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How much does insurance for a Camaro cost? Estimated monthly costs come to about 151 USD. The lowest monthly rate offered by Allied is $70; this is in comparison to the national average of $129 per month for mandatory insurance for all drivers in the U.S.

According to data compiled by another reputable website, monthly averages start at $123 in some cases. Insurance for a Camaro now costs a whopping $1,472 annually. The annual premium for high-risk motorists is often $2,300 higher than the average. The typical policy costs 1,048 dollars per year, broken down as follows: $594 for collision coverage, $372 for comprehensive coverage, and $372 for liability. The insurance coverage for your Camaro will be discussed in more detail below.

The Chevrolet Camaro

Camaro 2021 is the 6th generation of the iconic muscle car since its debut in 1967. Its only serious rival was the Ford Mustang. It has been lauded for years due to its low emissions and high performance. However, its above-average reliability rating leaves all competitors in the dust. There is consensus among the World Report, U.S. News, J.D. Power, and Associates that this is true for the sports car category. They rated its security as 9.3 out of 10 points.

How Much is Insurance for a Camaro? | Camaro Insurance

It passed rigorous testing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and received the highest possible score. Therefore, regular maintenance might lessen the frequency with which the car needs fixing. Every 7500 miles, you should get an oil change.

Chevrolet now offers a 3 year/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty on all Camaro cars manufactured after 2015. It fixes up parts defects and poor quality. However, the powertrain warranty lasts for around five years or 100,000 miles. Coverage against rust and corrosion is standard on newer models.

Average Camaro Auto Insurance Rates

Average premiums for a Camaro were determined to be $123 monthly and $1472 year on, however high-risk drivers may expect to spend over $2300 more. Researchers found that the average cost of insuring this car was $372 for liability coverage, $348 for comprehensive coverage, and $594 for collision coverage.

Camaro Auto Insurance Rates by Model Year

The average annual rates for a male driver aged 30 were as follows, according to ValuePenguin’s research on the cost of insurance for Camaros by model year.

  • The 2014 Camaro costs $1954.
  • Camaro 2015: $2,011.
  • Camaro 2016 price: $2154.
  • The 2017 Camaro starts at $2289.
  • Pricing for a 2018 Camaro: $2362.
  • As for the 2019 Camaro, it will set you back $2440.
  • Prices for the 2020 Camaro start at $2526.
  • Estimated price of a 2021 Camaro: $2612.

An LT trim level policy with full coverage costs around this much on average.

Camaro Auto Insurance Rates by Provider

Insurance quotes for a 2020 Camaro are as follows, as reported by The Zebra:

  • Allied: $840.
  • $1428 per American family.
  • Arbella: $1570.
  • The average annual cost for car owners is $1582.
  • Erie: $1479.
  • GEICO: $1606.
  • Mercury: $1593.
  • Nationwide: $1483.
  • Cost of joining the Southern Farm Bureau is $1548.
  • For the sum of $1150, Vermont Mutual is to be considered.
  • Farmers in Tennessee, you’ve got $1389 coming to you.
  • USAA (for service personnel and their families): $1570 per year.

According to, Allstate, Farmers, Chubb, GEICO, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, Travelers, USAA, and State Farm are the most preferred national auto insurance providers for Camaro drivers.

How Much Is Insurance for a Camaro? | Camaro Insurance | Plant City

The most reasonable annual insurance premiums for a Camaro were discovered by Smart Financial from the following companies:

  • Insurance premiums with ACC total $1422.
  • A total of $2288 is available for investment in California.
  • The cost to join the Farm Bureau Mutual IA Group is $1950.
  • First Chicago Insurance Company: $2556.
  • Total Grange Mutual Investments: $2029.
  • $1395 for coverage with Hastings Mutual Insurance.
  • Insurance in Peking costs $1154 per year.
  • The annual premium for Rockford Mutual Insurance is $2226.
  • Unigard: $2108.

Things To Consider For Insurance Camaro Products And Services

The insurance premium could vary depending on the policy’s level of protection, its make and model, and the number of extra features it offers. Remember the following and compare prices while looking for Camaro insurance so you may receive the best policy possible:

  • Price and tax deduction
  • Discretionary Coverage
  • Partial protection at least
  • Constraints imposed by official policy
  • Added elements to the policy
  • Warranty

How to Buy Chevrolet Camaro Insurance

Finder suggests shopping around for car insurance to get the best deal. Consider the following when you search for the best Camaro insurance policy for your needs:

  • What is the cost of the insurance? Be consistent with your coverage selections across quotes to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison.
  • Where do I begin in determining the appropriate level of protection? The legal minimum in each state is not enough protection for certain drivers, while a comprehensive insurance is the preferred choice for others.
  • To what extent do I need to pay before my insurance kicks in? This is the deductible you must pay before your comprehensive or collision insurance coverage begins paying for repairs to your vehicle. Costs associated with insurance are passed on to policyholders in the form of increased premiums when a deductible is lowered.
  • What other features does the insurance have? Emergency road service and compensation for accidents are two such examples.
  • Can you tell me if there are any coupons I could use? Good driver discounts and defensive driving course discounts are two prevalent examples.

Things That Can Affect the Insurance Camaro Rates

Some factors might affect the cost of the Insurance for Camaro. Numerous variables go into determining the final cost of your premium. This practice is common among insurance providers. That is relevant to the expenses and likelihood of filing a claim. Premiums can be affected by anything, including a spotless driving record.

  • Some factors might affect the cost of the Insurance for Camaro. Numerous variables go into determining the final cost of your premium. This practice is common among insurance providers. That is relevant to the expenses and likelihood of filing a claim. Premiums can be affected by anything, including a spotless driving record.
  • The cost of Camaro insurance could vary depending on a number of factors. In most cases, a number of criteria combine to determine your premium. The majority of insurance providers act in this manner. That is relevant information in terms of your potential legal options and claim filing costs. A driver’s premium might be affected by his or her record, no matter how clean it is.
  • Insurance premiums are greater for higher trim levels, such as ZL1, compared to base models like 3LT and 1LS.
  • Safety ratings are also important, and a perfect five-star rating from the NHTSA is ideal.
  • Theft Probability
  • Auto Classification

Insurance for a Chevy Camaro will be very costly. That is in contrast to the typical low-cost automobile. It has many of the conveniences and amenities of a modern sports vehicle. However, knowing the fuel type, safety ratings, theft rates, and repair prices can help you save a lot of cash.

Questions To Seek Answers When Buying The Insurance Camaro

Camaro, how much does insurance cost? That’s the big one we’ll address here, but there are others too. As was previously discussed, there are several factors to think about when purchasing insurance. It is also recommended that you shop around for the best auto insurance rates. Here are some answers tailored specifically to your needs.

#1. What is the cost of the policy?

How much does Camaro insurance cost? If you want an accurate cost estimate, you should use the exact coverage choices that were used to arrive at that estimate. That way, when comparing prices, you can trust the results you get. The Camaro is one of the most reasonably priced sports cars to insure. Chevrolet Camaro insurance is $2,172 per year, or $181 per month.

#2. How much is the coverage you will need?

Some would need only a minimum coverage for the state, while others would like to protect themselves with a full-coverage policy. It depends on your purpose of why you chose to avail of the insurance coverage. You should talk to your agent before deciding between liability and medical payment coverage

#3. What are the policy’s inclusions?

While some people may simply require the state-mandated minimum, others may choose a more comprehensive policy. The answer to this question is contextual, and it relies on your reasons for purchasing insurance. So, before you decide between liability and medical expense coverage, talk to your agent.

Compare Chevrolet Camaro Car Insurance Rates [2023] |

#4. Will you be eligible for discounts?

If so, you can expect discounts. Some examples are defensive driving courses and discounts for safe drivers. But the insurance policy you choose will still be determined by your insurance provider. In any case, this piece on locating my auto insurance policy number could prove useful. The end.

Wrap Up!

Your knowledge of the average cost of Camaro insurance has increased. It’s important to remember that premium costs can vary. It is conditional upon factors such as previous driving record, insurance, geographical area, and vehicle type. Therefore, you should be aware of everything that can impact your insurance premiums. However, you can also get useful information about the optimal time to purchase auto insurance.

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