How Much Does A Twin Mattress Weigh

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Helen Skeates
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How much does a twin mattress weigh? That’s a question that can only be answered by looking at the specifics of the mattress’ construction. Since it is the smallest mattress option, it can weigh up to 45 pounds. The convenience of the twin size bed makes it ideal for relocation.

The fact that a twin bed can be converted into a mattress may come as a surprise to you. Understanding what to expect from a twin mattress will give you additional options for making the most of its small footprint. Please read on if you are curious about this topic!

How Much Does A Twin Mattress Weigh And What Affects It

Due to differences in construction, the weight of each model of twin mattress will be different. A twin-size mattress, on the other hand, typically weighs between 45 and 50 pounds (boxed). We’ll go into detail about how the bed’s total mass depends on its construction and dimensions later on.


Latex and memory foam are two of the most common forms of foam used in mattresses. To estimate how much your twin-size memory foam mattress weighs, you’ll need to know its density. The same holds true for latex foam; a more dense version will be heavier than its less dense or thinner counterpart.

How about a twin size innerspring mattress? The utilization of steel coils as the foundation and a thinner pillow top or fiberfill material at the top allows for a lighter overall weight than a 100% foam model. Therefore, the expected weight on a twin innerspring mattress will depend on the coil count and the coil gauge.

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Examining the bed’s entire construction is something you can do with hybrid and airbed mattresses as well. Since it is made with both foam and innerspring coils, the hybrid will be heavier. In contrast, an air bed will weigh much less because it is made of fewer components than traditional mattresses.


Check the overall measurements of the type you’re interested in buying now that you know how the mattress materials affect the bed’s final weight. Although the twin mattress is the smallest available, the dimensions of the twin beds made by various manufacturers might vary.

In addition, there is a wide variety in the thickness of available mattresses. Obviously, the more layers and materials there are in a product, the heavier it will be. A heavier twin mattress is appropriate if it is a high-profile style, which yours likely is.

Twin vs twin XL

There is a longer version of the standard twin mattress available, dubbed a twin XL. Just looking at the name should give you an idea of how much bigger it is than a typical twin mattress. Both the standard twin and the twin XL mattress measure 38 by 75 inches.

The added length may contribute to the total mass due to the need for more materials. However, the model’s layers and components must be considered. What’s most important to remember is that the twin mattress is the lightest option available.

How Much Does A Standard Mattress Weigh?

The average mattress weighs between 50 and 150 pounds, in case you were wondering. Due to variations in mattress sizes between manufacturers, some models may be noticeably lighter or heavier than others. However, it’s realistic to anticipate that a queen or king-sized bed will weigh more than a twin or twin XL bed.

Why does mattress weight matter?

Knowing how much your mattress weighs will come in handy whether you’re using it or relocating it, so reading up on the topic is a good idea. As a general rule, the heavier the bed, the more weight it can safely support. When used in accordance with the manufacturer’s weight specifications, the bed can be used securely without fear of premature drooping.

On top of that, keep in mind that transporting a mattress is a difficult task due to its size and weight. When making arrangements, certain shipping companies and movers may inquire as to the weight of your bed. If you plan on moving on your own, you likely have questions about what to expect and whether or not you’ll need help.

How Much Does A Twin Box Spring Weigh?

Like estimating the weight of your twin mattress, the weight of your twin box spring will vary depending on the model and its components. A twin-sized box spring, however, can weigh up to 50 pounds. We might as well explain the potential weight of the rest of your bed while we’re discussing the box spring.

The combined weight of a headboard and footboard for a twin bed might reach 20 pounds. However, a twin pillow top weighs about 75 pounds, while a set of rails for a twin bed might weigh up to 10 pounds. Don’t forget to jot down the average weights of a twin bed and a mattress so you can utilize them later on while packing or moving.

Best Twin Mattresses

Saatva Youth: Best Twin Mattress for Kids

For kids 3-12 years old, those with allergies, and those experiencing rapid growth, we recommend the Saatva Youth mattress in the Twin size.

The Saatva Youth is like getting your kid “two beds in one,” as it can be used in two different ways as they become older. The mattress has a cover made of organic, hypoallergenic cotton that is soft and breathable and also contains a waterproof barrier that is antibacterial (to prevent dust mites) and very resistant against spills and mishaps, making it suitable for children aged 3 to 7.

Anatomically built with a stiffer center to maintain proper spinal alignment for smaller children, the five zone support layer lies beneath the comfort layer. The 13.75-gauge recycled steel coils in the dual-sided coil unit are flexible and can adapt to changing body shapes.

When your kid reaches the age of 8, you can switch the mattress over so they can start using the other side. An organic cotton cover protects the “8–12 side” of this mattress, which also features a layer of high-density, breathable comfort foam that allows air to circulate and keeps the sleeper cool. Steel coils are strategically placed in the top layer to provide spinal support for preteens and teenagers.

WinkBed: Best Twin Mattress for Teens

The finest Twin mattress for teenagers and younger adolescents is the WinkBed, a hybrid mattress. Particularly effective for cooling sleepers, it also provides ample support and cushioning for those who suffer from hip, shoulder, or back pain on a regular basis.

The WinkBed is constructed with a TENCEL cover that is soft to the touch, breathable, and hypoallergenic. The cover conceals a gel-infused foam Euro cushion top. Tension in your back, hips, and shoulders can be relieved thanks to this layer’s supportive properties. The next layer has pocketed coils that are individually wrapped and have different zones of support to provide your back the relief it needs.

We suggest the WinkBed if your adolescent doesn’t quite require a Full bed but would benefit from a Twin bed with a little extra support.

Helix Midnight Luxe: Best Twin Mattress for Adults

While most people connect Twin mattresses with kids and teens, they can actually be very comfortable for certain adults. This is why we think the Helix Midnight Luxe Twin mattress is the best option for most adults, especially those who like to sleep hot and on their side.

The Helix Midnight Luxe features a premium quilted pillow top that provides for increased airflow and a comfortable sleeping temperature. High-density, medium-firm memory foam provides premium pressure relief and makes up the comfort layer. The Visco gel used in the support layer is meant to both cushion and support your body.

The transition layer follows the support layer and is made of high-quality polyfoam that provides ergonomic support and contouring so that your body fits perfectly into the mattress. When you sink down past it, you’ll find a layer of wrapped metal coils that act as a cushion for your hips and shoulders.

The Helix Midnight Luxe, despite being only available in a Twin size, is a supportive and comfy bed for adults thanks to its high-quality construction.

Layla: Best Flippable Twin Mattress

The Layla is a fantastic mattress, and it’s not only because of how easy it is to set up and take down. The copper-infused foam in this memory foam mattress responds firmly to increased pressure, making it both soft and cushiony overall while maintaining its firmness and support in key areas. In a nutshell, this bed will work well for people with different sleeping habits. The Layla is a great option for side sleepers and those with a petite body type.

How Much Does Every Type of Mattress Weigh? - eachnight

The Layla’s structure allows you to flip it over to suit your preferred sleeping position: the firm side is ideal for stomach and back sleepers, while the softer side is suitable for side sleepers (great for side sleepers). The Layla is our go-to recommendation if you’re looking for a convenient Twin bed in a box.

Casper Original: Best Twin Mattress-In-A-Box

Simply put, a bed-in-a-box is a mattress that is shipped to you compressed and rolled up in a box. After unrolling it, you may set it directly on your bed frame or box spring. Casper is our top pick for the best Twin bed-in-a-box.

Casper’s AirScape cooling cover has thousands of perforations to disperse air and deflect body heat and humidity away from sleepers, making the Casper Original a good option for hot sleepers. The rest of the mattress is divided into three zones to provide specific support: soft foam at the shoulders to alleviate pressure there, and firmer foam at the hips, waist, and lower back to maintain spinal alignment and prevent back pain.

Nectar: Best Memory Foam Twin Mattress

Finding the perfect memory foam mattress, which are growing in popularity, can be challenging. We’ll explain why the Nectar is the best memory foam Twin mattress out there and why it’s our top pick overall.

The poly-blend fabric used for the quilted cover is breathable, so you won’t sweat through the night. The top layer of memory foam is soft, relieves pressure, and has gel in it so it stays cool. It conforms to the shape of your body, hugging your joints and squeezing your curves. After that, a layer of extremely responsive memory foam provides extra comfort with its individualized bounce and support. The supportive foam foundation provides comfort and prevents the mattress from sagging over time.

DreamCloud: Best Luxury Twin Mattress

If you’re looking for a high-quality Twin mattress, we recommend DreamCloud. Why? Let’s begin with the jacket: It has a cashmere cover and is padded with a layer of soft comfort foam. True enough, cashmere. The next layer is made of pressure-relieving gel memory foam that adapts to your body’s shape for a snug, comfortable sleep. The layer below that, aptly named “sink-in-just-right,” prevents your body from sinking too much into the mattress and causing back pain, but not so little that you feel like you’re sleeping on a table.

Even if you toss and turn a lot, the hundreds of individually wrapped coils in the targeted support coil layer will keep you comfortably aligned. In addition to improving motion isolation, the coils also make it more difficult for your movements to be transmitted across the mattress as you get in or out of bed.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature: Best Twin Mattress for Back Pain

If you already have back discomfort, a mattress that isn’t up to par can make it much worse. The finest Twin mattress for back discomfort, in our opinion, is the Brooklyn Bedding Signature.

There are three primary firmness options for this mattress: gentle, medium, and firm. This implies that you can choose a suitable resting surface for your needs regardless of your sleeping posture or personal preferences for comfort. There is a striking similarity between the three of them in terms of mattress construction.

The TitanFlex comfort foam, first, is incredibly responsive, so it conforms to your body as soon as you do. The transition foam (only available in the soft and medium mattress options) delivers deeper compression for side and back sleepers. Last, the Ascension coil layer includes more than 900 individually wrapped coils that reduce motion transfer and minimize sleep disturbances.

Tuft & Needle: Best Twin Mattress for Bunk Beds

The TitanFlex comfort foam, first, is incredibly responsive, so it conforms to your body as soon as you do. The transition foam (only available in the soft and medium mattress options) delivers deeper compression for side and back sleepers. Last, the Ascension coil layer includes more than 900 individually wrapped coils that reduce motion transfer and minimize sleep disturbances.

When you move around, the TitanFlex comfort foam immediately conforms to your new shape. If you prefer a deeper compression while sleeping on your side or back, the transition foam (found only in the soft and medium mattress types) is for you. Finally, more than 900 individually wrapped coils are used in the Ascension coil layer to lessen motion transfer and disruptions to sleep.

GhostBed Flex: Best Medium-Firm Twin Mattress

The GhostBed Flex features a “Goldilocks” level of firmness, meaning it is neither too soft nor too hard. As a result, it may meet the needs of people with different preferences in how they sleep. It has a gel-infused memory foam top, a responsive GhostBounce layer, a springy coil base, and a quilted cover with cooling fibers. The Flex is a high-end mattress, so even the smallest size (Twin) would set you back more than $1,000.

Who Is a Twin Mattress Right For?


Children’s changing body sizes are best accommodated with a Twin mattress. Additionally, a Twin mattress won’t take up too much room, which is especially helpful for kids who need to make place for their own furniture, toys, and more.


Because of its adaptability, a Twin mattress is frequently the greatest choice for teenagers. Teenagers in their later years of puberty can still make by with a Twin mattress before upgrading to a Twin XL or Full.

Single Adults

While toddlers and teens tend to favor Twin beds, people living alone can also benefit from their size and price. Twin mattresses are common in dorms and apartments because they are affordable and convenient for students and young people (especially if they live in one-room studios).

Mattress Size Comparison

Twin vs. Twin XL

Sleepers under 6 feet height will find the 38 inches broad by 75 inches long Twin mattress to be most comfortable. While still fitting anyone under 6 feet in height, a Twin XL mattress is 5 inches longer than a standard Twin mattress. Looking to expand your knowledge? Examine our piece comparing Twin and Twin XL mattress sizes for more information.

Twin vs. Full

On average, a Full mattress is around 75 inches long and 54 inches wide, making it slightly longer than a Twin mattress but significantly wider. You may learn a lot more by reading our extensive post comparing Twin and Full mattresses.

Twin vs. Queen

Queen mattresses are bigger and longer than twin mattresses, measuring 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. The Queen mattress is ideal for adults and larger couples, but it may be too big for kids’ rooms and dorms.

Best Materials for a Twin Mattress

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam conforms to the shape of your body while you sleep, making it soft, fluffy, and supportive. Overall, it’s a good choice for side sleepers and couples, though a Twin mattress means you probably won’t be able to sleep next to your partner comfortably. Furthermore, this mattress type typically does not function as well as a hybrid or latex mattress in terms of temperature regulation. Check out our website dedicated to the top-rated memory foam mattresses for additional details.

Latex Mattresses

Organic Talalay latex, known for its softness and resilience, is commonly used in the production of latex mattresses. Besides being able to wick away body heat as you sleep, these mattresses are also naturally hypoallergenic. For those in the market for a natural, breathable mattress that doesn’t compromise on comfort, latex is a fantastic choice. If you are looking for a latex mattress, you should check out our top picks page.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses combine traditional innerspring components with more modern foam or latex layers. They provide unrivaled body conforming support, bounce, pressure relief, and more. Some of the highest-rated goods we’ve evaluated were hybrid mattresses, but they tend to be more expensive than regular foam mattresses. However, if you are working with a larger budget, there are some fantastic Twin options on our best hybrid mattresses page.

How Much Does A Mattress Weigh? (Chart + All Sizes & Types)

What to Look For in a Twin Mattress

Temperature Regulation

Open-cell foam, highly breathable cotton covers, and cooling materials like gel are just a few examples of how mattresses can assist control your body temperature and keep you cool during the night. Even though many mattress brands tout their use of cooling technologies, a hybrid design will typically provide more comfortable temperatures than an all-foam design.


The materials used in its construction and the retailer’s markup are the two primary determinants of mattress prices (some luxury retailers will oftentimes sell their mattress options at a mark-up). In the region of $400-$600 is where you can typically find a Twin size mattress.


On a scale from 1 (the softest) to 10 (the firmest), mattresses are evaluated for their level of firmness. People who sleep on their sides benefit most from a mattress with a soft to medium level of firmness, as this provides the most support for their hips and shoulders while still allowing proper spinal alignment. To maintain spinal alignment and provide ample support for the shoulders, back, hips, and legs, a medium-firm mattress is best for back sleepers. When it comes to choosing a mattress, stomach sleepers should look for one that is on the firmer end of the spectrum. This will help maintain their hips in proper alignment while also providing neck support (because they sleep on their sides).

Pressure Relief

Morning discomfort could be the result of an uncomfortable mattress. Selecting a mattress that doesn’t cause pressure point pain is essential for a restful night’s sleep. Try to get a mattress that can relieve pressure in specific areas.


How thick should a Twin mattress be?

Depending on the materials used, the thickness of a high-quality Twin mattress can range from 8 inches to 14 inches.

How much should a Twin mattress cost?

Given its diminutive size in comparison to other options, the Twin mattress is the most cost-effective option. Between $400 to $600 is about what you should budget for a standard Twin mattress these days.

How much does a Twin mattress weigh?

Mattresses in the twin size range are the lightest because they are the smallest available. Depending on its construction, a typical Twin mattress might weigh anywhere from 45 to 70 lbs.

What mattress size mattress fits a trundle bed?

Since trundle beds come in a wide range of sizes, it might be difficult to locate a suitable mattress. For most trundle beds, a standard Twin mattress will work just fine. Find a mattress with a loft of around 6 inches so that the trundle may fit neatly under the bed frame.

Can adults use bunk beds?

Teenagers and young children are the intended users of bunk beds. However, if people are sharing a small space, they can benefit from bunk beds. Bunk beds are frequently seen in small living quarters, such as studio apartments or college dorms, and are used by adults.


The twin size is one of the most practical for moving and transporting beds. Just how heavy is a twin bed mattress, though? The average weight of a twin-size mattress is 45 to 50 pounds.

Keep in mind that the overall weight of your mattress might be affected by factors such as its material composition and its thickness.

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