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Helen Skeates
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Before we ask how much is a La-Z-Boy loveseat is, let’s first learn what La-Z-Boy is. An iconic American furniture brand noted for its comfort and quality. Upholstery furniture is produced, marketed, imported, exported, distributed, and retailed by La-Z-Boy Incorporated.

 Accessories and case goods wooden furniture are also imported, distributed, and sold by the company. In the United States, the company is a manufacturer/distributor of household furniture and a producer of reclining chairs.

What is a loveseat?

A loveseat is a piece of furniture with two cushions or that is roughly wide enough to seat two people.

The earliest loveseats came in the early nineteenth century. Two-person couches evolved from the wide upholstered seats for one that was popular in 1700.

Because they could accommodate the large dresses worn by fashionable women. The loveseat gets its name from the fact that it may be shared by two people who sit extremely close together.

Easton Reclining Loveseat | La-Z-Boy

7 Features and Benefits of La-Z-Boy

1) Modern Look and Feel

Stationary (non-reclining) furniture has a distinct look and feel. This type of furniture usually has a more modern and stylish look. Much like the furniture inspired by television’s Mad Men.

Duo by La-Z-Boy has the same modern look and feel of stationary furniture. However, if you take a closer look you’ll notice two small electronic buttons that allow this furniture to recline.

These buttons are stylish, sleek, and silver-tone so they don’t compromise the look of your furniture. And they give you the option to recline.

Why do I care? Duo is the first sofa, loveseat, chair, or sectional that gives you the modern look and feel of stationary furniture with the reclining comfort La-Z-Boy is known for.

2) Recline with Comfort

On Duo by La-Z-Boy, each armrest has a two-button switch that extends the legrest and reclines the back/seat of your furniture.

When the legrest is extended, you can continue pressing the button to recline the back and slightly tilt the seat. This puts you in the perfect position for reading, gaming, or lounging.

Why do I care? You can discreetly and comfortably recline without sacrificing the style of your furniture.

3) USB Charging Port

Next to the two-button switch on each armrest, is a USB charging port. This means you no longer have to search for a wall outlet to plug in your phone charger.

When you’re relaxing at night and your phone is about to die, you can conveniently plug your phone in right next to where you’re sitting.

Plus you’ll have plenty of room to move around without pulling your cord out of the charging port.

Why do I care? You can charge your phone while you recharge your batteries.

4) Zero Wall Proximity

When you recline in a Duo by La-Z-Boy, no additional space is required between the back of the furniture and the wall.

The back frame remains stationary with all of the movement coming from the legrest, seat, and lower back.

This means Duo furniture can be placed directly against the wall and recline without hitting it. Allowing you to put your furniture anywhere in the room.

5) Pivoting Legrest & Safety Mechanism

Duo by La-Z-Boy has a pivoting legrest board with a tension spring. This provides a great amount of comfort and ensures safety from pinching when the legrest goes down.

If the legrest encounters an obstruction, the spring tension stops it from closing. Simply lift up the legrest to remove the obstruction and press the legrest will continue going down.

6) Cordless Power Supply

Duo furniture can receive power by being plugged in or a cordless power supply. This rechargeable battery pack allows you to float your furniture anywhere in the room.

The battery pack provides around five days of cordless operation when fully charged and cycled ten times per day. The power supply fits nicely underneath your furniture to keep the clean modern look.

7) Three Year Electronics Warranty

The electrical system on Duo is backed by a three-year warranty. And the reclining mechanism comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

This product has been through a massive amount of testing. La-Z-Boy tests their furniture at 2X the industry standard.

Duo is backed by over 90 years of quality engineering and manufacturing experience. And it’s also proudly made in the USA.

Difference between sofa and loveseat

When decorating a home, you have a lot of options. You must first determine a budget, then a style, and ultimately the furniture that will fit your room.

When it comes to furnishing a living room, homeowners are frequently faced with the decision of whether to go with a classic sofa or a loveseat. While both alternatives provide a comfortable place to rest, there are some major characteristics that distinguish these two pieces of furniture.

The size, cost, and function of a sofa and a loveseat in the household are all different.

Your living room serves as a sanctuary, a work zone, a home theater, and a playroom. As a result, your loveseat will serve a variety of purposes. It should encompass all aspects of your life.

The size difference between a loveseat and a couch is the most noticeable!

When it comes to size, a loveseat is just what it says on the tin: a loveseat. It’s a compact, cozy surface that’s ideal for cuddling with your loved ones.

La-Z-regular Boy’s loveseat is about 60 inches long and is made smaller than your regular sofa. Meanwhile, a sofa gets extended from 75 to 91 inches in length.

Another hint is how many cushions there are. The amount of cushions serves as a visual representation of available seating.

A loveseat is designed to seat one to two individuals with only 1-2 cushions. The size of each cushion varies from loveseat to loveseat, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one with more than two full cushions.

A loveseat with two cushions should be able to comfortably seat two persons. A couch, on the other hand, is larger than a loveseat and has 2-4 cushions on average.

Piper Loveseat | La-Z-Boy

The cushions themselves are usually longer and deeper. A sofa with additional cushions invites many persons to rest and relax in comfort.

The cost of your new loveseat, like everything custom-built or ordered, might vary. We have a variety of collections to choose from, each with a distinct pricing range. The final cost of a La-Z-Boy sofa is determined by its size, shape, materials, and choices.

Leathers and Fabrics

The selection of fabric is the first step in determining the pricing of your loveseat. Over 900 fabrics and leathers are available for La-Z-Boy loveseats.

Each one is priced differently depending on the material, pattern, and other factors. Leather, for example, maybe a few hundred dollars more expensive than cloth. Leather, on the other hand, is more durable than cotton, and most people find it more comfortable to sit on.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, you can meet with an interior designer for free to assist you to choose your fabric.

Modifications and accessories 

All of our loveseats come with a number of choices and upgrades that you may choose from when placing your order.

Upgrades for La-Z-Boy loveseats:

  • Manual or Power Recline
  • ComfortSeat Cushions with GEL Core
  • FeatherLite Pillows
  • Wood Finish Options
  • Power Headrest and Lumbar Support

These options and upgrades will improve the functioning of your loveseat while also increasing the ultimate cost.

How much is a La-Z-Boy loveseat?

“How much is a La-Z-Boy loveseat?” is a typical question we ask. There are La-Z-Boy sofas in over 900 different types of fabrics and leathers. You can also personalize them with a range of upgrades and features.

All of these considerations make it difficult to answer this question. We will, however, make every effort to explain general price standards.

A La-Z-Boy loveseat can cost anywhere between $799 to $4,000, depending on the fabric, extras, and upgrades.

La-Z-Boy loveseats are often less expensive than competitors like Crate & Barrel. La-Z-Boy, for example, offers a lower beginning price point for its loveseats, starting at $799. Loveseats at Crate & Barrel, on the other hand, starts at $999.

Getting the best price

You may shop at any of our locations with certainty, knowing you’ll get the greatest deal on your La-Z-Boy Sofa. Price Match Guarantee by La-Z-Boy:

If you find an identical item in new and good condition for a lower price within 30 days of purchase, La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor will match the price and refund the difference from any local store (within a 50-mile radius of our store)

Or perhaps a factory-authorized website that ships within a 50-mile radius of our location. They will give you a year of free service if you choose full-service delivery with your order.

10 Best Selling La-Z-Boy Loveseats in 2022

10) La-Z-Boy Morrison Loveseat

The La-Z-Boy Morrison Loveseat is a family favorite that’s designed for comfort and durability.

This loveseat features a tufted back and chaise seats with padded arm rests to offer the ultimate in comfort.

Morrison is perfect for taller people between 5’10” to 6’2″ because of its tall back and deep seats.

  • Overall Dimensions: 63.5W x 39.5D x 42H
  • Seat Dimensions: 45W x 21.5D x 20.5H
  • Arm Height: 26 in.

9) La-Z-Boy Greyson Loveseat

The La-Z-Boy Greyson Loveseat allows you to kick back in comfort with style.

Greyson is destined to be everyone’s favorite with sleek curves and inviting cushions.

This loveseat is ideal for taller people between 5’10” to 6’2″ due to its deep seats and tall backrests.

  • Overall Dimensions: 62.5W x 39D x 41H
  • Seat Dimensions: 43.5W x 21.5D x 21H
  • Arm Height: 26 in.

8) La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Loveseat

The La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Loveseat has an easygoing style that’s just right for resting and relaxing.

The chaise seats and leg rests will cradle your body in a continuous zone of comfort.

Pinnacle is perfect for people between 5’4″ to 5’9″ because of its small scale.

  • Overall Dimensions: 57W x 38D x 41H
  • Seat Dimensions: 44.5W x 20D x 20H
  • Arm Height: 23.5 in.

7) La-Z-Boy Mackenzie Loveseat

The La-Z-Boy Mackenzie Loveseat is a timeless and on-trend piece.

Mackenzie has rolled arms with foam cushions to deliver just the right amount of comfort and support.

This loveseat features a sophisticated look that will also blend in well with your existing pieces.

  • Overall Dimensions: 64W x 38D x 36.5H
  • Seat Dimensions: 45W x 22D x 22H
  • Arm Height: 26 in.

6) La-Z-Boy Meyer Loveseat

The La-Z-Boy Meyer Loveseat is not only designed to impress, it’s designed to last.

This loveseat features deep seats to give you a place to stretch out your legs and relax.

Meyer is perfect for extra tall people who are 6’3″ and up because of its depth.

  • Overall Dimensions: 62W x 40D x 38H
  • Seat Dimensions: 48W x 22D x 22H
  • Arm Height: 26 in.

5) La-Z-Boy Jay Loveseat

The La-Z-Boy Jay Loveseat offers transitional style with a casual look for family-friendly homes.

This reclining loveseat features pillow-soft seats, flange stitching, and chaise leg rests.

Jay is an ideal fit for people 5’10” to 6’2″ because of its average-sized dimensions.

  • Overall Dimensions: 63.5W x 39D x 43H
  • Seat Dimensions: 44W x 23D x 20.5H
  • Arm Height: 26 in.

4) La-Z-Boy Norris Loveseat

The La-Z-Boy Norris Loveseat has the kind of comfort you can sink right into.

This reclining loveseat offers cozy luxury as you stretch out or cuddle up with someone special.

Norris is a perfect fit for people 5’10” to 6’2″ due to it’s tall backrests.

  • Overall Dimensions: 64W x 40D x 42H
  • Seat Dimensions: 42W x 22D x 20H
  • Arm Height: 25.5 in.

3) La-Z-Boy James Loveseat

The La-Z-Boy James Loveseat is proof that sometimes you can have it all.

This reclining loveseat makes relaxing look as great as it feels.

James is ideal for people 5’10” to 6’2″ due to its tall backrests and deep seats.

  • Overall Dimensions: 64W x 39D x 41.5H
  • Seat Dimensions: 46W x 21D x 20.5H
  • Arm Height: 26 in.

2) La-Z-Boy Brooks Loveseat

The La-Z-Boy Brooks Loveseat offers a casual blend of comfort and function.

This reclining loveseat has an updated look that’s cleaner and less overstuffed than you’d expect.

Brooks is a perfect fit for people 5’4″ to 5’9″ thanks to its smaller scale.

  • Overall Dimensions: 63W x 40D x 41H
  • Seat Dimensions: 45W x 21D x 21.5H
  • Arm Height: 25.5 in.

1) La-Z-Boy Collins Loveseat

The La-Z-Boy Collins Loveseat has a classic look that feels perfectly at home in most living rooms.

This loveseat features simples lines, semi-attached pillow backs, and rolled arms.

Collins is a perfect fit for people 5’10” to 6’2″ on behalf of its deep box seat cushions.

  • Overall Dimensions: 63W x 38D x 37H
  • Seat Dimensions: 48W x 23.5D x 21H
  • Arm Height: 25.5 in.

Morrison Reclining Loveseat | La-Z-Boy


Dual reclining loveseats provide comfort times two. Add a center console with dual cup holders and flip-top storage to turn your loveseat recliner into an entertainment oasis you’ll never want to leave.
With options of power, lumbar & headrest, and wall away, La-Z-Boy’s extensive line of reclining loveseats provides opportunities to those who wish to improve comfort while reading, relaxing, or watching tv.
The quality, style, and variety of La-Z-Boy will ensure you find the perfect match for your needs. If you’re not sure which loveseat is right for you visit us in-store in Ottawa/Kingston or schedule a visit in advance and one of our design consultants will help fit you to your perfect loveseat.

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