How Much Does A King Mattress Weigh

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Helen Skeates
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How heavy is a king-sized bed mattress? A king-size bed is ideal when you want a spacious bed that can accommodate one or two persons.

There’s plenty of room for you and your roommate to each have your own, and it’s already comfortable.

The brand, materials, and style of bed you order can all affect the specifics of your king-sized mattress.

Make sure the company offers home delivery before making a purchase.

Based on my experience, king-size mattresses tend to be somewhat weighty.

It also concerns the material used for the said mattress to know how it would weigh.

The weight of a mattress depends on its size and construction.

But, keep reading to find out more.

How Much A King Mattress Weigh?

There are many advantages to sleeping on a king-sized mattress, but how heavy are they?

Now, the way to tell which mattress is the heaviest would depend on the materials utilized to make it.

However, you can’t just ask the other person what it’s made of to get a ballpark figure.

It’s not uncommon for king-size mattresses to be of higher quality than standard twin mattresses.

You should also be aware that your king-size bed’s mattress, due to its size and width, could weigh up to one hundred pounds. to a greater extent.

Weights for king-sized mattresses range from from 130 to 180 pounds.

One kilogram is equal to 2.2 pounds, thus to convert, just divide by 2.2.

Most couples, or those who share a bed with someone else, benefit from a king-size mattress.

It’s spacious, large, and has a little extra length, so it should accommodate even the tallest of guests.

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What To Consider When Buying A King-Size Mattress

Things to think about while shopping for a king-sized bed mattress

#1. Room size

Obviously, you can’t put this in just any space. In addition to the king-size bed, you’ll need an equally spacious bedroom.

The mattress would take up a lot of room in your little room, making it more difficult to move around.

It’s acceptable practice when you’re short on storage space but eager to make the most of your living quarters.

#2. A bed frame with drawers could help

Or, if you like, I might suggest bringing a bed frame or a mattress case with built-in storage space.

Aside from taking up a lot of space, it might perhaps turn that into a strategic advantage.

You’ll need to rearrange your existing furniture in the room to make way for the bed.

You can still get a good mattress, even if your bedroom is on the smaller side.

#3. Transportation

Plan out how you’d like your king-sized bed to fit into that space.

Despite its heft, a king-size bed is well worth the effort.

Whenever you invest in one, you should check to see if delivery trucks are available.

You will have a tough time shipping this, so make sure shipping is on the house.

The sheer size and weight of this mattress make it impractical to move it without assistance.

How To Move A King-Size Mattress?

I can’t think of a good way for you to move a king-size bed by yourself in a car.

But I can tell you how one might transport a king-sized Tempur Pedic mattress.

It’s possible you’ll wonder what this has to do with the question and why. Simply relax for a moment, and you’ll realize.

If you know it is a king size, you can sleep on it even if the material is different from what you’re used to.

That would work good as a starting point, as you may also come up with other approaches to achieve your goal by examining the procedures.

It’s possible that some of these steps will be applicable to the way you normally relocate a king-size bed, too.

Check this out!

This is the standard method of transferring a mattress, but you can also use this alternative.

The second suggestion I gave you was a two-step process for moving a mattress.

How Much Would A King-Size Mattress Usually Be?

Here, the most important consideration is the material that you would choose for your king-size bed’s mattress.

However, you may expect to pay between $4,000 and $9,000 for a king-size mattress. It all depends on the quality.

Top-tier, high-end mattresses are within your reach, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Make sure you’re well-prepared for the purchase, and if you’re after a quality mattress, don’t be surprised if the price tag isn’t either.

The Best King Mattresses

DreamCloud Mattress

Hybrid Beds / Mattresses

Degree of Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)

Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Who it’s best for:

  • Those who typically find hybrids overly rubbery or springy
  • Smokers in bed
  • Buyers looking for a mattress with a generous return policy


  • An sophisticated pocketed coil system and thick foam layers make up the luxurious hybrid design.
  • Superior ventilation and comfort thanks to a soft, breathable cashmere blend cover.
  • Sleep on it for a full year and it’s certain to work.

With the DreamCloud, you get the support of an innerspring and the body-hugging smoothness of an all-foam mattress. As a result, you get a comfortable, supportive, and motion-isolating place to sleep. Most persons (up to 230 pounds) will find a mattress with a medium firm (6) feel to provide enough support while lying in any posture.

Materials Used

The surface is deliciously plush thanks to quilted soft polyfoam, while additional cushioning and contouring are provided by a layer of gel-infused memory foam. There’s also a polyfoam transition layer and a pocketed coil system, both of which work to keep you from sinking too far into the mattress at any one point.

How Effective It Was

Cashmere, a material with outstanding cooling characteristics, is used for the entire mattress cover. The coil layer’s ability to circulate air consistently contributes to the bed’s ability to keep its sleep surface at a pleasant temperature. Couples and co-sleepers shouldn’t have to worry about motion transfer being too bothersome thanks to the high density foam layers.

The DreamCloud Mattress is offered at a competitive price for a hybrid model, and shipping to any location within the 48 contiguous states is free. The mattress may be tried out for a full 12 months as part of the company’s sleep trial, giving you plenty of time to make up your mind. Keep in mind that for as long as you possess your DreamCloud, you are covered by a warranty against structural problems.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

In comparison to other hybrid mattresses we’ve tried, the DreamCloud was universally praised for its luxurious feel. To top it all off, this model’s cooling performance is unparalleled thanks to the cashmere-blend cover.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

Hybrid Beds / Mattresses

Moderately Soft (4), Medium-Firm (6), and Firm (10) (8)

Limited Guarantee for a Period of Ten Years

Who it’s best for:
  • Couples
  • Those with a heightened sense of touch
  • Smokers in bed
  • We offer a choice between three densities.
  • The adaptive TitanFlex foam cushioning system effectively alleviates pressure.
  • Enhanced edge support thanks to a reinforced perimeter

The Signature Hybrid from Brooklyn Bedding may be used in multiple positions and is reasonably priced. Customers can select the most suitable mattress for their preferences from three different firmness levels. Choose between medium soft (4), medium firm (6), or firm (8), all of which are made up of comparable ingredients but have different textures.

Materials Used

The quilted tops included on all models contribute to a cozy, plusher overall feel. The comfort systems in both use the same materials, beginning with the unique TitanFlex foam that responds to your every move to alleviate stress on your joints. In addition to its other benefits, TitanFlex offers a gel infusion that can be used to get rid of any extra heat your body generates. The next layer is an intermediate VariFlex foam. Pressure point pain can be alleviated by using this substance. The hard version’s Variflex layer is somewhat thicker to provide the extra support it does.

The support core of the Signature Hybrid consists of pocketed coils above a thick layer of polyfoam. While you sleep, the individually enclosed coils can shift position without disturbing your partner. These coils provide a firm foundation for your mattress, reducing motion transfer. To improve edge stability, thicker gauge coils have been added around the perimeter.

How Effective It Was

Most sleepers will be able to discover a model that works for them thanks to the variety of hardness levels available. The medium-soft type was the most accommodating for side sleepers up to 230 pounds on our team, and it is also suitable for sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds. The medium hard type was a hit with our heaviest and lightest testers, who weighed 130 and 230 pounds, respectively. Some people who weigh more than 230 pounds, particularly those who sleep on their stomachs or backs, may find the firm mattress more comfortable.

Each of the three models we tested performed exceptionally well in terms of maintaining a comfortable temperature and reducing stress. Foam mattresses conform to the body and reduce pressure points, but they also tend to keep heat in. The Signature Hybrid, however, solves this problem with its breathable coil support system and responsive gel-infused foams.

There is a 120-night trial period and a 10-year guarantee on each mattress. If you want to return a mattress, you have to sleep on it for 30 nights before you can do so. Customers in the 48 contiguous states can receive free shipping.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

“Foam layers on beds tend to retain heat, but our hot sleepers felt relatively comfortable on the Signature Hybrid thanks to the vented coils and cooling gel infusions,” they said.


Specifically, an innerspring mattress.

Soft (4), Medium (4-6), Firm (7-8), and Firm (9) (8)

Restricted Lifetime Warranty

Who it’s best for:

  • sufferers of pressure points when sleeping
  • Smokers in bed
  • Couples


  • The soft, padded Euro-top is a result of the surface’s adaptable foam.
  • There is a pocketed coil core inside, which gives the mattress bounce and pinpoints where you need support.
  • The coil support core allows air to circulate, which maintains a cooler sleeping surface.

The WinkBed is a high-end hybrid bed that comes in four different firmness options: medium soft (4), medium firm (6), firm (7), and stiff (11). (8). All of the models offer an excellent compromise between soft foam padding and firm support, making them suitable for a wide variety of sleepers.

Materials Used

The WinkBed’s Euro-top is quilted with a layer of gel-infused foam. This results in a cushy surface when you lie down, and a transition layer of dense polyfoam beneath offers support and stops you from sinking too far. The pocketed coils in the support core are targeted to provide more firmness in the lower back and stomach. If you want to sleep or sit close to the edge of the bed, you’ll like the strengthened perimeter coils. The entire mattress is protected by a Tencel cover.

How Effective It Was

Our hands-on testing revealed that the softer model’s thicker comfort system was a hit with side sleepers and persons weighing less than 130 pounds. The medium-firm mattress was the most adaptable, with positive results for all body types and sleeping positions. Those who prefer to sleep on their backs or stomachs will find the firm mattress to be the most comfortable option. The WinkBed Plus is a good option for heavy sleepers (above 230 pounds) because it was designed to support your body.

Based on our research, the mattress is also a solid pick for warm sleepers. This is because of the Tencel cover’s breathability and the coil system’s ability to maintain a constant flow of air throughout the mattress’s interior. The mattress also excels in other areas, including as edge support, surface smoothness, and motion isolation.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

Our side-sleeping reviewers praised the WinkBed’s “optimal blend of softness and support.” They reported minimal to no discomfort in the hips and shoulders and appreciated the firm back support.

Nectar Premier Copper

Foam Mattresses.

Degree of Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)

Restricted Lifetime Warranty

Who it’s best for:

  • The Side Sleepers
  • Separated couples that like shared motion
  • Comfortable memory foam mattresses for warm sleepers


  • The cover is a polyester-blend weave that incorporates copper strands for thermal regulation.
  • Pressure points are alleviated thanks to the thick layer of memory foam.
  • A sleep study lasting 365 nights

Those who have to sleep next to a noisy or restless bedmate may want to consider investing in a mattress with several inches of dense foam layers. In comparison to many other all-foam versions, the Nectar Premier Copper maintains a more comfortable temperature range while reducing motion transmission because to its mixed-foam construction.

Materials Used

The cover is made from a polyester blend featuring copper fibers engineered to conduct heat away from the body and dissipate it. Underneath is a layer of phase change material meant to enhance cooling, followed by a thick layer of adaptive memory foam. This layer closely contours to the body to relieve pressure points in the hips and shoulders. A polyfoam transitional layer adds cushioning between the comfort system and the support core. The support core contains high-density polyfoam that prevents uncomfortable sagging and promotes spinal alignment.

The fabric is a polyester blend with copper threads woven throughout to help dissipate your body heat. To improve cooling, a layer of phase change material lies beneath the adaptive memory foam. This layer curves snugly around the body, making it ideal for relieving stress in the hips and shoulders. Between the comfort system and the support core, a polyfoam transitional layer provides additional padding. The high-density polyfoam used in the support core helps to keep the spine in a neutral position and reduces the likelihood of any painful drooping.

The fabric used for the cover is a polyester blend infused with copper strands that are designed to disperse and transmit heat away from the body. A thick layer of responsive memory foam sits atop a layer of phase change material that’s designed to improve cooling. This section molds itself snugly around the body, easing stress in the hips and shoulders. Between the comfort system and the support core, a polyfoam transitional layer provides additional padding. High-density polyfoam is used in the support core, which helps maintain proper spinal alignment and reduces the likelihood of painful drooping.

The fabric used for the cover is a polyester blend with copper threads woven into it specifically to act as a heat conductor and heat sink. A thick layer of responsive memory foam sits above a layer of phase change material designed to improve cooling. This section molds itself tightly to the body, which reduces stress in the hips and shoulders. Between the comfort system and the support core is a polyfoam transitional layer, which provides additional padding. High-density polyfoam is stuffed into the cushion’s support core to stop the mattress from sagging and help you maintain proper posture.

The cover is constructed from a polyester blend infused with copper strands that are designed to transfer heat away from the body and dissipate it. A thick layer of responsive memory foam sits above a layer of phase change material designed to improve cooling. This section molds itself tightly to the body, which reduces stress in the hips and shoulders. Between the comfort system and the support core is a polyfoam transitional layer, which provides additional padding. High-density polyfoam is stuffed into the cushion’s support core to stop the mattress from sagging and help you maintain proper posture.

The fabric used for the cover is a polyester blend infused with copper strands that are designed to disperse and transmit heat away from the body. A thick layer of responsive memory foam sits atop a layer of phase change material that’s designed to improve cooling. This section molds itself snugly around the body, easing stress in the hips and shoulders. Between the comfort system and the support core, a polyfoam transitional layer provides additional padding. High-density polyfoam is used in the support core, which helps maintain proper spinal alignment and reduces the likelihood of painful drooping.

Helix Midnight

Hybrid Beds / Mattresses

Degree of Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)

Limited Guarantee for a Period of Ten Years

Who it’s best for:

  • The Side Sleepers
  • Joint pain sufferers who encounter it regularly
  • Comfortable memory foam mattresses for warm sleepers


  • Pressure points are significantly diminished because to the memory foam support system.
  • Flexible and breathable proprietary fabric construction.
  • A stronger edge is produced via a coil-reinforced perimeter.

Side sleepers can be prone to aches and pains because of the extra pressure on the shoulders and hips. The Helix Midnight features a thick foam comfort system that deeply contours the body to reduce pressure buildup, making it a strong choice for side sleepers and others with joint pain.

Aching muscles and joints are common complaints among side sleepers due to the added strain on their hips and shoulders. The Helix Midnight is an excellent option for side sleepers and anyone who have joint pain due to its thick foam comfort system that deeply molds the body to relieve pressure.

The mattress is covered in a proprietary Soft Touch Design polyester. Stretchy and breathable, this fabric has it all. The next layer is our exclusive Memory Plus Foam, which helps to redistribute your body weight and reduce pressure on your spine. Layer of denser polyfoam padding located between the soft cover and the springy inner core. Similarly, this layer prevents excessive sinking.

Core support is provided by pocketed coils. These coils contract alone, without influencing neighboring coils. More weight is distributed evenly over the design, which helps prevent motion transmission. A layer of dense polyfoam provides additional support for the coils.

How Effective It Was

Our research discovered that the Helix Midnight is best accommodating for side sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds, despite having a medium firm (6) feel that should work for a wide range of sleepers. Under 130 pound test subjects who slept on their backs and bellies also found the mattress to be comfortable.

The mattress’s high-density foam comfort system did an excellent job of reducing pressure points. Even though mattresses made with foam layers have a tendency to sleep hot, this one stays comfortably cool thanks to the airflow in the coil support core. If you enjoy the “body embrace” of memory foam but find that it keeps you too warm while you sleep, this option may be for you.

Helix provides a 100-night risk-free trial and free shipping to all 50 states. When you buy a mattress from Midnight, you’ll have ten years of coverage for any structural flaws.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

“The Helix Midnight was fantastic at relieving pressure for the average weight sleepers on our squad without sacrificing too much support.”

How Much Does A King Size Mattress Weigh - Krostrade

Saatva Classic

Specifically, an innerspring mattress.

Types of Firmness: Soft (3), Medium (6), and Firm (8)

Restricted Lifetime Warranty

Who it’s best for:

  • Mattress lovers
  • Smokers in bed
  • Those who buy mattresses but don’t want to set them up themselves


  • The coil-on-coil structure is both supporting and responsive.
  • There are three levels of firmness to choose from.
  • White-glove service with no additional cost for delivery

The Saatva Classic is a hybrid mattress that combines the responsiveness of an innerspring with the body-molding comfort of a memory foam mattress. The bed has a sumptuous feel and comes in three different hardness levels to accommodate different sleep preferences.

Materials Used

The surface is soft and welcoming because to the thick Euro-top cover, which is padded with fibers and has comfort layers of memory foam and polyfoam. The lumbar area is given further support by the Euro-strategically top’s placed padding. The pocketed minicoils found in the transition layer are intended to provide additional support to your core. The Saatva Classic’s support core is made up of durable recycled steel hourglass coils, so it’s also quite springy.

How Effective It Was

Due to the two coil layers’ ability to maintain constant ventilation, this hybrid mattress sleeps wonderfully cool. The sturdy construction is also a good fit for heavy individuals (more than 130 pounds) who require additional support from their mattress (especially those who sleep on their stomachs or backs). The Saatva Classic comes in three firmness options: medium soft (4), medium firm (6), and hard (10). (7). Although there are distinct variances between the three in terms of contouring and pressure reduction, all three provide outstanding support. There are two different mattress firmness levels to choose from.

Only Saatva provides free White Glove delivery to every customer in the 48 contiguous states. Assembling it in the room of your choice and removing your old bed frame are also free extras with this service. There is a whole year to evaluate the Saatva Classic before you have to decide whether to retain it or send it back.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

The coil-on-coil structure provided an extra bit of bounce, which was well appreciated by our testers. It made navigating the surface less of a chore, but it didn’t have much spring to it.

Leesa Sapira Hybrid

Hybrid Beds / Mattresses

Degree of Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)

Limited Guarantee for a Period of Ten Years

Who it’s best for:

  • Those who are hypersensitive to pressure points and sharp pains
  • Smokers in bed
  • Normal hybrid-haters may find this one an exception.


  • An ideal compromise between soft and firm, with generous padding and a supportive spring system.
  • Perimeter sinkage is mitigated by additional reinforcing.
  • Excellent climate regulation is achieved by the consistent vertical airflow.

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid is a foam hybrid that strikes a great mix between softness and resilience. The coil support and soft foam layers work together to keep your spine in proper alignment and relieve pressure points.

Materials Used

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid is a hybrid mattress that combines a ventilated polyfoam comfort layer and a memory foam layer for maximum support and comfort. This configuration creates a modest amount of surface bounce while also providing uniform body contouring as you sink deeper into the mattress. To ensure uniform support and extra padding, a polyfoam transition layer is used.

The Sapira Hybrid has a layer of dense polyfoam under the cover and 6-inch pocketed coils inside. The edges of the coils have been reinforced so that you don’t sink as much and can easily walk across the surface without getting caught. The entire mattress is wrapped in a knit polyester cover that features Leesa’s signature striped design.

How Effective It Was

Those who weighed at least 130 pounds on their side and those who weighed less than that on their back or stomach gave the Leesa Sapira Hybrid high marks in our sleep testing. It’s great that there’s foam with air pockets in it. The Sapira Hybrid minimizes the overheating that is common in foam-based mattresses by increasing the airflow near the surface. The deep comfort mechanism helps the mattress perform well in motion isolation, an area where hybrids typically fall short of competing mattress types.

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid has a low starting price and free transport to any of the 50 states. Each purchase is covered by a 10-year warranty against structural flaws and comes with a 100-night sleep trial with free returns after 30 nights.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

While sleeping on the Leesa Sapira Hybrid, I experienced exceptional comfort and cooling, unusual for a bed with foam layers, thanks to its well-ventilated coil system. Our warm sleepers also approved of this design.

Bear Hybrid

Hybrid Beds / Mattresses

Degree of Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)

A warranty that lasts forever

Who it’s best for:

  • Side and back sleepers
  • Both side and back sleepers
  • Smokers in bed


  • Foam comfort system provides generous contouring
  • Supportive foam padding offers a lot of shape.
  • Recovering muscles faster with the help of the Celliant substance

Pressure point sufferers often choose soft, cushioned mattresses, but they can lack the firmness and support preferred by back and stomach sleepers. The Bear Hybrid’s hybrid design, which successfully combines contouring and support, is immune to this issue.

Materials Used

There is a thick profile to the bed, and the firmness level is set at 6. The Celliant fabric cover is designed to aid in muscle repair and is the first step. Quilted into the cover is a comfort layer of polyfoam, which rests over another polyfoam layer to provide a plush, form-fitting surface. The support core is made up of a system of pocketed coils and a thin layer of high-density polyfoam for firmness and longevity, and the next layer of polyfoam acts as a transitional layer between the sleeper and the support core.

How Effective It Was

The thick foam layers provide excellent contouring to help alleviate pressure buildup at night. Those who prefer to sleep on their side or back rather than their stomach may appreciate this feature. This can result in soreness or discomfort. Given its medium firm feel, the bed is suitable for most weight categories but will feel most comfortable for sleepers up to 230 pounds. If you tend to sleep hot at night, the Celliant fabric is designed to regulate temperature, and the coils enable air to circulate efficiently through the bed.

As you sleep, you won’t have to worry about any pressure points because to the thick foam layers’ great contouring. Those who prefer to sleep on their sides or backs, relieving strain on their shoulders, hips, and spine, may appreciate this. It’s possible that this could lead to some aches and pains. The bed’s medium firmness makes it acceptable for people of varying sizes and weights, but it’s best suited for those weighing up to 230 pounds. The Celliant fabric is made to keep you cool at night, and the coils allow air to flow freely through the mattress so that you don’t overheat.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

“The Bear Hybrid has an advantage in keeping cool at night thanks to the Celliant fabric in the cover. As an added bonus, the foam layers provided great pressure relief.

Birch Mattress

Hybrid Beds / Mattresses

Degree of Firmness: Medium-Firm (6)

The Limited Warranty Period Is Twenty-Five Years.

Who it’s best for:

  • Smokers in bed
  • Those who prefer the feel of very bouncy mattresses
  • Fans of springy mattresses


  • Flexibility and responsiveness thanks to hybrid latex construction.
  • Enjoys a really comfortable night’s rest due to the use of natural materials like Talalay latex, cotton, and wool.
  • Concealing the margins from severe submergence, zoned coils

The Birch Mattress is a hybrid model that combines a latex top layer and a pocketed coil support structure. The end product is a bed that maintains a comfortable temperature while you sleep and provides freedom of movement, features that could be attractive to couples.

Materials Used

The moisture-wicking wool and the airy Talalay latex in the mattress’ comfort system will keep you cool as you sleep. To keep things nice and toasty inside, a pocketed coil support core generates additional airflow. The mattress is encased in breathable organic cotton, and the fire barrier underneath is made of moisture-wicking natural wool to keep sleepers from getting too hot and sticky.

How Effective It Was

The innate resilience of latex makes it more impervious to imprints and dents than foam. Birch mattresses include divided coils to prevent sinkage that might damage the sides over time. This means the mattress will last for a long time. The responsive and buoyant sensation of the latex and coils means that most people will have no issue navigating the surface.

If you’re looking for a mattress that doesn’t hurt the environment, the Birch Mattress is a good option. If the latex comes from rubber trees that have been certified as being farmed responsibly by the Rainforest Alliance, then you know you’re getting a high-quality product, and if it’s been certified by eco-INSTITUT, you know it’s been tested for potentially dangerous emissions. The sheep who provide the wool for Birch’s fireproofing are treated with great care, earning the company additional praise.

In comparison to similar latex hybrids, the Birch Mattress offers excellent value for the money. As an added bonus, all 50 states can take advantage of Birch’s free ground shipping offer. Included with every transaction is a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 100-night sleep trial to see if the mattress is right for you.

The Opinions of Our Lab Rats and Mice

Testers said, “Hybrid beds often keep pretty cold, but the added level of natural cooling afforded by the Birch’s latex layer was very appreciated.”

SleepOvation Mattress

Hybrid Beds / Mattresses

Medium firmness (5)

Limited Guarantee for a Period of Ten Years

Who it’s best for:

  • Persons experiencing spinal pressure
  • Those that share a bed, whether a couple or not,
  • People who have trouble maintaining a comfortable body temperature when sleeping


  • Miniature mattresses are used in the innovative design to offer localized comfort everywhere from the head to the toes.
  • The channeled layout guarantees consistent airflow and top-notch cooling performance.
  • An excellent level of vibration damping for a hybrid vehicle.

The SleepOvation Mattress is a novel take on the conventional hybrid design, with the aim of providing more focused support and reduced pressure points. When it comes to severe pressure points in the neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips, ailments like arthritis and sciatica are ideal candidates for this unorthodox design.

Materials Used

There are hundreds of “small mattresses” within the mattress, each made out of a square of polyfoam and a set of steel coils. Independent motion between each micromattress ensures both localized support where it’s needed most and a balanced load distribution across the whole surface. Unlike most competing foam hybrids, this one does not have uniform comfort layers atop pocketed coils for support.

The whole thing is wrapped up in a stretchy cover composed of polyester and elastane. Since the cover is removable and washable, maintaining a clean and sanitary mattress is a breeze. The SleepOvation is a 12-inch thick mattress with a medium (5) firmness.

How Effective It Was

The SleepOvation’s innovative layout helped it achieve superior results in several important categories compared to other hybrids. The mattress did an excellent job of maintaining a comfortable temperature. The interior stays cool thanks to the permeable cover and air channels between the mini mattresses. It also excels at isolating external motion. The small mattresses react to motion individually, which means there is significantly less motion transfer between them.

In our hands-on testing, the SleepOvation performed admirably for side sleepers up to 230 pounds in weight. The shoulders and hips of these test subjects were generously padded, preventing any undue strain or compression on the spine. Those who weighed less than 130 pounds who slept on their backs or bellies rated the mattress highly. Testers did not experience any problems with sinkage that were considered excessive.

The SleepOvation Mattress has earned a GREENGUARD Gold certification, indicating it has been evaluated for chemical emissions using the most rigorous standards in place today. Everyone in the 48 contiguous states can take advantage of our free standard ground shipping. There is a 100-night trial period and a 10-year structural guarantee included with every purchase.

The SleepOvation Mattress has acquired a GREENGUARD Gold certification, signifying it has been assessed for chemical emissions using the most rigorous standards in existence today. All orders placed inside the 48 contiguous states will be shipped through ground at no cost to the buyer. There is a 100-night trial period and a 10-year structural guarantee included with every purchase.

The SleepOvation Mattress has been tested for chemical emissions according to the most current and stringent criteria, and has been awarded the GREENGUARD Gold certification as a result. All orders placed inside the 48 contiguous states will be shipped through ground at no cost to the buyer. There is a 100-night sleep trial with every purchase, and the maker offers a 10-year warranty against structural flaws.

How We Evaluated These Mattresses

The SleepOvation Mattress has been tested for chemical emissions in accordance with the most stringent criteria available today, and has been awarded the GREENGUARD Gold certification as a result. Shipping costs are waived for any buyers inside the 48 contiguous states. There is a 100-night sleep trial with every purchase, plus a 10-year structural warranty against defects from the manufacturer.

Read on for an in-depth look at our product research methodology, which details how we conduct our own tests and evaluations of mattresses.

  • The capacity of a mattress to reduce motion transfer is what is meant by “motion isolation.” We use a battery of tests to determine this potentially crucial measure, which may be of interest to couples who want to get more uninterrupted sleep.
  • Our team uses both qualitative and quantitative techniques to measure how well a mattress maintains a comfortable temperature. Hot sleepers in particular may find this criterion to be of use.
  • Measured in millimeters, this metric indicates how much a surface cradles the body and reduces pressure. After laying flat on the ground, our testers use body maps and assess the quality of the impressions left behind.
  • The term “off-gassing” is used to describe the brief stench that some mattresses may give off immediately after being removed from their packaging. Many sleepers find the odor unpleasant, but it usually disappears within two or three days.
  • The ease with which a person can move around on the bed is a key consideration for those who toss and turn during the night. We also conduct subjective assessments of the mattress’s softness.
  • Subjective tests, an evaluation of the mattress’s materials, and a measurement of the sinkage experienced by testers while they sit on the edge all contribute to our conclusion on the edge support of a given mattress. Those who like to sit or sleep on the edge of their mattress may appreciate a firmer edge.
  • Although everyone has their own opinion on what makes a bed good for sex, many people prefer a more responsive, cooler, and springier surface when engaging in sexual activity. In our comprehensive mattress reviews, we take every one of these factors into account.
  • How much support and comfort a mattress provides depends on the individual’s weight. We always account for the tester’s weight on each mattress we evaluate due to the significant impact that weight has on the mattress’s overall comfort.

How to Choose a King Mattress

Buying a king-size bed is an investment that, with any luck, will pay off for years to come. We’ll go through the various options for king mattresses, the sleepers who benefit most from them, and the elements that contribute to their comfort and support, all with the goal of helping you choose the right one.

What to Look for in a Mattress

Businesses selling mattresses often talk about the unique qualities of their wares to attract customers. However, before thinking about these additional qualities, you should think about whether or not a mattress is suitable for your body type and favorite sleeping position. No amount of cooling gels or other features can save a mattress that isn’t a good fit for your sleeping habits.

Here are some of the most crucial questions to ask yourself before making your mattress purchase. Read between the lines and find a mattress that works for you by prioritizing the aforementioned attributes.


How to Sleep

Bedding Styles


Sustainably Sourced Materials

Rank of Stiffness

Soothing Release From Tension

Side Helper

Temperamental Control


Who is Best Suited to a King Mattress?

King mattresses are the largest of the common mattress sizes. They first became popular in the 1940s. A king-sized bed, measuring 76 by 80 inches, is large enough for two persons to sleep side by side in comfort. Sleepers of all types, from single adults to couples to families, have shown a growing preference for king-sized mattresses.

For Adults Living Alone: A King-Sized Bed (or “Cal King”) Mattress can be the Statement Piece in a Large Bedroom. If you’re a solo sleeper, a king-size bed might put the finishing touch on your tastefully arranged bedroom. A king-sized bed provides plenty of space to stretch out and relax, making it an excellent choice for people who are tall, heavy, or want to change sleeping positions regularly.

Spooning is a lovely way to fall asleep, but not everyone enjoys it. With an extra 16 inches of width compared to a queen mattress, a king size bed gives each lover more than enough space to spread out. If you and your spouse can’t settle on a single firmness level for your mattress, consider upgrading to a split king.

It’s adorable when the kids crawl into bed with you, but it can be difficult to fall asleep if your bedroom is already crowded. If you and your bed partner are in need of more space to accommodate young children or large dogs, a king-size bed is the way to go. Over Weight Bariatric Mattress Specially Designed for Heavy People US Made 300-400 lbs with Talalay Latex (King 76 x 80) : Industrial & Scientific

King vs. California King

The California king mattress size is the most common of the various king mattress sizes available today. The California king is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long, making it 4 inches shorter and 4 inches longer than a traditional king.

The California king is a favorite amongst the taller population due to its generous dimensions. Standard king mattresses are practically square, which is preferred by many due to their appearance. Those who anticipate sharing their bed with children or pets, or who weigh more, may also find this size more suitable.

Bedding for a California king mattress may be tougher to come by, but the vast majority of mattress manufacturers provide both king and California king mattresses at the same pricing points. It’s possible to find split king and California king mattresses, where the firmness or other features can be adjusted independently on either side. Because the two halves of a split king mattress aren’t joined together, motion is reduced.

Alaska king (108108 inches) and Wyoming king (120120 inches) are two other king-size bed options (84 by 84 inches). These are difficult to come by through typical distribution methods and may require special ordering if at all possible.

Pros and Cons of a King Mattress

For those who like plenty of room to stretch out, a king-sized bed is the way to go, but not everyone has the luxury of a king-sized bedroom. If you’re thinking about upgrading to a king size bed, you might find it useful to read over these benefits and cons first.

  • Those who sleep on a king-sized bed can spread out more comfortably, which is ideal for couples or people who tend to toss and turn during the night.
  • It’s Simple to Find: King and Cal King mattresses are the most commonly available sizes.
  • A king-size bed is a luxurious sight in any bedroom, so long as there’s enough room.
  • In addition to being the most expensive option, a king-sized bed also necessitates the purchase of a new bed frame and larger sheets.
  • Heavy and cumbersome, a king-sized bed’s mattress can be a pain to move and turn.
  • A king-sized bed takes up a lot of room, so it’s not always the best option if you’re short on living quarters.

What Type of Mattress is Best for a King?

Learning about the benefits and drawbacks of various mattress options is a great method to gauge how you will feel on a given model. In spite of these commonalities in materials and general construction, each mattress has its own unique feel because of its individual design. We’ve broken down the key features of the five most common mattress varieties available today.


Hybrid mattresses are defined as mattresses that combine traditional construction techniques with modern materials. This is augmented by a relaxation zone outfitted with pressure-relieving materials like memory foam, latex, micro-coils, or something else else.


Innerspring mattresses are defined as ones that are predominantly made up of steel coils for the purposes of providing bounce, support, and ventilation. Even if an innerspring mattress has a comfort layer, it won’t drastically alter the sleep experience for the better.


The milky white liquid from the rubber tree is processed in one of two ways to create natural latex: the Dunlop method and the Talalay method. The resulting fabric is strong and long-lasting; with some tweaking, it might serve as a comfort layer or a support layer in a mattress. There are synthetic substitutes to natural latex, but they don’t compare to the real thing.


Airbed mattresses, by definition, are those whose support core has one or more air chambers that may be inflated or deflated to change the mattress’s level of firmness. Additionally, airbeds may have a comfort layer added on top of the air cells.


All-foam mattresses are defined as having a high-density polyfoam support core and a comfort layer comprised of polyfoam, latex, memory foam, or another similar substance.

Last Things to Consider with a King Mattress

Read the fine print for shipping, sleep trial, and warranty policies before making a final decision, and make sure the mattress is a good fit for your needs.

Who Will Use the Mattress?

The king size bed will easily accommodate two individuals. Keep in mind the requirements of all users if the mattress will be shared.

Most people who sleep on their sides or who weigh less than 130 pounds would benefit from a more conforming mattress that distributes weight more evenly over the surface. People who sleep on their stomachs or who weigh more than 230 pounds should look for a mattress with a firmer surface. When two people who have very different sleeping preferences must use the same bed, a split king may be the best option.

Will You Share the Mattress with Pets and Kids?

Children and dogs often sleep in the same bed as their parents. One possibility is to forego the split king in favor of a standard king, so that no one has to sleep in the awkward space between the two beds. Strong edge support helps families who might otherwise find the bed too crowded to make full use of it, and this is especially helpful for those who share the bed with one or more restless sleepers.

Mattress Warranty and Other Policies

The majority of king-size bed mattresses can be folded, rolled, and sent in a box thanks to their ability to be compressed, wrapped, and sealed. Free ground shipment inside the U.S. contiguous states is typical among online mattress shops, and many even toss in the removal of your old one at no cost. White Glove delivery is often included at no extra cost with king-sized mattresses because their weight makes regular shipping impractical.

If you’re shopping for a mattress online, make sure that you can return it for a full refund if you don’t like it after sleeping on it for at least 90 nights. After this time period, most mattress manufactures will provide a warranty of at least 10 years against faulty construction or materials. You should always verify these details before committing to buying a new bed.


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