless steel shell. The maximum spin speed is 840 RPM. Among its many impressive features are the Perfect Wash System and Solid Mount Suspension System, as well as the long-lasting stainless steel tub.

The TR7 has the most versatile cycles meaning you can have the right fabric protection. For optimal cleaning, it helps you to select between 3 temperature levels.

The TR7 offers the widest range of cycle options, allowing you to select the best possible fabric protection. You can choose between three different temperature settings for the best cleaning results.

Reason to buy

In commercial washing machines, Speed Queen is the best brand because it offers high-end efficiency and advanced features. It has a well built touchpad interface with a simple control panel. For the washer’s spare parts, the seller guarantees a warranty of 5 years. Speed Queen should be on your list if you need a best top load washing machine that’s designed for reliability.


  • Speed Queen is the greatest brand of commercial washing machines because it provides high-end efficiency and modern features. Simply put, it boasts a well-built touchpad interface and a straightforward control panel. In the case of washer spare parts, the seller promises a 5-year warranty. Choosing a top-load washing machine that’s built to last should include Speed Queen.
  • corrosion-free Washtub made of Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel Cabinet for Longer Lasting Life
  • There are eight distinct washing cycles.
  • It contains a touchscreen for washing speed, time, and mode setting.
  • Excellent cleaning and gentle washing can be achieved with the powerful 210 degree agitation
  • a three-layer porcelain-coated steel outer tub
  • remarkable constancy in performance.


  • Solid construction, long service life, and low maintenance
  • When running, it is quite quiet.
  • Washing machines that wash clothes quickly
  • Effortless to Use
  • Pad Controlled by a Touch Screen
  • Shock Absorbing Suspension
  • The superior quality is well worth the additional cost.


  • There is no washer surge protector.
  • Expensive and Noisy

Things To Consider While buying Commercial Washing Machine

Washtub Size

In the washing machine, the washtub shows how much can be washed in a single wash cycle. A family of four can get by quite fine with 3 to 3.5 cubic feet of space on average. You need a larger washtub if you have a lot of laundry that needs to be done in a short period of time. Lightweight versions, on the other hand, are less expensive and more efficient for single users if you choose the proper computer.

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Capacity of Dryer

When choosing an additional dryer, keep in mind that it’s also a matter of capacity. The clothing expand as they dry, taking up more room. In addition, you don’t want a dryer that uses even more space than your washer does. In order to avoid this, you should look for a dryer that has twice as much capacity as your washer.

Top Load or Front Load

Top-loading washers can also wash clothes more quickly than front-loading washers. In addition, the cost rises in direct proportion to the size of the washtub and agitator. People with back issues will appreciate the convenience of a top-load washing machine because it eliminates the need to bend over to load the washer.

If you’re looking for the greatest front-load washer, you’ll pay a lot more for it. However, if your clothes are filthier than typical, with stubborn stains that are impossible to remove, a front-load washing machine may be an option for you. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced washing machine, a top-loader is your best bet.


You can easily monitor the progress of your wash on the higher-end models, which have digital displays. The remaining time will be shown on an indicator display, and the machine will beep to let you know when the session is over.

Energy efficiency:

You should always opt for energy-efficient ones, which will save you money in the long run. ” Eco-friendly options are available, such as a rapid wash, which is ideal if you only need to freshen up your clothes.


When running, washing machines and dryers can make a lot of noise, especially if you load them with heavy materials. Due to a brushless engine, the noise level is kept to a minimum in a number of models. Before you buy, check the decibel rating. The greater the level, the louder the sound.


When it comes to pricing, it’s important to strike a balance between equipment efficiency and price. You should look for a washer that is both inexpensive and has the top features in the industry. Quality washers are built to last and give you with the greatest possible washing results.


Investing in a washing machine from a well-known and reputable brand can help assure its long-term performance. The majority of top-of-the-line washing machines cost a fair amount of money. Check to see if the business you’re purchasing from provides a warranty for their products.


With a washer, you’ll be able to get the job done more quickly and easily, even if it’s one of the most tedious chores on your list. Large loads of laundry can be cleaned quickly and efficiently by washing machines.

We looked at a variety of brands and put together a washing machine review that covers all the bases so you can make an informed decision about which washer/dryer combo is right for you. We’ve compiled a list of the best washers and dryers currently on the market. This best washing machine review should help you find the best washer and dryer for your needs.

FAQs to Buy Best Commercial Washing Machine

Which is better Front Load or Top Load Washing Machines?

Front-loading washing machines use less water and energy than top-loading models. Front-load washing machines, on the other hand, are more expensive than top-loaders because of the more modern technology involved.

Which machine is better for preventing tangling?

In order to avoid tangles, the garments come out of the front-load machine with a tumbling spin. All of the clothing in a top-loading washer are spun together, causing them to become tangled, wrinkled, and creased.

How is Liquid detergent better than washing powder?

Liquid detergents are more effective in cleaning because they dissolve more quickly in water.

What is the work of an agitator?

Using agitators to speed up the spin cycle decreases fabric quality by twisting all of the cloth.

Which is better than a semi-automatic or a fully automatic washing machine?

Automated systems are superior. Fully automatic machines, on the other hand, tend to be more expensive than their semi-automatic counterparts.

It’s A Wrap!

How much do commercial washers cost from the companies mentioned: Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool?? The best commercial washers on the market are listed here, so do some research and pick one of them. And you’ll be able to do your laundry more quickly and easily as a result! Washing machine buying advice is provided here.

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