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Putting a price on used furniture to sell it might be challenging. The market value is too low, yet you don’t want to give up on the property without at least some profit. Did you ever wonder, “How much should I ask for my couch and loveseat?” You’re going to want to read this, then.

In addition, knowing how much your used furniture is worth will help you determine whether or not to sell it. It’s true that determining an appropriate price for furniture can be difficult, but the wide range of available options does make for certain standard guidelines in the industry.

Consider these factors while asking, “How much should I sell my sofa and loveseat for?”

Here’s what you need to know

Donating household items that are not in “good used condition or better” will not result in a tax deduction from the Internal Revenue Service, so keep that in mind before you get too excited about giving away all your old junk.

The purpose of this rule is to prevent people from making meaningless donations in exchange for a large tax write-off. Although the Internal Revenue Service does not define “good used condition,” certain charitable organizations, like the Salvation Army and Goodwill, do.

Inadequately maintained donations that are valued at more than $500 and supported by an expert appraisal are tax deductible.

11 Places to Sell Your Used Furniture (and How to Make the Most Money)

How to clean sofa and loveseat for selling

Cleaning and polishing the furniture might increase your earnings. Get rid of stains, wipe down the edges, and think about painting or staining faded furniture on the cheap.

To give an old desk a like-new appearance, all it takes is about $20 and some paint or stain. Immediately attend to any small repairs that need attention.

A corresponding reduction in the asking price is to be expected if the buyer is expected to perform repairs. Verify the functionality of any aging electronics.

Browse online to get a feel for the going rate for equivalent pieces of furniture. You should check the compatibility of the replacement components with your existing ones. It’s safe to assume that until plaid becomes once again in style, an oversized plaid sofa will sell for much less than a couch in a solid hue.

Check out Craigslist and eBay to see what other people are asking for similar things.

Moreover, furniture Valuation Guides are easily accessible online and will supply you with price points for most pieces of furniture.

Try to find products that are equivalent to your own in every way. If you know the brand, the specific model, or the materials used, try to find new pieces that are identical in these respects. If you are unsure of the item’s original selling price, this is the best place to look.

The typical resale price of furniture is between 70 and 80% of the retail price. So, to calculate a fee, just deduct 20% from the total price. It’s a benchmark for used furniture and a reliable sign of quality.

Remember that this is just the beginning. Several criteria are explained below that can be used to modify the prices.

Check the current condition against the original one you bought it in. When should a 30% discount be applied, and when should a 20% discount be applied instead? Consider the context heavily.

If it’s in almost as good shape as when you bought it, you can get only 20% of what you spent for it. To the contrary, if it is scratched, dented, wobbly, or otherwise flawed, you should aim for a thirty percent or higher return.

When you hold on to anything for a lengthy period of time, the value decreases and you end up with less money.

Take an additional 5% off the purchase price for every year that the furniture has been in your home, up to a maximum of 7 years. If you have a desk that is ten years old, for instance, you may only get half of what you bought for it when you sell it. Depreciation occurs over time for furniture just like it does for cars and residences.

You will be charged a yearly storage fee until you prove that the furniture is an antique that dates back to before 1970 and is in excellent condition.

Mind the building’s construction and components. Excellent workmanship can be appreciated by anyone, regardless of skill level. Quality furniture is sturdy, doesn’t wobble when you put weight on it, and has tight joints.

If they are not, you can count on getting a much lower price when you try to resell the pieces. Although, if the furniture is sturdy and well-made, you may be able to recoup a sizable portion of your initial investment.

Affordable furniture is often sold for a fraction of its original cost, anywhere from $20 to $100. It’s not meant to be moved and resold, and it’s made of cheap materials.

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If you see stacked, rough sheets of wood (particleboard), it’s likely that the furniture is low-priced.

Have an expert look at your antique furniture. It’s not uncommon for the value of an antique to skyrocket past its original cost. If you aren’t an expert in antiques and willing to invest the time and energy into researching similar items, their selling values, and the viability of a restoration project, you should seek the advice of a professional.

An antique dealer’s assessor will typically give you a fair appraisal of your item’s worth. Provide the appraiser with the furniture’s provenance, preferably including the year, manufacturer, and model.

8 Tips To Sell Your Used Furniture Online Fast (And For The Most Money)

1. Determine the condition of your furniture

One of the first things you should do is inspect the item’s condition. Does it have blemishes? Is it in good shape? Does it have any useful life left?

2. Consider your timing

An other timely nugget is the correlation between housing and furniture markets. People tend to start selling their furniture during summer because it’s a desirable time to move into a new home.

3. Determine the value of your furniture

An other timely nugget is the correlation between housing and furniture markets. People tend to start selling their furniture during summer because it’s a desirable time to move into a new home.

It’s also worth noting that, in terms of timing, furniture market patterns are analogous to those in the housing market. People tend to start selling their furniture around summer because it’s a desirable time to move into a new home.

Furniture market trends are reflective of real estate market cycles, which is an intriguing truth about time. It is common for people to start selling their furniture in the summer, when it is more convenient for them to relocate.

4. Check your competition

When selling on a well-rounded platform like AptDeco, it’s best to look for items that are similar to yours in terms of design, condition, manufacturer, and age. After that, think of ways to make your product stand out from the crowd. Additionally, this will aid you in determining a fair price for your product.

Remember: This is a game of supply and demand.

5. Take great pictures of your furniture

Remember: This is a game of supply and demand.

It’s all about supply and demand, so keep that in mind.

People who shop for furniture online typically don’t have a chance to examine a piece before buying it, so it’s crucial to give them a good look at what they’re getting.

Are you not a professional photographer?

Okay, no sweat.

Make your furniture seem as good as new and get the most money for it by following these four simple steps.

  1. Make sure your furniture is spotless before taking pictures of it.
  2. Take away all extraneous items like throw blankets, pillows, coffee mugs, and books.
  3. Take pictures during the daytime when lighting is best.
  4. Take eye-level pictures of your furniture’s front, back, and sides.

6. Tell your furniture’s story

Take eye-level pictures of your furniture’s front, back, and sides.

Images showing the front, back, and sides of your furniture at eye level are ideal.

Is your product a well-known name brand, such as CB2, West Elm, or Room & Board? Is there a special backstory to its creation by a local artisan? Don’t leave out that information, as some buyers may have a strong preference for a specific brand.

Is it an antique or a valuable collectible? Show evidence of purchase or the furniture’s label in a photo.

7. Be honest about your furniture’s condition

With regular use, furniture is bound to show some wear and tear. You know this, we know this, and buyers know this. If there are any stains, tears, chips, scratches, or dents, please describe them and include photos.

8. Be proactive

Wear and tear on furniture is to be expected and should not be considered significant damage. You know this, we know this, and buyers know this. Please describe and show any flaws, such as rips, holes, chips, scratches, or dents.

8 Tips To Sell Used Furniture Online Fast (And For Top Dollar)


It is inevitable that furniture will get some wear and tear over time. Everyone involved, including potential buyers, is aware of this fact. If there are any flaws, including rips, chips, scratches, or dents, please describe them and include photos.