How Much Does a Sewing Machine Weight?

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The baby’s weight at birth is always documented. Everyone would like to know how large the baby was when the time he was born. They take note of the baby’s first weight in with joy. Being aware of the weight of a newborn or sewing machine is crucial to A lot ofpeople.

What is the weight of the weight of a sewing machine? The weight of an sewing machine is related to its size as well as how large the motor is. On average, you will find sewing machines that weigh between 10 to 30 pounds. The larger machines, particularly industrial ones, weigh more than this.

For more information on sewing machine weights, keep reading our post. It provides the information you require to ensure you get the right machine. It should not be too heavy for your sewing desk or cabinets.

Sewing Machine Weight in kg

The equation of pound to kilogram is not difficult to understand. It is much simpler than the that of mm to inches. It requires 2.2 pounds to make 1 kilogram so calculating the weight of sewing machines is not all that difficult. Divide the weight of 11 pounds with 2.2 and you’ll be left with 5 kilograms.

Based on the above numbers the sewing machine of 10 pounds weighs around 4 1/2 kg , and 30 pound models would weigh approximately 13-14 kg to take or leave some grams.

This should assist you in determining whether your new machine can be light enough to fit into your sewing table or table.

Sewing Machine Weight Comparison

It’s impossible to cover all the models of sewing machines and create an assessment on their weight. However, we have selected a few models from the various brands to help you get an impression. Below is a table of the brands below.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it is a good starting point.It provides a huge quantity of information.

Portable Sewing Machine Weight

The good thing is that small sewing equipment, regardless of whatever brand they are they will weigh less than the ones you put on the table of your sewing machine for an attachment that will last forever.

Their weight range is around 10 pounds, but it will be less than that to 13 pounds, with an allowance of couple of ounces. There’s no need to carry lots of weight in your bag when you’re using the ability to transport a machine from one place to another.

The best option when you’re worried over the weight and size of the portable that you would like to purchase is to go to the site of the brand and find out what it weighs.

Old Antique Sewing machine Weight

You’d expect that old sewing machines from the past had a significant weight. They did. They were built of heavy metal, so they could not be easily moved. However, there’s a rare Singer one, an old model that weighed in at 11 pounds.

It was it was the Singer 221 and by the look of it, it appears that the machine was tiny.

Weight of industrial machines for sewing. The other antique machinery is likely to weigh much more, and are close to the top Bernina machines produced at the Swiss factory.

Some of the older machines have their own carry cases or cases. This would add weight to their overall dimensions.

Weight of an Industrial Sewing Machine With Table

It’s possible that you think industrial sewing machines that have tables weigh a significant amount. However, that is an assumption as the table on one model weighs at 31kg. This would be roughly the weight of 68lbs.

A different model should not be a surprise to you, as it weighs around 220 pounds. It is possible to subtract any weight associated with packaging and so on. There’s a lot of variation in the weight of a sewing machine in the industrial sector.

Much would depend upon the weight and strength of construction materials, as well as how high quality they were.

Singer Sewing Machine Weight

We’ll tackle the same problem with this weight category , just as we have in the first dimension. Sewing machines don’t weigh the same or even the same manufacturer produces models in various weight categories.

Singer has a range of models that fall in the class of 15 pounds to the barely over 16 pound one. Two models are close to 17 pounds, while one model weighing in at 22 pounds.

This model is called known as the CE 150 Futura, and it’s the most heavy Singer sewing machine that we have in our database.

Singer Sewing Machine Model Weight (pounds)
Singer 1748 17.2 lbs
Singer 2263 14 lbs
Singer 4411 HD 14 lbs
Singer 7442 16 lbs
Singer Confidence 7469Q 16 lbs
Singer Curvy 8770 16.8 lbs
Singer Esteem II 2273 14 lbs
Singer Tradition 2250 16 lbs

Brother Sewing Machine Weight

The company makes several lighter sewing machines than Singer. The top-weighted sewing machine is 24lbs around. The 2nd machine weighs 20 pounds. However, those are few exceptions to the rules.

A majority Brother sewing machine models fall within the under 10 pounds to 15-pound class with a few exceptions with a weight of 17. This weight difference doesn’t mean that it a lesser Brother sewing machine a lesser model.

It’s just a matter of if the company has come up with the best way to utilize lightweight construction materials, and still maintain their high-quality standards.

Brother Sewing Machine Weight Table Weight (pounds)
Brother CS6000i 13 lbs
Brother CE 4000 11 lbs
Brother CP6500 13 lbs
Brother LB6800PRW 20 lbs
Brother LX3125 15 lbs
Brother SE400 Embroidery 20 lbs
Brother XR9000 15 lbs

Juki Sewing Machine Weight

This chart compares the one Juki sewing machine. It’s an oversight that is quite remarkable since we know that Juki manufactures more than one sewing machine weighing 16 pounds.

We actually checked and discovered that their machines weigh between 21 and 25 pounds. They’re a heavier machine which could translate into an enduring and reliable product.

Juki is larger over Janome sewing equipment in certain models. Juki’s machines outdo Singer’s by as much as 7 pounds in some instances.

Usha Sewing Machine Weight

One model we have found The dream stitch weighs about 6.52 kilograms or about 14 pounds, minus one three ounces or an ounce. The Excella model weighs 6 kilograms, which translate to 13.2 pounds.

It appears the two companies Usha is and Janome are now part of the identical company since we inspected the Usha website, and they show their Janome brand name beside the brand’s name. This could indicate that their sewing machines aren’t going to be too heavy but we’re certain that you will see some of them weighing more than 20 pounds of weight under the Usha brand name.

Janome Sewing Machine Weight

Although Janome is at the top of the scale for weight in the majority of assessments, they’re much lighter than Juki models. The majority of Janome’s sewing machines weigh between 17 and 18 pounds .

It is not the only one that does not cross the 20-pound mark or exceeds it with a grin. The HD 1000 is not on our list, but it does exceed the 20-pound mark and is 22.8 pounds.

This is the only other exception to the standard that Janome is similar to Brother in that it manufactures lighter weighing equipment when compared to their rivals.

Janome Sewing Machine Weight Table Weight (pounds)
Janome 15822 Hello Kitty 14 lbs
Janome AQS 2009 12 lbs
Janome DC3050 18.2 lbs
Janome Jem Gold 660 12 lbs
Janome Magnolia 7318 16.8 lbs
Janome Decor DC2012 18.2 lbs
Janome ThreadBanger TB12 16.8 lbs

Bernina Sewing Machine Weight

When we look at Bernina products, we see that the Chicago 7 model registering a huge 26 pounds weight.

Bernette Swiss is Bernette Swiss is about 11 pounds lighter, weighing just under 15 pounds, while the Bernette 35 is barely more than 16. We checked out the Bernina website but we were disappointed since their website did not display any amount of weight they could use for their sewing machines.

We were able to discovering the sizes of the top-of-the-line sewing machines. The 530 weighs nearly 34 pounds, the 830 at 50 , and the B580E with 53 1/2 pounds.

Kenmore Sewing Machine Weight

The old KenmoresIt weighed 30 pounds or greater. This could be due to the fact that they were not equipped with plastic components and the firm employed mostly metal for putting the machines.

The latest model, called the Kenmore Ultra mini, is somewhat on the small end, and weighs about 10 pounds. This means you’ll have many options of Kenmore sewing machine models and based on the model the weight of your machine will differ too.

We searched for similar Kenmore model updates, however, none of them appeared in our searches.

Some Final Words

If you’re like us, you’re likely to be a bit annoyed by the term “depends”. It’s a term that is often used in these areas since there isn’t a real weight standard that can be applied. Everything depends on the brand manufacturer of the model, the material used, and numerous other things.

As you can see , the weights of a particular sewing machine can vary greatly. Certain brands attempt to remain on top of the market by making models that weigh as much as their rivals. It’s enough to say that you must consider the weight of each model that you’re considering and decide on the best one to buy.



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